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List of Coffee Shop Near You and 70 Best Cafes and Espresso Bars

Almost everyone loves coffee. In fact, Going to a coffee shop daily to get a cup of coffee is almost a tradition in the US, so, we have collected a list of the best cafes, coffee shops, and espresso bars in the United States.

List of Coffee Shop Near You and 70 Best Cafes and Espresso Bars

Best Coffee Shops in the United States

Here is a list of the best coffee shops in the United States.

1. Slow by Slow: Boise, Idaho

Best Coffee Shops in the United States

There aren’t many coffee shops where customers can try 15 different coffees a month, especially in Boise, Idaho. Slow by Slow is a true anomaly, even by coffee-nerd standards.

The cafe serves a buffet of single-origin offerings on a Hario V60 pour-over, plus seasonal house-made syrups for drinks like a thyme latte and a juniper fizz.

The shop’s name is a rough translation from a Rwandan phrase (“buhoro buhoro”) that stresses the importance of putting time and care into one’s work, a sentiment that Slow by Slow strives to embody.

Go to: Slow by Slow

2. Publik Coffee: Salt Lake City, Utah

Best Coffee Shops in the United States

In a 4,000-square-foot converted printing press, this Salt Lake City roaster and coffee bar is housed in an almost entirely sustainable, solar-powered space.

The house-roasted beans are sourced from farms around the world, including Peru, Rwanda, Costa Rica,, and Sumatra, and brewed on an Alpha Dominche Steampunk craft-brewing machine made in Utah.

Food is also sourced locally, from area bakeries, chocolatiers, and jam makers.

Besides the well-brewed coffee, the team serves clever seasonal specials like the autumnal Gryffindor, which swaps the pumpkin in a spiced latte for butternut squash.

Go to: Publik Coffee Roasters

3. Cocoa Cinnamon: Durham, N.C.

Best Coffee Shops in the United States

Although many of the nation’s best coffee shops have eschewed traditional beatnik atmospheres in favor of sleeker, more austere designs, those in North Carolina’s Research Triangle maintain the collegiate attitude that as long as the couches are comfy, there’s no need for them to match.

Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham is a great example, making it a magnet for Duke students who’re drawn to the laid-back environment and energizing coffees, which feature unique flavor additions like rose water and black pepper.

Go to: Cocoa Cinnamon

4. Onyx Coffee Lab: Bentonville, Ark.

Coffee shops near you

The husband and wife behind Onyx have wholesale clients around the country, but the best place to drink their carefully roasted coffees is in their newest location in Bentonville.

Their third cafe in Central Arkansas boasts a 360-degree brew bar, where a mix of friendly service, cupping classes and creative coffee-fueled drinks — like mint juleps and stout milkshakes — helps the shop make believers of locals who used to scoff at anything other than diner coffee.

Go to: Onyx Coffee Lab

5. Lantern Coffeehouse & Roastery: Sibley, Iowa

Best Coffee Shops in the United States

Located in the fourth-least-populated county in the state, Lantern was opened in August 2010 by a couple who cut their teeth in the coffee industry in Minneapolis before deciding to raise their children in the small town of Sibley, just south of the Minnesota border.

Its rural address makes Lantern a true outlier, but despite the far-flung location, the shop brings the town’s 3,000 residents some of the best beans the world offers.

That’s thanks to legendary sourcer Cafe Imports, which supplies premium unroasted beans like a floral Kenyan with a creamy body and notes of toffee, grapefruit, and lemon.

6. Beantowne Coffee House: Hampstead, N.H.

Hampstead doesn’t seem the likeliest place to find the best coffee shop in the country, but this small town with a population under 10,000 has scored that accolade and many more.

Thanks to BeanTowne’s scientific approach to brewing a perfect cup of coffee, chased with an altruistic streak that’s endeared it to its community.

Armed with chemically flawless coffee water, brew methods conceived at MIT, and direct-trade single-origin coffees, BeanTowne has the formula right for great coffee.

But if you ask most of the customers, they’re just as excited about pulling up a chair and catching up with an old friend as they are about drinking the best coffee in the country.


7. La Colombe: Philadelphia, Pa.

Coffee shops near you

Along with Blue Bottle, Stumptown, Intelligentsia, and Revelator, La Colombe is a coffee company that might come soon to a corner near you.

