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For some prospective students, the dining experience can be a deal breaker when selecting an alma mater. Food and learning go hand in hand; after all, who can study for mid-terms when your stomach is growling?College Dining Halls

Here are our compilation of the Best 10 dining halls. The Compilation And Ranking Of These College Dining Halls Are Based On The Following Traits:

  • Sustainability: This is a check of whether each college is using sustainable food practices like using locally grown produce, using farm-to-table products, and getting involved in practices that sustain the economic viability of farm operations.
  • Versatility: How many variety of cuisines does each college offer in its dining hall? Are there options for all the different diets? Students need various food options if they are to maintain healthy eating habits.
  • Health and Wellness: It is of the utmost importance that dining halls supply healthy food which will maintain the vitality and well-being of the student body.
  • Student Reviews:University students are often surveyed about how much they like the school’s dining hall food. It is important to put these in as it is the impression of the people who eat the food.

​These are the top 10 College Dining Halls.


Top 10 College Dining Halls

10. Boston College

Boston College has nine different dining halls and you can access food for 14 hours all day. You will pay a little bit more at BC with a full meal plan costing about $5,200 per anum.

But if you have a special diet, it is a great place to eat. To encourage students to stay home when ill, the dining service usually offers a flu meal program;

students can buy a package online, which is then delivered to the buyer by student volunteers. The pork, beef, turkey and rotisserie chicken which is served here is humanely raised and most is sourced locally.

9. Virginia Tech

Maybe because it’s a public state school, Virginia Tech ranks high for having a low dining, coming in at just $3,800 yearly. With an access to six dining halls and a variety of choices for food allergies and other restrictions.

One has Latino-fusion food like smoked pulled pork tortas and the other concentrates mainly on Asian-fusion concoctions like the chicken yaki-ramen.

8. Washington University in St. Louis

Washington university gives lots of on-campus cafes, dining halls and quick stops, such as the Paws & Go market with fresh produce and take-away meals.

Washington University was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2014 for converting used fryer oil into biofuel, which helps in fueling campus delivery trucks.

Meat and other produce are purchased from local sellers and meals are available for allergen-free, Kosher, halal and vegetarian diets.

7. Pennsylvania State University— University Park

Students have access to a no-charge nutrition counseling for information on healthy eating and to address problems ranging from eating disorders to allergies.

With an “everything you can eat” dining facilities, take-away meals, an on-campus grocery store and an entirely kosher café, it seem that the University of Pennsylvania has made plans for everything.

The chefs at the University of Pennsylvania make all their dishes from scratch using local, seasonal ingredients.

6. University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

University of Michigan is one that is consistent across the board for its dining services. You will find a strong commitment to dietary restrictions and variety of  menus, plus seven locations where you can use your meal plan that are open for 14 hour everyday.

And the food goes well above the typical chicken tenders and french fries, with appealing options like pork carnitas, jerk tofu, and chocolate torte for dessert. You can also order a take-away meal if you are in a hurry as well as a “feel better” meal when you are ill or injured.

5. Ohio State University — Columbus

Top 10 College Dining Halls Ohio State University — Columbus

Low cost meal plans, just $3,700 every year and extensive dining hours bring Ohio State towards the top of our list.

You will find fun seasonal traditions like Steak Night that serves a New York strip steak with a plethora of side dishes, and Late Night Breakfast with other treats like red velvet pancakes and creme brulee french toast.

The school also has great extensive options for vegan, vegetarians, and gluten-free students.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology

Open for 19 hours in a day, Georgia Institute of Technology’s dining halls has locally sourced ingredients whenever it is possible so you get good and quality food while supporting area farmers.

You can also keep track of  your nutrition through the school’s new dining app, which shows you daily menus and specials, ingredients, calories, and nutritional values.

Asides traditional hot entrees, you will find burritos, grill food, an antipasti grain bar, and lots more.

3. University of Minnesota — Twin Cities

With several dining halls which are open 17 hours a day, University of Minnesota runs a yearly meal plan will cost you around $4,100.

The school is also jumping on the technology bandwagon with a mobile app that allows you to pre-order your food and pick it up on the go, completely from the convenience of your smartphone.

Perhaps you have any questions about your health or nutrition, you can contact the registered dietitian on staff.


2. Clemson University

Clemson offers a total of 18 hours dining availability even at late night hours, and also a reasonable price tag at around $4,000 a year. But moreover, Clemson has its commitment to a broad range of menu options.

Besides traditional dining options, you will also find international specialties like Korean bibimbap and a Mongolian wok. And the online menus label each option and selection with nutritional information and potential allergies.

1. Duke University

Duke has the title of best dining hall with 10 locations with an availability of  24hrs a day!

To help students make great and  healthy choices, Duke University provides a lot of information on its website, which includes informational videos and dietary advice for the university’s “Balance Your Plate” educational campaign.

Top 10 College Dining Halls. Duke university

Dietitians are also on staff to answer whichever questions a student may have about healthy eating. Duke is also committed to its sustainability.

Apart from recycling and composting waste, Duke has completely banned bleached napkins and Styrofoam from all dining locations.

And considering that major benefit, the cost is reasonable at just around $4,600 for a year-long meal plan.

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