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205+ Best-Ever Chicken Wing Taglines and Marketing Slogans

My favorite part of the chicken is the wing. The skin’s freshness. The variety of seasonings and dips is essentially endless. Read about the most amazing chicken wings quote you can ever imaging below.

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Chicken Wing Taglines

As the second most popular chicken component in America after breasts, according to a poll by the National Chicken Council, sales of chicken wings in supermarkets increased dramatically to approximately $3 billion.

1. Don’t Miss The Flight.

2. Skinfully Yours, Wings.

3. Taste The Flight.

4. The Rise of the Wings.

5. The Food for The Early Birds.

6. Checkin’ Wings?

7. Dare To Wing It.

8. Never Go Wingless Again.

9. Just The Right Crisp.

10. Find the Right Wing For You.



11. Eat the Will To Fly.

12. Let Us Flutter Your Taste Buds.

13. Keep Flying, Keep Frying.

14. You Owe Yourself A Wing.

15. Judge A Wing By It’s Skin.

16. Do The Wing Thing.

17. Keep Your Wings and Fly.

Chicken Wing Marketing Slogans

18. Win The Wing Game!

19. Flavor’s Kickin’, Craving’s Flyin’.

20.  Wing ‘N Go.

21. Fingerlickin’ Wing In Every Bite.

22. One Bite Will Never Be Enough.

23. Tasty Flavors For Your WINGer Chicken.

24. Part the Wing, Win a Heart.

25. Wing Any Way, Wing Anyway.

26. Grab our wings and fly to flavor country!

27. Unbeatable Sauce You Deserve.

28. What Do You Wing?

29. Fly a Bit, Buy A Wing.

30. Save The Skin, Savor The Sauce.

31. For Skin’s Sake, Take A Bite!

32. How Far Can You Fly?

33. Tastes Wings Out of Ten.

34. All The Things You Do For Wings.

35. Crunch is in the Air!

36. Boned or Boneless? You Guess.

37. Don’t Hold Back, Have A Wing.

38. For Wingers, The Sky is the Limit.

39. You Know I Got The Sauce.

40. It’s A Food Trend For A Reason.

41. Eat Your Guilt Away.

42. No One Can Ever Get Enough.

43. Chicken Wing One-Liners

44. Hang out will never be complete without chicken wings and beer!

45. Chicken wings want to dress so sexy that they’re always showing too much skin.

46. Chicken wings are so sweet. They want me by their sides.

47. I asked chicken wings to stay a little longer. She said she can’t because she doesn’t wanna miss her flight.

48. If you wanna have the perfect eyeliner, ask a chicken to do it for you. They always know how to wing it.

49. If a person is both a left wing and a right wing in politics, where exactly do they stand? With chickens. They stand with chickens.

50. The student pilot ate too many chicken wings he started learning how to fly the plane.

51. My chicken is so forgetful she always leaves her wings in my mouth.

52. Chicken wing is such a flirt. She exactly knows how to platter me.

53. Our chicken just learned how to love herself. This morning, she was able to finish a whole bowl of shredded wings.

54. My dog and I played fetch the bone earlier. He fetched me a bucket of chicken wings then I threw the bones for him.

55. My chicken always hides her wings from me every Friday. I wonder why.

56. My chicken wing is a great poet. I talk about her poultry everyday.

57. I can tell you’ve only eaten chicken wings you’re entire life. You look so skinny!

Chicken Wing Quotes

58. Left wing, chicken wing, it don’t make no difference to me. – Woody Guthrie

59. I have the right to life, liberty, and chicken wings. – Mindy Kaling

60. I always get so excited cooking chicken wings. – Jourdan Dunn

61. I have mostly been eating chicken wings. I only stick to thing I can spell. – Boo Weekley

62. I don’t mind hot and spicy. Actually find that appealing in a girl. And chicken wings. – Julie James

63. He sucked the chicken wing philosophically. – Machado De Assis

64. Do not refuse a wing to the persons who gave you the whole chicken. – Ralph Siu

65. Propping up a seat at the bar we devour chicken wings like life does dreams. – David Louden

66. Big games and big flavors go hand in hand. Football season is better with Classic Cajun Wings by your side. – Popeyes

67. I have an eating disorder. I be eating dis order of fries, and dis order of nuggets, and dis order of wings and so on, so on, you get it. – Unknown

Funny Chicken Wing Sayings

68. When people judge you by your skin, coat yourself with the best sauce and just be the tastiest wing.

69. Peoples’ tongue only worship what catches their eye. So if they can’t stop talking about you, you must be the wing they’ve always wanted to try.