One of the world’s boldest coffee hunters helms is the Philly-based coffee roaster (check out his Travel Channel show, Dangerous Grounds).

They have led the company to pursue a perfect cup through innovations like proprietary brew methods and boundary-pushing drinks like a canned latte (one that’s actually good!).

La Colombe’s flagship Fishtown location offers the usual full espresso-drink menu, a manual brew bar, and the world’s first-ever draft latte.

Add an in-house bakery, a wood-fired pizza oven, a tasting room, and even a rum distillery, and you’ve got a recipe for one of the very best coffee shops in the country.

Go to: La Colombe Coffee Roasters

8. Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, La.

Coffee shops near you

New Orleans is all about tradition, so although you can get an amazing shot at Cherry Espresso Bar, the best in the show is the classic at Cafe du Monde.

The atmosphere at the French Market location is pure NOLA; for 150 years there have been 24-hour lines of locals and tourists looking for their chicory coffee-and-beignet fix.

And if a mere pastry did not n’t satisfy your sweet tooth, walk your powdered sugar-coated figure next door to the neighboring Evan’s Creole Candy Factory, which Café du Monde recently acquired.

Go to: Cafe Du Monde

9. Black Bear Coffee House: Denali Park, Alaska

Located just outside the entrance to Denali National Park, Black Bear is open only during tourist season, but for those four months, it’s a glowing example of coffee greatness.

Staffed by baristas imported from around the country, who brew beans from SteamDot Coffee in Anchorage, the coffee is on point, as is the indulgent menu of pulled pork sandwiches and smoked Gouda mac and cheese.

But most of all, you can’t beat the stunning view, with the mountains serving as an epic backdrop for live bands.

Go to: The Black Bear

10. Cafe Volan: Asbury Park, N.J.

Coffee shops near you

The Garden State has its fair share of fantastic coffee shops, but if you’re looking for the best selection of beans and vibes, head for the shore.

This Asbury Park shop is located just a few blocks from the ocean and has the surfer-cool vibe that’s more often associated with Venice Beach than Jersey.

The crowds dwindle in the colder months, but the brews are still scorching-hot and especially delicious, given the boutique pedigree of their roasters, which range from Kuma in Seattle to Brandywine in Delaware, plus industry favorite Counter Culture.

Go to: Cafe Volan

11. Izzy’s Coffee Den, Asheville

Coffee shops near you

For a taste of local Asheville flavor, head to Izzy’s Coffee Den, an eclectic laid-back cafe located in the heart of downtown.

Here, hipsters, old hippies, local musicians, and townies mingle to sip strong coffee or splurge on fancy espresso drinks, such as the ‘Karma Latte.’

The baristas are known for their artful approach to the coffee craft, so if you order a latte or cappuccino, expect a heart design or some state pride in the shape of North Carolina (or some milky version thereof).


12. Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco

Obsession can lead to success–at least this is the case with Four Barrel Coffee.

Situated in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, the shop is owned and operated by Portland-native Jeremy Tooker, who believes coffee is as precious as wine, referring to the terroir of beans and how they can allow one to taste coffee better.

There’s also an aging process, but no French oak barrels are required. It may sound pretentious, but Tooker is just an unapologetic purist.

He only sells espresso, but in its simplest form with the only option of whole milk for the latte or cappuccino-sipping crowd.

There is no tea, nor is their Wi-Fi for techies to set up shop and caffeinate. But the long line wrapped around the shop every day shows that his roasts are more than sufficient.

13. Chinatown Coffee Co., Washington, DC

Best Coffee Shops in the United States

There’s no green tea at the Chinatown location, but an ample amount of coffee, wine, beer, and (oddly) absinthe.

Owner Max Brown opened Chinatown in 2011 and has hired an energetic group of young baristas, renowned for their cheerful demeanor and artful approach to espresso, who have made Chinatown Coffee Co. a hotspot in East DC.

14. Oslo Coffee Roasters, Brooklyn

Norwegians are the largest consumers of coffee in the world, leaving the Italians and their dainty espressos in the dust. Oslo Coffee Roasters offers grumpy Brooklynites a potent taste of Scandinavia.

Opened in 2003, owners JD and Kathy Merget are dedicated to sourcing the best coffee worldwide and pride themselves on only buying the beans that are sustainably and ethically produced.

