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Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, put on an apron, and practice your cooking skills? Cooking workshops will teach you how to make fresh pasta, sushi, dumplings, and cupcakes, as well as knife skills.

cooking schools nyc

There are plenty of options for dabblers, date nights, serious home cooks, and anyone who wants to try a different culture’s cuisine.

New York City is a gastronomic mecca, with some of the world’s top restaurants, amazing bakeries, delectable sweets, fantastic ice cream, and the talented chefs who make it all happen.

Even better, takeout and delivery options send the best of New York City cuisine straight to your door. So, what makes you desire to enroll in a culinary class?

Because it’s enjoyable! Plus, we believe everyone should be able to cook for themselves, and a home-cooked meal is a terrific way to impress your date.

Check out these cooking classes in NYC if you’re a novice in the kitchen or a home cook eager to master a new technique.

However, we’ve rounded together 14 of the best places in NYC to unleash your inner chef, meet new people, eat delicious cuisine, and have a good time.

Top Cooking Schools in Nyc

1. Cozymeal

Cooking Schools Nyc

Cozymeal is it intended for? Anyone interested in honing their cooking skills and following step-by-step directions to make a restaurant-quality dish or master a five-course feast.

Corporate team-building activities are also popular, with classes guided by a vetted chef.

What to expect? they hold classes in a variety of acceptable places, such as commercial venues throughout the city (or in a private house), and can seat 2 to 40 people, depending on the chef.

The length of the session is determined by the menu and pricing range, but it normally lasts two to three hours.

also, you will learn several Michelin-starred chefs give their knowledge on macarons, vegan and gluten-free Indian cuisine, new variations on traditional Italian cuisine, sushi, and a taste of ancient Greece.

 However, cozymeal is amazing (Cooking Schools Nyc).

2. Brooklyn Kitchen

Brooklyn Kitchen is for all Beginners, experienced home cooks, subjects every date-night adventurers are all welcome.

They held classes in a variety of subjects every day at Sunset Park’s Industry City complex and last around two hours.

However, Students are divided into groups subjects every of 12 to 21 and then sits down for a shared supper to enjoy the rewards of their labor. Many classes sell out quickly, so book ahead.

Depending on the session, you’ll learn knife skills, Japanese street cuisine, bao workshops, dumplings, pizza dough, and French pastry.

Also, adult and children’s cooking classes cooking cost $75–$125;  cost $65 respectively.

3. The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) is home to the largest program of hands-on recreational cooking classes, baking classes, and wine classes in the world.

Cooking Schools Nyc

Over 26,000 individuals attend 1,500 classes each year, acquiring techniques, skills, and tasting flavors from all over the world.

Their recreational cooking workshops are available 355 days a year, at all hours of the day and night. Rick Smilow, ICE’s President (also known as the “Chief Tasting Officer”), adds, “ICE’s recreational cooking workshops will have you cooking like a pro in no time.”

In the heart of New York City, take world-class cooking classes! With limitless the institute of culinary education (ice) range of hands-on cooking workshops given by ICE’s famous Chef Instructors.

Also, you can travel the culinary world from the comfort of your own kitchen. Cooking workshops ranging in focus and discipline, such as ‘cooking for couples’ or ‘culinary essentials,’ are available.

However, At ICE, you’ll discover taste and excitement in everything from the perfect Thai curry and Indian takeout to farmer’s market favorites and cooking comfort food classics.

Enjoy the freshest foods in the same state-of-the-art kitchens as the pros, and learn from the pros – and never go hungry again!

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4. Abigail’s Kitchen

Abigail’s Kitchen is for those who enjoy cooking and drinking. Chef-owner Abigail Hitchcock invites adults into the kitchen of her Greenwich Village restaurant for hands-on training.

By prepping materials and doing the sautéing and searing themselves, guests gain confidence and the process becomes less of a bother.

However, Hitchcock is also a qualified sommelier, so her wine-tasting courses prepare you to navigate wine lists and wine shops sensibly. Most classes have a maximum of ten people and last about three and a half hours.

Also, homemade mozzarella, fresh pasta, boeuf bourguignon for two, or the art of Southeast Asia cooking with Thai products from an off-site shopping trip to Chinatown are just a few of the skills you’ll learn.

 However, the estimated cost for a wine class is $75 paired with Murray’s Cheese; $125–$150 per person for most of the others, all of which are included in the price.

