254+ Powerful Slogans About Climate Change that Change Minds

A simple yet powerful slogan for climate change is required. A powerful slogan may influence people and motivate them to take action.

slogan about climate change

Now is the time to speak up if you believe in climate change and want to persuade others who don’t.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using a slogan about climate change.

Real climate change is happening.

Additionally, there are indications that this is already taking place globally.

Although the majority of Americans do, there are still plenty that does not.

According to Newsweek, 10% of Americans don’t think the climate is changing, and another 15% aren’t sure.

Slogan About Climate Change

An urgent problem for our planet is climate change. Climate change is a result of both rising populations and massive emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Although, we must make sure that we and others take the necessary safeguards to stop the dangerous effects of climate change if we want to protect our planet.

The dissemination of knowledge about the fragility of our world and its importance to us is one step in the fight against climate change.

A catchy slogan can be useful if you want to join the expanding group of activists and supporters working to raise awareness of this issue.

However, a simple slogan for climate change is required. A powerful slogan may influence people and motivate them to take action.

It ought to be emotional and unforgettable, something that lingers in the mind.

Unique Slogans About Climate Change

  1. Act now to stop climate change.
  2. Wake up! Climate change is real.
  3. Save energy and help avoid climate change.
  4. Let’s rise up for climate justice.
  5. Climate action starts here!
  6. Start to care for our planet.
  7. It’s not just our future that’s at stake. It’s yours, too!
  8. While you doubt climate change, a glacier is melting.
  9. Stop climate change now. We don’t have time.
  10. The ice caps are melting. The polar bears are sad because of you.
  11. March for climate change now or swim later.
  12. Our planet is in need.
  13. Protect the Earth at all costs.
  14. Mother Earth needs us right now.
  15. Our planet will continue to cook until we do something.
  16. Let’s stand up against climate change.
  17. Help us beat climate change while there’s still time.
  18. Nature does not need us but we need nature.
  19. Go green – Save the Earth!
  20. We need justice for our climate.
  21. Let’s all make the Earth great again.
  22. The Earth has a fever. Man is the virus.
  23. We don’t have Planet B.
  24. Climate change is real, serious, and deadly!
  25. We are not powerless against Climate Change.
  26. Help us stop climate change!


Funny Slogans About Climate Change

  1. Climate change is as real as you are.
  2. No more added heat, please!
  3. Our climate is changing, and so should we.
  4. Time is running out for nature and wildlife around the world.
  5. The planet will continue to cook, so it better help now.
  6. Help the Earth. It’s too young to die!
  7. Let’s all be chill, so we don’t heat up the planet.
  8. We still can’t live on Mars, you know.
  9. Be polite and save the ice!
  10. Going green is really cool.
  11. A healthy planet is priceless.
  12. If you don’t care about climate change, stop complaining about the heat.
  13. Let’s make a decision to stop CO2 emissions.
  14. The only hot I want is a date, not a planet.
  15. When the oceans rise, that’s climate change.
  16. Our planet is dying and pretty soon you are, too!
  17. Let’s all be nice to our home.
  18. The Earth is ours to take care.
  19. Save the Earth because planet B hasn’t been discovered yet.
  20. If you’re so cool, help cool the Earth.
  21. Don’t cause a scene, just go green!
  22. This is your only home.
  23. If you love the Earth, you’ll stand up against climate change.
  24. Don’t wait until you’re sweating in the winter.
  25. The Earth is sick. We are the virus.

Protest Slogans About Climate Change

  1. Let’s protect this land.
  2. We want change, just not climate change.
  3. Going green has never been this cool.
  4. Let’s give back to our planet.
  5. Don’t just sit there and watch the world burn.
  6. Hurry! Before the ice all melts.
  7. Earth needs us more than ever.
  8. Once you go green, never go back!
  9. The weather’s getting hotter. Why aren’t you concerned?
  10. If you don’t help, climate change will end us.
  11. Climate change is like a ticking time bomb.
  12. Always choose clean energy.
  13. Climate change is not a work of fiction.
  14. Believe it or not, climate change is happening.
  15. Cool people do not deserve a warm planet.
  16. At least do it for your kids’ future.
  17. Let’s make the Earth cool again.
  18. When it’s starting to get hotter, go green.
  19. Climate change is no laughing matter.
  20. Say no to greenhouse gasses.
  21. Let’s do everything we can to save our planet.
  22. Conserve nature to save your future.
  23. It’s time to cut carbon emissions for good.
  24. While there’s still time, stand up against climate change.

Global Warming Taglines

  1. Global warming – it’s worse than you think.
  2. Let’s go hand-in-hand against global warming.
  3. Save the only planet we live in.
  4. Help in reducing the effects of global warming.
  5. Be chill and don’t fill the earth with heat.
  6. Teach everyone to beat global warming.
  7. Our vision should be to follow the global warming solution.
  8. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions now!
  9. Our planet is in danger of global warming.
  10. This is nature’s way of warning us.
  11. The Earth is crying, don’t you hear?
  12. Help stop global warming one iceberg at a time.
  13. Tree plantation is the solution.
  14. Let’s put an end to deforestation!
  15. Save the trees or help us plant more.
  16. The Earth needs more trees.
  17. Energy conservation is the true solution.
  18. Nurture nature and save the Earth.
  19. Reduce electricity use to get relief from global warming.
  20. No pollution is the only solution.
  21. We’d prefer global greening.
  22. Global warming is burning tomorrow.
  23. Save Earth today to survive tomorrow.
  24. Earth is slowly dying. Save her, go green.
  25. Global warming is real, and it’s getting worse.

