18 Coupon and Discount Code Ideas for Small Businesses 2022

Offering coupons for discounts is one of the most difficult decisions that any business owner must make because they must determine how much is too much in order to avoid causing major harm to their business. But how do you use this hack to increase sales while keeping the business running?

coupon for discount

Coupons and Discount

A coupon is a legal access right to a discount that is controlled by a coupon code.

If a customer has a valid coupon code, he can activate the discount by entering it when purchasing a product.

When you enter the coupon code on a checkout page, you will be given access to only one discount.

Discounts, on the other hand, temporarily or permanently reduce the price of goods and services for your customers.

It is an excellent way to both attract and retain customers. Coupons typically have a usage or validity period that expires when the timer runs out. 

You can, however, make your coupon codes valid for multiple uses or just once, which means that once activated, the user will be unable to use it again.

Here are some discount coupon ideas to help you increase your sales.


Coupon for Abandoned Cart

This is mostly for online orders that were neglected, leaving their virtual carts without paying for the items they chose.

You can send emails to those people about their carts and offer a discount on the items they bought to sweeten the deal.

You can also personalize the abandoned cart with the customer’s name and include a call-to-action link or button to allow them to make payments quickly.

Pre-launch Coupons

If you are about to launch or have already launched a product, you can raise awareness by offering prelaunch discounts on orders placed in advance. 

This is a great way to generate interest and, of course, sales, converting potential buyers into loyal customers by publicizing your new product.

You can accomplish this by obtaining your customer’s email addresses in order to send them emails about your new product.

You can also develop an app for your previous customers to facilitate easier access to the new product.

Seasonal and Holiday Sales

You can host a special Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale for your customers in the spirit of the holiday season.

The holidays are the ideal time to go on the biggest shopping spree of the year, so take advantage of it. 

This is because it is the time of year when most shoppers are eager to spend money to celebrate whatever the season is for.

Simply ensure that your sales or products are unique and appropriate for the season, as your customers will want something special for special occasions such as Christmas.

Weekly/Monthly Discounts

These are traditional sales tactics used to increase conversions.

These sales are frequently used at the end of a month or quarter to increase revenues in order to meet business objectives, and they are ideal for use at the end of a quarter or season.

This is especially important if you need to clear out seasonal inventory to make room for new products and make sure to emphasize that it is the “last chance” for those items.

By constantly counting down to the end of the discount sales, you will instill a feeling of urgency in your customers and heighten their tension.

coupon for discount

Email/Newsletter Subscription Promotion

As an online vendor, you must have your customers’ email addresses if you want to increase your sales.

If you can offer them discounts in exchange for their email address, you increase your chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Receiving their emails ensures that you will have the opportunity to build and maintain a relationship with them.

You can gain their trust, and, of course, sell to them and then, give your newsletter subscribers a discount.

Remember to remind them to spread the word if they want to receive additional discount offers.

Offer for First-time Buyers

You must make an excellent first impression on your first-time customer because that may be all the convincing he requires to become a loyal customer. 

If they are still hesitant because they are unfamiliar with your brand, spend time engaging with them and explaining.

Try to put them at ease and answer their questions politely because you want them to be loyal to your brand.

Referral Promo Code

These discount offers are for the people who refer you to their friends and colleagues so they can buy whatever they need from you.

Use it to express gratitude to them, and they will use it to refer more people.

You can also extend the discount coupons to those they have referred so it doesn’t look biased or one-sided, this way, everyone benefits.

Social Media Incentives

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a new business is getting the word out about it.

Despite the availability of radio, newspapers, and television, getting it on social media is the quickest way to reach your customers.

As a result, you can provide rewards to your customers in the form of discounts for following you on all social media sites and sharing your posts.

They will spread the word and get you the followers you require to market your products.

Discount for Equivalent Shopping

This is a promo based on the entire value of a shopping trolley to encourage shoppers to buy more and increase their orders.

You can give this discount based on the number of goods the customer has already purchased in order to encourage him to buy more so that he can receive more offers.

If there’s a portion of goods or products you want your customers to focus on, add a minimum purchase discount on that product.

Shoppers will rush to purchase those items in order to take advantage of the discount because they know it will not be available for long.

Departure Offer

A last-minute special offer could be all you need to persuade a hesitant shopper to buy from you.

You just pop the offer just as they are about to leave and make them reconsider.

You need to be bold and make sure your offer is just the thing to get them to give you and your brand a shot.

Special Social Offers

Another way to increase sales is to restrict some discount offers to your social media followers only.

This is a strategy that will drive people to your social media platforms in order to take advantage of your promotion.

Even while there make sure that there are some laid down rules like making sure they refer people before they can access the promo.

Customer Loyalty Promotions

Rewarding customer loyalty can strengthen bonds even further, while only providing discounts to customers who already spend money with you. 

You can quickly generate discount codes that are only available to certain groups of customers.

It can be as simple as sending your best customers a personal email with a discount or credit

You can also use an automated email marketing app to send email offers when someone makes a certain number of purchases.

Retargeted Promotions

These kinds of deals are only available to people who have previously visited your website.

That means they already recognize you. The advertisements reinforce the idea to return, and the offer serves as a prod to buy.

They work best when you personalize the messages to your customers, so try categorizing your customers.

Then you can tailor your marketing messages to their specific needs and offer them promotions accordingly.

coupon for discount

Influencer Promotions

Partnering with influential people that have large audiences is a great way to increase exposure to your brand.

And by providing an exclusive offer to the influencer’s network, you’re more likely to convert their fans to your customers.

To promote your brand, find a celebrity or a well-known blogger who agrees with your brand’s ethics and principles.

Make a discount code with the influencer’s name to make it easier for their fans to remember and use.

Discounts for In-person Purchases

You can use offers to drive in-person sales in the same way that you can drive online sales.

This can be at your physical location if you have one, or at in-person events, such as festivals, fairs, expos, trade shows, etc.

This is an excellent way to connect with your customers and establish a relationship that will benefit brand awareness and patronage.

You can also pin your location on Google Maps so that it appears on the phones of nearby potential customers.

Online Purchasing Promotions

Consider incentivizing online purchases if you want to increase online sales.

You can drive online sales by proposing something in exchange, whether you want to use your eCommerce platform to boost your physical location sales or create a customer base outside of Amazon.

You must create a popup ad that shows your customers the discounts you offer the moment they arrive at your website.

Offers for Event Participation

If you host in-person or online events, you can reward attendees with discounts or free gifts that you can share during or after the event.

This helps to keep in touch with committed customers and increase brand loyalty.

Plus, it’ll hopefully attract crowd numbers for your next occasion.

Make your audience anticipate the event by making social media posts about it and counting down to the day.

Apply pressure by emphasizing the juiciness and distinctiveness of what they will receive if they attend or arrive early.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Customer milestones are especially important if you have a customer loyalty program.

These anniversaries and milestones could be personal to the customer.

Other anniversaries can be used to commemorate the bond you’ve formed.

These would include the customer’s first purchase anniversary or the date they joined your customer loyalty program.

Including spending a certain amount of money, making a certain number of purchases, or various engagements with your brand.

You can bet he’ll spread the word and, of course, get his friends and loved ones involved.


Final Words

You must understand that providing coupons for discounts is not appropriate for every online store.

You can, however, test these discounts to see how well they work with your conversion rates.

However, make certain that you have firmly established your brand and clearly defined your goals before implementing these strategies to increase your customer base and revenue.

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