5. The Dynamite Shop

The Dynamite Shop is for Children aged 8 and above, adolescent chefs, and parents who wish to unwind as their children learn life skills.

Cooking Schools Nyc

Dana Bowen and Sara Kate Gillingham, co-owners, teach lessons in empowering children through food (also renowned food and cookbook writers).

However, The Brooklyn storefront has a coffee shop nook in front where parents may wait for their children or drop them off for weekend seminars if they’re planning an adult-oriented day elsewhere in the city.

With a capacity of 25 pupils, there are additional after-school, summer camp, and spring break alternatives. The monthly adolescent supper group has a limit of 15 participants.

Depending on the day, you’ll learn basic cooking skills and pho, summer rolls, stocks, vegetarian mac-and-cheese, Shirley Temple, or brunch favorites.

Furthermore, summer camp and spring break camp cost $750 per week; adolescent supper club is $50–$75.

6. International Culinary Center (ICC)

International Culinary Center (ICC)  is for students interested in a career in the culinary, pastry, or wine industries, as well as ambitious newcomers.

Cooking Schools Nyc

Your expectations are aligned to a variety of one-day and multi-day leisure courses taught by renowned specialists in the heart of Soho.

However, classes are limited to 12–24 people and cover many of the fundamentals (knife skills) as well as more advanced training (food styling for media).

Long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and non-slip close-toed shoes are required. Aprons and skull caps are included in the package. Classes are usually four hours long.

Sugar paste flowers, cream puffs, gluten-free baking, olive oil sommelier certification, and Mexican and Japanese culinary basics are just a few of the topics covered in the school’s extensive curriculum.

A day sessions cost $195 while multi-day courses cost $495–$8,230.

7. CocuSocial

CocuSocial is for Beginners seeking exciting date nights, girls’ nights out, or corporate team-building activities.

 Interactive cooking sessions led by experienced chefs from the New York City region. CocuSocial workshops offer a wide range of experiences in semi-private settings, including restaurants and hotels.

The capacity spans from 12 to 28 persons, with a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. Classes are usually two and a half hours long.

Depending on the lesson, you’ll learn how to make classic and inventive cocktails, sushi, pizza, homemade mozzarella and burrata, French pastry, Spanish tapas, or paella.

however, The estimated cost is cost: $42–$53; drinks are extra.

8. La Scuola di Eataly & Foodiversità

La Scuola di Eataly & Foodiversità is for families, single travelers, couples, and anybody who enjoys Italian cuisine. 

Cooking Schools Nyc

They hold interactive workshops and food demos nearly every day at both Eataly locations. Chef Lidia Bastianich has created popular courses taught by Eataly’s own chefs as well as recognized guest chefs at La Scuola in the Flatiron District.

however, Cooking demos with a seated supper can accommodate up to 34 people in hands-on classes.

Look for intensives on fresh pasta, street cuisine, pizza, and regional Italian delicacies at the Foodiversità (Food University) in Lower Manhattan.

also, Wine pairings are included in all classes, which span anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours. Saturdays are dedicated to hour-long children’s classes.

What you’ll learn: ravioli, gnocchi, wine, and butternut squash. Adult tickets range from $50 to $125 at La Scuola, with parent-child tickets costing $100.

Adult classes at Foodiversità cost $40–$125, while children’s classes cost $20–$30.

9. De Gustibus Cooking School

De Gustibus Cooking School is for fans of well-known and up-and-coming chefs searching for cooking advice.

 On the eighth story of Macy’s Herald Square, a culinary theater seats up to 60 people at large communal tables.

more so, chefs from around the world give multi-course cooking demonstrations that are broadcast on gigantic screens.

Two-and-a-half-hour demonstrations; three-hour hands-on teaching classes (limited to 25 students). All seminars encourage interactive discussion, and they gave guests samples, wine tastings, and recipes to take home.

However, the Chef’s restaurant hosts a few of the classes. All guests must make reservations.

What you’ll learn: Anything from classic French technique to kosher cuisine concepts, depending on the guest chef.

the estimated fee is $110 per person.

Top Online Cooking Schools in Nyc

Since after covid not everyone has adjusted to the idea of social gathering, some even thought themselves to be introverted.

Cooking Schools Nyc

However, if you still feel uncomfortable about the social gathering or don’t have enough time to be physically present, but want to achieve your culinary goal, you can consider online culinary classes.

