Clickworker Review: Pros and Cons of Using Clickworker

– Clickworker Review –

Pros and Cons of Using Clickworker: These days making money online is easier than you probably realize. And in this Clickworker App review, I’m going to show you how you can get paid to complete tasks and earn some extra income.  

 Clickworker Review

What is Clickworker

ClickWorker is a site that works on multiple things. They are having a large number of clients worldwide who often give a very satisfactory clickworker review. They divide the big and complicated tasks into microtask, and then they give them to their members who work as freelancers.

Clickworker was established in 2005, and the company headquarters is in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany – according to CrunchBase. Also, the Clickworker app was downloaded 18,000 times in the previous month and had a 7,5% growth!


How to Become A Successful Clickworker

It always takes some time to get into a new job. Until then, the results must be checked very carefully. This can of course extend the processing time for a micro job considerably longer than imagined. But it becomes routine very quickly.

Mistakes occur, of course. There are important points in the instructions missed, or a topic even completely failed.

This is not a big deal. The quality manager will request a correction and that’s it usually. Sometimes they just ask to pay more attention to the briefing next time.

Over time, I have realized that I work much more structured, especially when writing texts. In the beginning, I wrote down texts from top to bottom.

Meanwhile, I structure paragraphs with headings first, set the approximate number of words per paragraph, and collect material. After I have built this scaffolding, I start writing the text.

In this way, a 600-word-length text can be divided, for example, into four handy pieces of 150 words each. It is much easier to write 150 words at once than 600.

Top Jobs Available on the Clickworker App

Clickworker gives you access to various micro-jobs that can be contracted to a huge number of people. You can grab the jobs whenever they’re available and do them from the comfort of your home.

Each job pays differently based on the time required and how complex the job is. The platform works like other companies that contract micro-jobs. Sites similar to Clickworker include ClickSense, Amazon Mechanical Turk, CrowdFlower

The advantage of Clickworker is that their payments are relatively higher and the company sources jobs from several countries.

Some of the top jobs that you can find on Clickworker are:

  • Product descriptions
  • Translation services
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Data Categorization
  • Text creation and
  • Data tagging

How Much Money Can You Make from Clickworker?

On their website, they tell you you can earn well over $10 an hour. But they do backtrack and tell you that on average, you will most likely earn an average of $9 an hour.

Well, that can certainly be possible. That of course will really depend on how many paid surveys, micro tasks, and partner offers you qualify for.

It will also depend on how quickly you can finish a job offer. There will be times when you will get to earn more because there are more jobs available for you (assuming that you complete them).

Plus,  they sometimes offer general micro tasks like referring to a friend. This can be a good way for you to earn additional income.

There is feedback from members that job opportunities will be limited depending on your location. So even though the hourly rate might sound decent.

You will not be able to just decide how much you want to work yourself – overall, the earning potential is not that great, in my opinion, so you need to do it with the right expectations.

But since it has a decent payment threshold of $10, you will be able to earn a bit of pocket money (so to speak) decently.

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