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Ultimate Coffee Shop Layout Ideas for Cafes of Any Dimension

A coffee shop’s decoration may make or destroy the business. A simple cup of coffee can be made into a fantastic experience with a welcoming design. Because it can be challenging to establish an effective arrangement when you don’t have an idea for designing a coffee shop, in this article, we would guide you to have an effective coffee shop layout.

Coffee Shop Layout Ideas

When you are about to start your own coffee shop, there are a lot of things to be considered. Assuming you have already finished planning the name and the business plan, the next set would be to plan the layout of the coffee shop.

This article contains the key elements as well as some layout ideas that should be considered when planning to start your coffee shop.

Key Elements of a Coffee Shop Layout

These divisions aid in mentally defining and classifying the many aspects of a coffee shop. You may analyze a coffee shop’s design layout in more detail when you evaluate the layout of the coffee shop by zone.

The main objective of creating the optimal coffee shop layout is to help draw in more customers, increase product sales through efficient merchandising, and create a relaxing environment for both customers and workers.

In this article, we’ll evaluate the nine zones of a coffee shop that are described below.

Retail Location

Your coffee shop’s location will have a significant impact on how it is laid out. Consider the area as your platform. Within the box, you are free to play, however, and with whoever you choose. However, you are constrained by the play area’s walls.

Get clear on the objectives of your coffee business before looking for retail space. Clarify the following before you begin looking for the ideal store space:

How many seats do you want there to be? This will affect the location’s need for square footage.
What kind of customers do you intend to attract? This will have an impact on the town section you need to open.

Do you intend to conduct a drive-thru business? You’ll need to confirm that this is a choice with your landlord.

Check out a comprehensive guide on how to start a coffee shop if you still aren’t sure what kind of coffee shop setting you want to establish.

Square Foot / Dimensions

A retail space’s square footage and dimensions will have an impact on the layout. The more space you have, the more room there will be for a coffee bar, fireplace, bistro-style seating, and whatever else you can think of.

To keep customers comfortable, a coffee shop should allocate around 15 square feet for each person, according to Total Food Service. 

The space’s proportions will also impact the layout. The layout considerations will differ from those for a more unusual floor plan you occasionally see in retail if your space is a rectangle or square.

Consider this part to be your shop’s exterior appeal. Does your establishment open its doors to visitors who are just passing by?

Does it catch their attention, or do they pass it by without paying it any attention? The entry to the coffee shop is taken into account when designing your external signage.

Interior Space

Do customers and personnel have enough room to walk around comfortably when they enter the store? Is there adequate room between the tables and the customers? These are questions you should be asking yourself when considering the interior space of the store.

Interior Design

The store’s interior architecture is usually discussed in this area.

The placement of furniture, lighting, electrical outlets for visitors, ceiling decorations, merchandise colors, and other elements will all be considered in the interior design.


Lighting is important, so don’t ignore it. In actuality, lighting has a greater impact on a cafe’s personality than any individual piece of furniture.

Proper illumination promotes people to stay longer and spend more, according to research. 


Under this area, you’ll evaluate not just the chairs, tables, and window placement that are available, but also how you’ll organize these items within the room.

Coffee Bar and Kitchen

In a coffee shop, the coffee bar area is frequently the center of attention. Here, people can peruse the menu, pick up drinks, and engage with the staff.

To boost sales, you should make sure that this area is both aesthetically pleasing and properly merchandised.

Additionally, you should make sure that this area is practical so that workers may comfortably create custom drinks.

Take some time to think about the design of each zone before finalizing a final design and deciding on the best layout for your area.

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Layout Ideas for Drive-Thru Coffee Shops

Cities with a high concentration of people, like New York and San Francisco, will do well with this kind of business. A drive-thru coffee shop can be just as profitable as a massive coffee mansion, so keep that in mind at all times.

Firstly, you only need a small bench or a few chairs for customers to wait for their orders; however, you don’t need a big room to accommodate seats.

You would require between 200 and 500 square feet of floor space for that. This provides adequate space for your personnel to move around unrestrictedly as well as a spot to set up your equipment.