Here is a list of online classes you can consider. 

1. Spanish Haute Cuisine Techniques

This online course will take you from reinterpreted traditional food to the most trending and inventive techniques of fine cuisine.
Restaurant CEBO’s innovative, progressive, and free-style cuisine is right at your fingertips. Chef Aurelio Morales’ most recognizable recipes in a one-of-a-kind course: product cuisine.
However, each elaborated recipe’s axis of concentration is the base product. To produce an unexpected result, chef Aurelio Morales employs the most up-to-date techniques and inventiveness.
Emulsions, isomalt, alginate baths, textured juices, serums, and tartars are just a few of the techniques you’ll study during this course.

Spanish Haute Cuisine Techniques is among the great (Cooking schools NYC online). 

2. Moroccan Cuisine

Najat Kaanache, owner of Africa’s best restaurant and the top Moroccan restaurant in the world, will teach you classic Moroccan cuisine in this online course.

Najat will speak of Moroccan philosophy, culture, and cuisine. You’ll learn how this cuisine is so deeply based on great goods that it has endured through the ages, despite changing trends and styles.

Patience, timing, and joy are the keys to good seasoning that will please the palate while also nourishing the soul. This rich cuisine invites us to banquets full of delicious food and lively discussion.

The estimated fee for the course is $24.90. for more information on subscription details, visit Moroccan Cuisine.

3. Tasting Menus with Lasarte

Chef Paolo Casagrande, the first chef in Barcelona to receive three Michelin stars, opens the doors of Lasarte restaurant and shows us some of its techniques and inventions in this course.

however, which is directed by Martin Berasategui.

You’ll learn how to create an excellent tasting menu using the secrets of an experienced, knowledgeable, and revolutionary kitchen that uses locally sourced and regional goods through ten original dishes.

The estimated fee for the course is $19.90.

Tasting Menus with Lasarte is among the great (Cooking schools NYC online). 

4. Neapolitan Pizza

With the Figurato’s, who won the trophy for the best pizza in Spain in 2020, you will learn how to make a Neapolitan pizza and a sheet pan pizza firsthand in this online course.

Also, you’ll discover how to make great dough, stretch it, and cook it. You’ll learn about the various types of Neapolitan pizza, how to select ingredients and the significance of tomato and mozzarella.

The Figurato brothers will teach you how to make an exceptional dough, how to knead it, and how to ferment it in this course.

Furthermore, they will produce classic Neapolitan pizzas baked in a traditional oven, a domestic oven, or a convection oven if you do not have a Neapolitan oven.

Also, you will do the following by the end of this course:

  •  As a skilled chef, master the method of preparing and kneading dough.
  •  Know what ingredients you’ll need to make the best pizza sauce. 
  • Know the cooking for the pizza, Neapolitan oven, or sheet pan

The estimated fee for the course is $19.90. For subscription, visit Neapolitan Pizza for more details.

5. Gourmet Paellas

In this course, you will learn how to get a great cooking technique and a delightful taste in your rice dishes with chef Mara José San Román.

A Michelin cook from Alicante who specializes in rice and olive oil. Explore the various productions, including dry, thick, and soupy rice, with all of their potential, flavors, and flawless execution, beyond the typical paella.

also, this online rice course will teach you how the measurements for the bases, the cooking technique, and the grain choice will turn your rice into “THE” rice through 7 meals with rice as the star.

Leave the simple paella at home and let your gourmet side shine! however, the estimated fee for the course is $19.50.

Gourmet Paellas is among the great (Cooking schools NYC online). 


1. Is There Any Good Professional Cooking School in India?

There are numerous culinary institutes that offer a Culinary Arts Graduation program. Students interested in pursuing a career as a chef should enroll in a professional institute such as

  • The Culinary Academy of India is based in Hyderabad.
  • New Delhi’s Oberio School of Learning and Development
  • Hyderabad’s Indian Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts
  • Mumai Institute of Hotel Management
  • Aurangabad Institute of Hotel Management

The curriculum at the institutes listed above is excellent. They teach students the foundations of cookery throughout their first year of study.

They expose students to all the other essential areas, such as Food & Beverage Service, Front Office, and Housekeeping, besides culinary topics.

Also, Students are sent to top 5 star hotels throughout the second year of the Graduation program.

