Chegg Review 2021: Its Prices, Products and Services

Chegg is a well-known forum for educational technology created in 2005. The website has helped over three million users get access to tutoring online. The company also hires and sells textbooks, and offers a range of other student services.
Chegg Review 2020: Its Prices, Products and Services

Pros and Cons of Chegg


  • 24/7 homework help available
  • Verified answers provided
  • Affordable
  • Free trial


  • Accounts are frequently suspended or “flagged”
  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Issues with cancellation

Products and Services

Chegg aims to make the life simpler and more effective for modern-day students. And it does so successfully by making the following product and services available to students:


Chegg provides students with the ability to ask questions and receive answers to complex or pesky homework problems. In addition to live Q&A capability, there is an extensive database that has more than 6 million solved questions.


Much more than a standard Q&A site, Chegg offers 24/7 private tutoring to those who need it. Chegg Tutor reviews show that the tutors are professional, knowledgeable and – most importantly – effective.


Secondhand textbooks are available for sale and rent on the Chegg platform – some of which are discounted up to 90%! If you choose to rent a textbook, you have 21 days to return it. Did we mention that returning a textbook is free?


Need a paper proofreading? Want to check for plagiarism? Need to improve your overall writing style and clarity? Chegg Writing will help with all of that.


Do you need a simple or detailed explanation of your math problem? Chegg can help you understand the root (pardon your pun) of your algebra, pre-algebra, pre-calculus, calculus and linear algebra problems.


Chegg offers its users access to AP exam prep for free as well as access to millions of flashcards covering an assortment of subjects including (but not limited to) sociology, accounting, biology, history, law, religion and veterinary education.

You can also use the platform to create your own flashcards.

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Plans & Pricing

Chegg is affordable and priced reasonably. With respect to its textbooks, you have the option of either renting or buying a book at a significantly reduced price. Aside from textbooks, here are the various plans and prices Chegg offers to its students.

Chegg pricing

Monthly tutoring plans: 60 minutes of tutoring cots $30 per month or $96 for 240 minutes per month. This plan is applicable to any and all subjects.

Weekly tutoring plans: 30 minutes of tutoring cost $15 per week or $48 for 120 minutes per week. This plan is only applicable to accounting, algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, economics, finance, physics and statistics.

Pay-As-You-Go tutoring plan: $6.95 per lesson. This plan is only applicable to accounting, algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, economics, finance, physics and statistics.

Writing plan: $9.95 per month

Math plan: $9.95 per month

You need to simply pick the plan that suits your needs and budget best. Note that when you sign up for one of Chegg’s Tutors subscriptions your first 30 minutes of tutoring will be totally free.

These free 30 minutes need to be claimed within the first 7 days of your enrollment. Once the 7-day Chegg Study free trial is over, your paid membership officially begins.

If you don’t want to go ahead after the free trial you’ll need to cancel your subscription which, according to Chegg student reviews at least, is easy to do.

Is paying for Chegg worth it? We think so. If you’re not sure simply try out a free 30-minute lesson.


Reviews of Chegg online tutoring reveal the platform is easy to navigate and features a simple design. All students are listed in the website header so simply click on the service you want to know more about.

But where Chegg really shines is in its mobile apps offering. It has a Chegg Study app that can be downloaded from the iStore or Google Play Store that provides you with access to step-by-step Textbook Solutions as well as live 24/7 homework help.

You just need to upload a photo of your problem and someone will swoop in to help you solve it! Chegg Study reviews praise the app for its stability, user-friendliness and uptime.

Next up is the Chegg Math Solver app which enables users to upload photos of complex math problems and receive the help and support they need to solve it. It’s also available for download in the Google Play Store and iStore alike.

Finally, we have the Chegg Prep app. This app is totally free and provides users with access to more than 500 million flashcards to help prepare for important tests. Chegg Prep is available as a web-based service, an iOS app and an Android app.

Overall, according to Chegg reviews homework help and preparation for tests are the areas in which this platform excels.

Help & Support 

Chegg’s customer service is available seven days a week via telephone and live chat, from 5:00am to 10:00pm PT. Its hours of social support are from 7:00am to 10:00pm PT, also every day of the week.

While these extended support hours are massively convenient, unfortunately, a handful of reviews sometimes make mention of unresponsive customer service agents – especially when it comes to billing queries.

Alternatives to Chegg

Looking for something a bit different? Don’t afraid, there are many alternatives to Chegg that you should explore while trying to find the right homework helper.


Slader is entirely free to use but doesn’t offer any tutoring services. Instead, the platform focuses solely on providing answers from textbook.

The only one-on-one homework help you’ll find is in the comments section of the community centre. Note that you’ll be exposed to plenty of ads on Slader but you can pay to have them removed.

Course Hero 

Course Hero, like Chegg, offers more than textbook-based answers – tutoring and other student services are available. You can choose between a free or paid plan but note that the free plan only provides you with partial answers.

What IS great about Course Hero is that you can earn “free access” to full answers by referring people to the platform, uploading documents or helping others with their homework.

Bottom Line

Chegg is the hidden weapon that every student should have at their back pocket. Chegg scores are high and just don’t compare the alternatives.

Chegg pricing

What pricks us most about the platform is that it’s more than a tutoring service, it has a wealth of services that every student will need at some point or another in their academic journey – all at student-friendly (or parent-friendly!) prices.

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