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Chris Browns Net Worth, Earnings, Lifestyle, Fact 2022

-Chris Brown’s Net Worth-

What is Chris Brown’s Net Worth? When you Google Chris brown’s net worth and you’ll get several conflicting numbers, some of which are not even true. In this article, we’ll be showing you how much Chris brown is worth.

Who is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown, born Christopher Maurice Brown on May 5, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia, United States, is an American rhythm-and-blues (R&B) singer.

He is also a songwriter and actor whose melodic voice and skilled dancing propelled him to fame, though his turbulent personal life sometimes overshadowed his success.

Brown was raised in a small town in Virginia. He discovered a love for dancing and singing as a child, and at 15, they signed him to Jive Records.

Chris Brown’s Net Worth

Chris Brown has a net worth of $50 million, most of which he has amassed through his music. Brown debuted with his self-titled album in 2005 and now has a new album called Breezy on the way.

Brown is a graffiti artist besides being a singer, songwriter, and dancer. He’s painted murals for charities and restaurants, but he’s also covered the walls of his Hollywood Hills home and his godson’s bedroom.

Although Brown never achieved the same level of success in acting as he did in music, he landed several supporting roles and even a lead role.

Other Information about Chris Brown’s Net Worth

Outside of selling Chris Brown’s own music, the recording label may not have been very profitable, but he has made more money by owning multiple Burger King Restaurants and becoming a major franchisee in California.

The multifaceted artist even dabbled in fashion design, launching his own line with the help of Pink + Dolphin’s founders.

In 2019, his clothing brand exploded on social media, gaining over one million followers on Instagram alone.

While you’d think that someone who works constantly would have a bit more money, he’s lost a lot of money due to legal issues that the rapper has had.

How Did he Get Started?

How Did he Get Started?

Christopher Maurice Brown, born on May 5th, 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia, became involved in music at a young age. He first realized his vocal abilities while singing in the choir of his local church.

He was well known in his small town of 2,000 people for having a voice that was frequently compared to Michael Jackson and dance moves that closely resembled Usher.

His mother, Joyce Hawkins, a daycare worker, and father, Clinton Brown, a corrections officer, both enjoyed the smooth sounds of soul and older R&B music.

Chris was drawn to his parents’ music collection as a child.

How did Chris Brown Become Famous?

While scouring the area for local talent, a local Virginian production team known as Hitmission Records came across a very talented 13-year-old Chris Brown.

Hitmission’s Lamont Fleming would provide voice coaching for the young artist and even assist him in putting together a demo package.

Fleming had many contacts in the New York music industry and could use these contacts to plant the seeds for what would soon grow into an incredible career.

Tina Davis, a Def Jam Recordings executive, was so taken with Chris Brown that she immediately took him to meet music mogul and industry titan L.A. Reid.

More Information on How Chris Brown Become Famous

Within weeks of meeting with L.A. Reid, Def Jam would merge, causing Tina Davis to lose her job before contract negotiations on Brown’s contract were completed.

With Davis no longer tied to Def Jam, she was able to officially become Brown’s manager and freely assist him in exploring other recording companies.

Davis would introduce Brown to several labels, including Warner Brothers Records, J-Records, and Jive Records.

The Secrets To Chris Brown’s Success and Fortune

Chris Brown is a superstar, not just a successful musician. With a current net worth of around $50 million, he is one of the wealthiest R&B entertainers to have ever graced the industry.

And, while he has a long way to go before reaching the status of other industry titans such as Jay Z, he is unquestionably at the top of the food chain.

Chris Brown’s fame and success can be traced back to two major factors. Foremost, Brown is a phenomenal performer. His musical, acting, dancing, and live performance abilities are uncommon among R&B artists.

What is Chris Brown Famous For?

Chris Brown's Net Worth

Chris Brown is a well-known American R&B singer and dancer. They discovered Brown for his musical abilities when a local production team visited the gas station where his father worked when he was 13 years old.

The production team was so impressed with Brown’s abilities that they scheduled another audition with Tina Davis, the Def Jam vice president.

Following his successful audition, he moved to New York and began recording, launching his professional music career.


His Musical Career

Chris Brown’s first album was titled “Chris Brown” and sold two million copies in 2005. Although the album was only recorded in eight weeks, Brown wrote and recorded over 50 songs.