With two locations in Williamsburg and an outpost in Yorkville, Oslo is making its mark among selective coffee drinkers.

15. Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, Detroit

Detroit may have fallen on hard times in recent years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t local efforts to revitalize the once-bustling metropolis.

Great Lakes has a community focus behind its business — offering a story behind each bean’s origins to the steaming brew that crosses the counter in one of the company’s four cafe locations.

Other Awesome Coffee Shops in the U.S

Other Awesome Coffee Shop in the U.S

  1. All Day, Miami, FL
  2. Aloha Roastery, Kauai, HI
  3. Archetype Coffee, Omaha, NE
  4. Bandit Coffee, St. Petersburg, FL
  5. Blacksmith, Houston, TX
  6. Blip Coffee, Kansas City, MO
  7. Bloom & Plume Coffee, Los Angeles, CA
  8. Blue Sparrow Coffee, Denver, CO
  9. Box Kite Coffee, New York, NY
  10. Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, LA
  11. Caffe Reggio, New York, NY
  12. Caffe Trieste, San Francisco, CA
  13. Camber, Bellingham, WA
  14. Civil Goat Coffee, Austin, TX
  15. Clarity Coffee, Oklahoma City, OK
  16. The Coffee Movement, San Francisco, CA
  17. Color Coffee, Eagle, CO
  18. Comeback Coffee, Memphis, TN
  19. Commonplace Coffee, Pittsburgh, PA
  20. Composition Coffee, West Palm Beach, FL
  21. Crema, Nashville, TN
  22. Cryptozoology, Denton, TX
  23. Deeply Coffee, Orlando, FL
  24. Dovecote Cafe, Baltimore, MD
  25. East Pole Coffee, Atlanta, GA

More Awesome Coffee Shops in the U.S

  1. Elementary Coffee Co., Harrisburg, PA
  2. Endorffeine, Los Angeles, CA
  3. Espresso a Mano, Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Espresso Vivace, Seattle, WA
  5. Flat Track Coffee, Austin, TX
  6. Foster Coffee, Owosso, MI
  7. Four Letter Word, Chicago, IL
  8. Fox in the Snow, Columbus, OH
  9. Futuro, Phoenix, AZ
  10. George Howell, Boston, MA
  11. Good Coffee, Portland, OR
  12. Gracenote Coffee, Boston, MA
  13. Heart Coffee, Portland, OR
  14. Herman’s Coffee, Philadelphia, PA
  15. Hex Coffee, Charlotte, NC
  16. Hopper & Burr, Santa Ana, CA
  17. Horseshoe Cafe, Newmarket, NH
  18. Intelligentsia, Chicago, IL
  19. Ironsmith Coffee, Encinitas, CA
  20. Kumquat Coffee, Los Angeles, CA
  21. Little Woodfords, Portland, ME
  22. Little Wolf, Ipswich, MA
  23. Narrative Coffee, Everett, WA
  24. Never Coffee, Portland, OR
  25. Madcap Coffee, Grand Rapids / Detroit, MI
  26. Maketto, Washington, D.C.
  27. Mane Coffee, Boca Raton, FL
  28. Methodical Coffee, Greenville, SC
  29. Milstead & Co., Seattle, WA
  30. Monarch Coffee, Kansas City, MO
  31. Olympia Coffee Roasting, Olympia, WA
  32. Onyx Tonics, Burlington, VT
  33. Passenger Coffee, Lancaster, PA
  34. Peaks Coffee Company, Syracuse, NY
  35. Please & Thank You, Louisville, KY
  36. Pinewood Coffee Bar, Waco, TX
  37. Red Bay Coffee, Oakland, CA
  38. Royal Oak Coffee, Middlebury, VT
  39. Ruby Coffee Roasters, Stevens Point, WI
  40. Sapor Coffee, Denver, CO
  41. Sophomore Coffee, Baltimore, MD
  42. Sound & Fog, Seattle, WA
  43. Southdown Coffee, Long Island, NY
  44. Spitfire Espresso, New Orleans, LA
  45. Story & Soil, Hartford, CT
  46. Theory Collaborative, Redding, CA
  47. Union by Commune & Co, Tampa, FL
  48. Wesley Andrews, Minneapolis, MN

In this article, we have made a list of over 80 coffee shops around different states in the United States and we hope this helps you find a shop you’d love.

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