2. What Are the Best Cooking Schools in Paris?

Practice makes perfect, and France has a plethora of top-notch culinary schools for individuals who wish to know their ratatouille from their Roquefort. We’ll take a look at some of the top alternatives on the menu below.

  • Le cordon bleu
  • Le cordon bleu
  • École de cuisine alain ducasse
  • Les coulisses du chef
  • La cuisine paris

FAQs on Cooking Schools Nyc

1. What Should I Look for In a Cooking Class?

1. Facilities

The cooking school should disclose the location of their classes. Basic facilities are usually available in a local community class in a high school, home-ec room or a community center (although I imagine some will stun you…)

Commercial culinary schools or businesses should include images of their classroom for you to look at, and they will almost always talk about the equipment they provide (such as Viking stoves…)

Examine the photos and determine whether the environment is suitable for you.

2. Level

What is the level of the class? You don’t need to take a basic chocolate course if you already know how to temper your own chocolate and have three dipping forks.

however, If you’ve never made a biscuit before, though, you might not want to enroll in an advanced pasty class where croissants and puff pastry are the norm.

3. Cleanup

Choose a class that is appropriate for your skill level—the course guide should make this evident.

Check to see whether the school has any interns or other staff members who help with the cleanup.

4. Menu or Curriculum

In their class guide or curriculum, good cooking lessons state exactly which recipes or things will be taught in the class.

Also, they should also state what lessons were learned or what strategies were used. A theme is frequently present, such as “Valentines Dinner for Two” or “Pastry Intensive.” Choose lessons that teach you the methods and meals you wish to learn.

More Details on What should I look for in a cooking class?

1. Duration

Consider if it’s a one-night class where you come in and out with minimal risk, or a week-long excursion.
Where you lose a week’s tuition and a week’s enjoyment if you don’t like the format or the instructor? Because I didn’t like the instructor’s style, I skipped lunch on the second day of a five-day course.

Also, before signing up for longer lessons, ask for guarantees of a partial refund if the instructor, style, or presentation is not to your taste.

Find out if lunches or other related meals are given (at commercial schools, they often are, either cooked as part of your curriculum or done by staff or interns for your enjoyment).

However, if you must bring your own for daylong and longer lessons. There is frequently insufficient time to go out for lunch.

2. Expenses

Cost is a crucial consideration.

3. Participation and Presentation

Cooking classes are taught in a variety of methods; be sure the one you choose is one you enjoy.

4. Finally

If you have questions, contact the school’s customer service line (if one exists). Before splurging on a longer or more expensive lesson, take a brief class at the school to assess the facilities and general style.

Bring your patience as well. Because of the beast, you frequently have to sit through topics you already know, or repetitions, or wait through lectures and demos before getting to the hands-on part.

If you are so inclined, bring a companion to share the experience, talk with, and generally have a pleasant time with.

Good Luck !!!

More FAQs on Cooking Schools Nyc

1 How Much Is San Francisco Cooking School?

Cooking School in San Francisco: $24,500
The San Francisco Cooking School is only in its first year of operation, so keep an eye on it.

Also, the school provides a culinary arts certificate program that can be completed in six months full-time or nine months part time for a total cost of $24,500.

They limit classes to 14 students, and according to a representative for the school, the interview process is fairly strict to verify that everyone is interested in cooking for the same reasons.

However, the curriculum begins with an intense tasting session, followed by two-month externships at prominent San Francisco restaurants such as Coi, Delfina, and State Bird Provisions.

2. What Are Some Alternatives to Culinary School?

Although there are no alternatives to culinary school because what is learnt in school cannot be learnt elsewhere (I mean, schools provide the fundamental knowledge of everything).

However, the best alternative to culinary school is to work in a restaurant or hotel for a period and to incorporate internet use into your daily routine.

As well as to keep asking even the most ridiculous questions. Because the greatest culinary wisdom is asking questions.

3. How Can I Start an Online Baking School?

This approach appeals to me as someone who is “culinarily challenged.” Marketing will be one of the most tough challenges you’ll confront right away.

Also, it will be crucial to get the word out about your baking school if you want to attract students and make a success of it.

If you start your school based on an existing platform, you’ll be able to overcome the marketing barrier.

Experts can offer their knowledge through video course websites like Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable (and get paid for doing so). You may evaluate which one’s work best with a little video editing and recording experience.

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we wish you the best of luck in your search and endeavors in your search and decision.

We hope this article (cooking schools NYC) has been insightful to you. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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