Exclusive, his second album went double platinum and featured three platinum singles: With You, Kiss Kiss, and Wall to Wall.

Graffiti, released in 2009, did not sell nearly as well as his other albums, selling only half as well. Although Brown blamed stores for refusing to stock his albums, his guilty plea caused the poor sales to assault Rihanna.

More on Chris Brown’s Musical Career

More on Chris Brown's Musical Career

According to Billboard, X sold 145,000 copies in 2014, propelling Brown to the top of the hip-hop and R&B charts.

They named royalty after Chris Brown’s newborn daughter and sold 184,000 album equivalents.

The album, like the previous one, debuted at number one on the Billboard chart for hip-hop and R&B. Heartbreak on a Full Moon sold one million copies in three months in 2017 and went platinum on January 18th, 2018.

He released Indigo in 2019 and has been streamed 97 million times on demand, which is even more impressive considering it has 32 tracks.

Spending His Time As A Street Artist

Those who follow Chris Brown on social media know he enjoys displaying his street art. He claims that a variety of manga art styles inspire his art, and he enjoys experimenting with a wide range of vibrant colors.

Chris Brown collaborated with his organization Symphonic Love Foundation to create a mural for the nonprofit Best Buddies Day.

Best Buddies work to raise awareness for people with developmental learning disabilities and to assist them in finding employment.

The Symphonic Love Foundation’s mission is to spread love and art to anyone who desires it.

They have also collaborated with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Toys for Tots, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and the Jenesse Center.

Chris Brown On Television And In Film

Chris Brown’s first role was in the film Stomp the Yard, in which he played the supporting character Duron Williams. After his brother is murdered, a young man leaves for college and joins a fraternity step dancing team in this 2007 film.

They released this Christmas the same year, and they promoted Brown from supporting to a leading role in the holiday film.

Brown plays Michael ‘Baby’ Whitfield in the film, which revolves around the Whitfield family’s Christmas experiences.

While neither of Brown’s 2007 releases received much critical acclaim, This Christmas was more well-received by fans.

Additional Information

The rapper-turned-actor appears in episodes such as The Dream Lover, The French Connection, and My Two Dads.

A year later, the rapper appeared as a guest star on an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel. In the episode, one character hires Chris Brown for an early internet show hosted by another character.

Brown appeared in an action film with Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, and Hayden Christensen in 2010. Taken also had Chris Brown and T.I. as executive producers.

His Label Company

Chris Brown founded his own record label in order to provide musicians with the support and mentorship they required to succeed, although other labels refused to give the artists he chose a chance.

They found the recording label under Interscope Records and had access to all the resources required to make the dreams of other artists a reality.

However, after 2014, they stopped accepting new recording artists and focused solely on releasing Chris Brown’s music.

Chris Brown Investment 

Chris Brown Investment 

Chris Brown established his record label CBE (Culture Beyond Your Evolution or Chris Brown Entertainment) as a division of Interscope Records in 2007.

In addition, he and his daughter Royalty created the ‘Royalty Brown Collection,’ a makeup line. He has signed artists such as U.G.L.Y, Sevyn Streeter, Kevin McCall, Sabrina Antoinette, and others to his label.

Aside from that, Chris Brown is a burger fanatic. He enjoys eating burgers and owns approximately 15 Burger King restaurants.

Similarly, he has launched a clothing line called ‘Black Pyramid’ in collaboration with the founders of Pink+Dolphin.

Why He Chose To Be A Burger King Franchisee?

Why He Chose To Be A Burger King Franchisee?

Chris Brown developed a taste for hamburgers while incarcerated. This became the rapper’s favorite meal, prompting him to want to become a franchisee of the popular fast-food burger joints.

After his incarceration, Brown found it extremely liberating to eat a hamburger as a free man, and he wanted to share that feeling with more people.

Brown unintentionally revealed in a 2015 interview that he owned 14 Burger King throughout California. Despite appearances, not just anyone can own a Burger King.

More on Why He Chose To Be A Burger King Franchisee?

Although Burger King’s food is inexpensive, it costs between $1.2 million and $2.2 million to open a Burger King.

This means that the rapper spent anywhere between $16.8 million and $30.8 million just to get his fast-food restaurants up and running.

Before they can own a Burger King, franchisees must complete 84 days of classroom and on-the-job training. There is also a mandatory franchisee orientation, as well as 80 hours of additional learning.

