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The Best Coupon Sites for 2022: You Can Save Up to 50%

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Who wouldn’t want to save money? Whether you are shopping online or in-store, using coupon websites can save you money.

Coupon Sites

The use of coupons is on an all-time high. Studies have found that up to 96 percent of shoppers report using coupons on a purchase. Thanks to free discount websites and applications, you now have even more ways to save money on already purchased goods.

There is no need to pay full price for your next shopping trip, using the discount sites below. Some of them give digital coupons while others need you to print them out.

Either way, you get extra money.

Whereas the majority of coupons in the past were for grocery stores and department stores, the categories were changing. Now you will find coupons from movies to massages, and even your next oil change, for all.

The Best Coupon Sites to Save the Most

Here are the best coupon sites where you can save up your cash:

1. Rakuten

Rakuten was formerly known as Ebates, and it’s one of the largest coupon sites on the internet, as proven by a fast Google search for ‘coupons’ and a $1 billion valuation.

Although offering discounts, the site’s key attraction is cashback, which can be found in all its ways, including cashback deals for transactions made across over 2,500 different pages, and cashback while shopping in-store.

Even better, there are daily double and triple cashback deals that run around the key seasons for holidays.

Usefully, Rakuten also has an extension to the Chrome browser which will warn you if the platform you are using provides cashback.

This makes it easier to integrate their offers into your shopping routine, rather than constantly searching the website frequently. This is probably one of the best Coupon sites.

2. Wikibuy

It is new when it comes to saving money when shopping. Wikibuy plugin extension redeems coupon codes automatically for instant discounts.

The browser extension is available for free use. Since 2018 the firm is owned by Capital One. You do not need to have a bank account or credit card with Capital One to use.

With the online bank account Capital One 360, however, you might be using Wikibuy to demonstrate brand loyalty.

3. Coupons.com

If there was a competition for the most catchy and clear name for the couponing platform, Coupons.com would definitely win. Coupons.com was founded back in 1998 and was among the pioneers of online couponing. It is now run by Quotient Technology with an estimated $ 1 trillion worth.

As expected for such a long-running platform, you can use an incredibly large range of digital coupons for both online and physical retailers; the number is estimated to be the most accessible in the United States.

The website will ask for your zip code to help you find more similar offers for major retailers as well as local deals.

You can opt to print your coupons for in-store use, or use them online, and to earn cash back, you can also connect your card to the platform. They also have an app, perfect for someone who wants to search for offers while they shop rather than preparing their deal itinerary before they leave the house.

Coupons.com has a sister website, thegoodstuff.com, where they place some of the best deals.

4. Savings.com

Savings.com offers coupons from a variety of stores including The Gap, Kohls, and Macy’s. You can sort discount offerings by category for easier shopping, too.

They also feature a section with local offerings for restaurants and stores in your area.  I even found coupons for stores and restaurants in our small town of just 4,000 people!

In addition, they have a blog and occasion-specific deals as well.

5. Groupon

One of the best-known sites on the internet, Groupon was started out of the realization that discounts can be accessed more easily if you can guarantee numerous people to purchase a product or service–the challenge is to connect all those people.

That is why community coupons came by the name.

Amazon is best known for its restaurant offers and experiences but they also offer travel discounts and sell discounted goods in their app store. Like the other pages, thousands of stores are given coupons too.

Due to the vast amount of people using the website, it’s sometimes possible to save 70% or more. Why not give it a go?

6. Entertainment Coupon Book

The Entertainment Coupon Book has been in operation since 1962. They began as a discount book company helping to raise funds for schools.

Even for promotional purposes you can purchase and sell Entertainment coupon books. They do have a highly popular coupon website today, though.

This means you can save by purchasing a coupon book or by purchasing a digital website membership. One really great benefit of this site is that you can see all of the coupon deals in your area before becoming a member.

The digital membership is just $2.99 a month or $19.99 annually. And you’ll get 2-for-deals and 50% off coupons to dozens of stores and restaurants near you.

7. Smart Source

Smart Source, like Coupons.com, features a super simple “press and save” printing system for the coupons it provides.

One of the things I love about the Smart Source platform is that by category you can filter coupons. Choose from categories such as baby products, vehicles, personal care, home care, etc.

Filter by brand (i.e. Welch’s, Sunbelt Bakery, Gerber) as well. You can also type in your zip code to see special deals for your region.

Smart Source is one of the coupon providers that you through see on paper daily. Using their website, however, helps you to skip the paper and print out the coupons you need easily.

8. ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome aims to give you money back for shopping online. You create a free account, then browse the thousands of offers they make.

The store pays Shop at Home to refer you when you buy. ShopAtHome, in turn, will pass on those savings to you. You can opt to get your cash back as an Amazon gift card.

Nevertheless, you can get it through your Paypal account, or by searching in the mail.

Know that you have to be logged in to the ShopAtHome site in order to earn cash back on your purchases.

9. Amazon Coupons

As the name suggests, Amazon Coupons are only available for Amazon.com transactions.

They offer discounts for all Amazon customers. There is a disclaimer on the web, however, which reads “Some coupons will only be accessible to Prime members.”

Coupons for the Prime Members are recognizable on the coupon by the “Prime Pantry” logo. Using Amazon Coupons is a perfect way to get an added discount on already low Amazon rates.

10. DealNews

DealNews reports on products related to consumer electronics, clothing, and home improvement. If you just want to save money on your grocery store, it is not the place to go to, but they are a goldmine for good deals inside this niche.

A valuable aspect is that since each offer was put on the website, DealNews is transparent, so it is easy to find out whether the coupon may or may not have expired.

The platform is not just offers and discounts. They regularly hold sweepstakes offering up to $ 1,000 in the chance of winning – certainly worth a punt.

They also have a phone app that is worth downloading for the next time you decide to purchase a new pair of trainers or television.

11. Frugaa

Frugaa is a search engine coupon that offers average savings of about $27 per customer. Not bad at all-the-more you use the platform to save, the more you can get.

Their website contains thousands of active coupons and is updated every day. Even better, this is community-based: Users upvote the coupons they want and downvote the coupons they hate to make sure the coupons posted actually function.

They also have delivery offers that are guaranteed.

12. Hip2Save

Hip2Save also provides massive discounts on individual products and objects, as well as in specific stores. They have videos as well as a rewards program.

They also offer advice on everything from spending money to their favorite recipes.

In addition, they have a “freebie” feature. The section shares birthday freebies for web visitors and other special freebies.

13. Living Social

As a way to help users buy and share things to do in their city, Living Social was set up to help them ‘live socially.’ The platform currently has more than 70 million users and is owned by Groupon, one of the world’s largest discount websites.

You’ll be able to find lots of discounts and coupons for local businesses, particularly for eating and drinking and spas experiences, as well as some home goods offers.

Unfortunately, Living Social has been built for big city users and aims to concentrate on that audience. If you live in a small town or countryside area, you can not find anything important.

In conclusion, Coupons can be a perfect way to minimize prices, without sacrificing quality. You stand to score some great deals if you can use the coupons wisely.

If you do not make the most of the deals, you are leaving money on the table. Give a chance to boost your wallet today with coupons!

Let us know in the comments box which coupon website you would use first!

What are your thoughts on these best coupon sites? If this article was helpful to you kindly share it massively with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to put down what you feel about this post in the comment section below.

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