Top Job Opportunities You Can Find on Craigslist

Are you searching for job opportunities and hiring options? Check out jobs hiring Craigslist for a variety of listings. Many businesses use websites like Craigslist for hiring and posting job opportunities to attract potential applicants.

Top jobs hiring craigslist

As more culinary job seekers use the internet to discover career leads. Craigslist claims to receive more than 100 million classified ad submissions each month.

So, we have compiled lots of jobs hiring Craigslist and also with the advantages and disadvantages of using Craigslist

Jobs Hiring Craigslist

They only charge for help wanted advertisements in a few select, big U.S. cities and because all other ads are free, Craigslist has become the “new” publisher of newspaper want ads for many companies.

The ordinary job seeker using Craigslist is effectively entering a virtual space where numerous employment prospects are coming at them from all sides. 

These job seekers are searching for things that pique their curiosity or catch their attention.

Since there is nothing else on the main page, they initially simply focus on the titles of the advertisements. 

Some of the jobs hiring on Craigslist are;

1. Housekeeper- Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College needs a full-time housekeeper for its facilities services department.

You’ll work Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm, with overtime during busy times.

Your job is to keep the residence halls clean and safe for students. The pay is $15 an hour

2. Part-time Faculty, Public Relations- Palomar College

Palomar College is looking for part-time faculty to teach public relations.

The job might include daytime, evening, or weekend hours at different locations.

If you’re qualified, you can teach various Public Relations courses. They will pay $75.00 – $87.09 a day

3. Store Manager- Coach

Coach is hiring a store manager for their Columbia Gorge Outlet store in Troutdale, Oregon.

They’re after someone who’s collaborative, respectful, and passionate about the brand and product.

4. Restaurant Recruiter- Tartine

Tartine needs a full-time restaurant recruiter to help improve its recruiting processes.

You’ll be responsible for sourcing talent, posting job openings, and conducting interviews to meet company goals.

5. Real Estate Agent- Coldwell Banker Premier Properties

Coldwell Banker Premier Properties is on the lookout for real estate agents, even if you’re new to the field or still in the process of getting licensed.

They provide training and support for motivated individuals to join their team of professional agents.

6. Supervisor, Facilities -Palomar College

Palomar College seeks a full-time facilities supervisor to manage the building maintenance and custodial activities at an education center.

You’ll need four years of relevant experience, including supervisory experience. The pay is $6,137.21 a month.

7. Grounds Specialist- Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College wants a full-time grounds specialist to join their Grounds Department.

Your job is to help maintain the campus’s appearance through daily and planned maintenance tasks.

You’ll report to the Grounds Supervisor and the Manager of Grounds and Landscape Services.

8. Property Manager- T & R PROPERTIES INC

T & R PROPERTIES INC needs a Property Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of an apartment community.

Your job is to make sure everything runs smoothly and revenue targets are met.

9. Director, Pricing and Packaging- LeadVenture

LeadVenture is hiring a full-time Director of Pricing & Packaging, who can work remotely.

You’ll be responsible for developing and implementing pricing strategies for products and services.

Collaboration with various teams is key to drive revenue growth.

10. Apartment Leasing Associate- McKinley

McKinley is looking for an Apartment Leasing Associate in the Ann Arbor area.

Your main focus will be providing excellent customer service to residents and prospects, handling inquiries, and assisting with administrative tasks.

11. Marketing Associate- Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC

Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC is offering a full-time Marketing Associate position with a salary range of $76,000 to $78,000 a year.

You’ll assist in creating marketing plans, gathering data, and ensuring marketing strategies are implemented effectively.

12. Art Studio Technician- Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College seeks a part-time Ceramics Art Studio Technician to manage the daily operations of the ceramics facilities.

You’ll work closely with faculty to ensure smooth operation during academic and non-academic periods. The pay is $20 an hour

13. Painter & Facilities Team Member- Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College is hiring two part-time Painters & Facilities Team Members to work during the summer.