Black Pyramid By Chris Brown

Chris Brown launched his clothing line Black Pyramid in 2012 hoping to discover a new art form to master.

He once stated that he hopes the clothing line represents his personal growth, but that growth did not last long. They describe his clothing lines as “elevated athletic wear.”

Brown chose this look because he wanted something that was both comfortable and affordable, as well as something that made him feel confident.

Most of his clothes are baggier, allowing them to fit a wide range of body types.

Rihanna’s Assault Case

After seeing how Chris Brown had left his then-face, girlfriend’s the public opinion of him changed drastically in 2009.

Rihanna’s popularity was on the rise, so seeing Rihanna with a bruised mouth full of blood was shocking.

The altercation began in the rapper’s car after Rihanna confronted him about cheating on her with another woman from work. Brown not only punched Rihanna in the face, but he also bit her on the ear and threatened to kill her.

How Bad Decisions Can Stunt Your Opportunities

Prior to the domestic assault allegations against Chris Brown, the public expected him to be the next Michael Jackson.

However, not as many people will work with someone who has a history of battering their partner. Chris Brown is a gifted and dedicated artist who will spend the rest of his life repairing and rebuilding his reputation.

When you consider the success he still achieved, you wonder how much more success he could have had if he had handled his ex-argument girlfriend like a civilized adult.

Albums, Awards, and Endorsements 

Albums, Awards and Endorsements 

Chris’ debut album, ‘Run it!,’ was a tremendous success, propelling the artist to his first Billboard 100 #1.

The RIAA later certified ‘Run It!’ as double platinum, making it the first debut single by a male artist to reach the top of the billboards since 1997–what an accomplishment!

Chris received his first Grammy nominations for the album, for Best New Artist and Best R&B Contemporary Album.

Chris Brown’s Lifestyle

Chris Brown is known for his beautiful six-pack abs besides his popular songs. He enjoys working out and goes to the gym for two hours six days a week.

He enjoys eating fruits that are both fresh and healthy and drinks orange juice every day to stay in shape. Breezy enjoys tuna and avoids consuming any fatty foods.

Besides working out in the gym, he enjoys dancing and playing basketball to maintain his fitness. Apart from these, he leads a luxurious life and expects the same level of luxury when he travels by air.


In 2021, Chris Brown headed to Lio Cabaret in Mykonos with his former girlfriend, Ammika Harris, with whom he shares a son, Aeko.

Brown took his children on a tropical trip to Mexico in 2020, where half-siblings Aeko and royalty had a great time bonding with each other.

After some days, Chris also shared some downtime with Gina V. Huynh in London, where they went for dinner at a Russian restaurant. The singer has also gone on solo trips after being spotted in a St Tropez yacht all by himself in 2012.

Chris Brown’s Charity Work

Brown founded the Symphonic Love Foundation charity in 2012 to provide art programs for children and support for victims of domestic abuse and dating violence.

Similarly, he announced in 2015 that he would donate $1 from each album sold before Christmas to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and Best Buddies International.

Then, in 2017, he paid a visit to Colombia Middle School and presented the school with a $50,000 check.

Other causes he has supported include HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Disaster Relief, Mental Health, Homelessness, Veteran Support, Women, Human Rights, and so on.

Chris Brown Endorsement 

They have associated Brown with Doublemint chewing gum, and in a 2008 commercial for the gum, he performed a changed version of his song “Forever.”

He has also endorsed brands such as Childsplay Clothing, Philipp Plein, Avianne Jewelers, BAPE, and others. On social media, the singer also promotes his Black Pyramid clothing.

Chris Brown’s Cars

Chris Brown owns a diverse range of vehicles, including:

1. Spyder Lamborghini Gallardo

Brown owns a $220,000 silver-gray Gallardo Spyder that has been customized to look like a fighter jet. It has a v10 engine that produces 550 horsepower and propels the car to 100k km/h in 3.9 seconds.

2. Porsche Panamera (Porsche Panamera)

He also owns the Panamera supercar, which has a top speed of 270 km/h. It has a 3.6L V6 engine and a large touchscreen console upfront.

3. Impala Orange Chevy 1968

Chris Brown holds a special place in his heart for the legendary Chevy Impala, which is why he purchased it. It has opulent leather interiors and a retractable domed roof.