Sayings Slogan About Climate Change

  1. Climate change is real and happening now.
  2. One planet, one chance. Stop climate change.
  3. Rise up against climate injustice.
  4. We want climate justice.
  5. Stop the companies that contribute to climate change.
  6. The world’s oceans are taking over.
  7. Stop denying climate change.
  8. Reduce greenhouse effect.
  9. Polar bears are on thin ice.
  10. Save all trees to save our world.
  11. Change your ways to stop climate change.
  12. Trees can beat the rising heat.
  13. Love yourself as much as you love the Earth.
  14. Act now against the climate crisis.
  15. Climate change is happening whether you like it or not.
  16. Deforestation causes global warming.
  17. Climate change is never a hoax.
  18. It’s more than just an environmental trend.
  19. Save the planet. Save the future.
  20. Our kids’ future is in our hands.
  21. Cool the earth with greenery.
  22. Stand up against the rising sea level.
  23. When you save electricity, you save the planet.
  24. Think about the polar bears!
  25. Climate change is not fictional.

Global Warming Slogans

  1. Don’t burn your kid’s future.
  2. Global warming is a bitch.
  3. We don’t have time. Stop global warming.
  4. Adding heat is prohibited.
  5. Think green to defeat global warming.
  6. Global warming is a global catastrophe.
  7. Act now to reduce the effect of global warming.
  8. If you don’t want it to get hotter, stand up now.
  9. Care for our planet? Go green.
  10. Let’s all keep it cool.
  11. Consume less. Save money. Save the Earth.
  12. Global warming is very alarming.
  13. Save trees to combat climate change.
  14. It takes cool people to help a warm planet.
  15. Love this planet? Help us save it.
  16. Hear our cries for environmental change.
  17. Right now, our planet is dying.
  18. Don’t wait until it affects your life.
  19. Denying global warming is selfish.
  20. If you want to stop and smell the roses, help us stop global warming.
  21. Mother Nature needs us now more than ever.
  22. Be the change the Earth needs.
  23. Green planet is better than a warm planet.
  24. Don’t ignore the threat of global warming.
  25. Global warming is not a trend.

Slogans for Climate Change Awareness

  1. Wake up, world!
  2. Climate change should never be taken lightly.
  3. The sea levels are rising, people!
  4. Stop climate change!
  5. Save the Earth. Save the future.
  6. Deniers of climate change need to face reality.
  7. There’ll be no jobs on a dead planet.
  8. Stop funding dirty energy.
  9. Keep fossil fuels in the ground.
  10. Climate action is in the now!
  11. Don’t mess with Mother Nature.
  12. This is our planet. This is our future.
  13. End fossil fuels now!
  14. Act now or swim later.
  15. Defend the planet.
  16. Stop the climate crisis.
  17. If you breathe air, you should care.
  18. The ice is melting.
  19. It’s already a climate emergency.
  20. Choose clean and green today!
  21. Join hands to stop climate change.
  22. We’re talking about our future here!
  23. Time to save the Earth!
  24. Denying climate change is for cowards.
  25. Oceanic temperatures are rising too!

Slogans About Climate Change and International Migration

  1. It’s time to study and understand the impact of climate change.
  2. Climate change and international migration are inevitable.
  3. There’s a reason why there’s international migration.
  4. Climate change is bad for our farmers.
  5. People go because of climate change.
  6. If you want to keep people, do something about climate change.
  7. Stop climate change for your fellow countrymen.
  8. Rise up to climate change.
  9. Climate change is bad for the economy.
  10. Want you and your people to get cooked?
  11. Stop climate change for you and for the people.
  12. Act now against the changing climate.
  13. Climate change does affect migration.
  14. Love the planet. It’s all we have.
  15. Go green or don’t be seen.
  16. Climate change is our responsibility.
  17. We’re never powerless against climate change.
  18. Adopting a green lifestyle is definitely worth it.
  19. Come on! Raise your voice.
  20. Never forget about climate change.
  21. Trees on, global warming gone!
  22. Don’t burn your people’s future.
  23. Stop burning yourself.
  24. Want economic change? Do something about climate change.
  25. The change of temperature is bad for agriculture.
  26. Climate change leads to international migration.