Your duties include painting, minor repairs, and assisting other departments with various tasks around campus. The pay is $12 an hour

14. Leasing Specialist- Shea Apartment Communities

Shea Apartment Communities is looking for a full-time Leasing Specialist to help lease out a new community.

Your job involves showing apartments, providing great customer service, and helping to market the property to meet leasing goals.

They are offering $21.88 – $23.61 an hour

15. Leasing Consultant (Apartment)- Advanced Management Company

Advanced Management Company seeks a full-time Leasing Consultant.

You’ll be responsible for leasing apartments, providing excellent customer service, and building strong relationships with residents and prospective tenants.

The pay is $21 an hour

16. Retail Sales Associate & Social Media Enthusiast- Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport is hiring a Part-Time Retail Sales Associate who’s also enthusiastic about social media.

Your role involves assisting customers, maintaining product knowledge, and supporting the sales manager. The person will get $15 – $18 an hour

17. Portfolio Manager Assistant- CRMG

CRMG needs a Portfolio Manager Assistant to join their team full-time.

You’ll support Portfolio Managers in overseeing properties, and they’re looking for someone detail-oriented and committed to a people-focused culture.

The pay is $22 – $30 an hour

18. Part-time Faculty, Interior Design- Palomar College

Palomar College is seeking part-time faculty to teach Interior Design.

You’ll need either a bachelor’s degree plus two years of professional experience, or an associate degree plus six years of professional experience.

They pay $75.00 – $87.09 a day

19. Customer Service / Sales Processor- Sportex Apparel of Arizona Inc

Sportex Apparel of Arizona Inc. is hiring a full-time Sales and Administrative Support Team Member.

Your duties include answering phones, communicating with customers, and assisting with various administrative tasks.

20. Lease-Up Leasing Agent- Mill Creek Residential

Mill Creek Residential is hiring a full-time Lease-Up Leasing Agent.

Your main focus will be providing excellent customer service to residents and prospective tenants, guiding them through the leasing process, and supporting them throughout their residency.

The Pros of Using Craigslist for Hiring

 jobs hiring craigslist

Some of the pros are;

1. Customization

Other job boards with tight character and word limits are not like Craigslist.

Employers can add as many details as they wish and alter the look of each ad with a logo or other graphics.

2. Affordability

Most cities’ Craiglist job adverts cost between free and $25.

A recent conversation with a food truck owner in Florida revealed that nine out of 10 employees were recruited from Craigslist. 

From a financial perspective, it’s quite cheap to utilize, and each ad will often receive three to four excellent resumes.

Cons of Using Craigslist for Hiring

some of the cons of using Craigslist are;

1. Short Lifespan

Older ads are pushed down the list when a job ad is posted on Craigslist since it will appear at the top of the page. 

The newest adverts are always given more prominence because they are all listed in reverse chronological order. 

The job listing for the food truck will appear if someone searches “food truck” on Craigslist, but because the search results are shown in reverse chronological order, the food truck job will appear below new postings.

2. Unqualified Applicant

Although he might not receive a ton of responses to his Craigslist advertisements.

Many other food truck entrepreneurs do, particularly those who operate in regions of the nation with high unemployment rates

3. Minimal Talent

Although a lot of individuals use Craigslist to find a food truck or secondhand kitchen equipment.

Many people looking for jobs in the food truck industry prefer to use alternative channels, like job boards from culinary schools.

Although Craigslist for employment does have some restrictions and challenges, many of these may be resolved with enough advance forethought. 

Some owners of food trucks consider the extra work required in vetting candidates to be valuable because Craigslist still allows them to cut their advertising prices.

Craigslist offers a vast array of job opportunities for seekers and hiring options for employers.

From food truck businesses to various industries, Craigslist serves as a convenient platform for posting and finding jobs.

With millions of classified ads submitted monthly, it’s a bustling hub for job seekers and employers alike.

While it provides numerous benefits, such as wide reach and simplicity, it’s important to be aware of potential drawbacks.

Despite this, jobs hiring Craigslist remains a valuable resource for those on the hunt for their next career move or seeking to fill positions efficiently.

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