4. Range Rover

This car in his garage is a popular SUV called the Range Rover, which costs $93,000. It has a 5L V8 engine and a design that provides the driver with maximum luxury and comfort.

5. Lamborghini Aventador

Brown also has a $400,000 supercar with a V12 engine and a top speed of 354 km/h. It speeds up from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

6. Bugatti Veyron

The Veyron, worth $2.3 million, is the most expensive car in his collection. It set a record for being the fastest street-legal car, reaching speeds of up to 431 km/h.

Chris Brown’s Houses

Brown lives in an 8000-square-foot house in Tarzana, Los Angeles, worth $4.5 million. There are six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a home theater.

He also owns a $2.6 million mansion in Hollywood Hills that spans 2400 square feet. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a double-tall living room, and an innovative home security control system from Crestron.

Similarly, he has owned a sprawling estate in Agoura Hills that can accommodate up to 75 cars! It also has a tennis court, billiard room, salt-water pool, ice cream shop, and other amenities.

What is Chris Brown’s Current Height and Weight?

Chris Brown stands at 6 feet and a quarter-inch (183.5 centimeters) tall and weighs 82 kilograms (180 pounds).

Brown is taller than the average American, who stands at 5 feet 10 inches (177 centimeters). He does, however, weigh less than the average American of 191 pounds.

Brown is a skilled basketball player who enjoys staying fit in order to hone his skills on the court. In 2015, he showed his abilities in a Celebrity Basketball game, where he outclassed his opponents, who were unprepared for his talent.

Chris Brown’s Religion

Chris Brown has stated publicly that he is a Christian and adheres to the Christian faith. While he does not actively practice religion, his family is deeply religious.

Brown started as a child that he had more pairs of church clothes and shoes than he did of school clothes and shoes. His Christian family and upbringing primarily influenced his religious beliefs.

 Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Brown

 Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Brown

1. Chris Brown Loves to Dance

Chris Brown began dancing before he was even out of diapers and he hasn’t stopped since. This super star revealed in a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey that he has been dancing since he was two years old.

Chris used to imitate Michael Jackson when he was a child and was watching him on television. He actually learned to dance by watching Michael Jackson on television.

Breezy claims to have ants in his pants and to constantly dance.

2. Old School Musicians Inspired Him

Chris Brown’s favorite musicians are the old school musicians who inspired him when he was younger and continue to do so today.

Stevie Wonder, Kim Burrell, Usher, Same Cooke, Michael Jackson, Donnie Hathaway, and Teddy Pendergrass are some of his musical influences.

You can imagine how he felt when his idol, Michael Jackson, called him. Michael Jackson called Chris Brown at eighteen to tell him he liked the song Shortie Like Mine.

3. Chris Brown loves the 80s style

He does not, however, always dress in the same style. They chose his outfits based on his mood for the day. His favorite way to dress, however, is with an 80s edge. He claims to dress differently every day.

4. Chris Brown’s Acting Talent Was Shining Through at an Early Age

Chris Brown appeared in the school play Elfis, which was based on Elvis Presley when he was in elementary school. This was only the start of what would be a lucrative acting career.

5. Growing up Was Hard For Him 

The poor kid was raised by an abusive stepfather. He claims he was terrified of his stepfather at all times. He recalls his stepfather making his mother’s nose bleed one night in particular.

Chris couldn’t help but cry. He claims he despised his stepfather at the time and still does. Despite having a terrible home life, Chris Brown could overcome it and launch a successful career as a teenager.

6. Chris Brown truly can do it all

We already know he can sing, write amazing songs, and act, and now we know he can play a mean game of basketball. But did you know he also has a hidden talent? Chris Brown is a gifted artist who enjoys painting.

Chris Brown claims he uses music and painting as a therapy to help him work through the confusion.

He paints monsters that he believes are mirror images of people’s negative feelings and opinions about him. Breezy also likes to paint murals. They donated most of his mural painting profits to charity.

 7. They Arrested Chris Brown in 2009

Most of you are already aware of the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident, which resulted in Chris Brown’s arrest. He was arrested for assaulting and hitting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

This heinous act landed him in prison, where he served his sentence. Chris Brown claims he learned a lot from this experience.

He claims that assaulting Rihanna served as a wake-up call for him. He realized at that point that he was no longer a teenager and that he needed to stop acting like a crazy, wild teenager. Following his arrest, he decided it was time to mature.

