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Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

– Creative Photography Ideas

Every artist, photographer or otherwise, reaches a point in their creative process where they must seek inspiration elsewhere. As a result, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of creative photography ideas. Here’s our list of creative photography ideas to get you started.

creative photography ideas

Creative Photography Ideas

1. Experiment with Light, Shadow, and Shapes.

Chiaroscuro is the use of light and shadow in a visual image, often in stark contrast. It has been used expertly in wood carvings, Caravaggio paintings, and Orson Welles’ best film, Citizen Kane.

Chiaroscuro works best in photography when there is a clear contrast between a lighted element and a shadowed element.

Another simple yet intriguing example of creative photo ideas is to combine two completely different objects that share a common feature. It could be the shape, color, or something else.

2. Play Around with False Color and Mixed Lighting

False color programs are most commonly used on film sets to achieve perfect exposure, but they are also extremely useful when taking photographs.

False color is the process of seeing different degrees of exposure represented by different colors. Although most photographers avoid mixing lighting to avoid discolored skin tones, when done correctly, the effect can actually increase the interest of your image.

The trick is to keep the light sources separate so that the temperatures do not mix unintentionally or all over the subjects’ bodies.

3. Experiment with Double Exposure

Double exposure is a fairly old photographic technique, but it has only recently gained popularity due to how simple it is to achieve with digital cameras.

It’s so popular that it’s become a cliche in movie and television opening credits. Some cameras have a built-in setting for double exposure. If your camera lacks a double exposure preset, you can always achieve the effect in Photoshop or most other editing software.

4. Soar Through the Skies

Aerial photography provides a perspective that we rarely see in our daily lives. As a result, aerial photography serves as an excellent foundation for new picture ideas.

Drones like the DJI Mavic Air, on the other hand, aren’t cheap – so if you’re interested, you’ll need to save up before taking your camera to the skies.

5.   Tilt Shift

A tilt-shift lens is designed to shift the focus plane, allowing you to focus on multiple subjects at the same time to create interest or correct perspective.

It’s difficult to navigate the functionality of a tilt-shift lens at first, but it’s a matter of trial and error, just like any other technique.

Understanding how the focus plane works is the most difficult obstacle to overcome because it is such a novel viewpoint. 

creative photography ideas

Creative Maternity Photography Ideas

Pregnancy is an amazing time in your life, full of amazing changes and ecstatic anticipation. After all, you’re developing a brand-new, tiny human being that you can’t wait to meet!

One of the best ways to commemorate this momentous occasion in your life? A maternity photoshoot is something you can look back on for years to come.

To help you plan, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite maternity photoshoot ideas to ensure you get the perfect shots.

1. Include Your Partner in the Photo.

If you’re getting ready to become a parent with a partner by your side, your photoshoot isn’t complete without them. Your shared joy will shine through in your couple maternity photos.

Despite the fact that you are the one with the expanding stomach, getting your partner involved in the parenthood journey is essential if you have one.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get some beautiful intimate shots of the two of you. If you’re expecting your first child, these may be the last photos you take together for a long time, because once baby arrives, you won’t be the center of attention!

2. Ensure Proper Timing.

Because lighting can make or break your maternity photos, plan your pregnancy photoshoot for the best light possible.

Photographers love shooting during the “golden hour,” which occurs shortly after sunrise or just before sunset, to capture those soft golden hues.

Choose a time near dusk or sunset when the colors in the sky are vibrant. Play with the colors and wear a beautiful flowy dress that hugs your belly.

The contrast between the darkness of the surroundings and the brightness of the sun will be breathtaking.

3. Locate a Lovely Location

Looking for the ideal location for your outdoor maternity photoshoot? Keep an eye out for open fields near your house—tall, lush grasses make for a particularly eye-catching backdrop. Extra points if your outfit matches the season’s colors.

If you live in a city, don’t be afraid to embrace the industrial feel of the city streets for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. Do you want your maternity photos to have a cozy indoor feel?

Your front steps are an excellent location for a photo shoot.

You don’t have to drag your pregnant self across town for the photoshoot, which is a plus.

4.  Include Your Family.

A list of go-to maternity photo ideas would be incomplete without mentioning the importance of getting your older children in front of the camera. After all, we’re sure you’re not the only one looking forward to meeting the new baby!

