Clayton Homes Review 2022: Is it a Good Company?

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Wondering whether Clayton Homes is a reliable, affordable company? How about the consistency and design of the handmade versions that they sell?

Clayton Homes Review 2020: Is it a Good Company?

The background of Clayton Homes is quite interesting. It started in 1956 in Maryville, Tennessee. Jim Clayton, the company’s founder, got two college degrees before starting the company.

After running it for decades, in 2003, he sold the company to Warren Buffet’s multinational holding company Berkshire Hathaway. Since then, Clayton Homes has acquired several manufactured home companies.

It also includes three lender subsidiaries that serve to help customers get a loan for the manufactured homes they offer (as many banks won’t finance manufactured or mobile homes).

Basic Features

Now that you know a little more about the company, let’s look at the features included in the homes they design and build. Clayton Home uses the following branded windows, appliances, hardware, fixtures, and parts.

  • Frigidaire® stoves and refrigerators 
  • Shaw® carpeting in homes with carpet 
  • Kwikset door hardware 
  • Carrier SmartComfort® furnaces in homes with a furnace
  • Rheem® dual element water heaters 
  • ecobee smart thermostats 
  • DuraCraft® cabinets 
  • Lux windows® 

Clayton Homes always include, at the minimum, these basic features:

  • Constructed to meet insulation and wind requirements in the customer’s location
  • DuraCraft cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Windows and doors
  • Standard flooring – Carpet, vinyl squares, hardwood, or tile
  • Standard walls – Vinyl On Gypsum (VOG) or Paper On Gypsum (POG) wallboard
  • Light fixtures
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Washing machine and dryer hookups 
  • Standard water shut-off valve for the entire home
  • 3/12 roof pitch (standard) or higher

The mid- to high-priced Clayton models usually include:

  • Fireplaces
  • Drywall

Clayton Homes’ Most Popular Models

Clayton Homes allow you to completely customize your home by adding additional features or enhancements (such as appliances made of stainless steel or a garden tub).

However, keep in mind that the features we’ve listed with each of the models are just the base features.

  1. The Lulamae
  2. The Super 68
  3. Freedom Farm House 32X60
  4. The Greystone
  5. The Teagan
  6. The Laney
  7. The McGarrity

Clayton Homes Pricing

Clayton Homes are hard to provide correct pricing details for because there are so many design choices available. The prices for each model listed on the web site are given in ranges starting at a base price (no upgrades).

The most popular models we included above are priced as follows: 

  • The Lulamae: Starts in the $140,000s
  • The Super 68: Starts in the $140,000s
  • Freedom Farmhouse: Starts in the $100,000s
  • The Greystone: Starts in the $140,000s
  • The Teagan: Starts in the $140,000s
  • Laney: Starts in the $140,000s
  • The McGarrity: Starts in the $160,000s

But those famous models don’t reflect Clayton Homes’ average pricing. There are hundreds of lower-cost models with less square footage and features inside / exterior.

The cheapest single-wide Clayton Homes start at about $25,000. The cheapest double-wide Clayton Homes start at the $40,000 mark. Many of its versions are priced under $75,000.

Clayton Homes

It’s important to remember that buying a Clayton Home (or any homemade) isn’t the full price you’ll pay. You have to buy land before you can get it shipped and built, to put the home on.

Also, delivery and installation come with additional fees. That’s important to consider because shipping a home across the United States can be expensive.

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Clayton Homes Quality and Safety

It’s important to learn about the company’s policies regarding the quality of their homes and safety features before buying a home from Clayton Home.

We found that they have a variety of policies to ensure that each home constructed is up to code and designed to last.

Every home is inspected and certified by third-party inspectors (not employed by the company) before leaving the building facility.

  • Indoor air quality is tested and inspected
  • Structural strength and safety is inspected
  • All plumbing systems are tested and inspected
  • Fire safety is inspected 
  • Wind and insulation requirements are determined for the home’s new location
  • All inspections check for both federal and local code compliance

Clayton Homes also offers a one-year warranty on the home beginning the day it is installed. The warranty covers defects in manufacturing.

Not only that, but it also covers defects in materials or workmanship during installation and plumbing, and any appliances installed by Clayton Homes. 

Clayton Homes Competitors

Clayton Homes is not the only modular, constructed homebuilder, but the largest. There are others in the U.S. but none representing as large a market as Clayton.

Additionally, the Champion Homes and Nationwide Homes are two of Clayton’s rivals. They are formidable rivals, though Clayton is bigger than these two.

Champion Homes

  • Where: Throughout the U.S. and Western Canada
  • Pricing: $39,900 to $105,900 in some locations
  • Offers: Modular, manufactured, RV, and tiny homes

Nationwide Homes

  • Where: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia
  • Pricing: Unavailable without designing custom home and requesting pricing
  • Offers: Modern, custom-built modular homes including 2-story homes

Is Clayton Homes a Good Company?

They are the largest manufacture home builder in the United States. They build more homes each year than any of their competitors. They’ve been around for decades. Here is our review:

  • Their basic and upgraded features
  • The most popular models they have on the market
  • Quality and safety inspection policies
  • Pricing
  • Customer reviews

We think it’s safe to say that Clayton Homes is a good company to choose if you’re in the market for an affordable home with lots of customization options.

Clayton Homes

With built-in financing, help to find land for your new home, and guidance through the entire process, working with Clayton Homes proves to be a simple process that gets you into your home faster. 

They’re certainly one of the top manufactured home builders in the country and maybe suited for the number one spot. 

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Please share it with anyone you think will appreciate the information and kindly drop your comment below.

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