The coffee maker, POS device, commercial coffee grinder, paper cups, water, sinks, etc. are all included in this, of course. Additionally, since you won’t have any clients, you can install a tiny employee bathroom.

A wide service window is typically required so that your baristas may welcome customers, take their orders, and deliver the orders to the consumers. Having said that, your driveway must have adequate room for a car to drive through.

In addition, you may include a smaller window for clients without cars. Nevertheless, because we are discussing the layout of the structure, that tiny window should also be close to the counter.

This will prevent interruptions to your staff’s flow, resulting in a much more effective workplace.

It is more feasible for a single person or a partnership to operate a small coffee business, like this one, effectively and affordably.

This is due to the fact that you only need to hire two workers, and you are already saving money by keeping a much smaller location.

Small Coffee Shop Layout Guide

You would require between 600 and 900 square feet for a small coffee business in order to appease your clients.

There would be enough room in this area to comfortably seat between 20 and 40 individuals at once.

When creating a layout, it’s important to consider how to serve customers quickly and effectively. Additionally, if the layout of your coffee shop was badly planned, this may make your customers feel more stressed.

A person may become very impatient if they have trouble finding their way around your café, especially if they haven’t had their morning coffee yet.

If the ordering counter is too close to the building’s entrance. Customers may swarm the coffee shop’s entryway.

Make sure your consumers can see the pastries and other food items you are offering while they are standing in line.

They can then have their order ready when they go close to the counter, thanks to this.

Whether there is a line or not, the counter’s layout is ideal for presenting food.

However, if serving food is not an option, you might try hanging a sizable menu overhead to give clients time to think about their choices.

These details may appear insignificant, but they actually save time and can make or break your coffee shop.

Reducing the time out of these few moments, however, is normally what sets multinational franchisees apart from struggling independent coffee shops that have tried to optimize their operations over the years.

Along with keeping the line moving, picture potential consumers walking by your coffee shop and noticing a lengthy, sluggish queue.

You would have now lost both current and potential consumers. Therefore, as a basic rule, it’s always preferable to find a solution to a problem before it arises.

Large Coffee Shop Layout Guide

Large coffee shops are ideal for densely populated cities. Consequently, you would require a space of at least 1,500 to 3,000 square feet for this kind of service.

This big coffee shop should comfortably accommodate 50 to 80 customers at once. These beaneries may offer both inside and outdoor seating, depending on their location.

To begin, you must design an excellent, practical design layout. The greatest coffee shops should have an easy-to-navigate layout that enables customers to choose the best seats or quickly grab a cup of coffee on the move.

Using the space effectively is one of a large coffee shop’s most difficult difficulties, so to speak. It is advisable to have numerous couch places dispersed throughout the site when it comes to making use of space for a big café.

Customers can meet in these spaces for social gatherings or business meetings. A lengthy espresso bar should be placed next to the coffee counter so that baristas can quickly take orders from clients.

This is a fantastic use of such a huge area. Additionally, utilize intimate seating configurations of various sizes and distribute them across the remaining area. The remaining room can be used to install tiny shelves on which to display store goods.

A “one size fits all” design layout for a coffee shop is unattainable. Depending on the size of your room, each plan varies slightly. This is one of the aspects that adds excitement in checking out a brand-new coffee establishment.

Recommended Space Behind a Coffee Counter

The coffee counter needs a lot of room. Giving your team more space will increase their productivity and help them, service clients, more effectively.

Additionally, you must keep in mind that you require room to store your equipment.

These include your till, point-of-sale device, refrigerator beneath the counter, coffee maker, espresso machine, silverware, napkins, cups, glasses, blenders, pastry case, and dip well.

We advise that you create a coffee counter that is at least 200 to 300 square feet in size if you want to be efficient.


Picking out a layout for your coffee shop often seems difficult but is actually easy and you might eventually have some luck in the process of picking out a layout. To pick out one, you need to first decide how you want the size of the coffee shop to be whether it’s large, small, average, or if you want it to be a drive-thru. After this is done, you need to plan how you want to arrange the seats and the designs you want to put inside the coffee shop.

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