Plus, you can sneak in a family portrait before your numbers swell during your pregnancy photoshoot. Invite everyone in the family to the maternity shoot, including the pregnant mother, father, older brothers and sisters.

That is the best way to express the family’s happiness and joy at the prospect of welcoming a new member to the family.

5. Include Traditional Attire.

Because our heritage is often central to our sense of self, why not incorporate traditional clothing into your maternity photos? It is not only a meaningful nod to your cultural background.

It can also be an excellent way to add vibrancy and color to your pregnancy photo shoot. What happens when that special pregnancy glow is combined with the rich and radiant beauty of your native traditional attire?

Magic! That’s exactly what happens.

6.  Create Lovely Ideas

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in every mother’s life, and having a maternity photoshoot allows you to relive those memories over and over. Be it your husband kissing your belly or your besties showering you with flowers, or everyone in the family wearing the same colored outfits. 

You can have your spouse dress up as the king and the other kids, if you have them, as little princes and princesses. 

Or get your friend or family member who is pregnant too and capture these precious moments of happiness and bliss in pictures that even your child could watch later and giggle at.

 Newborn Photography Ideas

The goal of newborn creative photography idea is to capture the first few days or weeks of a newborn baby’s life. It’s about creating heartwarming memories from this short period of time.

You must always ensure that the baby is safe. You can put any of your creative photography ideas into action if you keep this in mind. We’ve gathered a few newborn ideas to get you started.

1.  Consider the season in which the baby was born.

You can make use of the season in which the baby was born. Use props that are appropriate for the month of the year. This way, you can include the weather conditions in your image.

These images will be used to illustrate stories such as “you were born on a really hot summer day.” It’s also easier to find seasonal props and decorations, and if the weather is nice, you can even shoot outside.

2.  Take Informal Photographs in the Hospital

The first opportunity to photograph a newborn is at the hospital. Try to blend in and avoid bothering the parents or the baby.

Beautiful are the moments when the parents hold their tiny baby for the first time in their hands or on their chest.

It’s also worth capturing the baby resting on the mother’s or father’s belly. Here, you can take candid shots that are both natural and intimate.

3.  Capture the Sleeping Baby in the Arms of the Parents.

Sleeping newborns are cute. However, candid shots of them sleeping in their parents’ arms are simply adorable and demonstrate intimacy.

These images are so lovely because they depict the bond between the child and the parent.

Also, these can be everyday candid moments from a family’s life, if this is how they usually lull the baby to sleep.

4.  Try out Flat Lays.

Shooting from various angles is an excellent way to add variety to your images. Flat lay images of newborns can be taken if you photograph them from above.

These compositions can be embellished with almost any type of decoration. Also, showing the weight and the length of the baby written creatively on different objects or cards is a good idea to consider.

You can compare the same image from month to month to see how it changes.

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5.  Take Photos of Your Feet Using the Hands of the Parents as a Scale

On the list of newborn photo ideas, this is a very basic, but absolutely necessary point. You can include the parents in your baby pictures by having them hold the baby’s feet.

You can use them as scales to determine the size of the baby. This is also another way to emphasize their connection. The closeness of their unity is highlighted by a composition like this one.

creative photography ideas

Creative Wedding Photography Ideas

1. Take Aerial Photograph

Antique staircases look stunning with your elegant white wedding gown and the groom’s black suit. The symmetry and patterns in the photograph will make it look stunning.

2. Rings as True Love Symbols

Put your hands together to form a heart and show off your wedding rings. This way, you demonstrate your undying love and the significance of the occasion.

3. Generations Photograph

Try this wedding portrait idea to make your family photo with parents more creative. Avoid posing and instead focus on your lifestyle and emotions.

4. Hearty Cheers!

Do it in front of your closest friends, telling them how you feel and why you’re raising your champagne glass. Just make sure to allow the photographer to capture this moment and your emotions.

5. Bridesmaids and Flowers

At a wedding, every detail counts, and flower arrangements are no exception. Why not photograph the bride’s elegant bouquet or the floral bracelets of the bridesmaids? You can do it inside or outside as you’re getting ready to leave for the ceremony.