70. Keep flying until people who doubted you will crave the success of your wings.

71. Though life may tear your wings apart, just raise a chicken so you can eat that part.

72. Flowers will wilt, chickens will die. At least one of them has wings that will satisfy you right.

73. The crisp of life is on the skin of chicken wings.

74. If chicken do it, you can wing it.

75. When it’s time to fry, spread your wings and fly.

76. People have different taste. If they don’t like your wings, just stay saucy and watch them eventually crave for it.

77. If  still you can’t eat chicken wings anytime you want, you still have to hustle more.

78. Coat your wings with the flavor you want to be.

79. It takes a bucket of chicken wings to make you feel like a winning team.

80. Always aim for the best things in life: a left chicken wing, a right chicken wing, and some tasty sauce on the side.

Chicken Wing Captions

81. Who needs a wingman when you have a wing, man?

82. No one wings it it like a chicken wing.

83. Sports games ain’t complete without chicken and beer!

84. Stare at your own chicken wings!

85. No bad days for a mouthful chicken wing treat. (chicken wings quote)

86. Life is too short to miss an unlimited wings feast!

87. There are actually five seasons: spring, winter, summer, autumn, and chicken wing.

88. I can’t recall what happened yesterday but my tongue remembers I had chicken wing for lunch.

89. My kind of skincare routine is eating the skin on the chicken wings all day.

89. My tongue never fails to detect the delectable taste of chicken wings.

90. I’d slide down a rainbow if it meant falling to a bucket of chicken wings.

91. The best way to end a weekday is to treat yourself to a platter of chicken wings.

92. Nothing’s more flavorful than a kiss of chicken wings.

93. If you’re not holding a chicken wing, keep your hands to yourself.

94. With this chicken in sight, nothing can go wrong tonight.

95. The real glory belongs to the team that brings home the chicken wings.

96. The Wings With The Crispy Skin You Can’t Stop Craving.

97. Char-Grilled, Deep-Fried, You Try.

98. Bursting Flavors From Skin To Bones.

99. The Secret Is In The Sauce.

100. Glorify the Tongue-Worshiping Taste of Chicken Wings.

101. The Red Flag You Can’t Run Away From. (chicken wings quote)

102. The Ultimate Clash of Sweet And Spice in a Wing.

103. Give in To the Temptation of Chicken Wings.

104. Chicken Wing Monday is the New Friday.

105. Grilled For Sure To Be Your Guilty Pleasure.

106. Fly Higher for An Extra Platter!

107. Buffalo Wing Captions

108. How spicy can you go?

109. Can’t stop eating buffalo wings? Here are captions you can pair with your captured cravings:

110. What’s the wildest you can get?

111. Spycyrific and Crispylific binge-watching treat.

112. Spice level: Buffalo Wings

113. Bucketlist checked: Enjoy a bucket of hot chicken wings.

114. Wingin’ and adding a little spice to your life.

115. Savor these tangy buffalo wings for the best intangible memories.

116. I don’t like being punched but if it’s from the bite of a buffalo wing, boy, I’m ready to get beaten up!

117. Nothing spices up my life like these buffalo wings in my mouth.

118. Indulge in a mouth-watering experience that will keep you gasping in every bite.

119. More than air to breathe, I need buffalo wings to live. (chicken wings quote)

120. I’ve been up all night thinking about buffalo wings. The tangy taste just never leaves my mouth!

121. I’d rather have buffalo wings in my tummy than butterflies in my stomach.

122. The secret is in the sauce. Sink your teeth on the crunchy skin of buffalo wings and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

124. I want a platter of buffalo wings on the main course and a plate of buffalo wings on the sides.

125. My favorite drink is buffalo wings sauce. I prefer pouring it on my chicken wings and sipping it from its crispy skin.

126. If you can’t handle my spice, just bring a bucket of buffalo wings and be nice.

127. Hot Wing Captions

128. Spice up your posts with these hot wing captions:

129. This chikaa is blazing hot!

130. The only bad boy I’d date is a hot wing on a plate.

131. Feels like an adventure! Thrill in every bite.

132. A warm hug tastes like hot wings on a Tuesday brunch.

133. This hot chicken wings got my ears blushing!

134. Currently watching Super Bowl with a super bowl of hot wings.

135. My tongue craves the searing sensation from the spice of hot wings.

136. This chicken is hot that’s why I know it’s good for me. NO BUTS!

137. A dose of hot wings never fails to make me feel better.

138. This wing always makes me cry but I don’t care because she’s hot.

139. I have a crush on that hot wing. I can’t stop chicken her out.

140. My tongue doesn’t have eyes, but it knows exactly where to find hot wings on the menu.

141. The best way to tame life is to eat hot wings and deal with the spice.

142. It takes three platters of hot wings to realize I cannot take the spice.

Slogans for Chicken Shops

143. All You Need For A Chicken Treat

144. Raised by Chickens

145. First Wing Never Dies

146. Tossing Hot Wings on the Air Since (the year the company started)

147. We Never Run Out of Wings

148. Clucks Are Out! (chicken wings quote)

149. The Chickens Are Coming For You

150. The Grills Never Rest

151. Run For The Chicken

151. Run For The Chicken

152. Make The Cluck Happen

153. It’s Always Chicken Holiday

154. The Sauce Clucks It All

155. Good Clucks For Good Times

156. Chop-chop Cluck!

157. Living Under The Chicken Weather

158. Get Creative With Your Chicken Favorites

159. Welcome to the Chicken Club!

160. Watch The Cluck

161. Rewind, Unwind, Re-wings

Funny Chicken Wing Quotes

162. Chicken wings are a favorite game time snack. (chicken wings quote)

163. “I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings.” – Mindy Kaling

