Complete Guide into the World of Continuity Subscription Merchants

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Continuity Subscription Merchant: It is currently the case that the growth of the continuity economy has turned into one of the most successful in the contemporary world. Part of this success is associated with e-commerce being on the rise all over the world. Thus, payments are done electronically often.

Complete Guide into the World of Continuity Subscription Merchants

The continuity subscription model has created many opportunities for entrepreneurs because of how they can build up continual streams of income. At the same time, it is necessary to know that there are some difficulties that come with it.

At this point, suffice it to say that you may be wondering ‘what is continuity subscription or continuity subscription merchant all about? Do not worry; your curiosity will be attended to.

What is a Continuity Subscription Merchant? 

What is a Continuity Subscription Merchant?

Continuity subscription merchants are those merchants that deal with continuity marketing which is a recurring billing sales strategy.

Let it be borne in mind that in continuity marketing, customers purchasing goods or services are billed on a recurring basis until they cancel.

In continuity marketing also, you can use your merchant account for recurring payments, free trial offers, shipping only free offers, deferred billing, negative opt-out sales, automatic renewals, etc.

Thus, it is pertinent to note that, continuity subscription merchants have access to unlimited flexible recurring billing options customizable to businesses. However, there are some issues associated with it.


Some Issues Associated With Continuity Subscription

Below are some of the issues;

  • With e-commerce being on the rise all over the world, the risks of becoming a victim through purchases over the internet are growing. This is especially true of purchases made via credit cards which usually deal with continuity billing.
  • It is necessary to know that the term ‘continuity billing’ refers to those cases when consumers are induced to submit their credit card numbers, which are then used illegally to charge them a monthly fee.
  • The intriguing thing here is that victims cannot notice any hidden fees unless they review the terms and conditions concerning the activities they are involved in. In fact, the scam is called the ‘continuity billing scam’.

Some Tips for Curbing Issues Associated With Continuity Subscription

Below are some warning signs to take into consideration:

  • Always Google to find out if anybody has already mentioned the offer as a scam, Also, review your credit card statements regularly for unauthorized charges.
  • Do well to always request a stop payment and keep records of all the information concerning your interaction with the company. Do not fail to contact the corresponding financial institution or credit card provider to request a chargeback due to any perceived fraud.
  • Reject charges that come with no authorization from the issuer of your credit card. Always go through all fine print, as well as terms and conditions before buying anything online.

What to do if You Fall a Victim of This Scam

If you fall a victim, please take note and follow the following measures;

  • Bear in mind that there are many things to do if you fall victim to the continuity billing scam. It is important to state at this juncture, that if you think you are a victim of a continuity billing scam; you are to act quickly.
  • It is important you do not let another month go by before you decide to take action. Since the merchant’s name and phone number are included on your credit card billing statement, contacting the merchant should be your first step.
  • It is always possible that what you suspect is a continuity billing scheme is just a legitimate charge that you forgot about authorizing. For example, it could be a quarterly or annual membership fee that you forgot about.

A Recommendation for one of the Most Reliable Continuity Subscription Merchant

A Recommendation for one of the Most Reliable Continuity Subscription Merchant
  • E-Merchant Broker (EMB) Offers the Best for Continuity/Subscription Merchants

Since the continuity billing scam has turned into a global-widespread phenomenon, credit card issuers and processing companies are taking measures to combat and curb it in the best possible way.

With the consciousness of the above, it is necessary that continuity and subscription merchants should work only with a reputable credit card processing company like

Since subscription-based businesses may have difficulty getting approved for a merchant account because of being tabbed as high risk, it’s vital to turn to a respectable high-risk processor like the

With EMB, you have no need to worry since is regarded as a high-risk processor and considered as an A+ company by the BBB. Moreover, Card Payment Options has given an A rating to EMB.

EMB will let you know about your approval in as little as 2 business days. It offers merchants subscription accounts that boast the highest level of security and affordability in the industry.

Specifically, EMB provides merchants with an exceptional chargeback prevention suite to help them grow easily. So, you can save money and focus only on your growth.

Always know that continuity billing scam goes on to serve as a major source of credit card pain.

As such, take the time to find a true professional in the industry that can get you the most secure and reliable payment processing solutions to help you curb fraud schemes without challenges.

One of such reliable merchants can be gotten through

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