6. Almost Finished

What could be more romantic than a behind-the-scenes wedding photo of the bride or groom getting ready for the ceremony? To fit a lot of people into a small space, use a lot of natural light and a wide angle lens.

 Take a group photo with your friends as you’re about to go outside, in which they assist you in finishing your preparations. Give everyone a task. Someone may be able to tie your shoes, while another may be able to adjust your hair or makeup.

7. Against a Starry Sky

A very romantic wedding photography idea, especially if your ceremony is near a beautiful landscape or the ocean. For a cozy atmosphere, use fairy lights, lamps, or other light sources.

8. On the Rooftop

This wedding photo idea is suitable for both before and after the ceremony. If you’re taking these photos at night, use additional light sources.

creative photography ideas

Street Photography Ideas

Coming up with new, interesting street portrait ideas can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the genre. But don’t be concerned. Because we have a few beautiful photo ideas for you, all of which are intended to get you excited about street photography.

1. People Interacting

Rather than photographing individuals or groups of individuals, seek out people interacting with one another. Make an effort to capture their relationship.

This could be as simple as the exchange that occurs when someone purchases a newspaper or street food.

2. Bicycles 

I believe you will find bicycles in most cities, towns, and villages, regardless of where you live. They also make excellent portrait subjects!

You can photograph people riding bicycles, as well as bicycles that have been parked, as well as bicycles with and without owners.

3. Reflections and Shadows

There are reflections all around you: The chrome of a classic car puddles on the pavement after rain in shop windows. This concept is a little more abstract, and it’s all about photographing interesting shadows and reflections.

It’s worth noting that you can find shadows and reflections cast by almost anything. And it’s not about the item itself, but about the effect it has when it interacts with light.

You’ll notice them everywhere once you start looking for them.

4. A Bird’s-eye Perspective

Look for locations where you can get a good view of the action. Capturing a bird’s-eye view of a street scene provides a perspective that most people will not otherwise have.

After all, a bird’s-eye view of the world differs from how most of us see it. So, how do you get that bird’s-eye view perspective? Look for a pedestrian bridge or an overpass.

Balconies, second-floor windows, and mezzanine floors are also excellent locations for aerial photography.

5. Exciting Modes of Transportation

How do people get around? What do they use to transport their belongings from one location to another? Seek out unusual and interesting modes of transportation to photograph.

You might come across an elderly person pushing a cart or an entrepreneur driving a vehicle tailored to their specific requirements. Perhaps you’ll see a businessman in a suit riding a scooter or skateboard.

Many cities have public transportation that may appear common to their residents – but it is unique to the location and extremely rare outside of those places.

 Travel Photography Ideas

Photographs are frequently the best travel souvenirs. The worst thing is when they are blurry, blown out, or just plain boring to look at. If you want to learn how to take better pictures on your travels around the world, here are a few pointers.

1. Set Your Camera to Burst Mode.

When you set your camera to “burst” mode, it will take several shots with a single click of the shutter. This is especially useful when attempting to capture an action shot, such as a whale breaching the water’s surface.

Also, when handing your camera to a stranger to take your photo, use burst mode. Instead of just one, you will have several to choose from.

2. Photograph Early and Late in the Day

No matter how talented a photographer you are, there are times of the day when your shot will simply not look as good.

For example, in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, the light is harsh and your photos will have strong shadows. Instead, take photos when the sun is low in the sky, when it will cast a warm glow rather than a harsh white light.

The best times of day to take photos are just after sunrise in the morning and just before sunset during the “golden hour.

3. Don’t be Afraid of a Little Rain (or Cloud Cover!).

When you’re on vacation, cloudy days can be discouraging, but they often make for the most interesting photos. Clouds soften the sun’s light, acting as a natural light box, allowing you to get great shots even in the middle of the afternoon.

They can also add a cool, moody effect to your photos, making them more interesting than if you had a clear blue sky. Similarly, many people are afraid to take their camera out in the rain.

However, rainy shots can be very interesting.

To get a fun rainy day shot, try one of these: A photo of people walking down the street with colorful umbrellas. Capture a close-up of droplets on a window while blurring the city lights in the background.