164. “Though the Fox run, the chicken hath wings.” – George Herbert

165. “Left wing, chicken wing, it don’t make no difference to me.” – Woody Guthrie

166. “You want a drumstick? Like a ice cream cone or a chicken wing?” – Billie Joe Armstrong

167. “As a recipe tester, it’s really easy to fall into the trap of eating only what I’m testing. Sometimes this is okay, but other times it means four straight days of Buffalo chicken wings, lunch and dinner.” – J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

168. “I have an eating disorder. I be eatin DIS order of fries, and DIS order of nuggets, and DIS order of wings and so on, so on, you get it.” – Unknown

169. “Whenever you go out to eat you gotta get the appetizer. ‘Cause the appetizer’s just an excuse for an extra meal. You’re always like “Lets see, I will start with the 80 buffalo wings … and do you have a low-cal blue cheese? ‘Cause I don’t wanna fill up too much.”” — Jim Gaffigan

170. “For a healthy alternative to buffalo wings, slide the bone of a human finger into a block of tofu and bake.” — Giada De Laurentiis

171. “Life should be like a basket of chicken wings: salty, full of fat and vinegar, and surrounded by celery you’ll never actually eat, even when you’re greedily sopping up the last viscous streaks of buffalo sauce from the wax paper with your spit-stained index finger. Yes,” — Joseph Fink

172. “I couldn’t recall any guy ever looking at me like that unless I was holding a basket of chicken wings or something.” — Jennifer L. Armentrout

173. “It’s the same reason I don’t get Hooters. Why do we need to enjoy chicken wings and boobies at the same time? Yes, they are a natural and beautiful part of the human experience. And so are boobies. But why at the same time?” — Tina Fey

174. “I have mostly been eating chicken wings. I only stick to things I can spell.” — Boo Weekley

175. “I love you more than piranhas love chicken wings.” — Dana Marton

176. “I don’t mind hot and spicy. Actually find that appealing in a girl. And chicken wings.” — Julie James

177. “If you eat bone-in wings with a fork and knife, we’re calling the feds.” – Wingstop

178. “Guys, she doesn’t want flowers tomorrow she wants wings.” – Buffalo Wild Wings

179. “Cravings be like “I know a spot” and then order 30 wings for one person.” – nicholas_traveled on Twitter

180. “Real friends share their Bonchon wings. But if you don’t, we won’t judge you.” – Bonchon Chicken

181. “In our book, a “safety” is when you order an extra plate of wings, just in case.” – TGIFridays

182. “Find someone who looks at you the way I look at chicken wings” – Applebees

183. “It’s called wings & things cause if we just named all of the things in it it’d be too long of a name.” – Zaxbys

184. “People who don’t like wings are a glitch in the system.” – Hooters

185. “If they order wings from a pizza place, it’s time to let them go.” – Popeyes

186. “We celebrated Americas birthday the only way we know how…. Stuffing our face with chicken wings.” – Anchor Bar Wings

187. “Things are about to get saucy.” – Dominos

Chicken Wing Advertising Slogans

188. To wing or to won’t?

189. Everyday is wing day.

190. With or without the sauce, we’re the boss.

191. I’m your wing man.

192. The home of the best chicken wings.

193. Crispy and juicy in every bite.

194. Your one stop chicken wing shop.

195. Come hungry. Leave full.

196. Satisfy your cravings for insanely delicious chicken wings.

197. What’s stopping you from winging it

198. Fall head over heels with these crispy fried wings.

199. Cravings satisfied in just one bite.

200. Where a bucket full of wings feels like home.

201. Expect deliciousness. (chicken wings quote)

202. So inviting. So addicting.

203. We’re the expert on wings.

204. Sauced up goodness!

205. We have the best parts of the chicken.

206. An explosion of flavors at every bite.

207. The delicious fast food.

208. Exciting your palate.

209. So good you’ll come back tomorrow.

210. Where flavors come together.

211. We make chicken wings the way you like them.

212. We make you fall in love with chicken wings.

213. No one’s doing it like us. (chicken wings quote)

Therefore, if you intend to sell chicken wings, it’s essential to be quite aggressive with your marketing strategies. Make your potential consumers hungry using quips and jokes in your social media postings. Check out our extensive collection of sayings, catchphrases, hashtags, and jokes on the chicken wing.

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