8. Chris Brown is an Extremely Talented Song Writer

You may already know he wrote songs, but did you know how many? He’s not one of those singers who write a song now and then.

Graffiti is a collection of thirteen songs from his debut album. Chris Brown wrote twelve of the songs on the album. Rihanna had a hit song called Disturbia in 2008.

Chris Brown wrote that song, and he had planned to use it on one of his own albums.

9. Chris Brown has tattoos

The singer has a LOT of tattoos, not just a few. Chris Brown began getting tattoos when he was thirteen years old. He now has over fifty tattoos on his body, and the number is growing all the time.

Chris Brown has several tattoos, including a pair of wings with four stars on his pecs, roses over top of a diamond in a symphonic love tattoo, and a group of three stars on his neck that match his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

The stars represented their undying love for one another. Chris Brown has left his stars alone, but Rihanna has had her stars tattooed so that they no longer match.

10. Chris Brown Loves Burgers

He has stated that the one food he couldn’t wait to eat while in jail was a delicious grease-dripping burger. Chris Brown’s passion for burgers is so strong that he owns fourteen Burger King locations.

It is difficult to run a Burger King franchise. To be eligible, you must have a new net worth of at least $1.5 million and $500,000 in liquid assets. The location can cost between $1.2 and $2.2 million to develop.

The costs are determined by the size of the Burger King location and its location. In addition, a twenty-year franchise agreement costs a whopping $50,000.

11. He’s Been in Jail and has a Number One Record 

They sentenced Chris Brown to prison in 2014 for assaulting Rihanna, his girlfriend. While incarcerated, his hit single, Loyal, reached number one on the Billboard charts.

Nobody else has ever done it. He claims the guards would even play the song for him while he was imprisoned. Chris Brown had finished recording his album, X, before being sentenced.

His record producers were hesitant to release the album, fearing that the negative press from his recent negative headlines would overshadow his music.

12. He Has a Father-Daughter Bond

Chris Brown has a lovely young daughter with whom he enjoys spending time. He says he enjoys dancing with her and even helps her choose her outfits.

Her name is Royalty, and he treats her like a princess, even throwing her extravagant birthday parties she will most likely forget when she grows up.

13. Chris Brown Has Dated Some Famous Women Celebrities

We all know he dated Rihanna. He has also dated Draya, who appears on the reality show Basketball Wives, Kim Kardashian briefly, and had an on-again, off-again relationship with Karrueche Tran.

Karrueche Tran was the inspiration for a piece of artwork titled Falling in Love, which he created in 2011.

What a lovely gesture! His relationship with Karrueche Tran resulted in the birth of a beautiful baby girl.

 FAQs about Chris Brown’s Net Worth

1. Why is Chris Brown’s Net Worth so Low?

following his infamous fight with Rihanna in 2009, he lost major endorsement deals with companies like Wrigley’s Chewing Gum and the Body by Milk campaign

2. How Much is Angela Yee’s Net Worth?

Angela Yee is an American radio personality who has a net worth of $6 million dollars and an annual salary of $3 million

3. What is Chris Brown Like as a Person?

Amazing. He is very short-tempered and impulsive, however; he is amazing and handsome. Loving and lovable.

4. What is Chris Hansen’s Net Worth in 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hansen is currently only worth $1.5 million

5. How Much is Chris Gayle’s Net Worth?

Chris Gayle’s total net worth is around $35 Million

6. Personally, Do you Believe That Chris Brown is a Good Singer?

Yes! Chris Brown is an amazing singer, and he has proved that over the years in his song

More FAQs about Chris Brown’s Net Worth

7. What’s Drake’s Net Worth?

They estimated Drake to be worth at least $150 million in 2019 according to Forbes.

8. Do You Like Chris Brown, Drake, Better?

Definitely Drake. For me, I think he’s the best of them all.

9. How Much Money Does Chris Tucker Have?

He’s worth $5 million

10. Who is More Famous, Drake or Chris Brown?

Chris has sold over 100 million albums and 140 million records on a global scale. For Drake, the number of records sold worldwide is higher, as he has 30 million records more than Chris Brown. So Drake is more famous.

Chris is one of the most successful singers of African- American origin and in the R&B genre. His tunes can recognize Brown infused with elements of hip-hop and pop.

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