Zoom in for a close-up of raindrops on flowers or another interesting surface.

4. Make Certain that Your Lens is Clean.

This may seem obvious, but every time I return home from an epic trip, I find a spot in every single shot when I upload my photos to my computer. It’s happened too many times for me to make excuses.

 I’m including this tip on this list primarily to remind myself to clean the damn lens. It’s a lot easier than going back into each photo and editing the spot out.

Carrying a travel-sized cleaning kit with you will ensure that you can safely wipe your lens no matter where you are. 


5. Don’t Forget to Photograph the Minor Details.

When we travel, we can become so engrossed in the big views and famous landmarks that we return home with only photos in front of tourist attractions. I’m completely to blame here.

Often, however, the photos of the “small moments” are just as good, if not more memorable, than the shots we plan out. Is there a food stall with a line that wraps around the corner? It’s a snap.

Are you strolling down a street lined with adorable homes of various colors? Click here to continue. Have you ever gone to a farmers’ market? Photograph all of the fresh produce’s beautiful colors and textures.

Have you had a delicious local meal?  Capture it so you can remember the food you ate while traveling.

FAQs on Creative Photography Ideas

What are Some Cool Photography Tricks

1. Select Aperture Priority Mode or the “A” setting.
This allows you to take professional-looking portraits even if the background isn’t focused. The “A” setting allows you to control the depth of field.
2. When shooting night shots, use a combination of natural and artificial light.
This tip is especially useful when photographing cityscapes. Getting the best lighting for a great photo is also a matter of timing.
3. Make Use of the Best Apps
Professional photographers have been doing just fine without apps for years, but now that there are tools available to help you improve your photos, you might as well put them to use.

What are the Tips for Creative Smartphone Photography?

1. To balance your shot, use gridlines.
Turning on the camera’s gridlines is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your mobile photos.

According to this theory, placing points of interest at these intersections or along the lines will make your photo more balanced, level, and allow viewers to interact with it more naturally.

2. Adjust the focus of your camera.
Phone cameras nowadays automatically focus on the foreground of your frame, but not every picture you take on your phone has a clear subject.

Open your camera app and tap the screen where you want to sharpen the view to adjust where your camera lens will focus.

3. Experiment with reflections.
The sight of the sky reflected in a body of water is so romantic. There’s a reason we enjoy seeing that — our eyes are naturally drawn to reflections. So look for opportunities to experiment with them in photographs.

Puddles, larger bodies of water, mirrors, sunglasses, drinking glasses, and metallic surfaces are just a few examples of unusual places to find reflections.

4. Investigate various points of view.
Taking photos from an unusual or unusual angle can make them more memorable because it creates the illusion of depth or height with the subjects.

It also draws attention to the image, as most mobile photos are taken either straight on or from a bird’s eye view. Take a photo of yourself looking up and see what happens.

How can You Show your Creativity in Photography?

1. Maintain an Idea Journal

Making a habit of writing down your thoughts and ideas is a great way to start the creative photography idea process.

A good place to start is to get yourself a notebook that you will keep solely for your ideas, and then begin by imagining your dream photograph. Don’t be too concerned about your technical ability for this (i.e. whether you’ll be able to pull it off!)

Just concentrate on how it appears. What city is it set in? How is the lighting? What colors are present in the image? Allowing our minds to wander and dream is an excellent way to stimulate our creative juices!

Participate in a Photo Challenge / Begin a Project
Sometimes we just don’t know what to shoot, or we feel like we’ve covered everything 50 times already.

Starting a personal photography project is a good idea at this point because it can help jumpstart your creativity by forcing you to try something new or photograph something in a different way.

Have some Photoshop Imagination!
You don’t have to be a photographer to be creative. An excellent way to be an armchair creative is to use your editing software instead!

Why not experiment with old images and see how many different ways you can process them? Try converting to black and white, running actions, drastically lowering the exposure, changing the overall colors, and changing the brightness.

You’ll not only feel more creative, but you’ll also improve your editing skills!


Having a few of these creative photography ideas up your sleeve can help you stand out from the crowd. They can assist you in turning average or boring scenes into interesting ones. They’re also entertaining to try and practice. So go ahead and give them a shot!

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