Quotes About Climate Change

  1. “The world must come together to confront climate change. There is little scientific dispute that if we do nothing, we will face more drought, famine, and mass displacement that will fuel more conflict for decades.” – Barack Obama
  2. “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin
  3. “Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.” – Leonardo Dicaprio
  4. “Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge, it’s common sense.” – Ronald Reagan
  5. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”- Mahatma Gandhi
  6. “Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority.” – Bill Gates
  7. “On climate change, we often don’t fully appreciate that it is a problem. We think it is a problem waiting to happen.” – Kofi Annan
  8. “Gordon Brown thinks you can solve climate change by changing your lightbulbs. I think you should solve climate change by changing the government” – Siân Berry
  9. “Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger or split into opposing factions on it.” – Tony Blair
  10. “We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.” – Elon Musk
  11. “By polluting the oceans, not mitigating CO2 emissions and destroying our biodiversity, we are killing our planet. Let us face it, there is no planet B.” – Emmanuel Macron
  12. “We don’t have time to sit on our hands as our planet burns. For young people, climate change is bigger than elections or reelection. It’s life or death.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  13. “We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late… The science is clear. The global warming debate is over.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  14. “If you really think that the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money.” – Guy McPherson
  15. “Climate change isn’t something people get to choose to believe or not: it’s happening.” – Matt Gaetz
  16. “The Earth should not be a worse place after my life than it was when I was born here.” – Rob Stewart
  17. “One of the biggest obstacles to making a start on climate change is that it has become a cliche before it has even been understood” – Tim Flannery
  18. “Men argue. Nature acts.” – Voltaire
  19. “Climate change is the Everest of all problems, the thorniest challenge facing humankind.” – Lewis Gordon Pugh
  20. “Climate change is the greatest threat to our existence in our short history on this planet. Nobody’s going to buy their way out of its effects.” – Mark Ruffalo
  21. “The planet will continue to cook.” – Paul Krugman
  22. “Since global warming Eskimos now have twenty different words for water.” – John O’Farrell
  23. “What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” – Henry David Thoreau
  24. “It’s not climate change that needs to be tackled. It is the political power of the fossil fuel industry.” – Richard Denniss
  25. “The less we do to address climate change now, the more regulation we will have in the future.” – Bill Nye

Quotes About Climate Change for Students

  1. “One thing leads to the other. Deforestation leads to climate change, which leads to ecosystem losses, which negatively impacts our livelihoods – it’s a vicious cycle.” – Gisele Bundchen
  2. “It’s important for me to have hope because that’s my job as a parent, to have hope, for my kids, that we’re not going to leave them in a world that’s in shambles, that’s a chaotic place, that’s a dangerous place.” – James Cameron
  3. “Let’s double down on solar energy, let’s be more energy-efficient, let’s weatherize our homes. We can build a better, healthier economy based on good-paying, clean energy jobs.” – Ian Somerhalder
  4. “Climate change, if unchecked, is an urgent threat to health, food supplies, biodiversity, and livelihoods across the globe.” – John F. Kerry
  5. “I care about climate change because of our children. I want to safeguard their future.” – Cate Blanchett.
  6. “On an increasingly crowded planet, humanity faces many threats – but none is greater than climate change. It magnifies every hazard and tension of our existence.” – Prince Charles
  7. “The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences.” – Al Gore
  8. “We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it.” – Jay Inslee
  9. “I would like to see a future where artists think that they have a right to contemplate things like global warming.” – Brian Eno
  10. “Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

Amazing Slogan about Climate Change

  1. Prevent climate change today.
  2. Go green to save Earth from warming.
  3. Love the Earth we live in.
  4. If you really love the Earth, you’ll do something about climate change.
  5. Climate change will end us all unless we step up.
  6. It’s time to cut carbon.
  7. Your ambition should be to stop emissions.
  8. Do you want a warm planet or a green planet?
  9. Time to think about global warming.
  10. Let’s think of our future before it’s too late.
  11. Climate change isn’t coming, it’s already here.
  12. Be scared of climate change.
  13. Don’t forget about the Earth.
  14. Global warming is bad for farming.
  15. Say no to the ozone hole!
  16. Recycle, don’t burn.
  17. One Climate, One World.
  18. Let’s act together to control global warming.
  19. Make a change for climate change.
  20. Stop the heat or prepare to sweat.


Although the single greatest threat to the globe is climate change, there are also many strategies to counter it.

Start with creating an effective and memorable tagline to spread awareness of the risks posed by climate change.

However, our catchphrase ought to inspire people to actively support the cause and safeguard the environment.

The advice and ideas for slogans about climate change in this post are a great source of creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stop polluting and start living.

Future generations will experience the effects of climate change.
Our secure home will be submerged under water. We shall run out of water. Excessive heat will prevent our crops from growing. As the loss of forests progresses, our supply of oxygen will decrease.

  • Disneyland: “The happiest place on Earth.” …
  • Nike: “Just do it.”
  • Old Spice: “The original. …
  • De Beers: “A diamond is forever.” …
  • MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy
  • Samsung: “Do what you can’t.”
  1. Feeling the Heat.
  2. What Steps Can Be Taken to Stop Climate Change?
  3. The Cases in Favor and Opposition of Anthropogenic Global Warming Meltdown

It clearly explains what is happening to our climate and why.

Save earth today to survive tomorrow. Global warming is warning us to stop warming the earth. Keep forests green and oceans blue to reduce the effect of global warming. Our earth is burning; if it burns completely, never come back.

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