The Top 600+ Most Hilarious Cheese Names and Puns That Will Make You Laugh

Most people appreciate a good chuckle, and everyone has favorite cheese names they appreciate. If you can craft your jokes, cheese puns can be a terrific way to connect the two.

cheese names

The 600 cheese puns we’ve created can be used in every situation. Possibly at a gathering with friends or family, or as an Instagram caption. 

A good cheese pun is always funny and appropriate for any situation, and it will make cheese fans smile. We tried our best not to sound corny with these puns, but occasionally we just couldn’t resist. 

These cheese names and puns should make even the most casual cheese fan giggle, whether you’re simply looking for a slice or going for the full block.

Best Cheese Puns

  1. Relax. Just take it cheesy.
  2. Why was the cheese feeling so happy and optimistic?
  3. How can you make a mouse smile?
  4. Why is Christmas considered the cheesiest holiday? Because of baby cheese-us!
  5. Got to brie-live in magic.
  6. I’m grateful for your presence.
  7. This might sound so cheesy, but I think you are really great.
  8. Let’s pray to cheese-us every day. Because it’s gouda brie a good day. Say cheese!
  9. What did the piece of cheddar say to the ghost? Don’t scare me, I’m Lac-ghost intolerant!
  10. Where would you find cottage cheese on a restaurant’s menu?

Gouda Cheese Puns

  1. Talk to you later. I gouda go.
  2. Gouda luck on your studies!
  3. It’s really gouda to have you here.
  4. Why was the guy afraid to tell his crush a joke about gouda? Because it would have been too cheesy.
  5. Life’s so gouda.
  6. Who betrayed Cheesus Christ? Goudas.
  7. Why did the cheese get promoted? He did a really gouda job at work.
  8. Why can’t you trust cheddar cheese? Because it’s no gouda. (scroll to keep reading)
  9. Want to hear a really cheesy joke? Nevermind, it’s not that gouda.
  10. It’s a gouda sign.

Brie Cheese Puns

  1. You brie long with me.
  2. Please brie mine.
  3. You will always brie a part of me.
  4. Wait for me. I’ll brie back.
  5. I beg to disabrie.
  6. What kind of music would a slice of cheese like to dance to? R & Brie.
  7. Why couldn’t anyone find the cheesemaker after the accident? Because he was trapped under debrie!
  8. What do you call cheese that comes in a big wheel? Frisbrie
  9. What did the lady do at the mall? She went on a shopping brie
  10. What did the cheese say after escaping the mouse? Finally, I’m brieeee!

Swiss Cheese Puns

  1. We hope you have a hole lot of fun.
  2. Why aren’t there a lot of movies about swiss cheese? Because the plot has too many holes.
  3. I swiss you the best.
  4. She’s my soul swisster.
  5. Have you heard about the guy who opened up a store where they only sell swiss cheese?
  6. I Swiss you the best in your future endeavors!
  7. Let’s work on your hypotheswiss. It’s a hole business strategy.
  8. What kind of music does swiss cheese like to listen to? Hole-y music.
  9. What kind of cheese is religious? Swiss, ’cause it’s hole-y.
  10. Do you know why swiss cheese has holes? No, I’m hole-ly unaware.

Cheddar Cheese Puns

  1. It’s always cheddar to give than to receive.
  2. Why did the cheddar cheese decide to go to the gym? To get shredded.
  3. Cheddar days are coming.
  4. Don’t cheddar tear everything’s going to be okay1
  5. Breakups are tough, but you’re definitely cheddared off without her, man.
  6. Why did the shredded cheddar cheese get mad when the teacher gave him an F on the test? He felt he had been unfairly grated.
  7. Nothing can get cheddar than this.
  8. Why is cheddar considered the most dangerous type of cheese? Because it’s sharp.
  9. Are you seriously addicted to cheddar cheese?

Nacho Cheese Puns

  1. How can you tell when someone is your nacho friend? They get jalapeño face.
  2. Don’t touch that. They’re nachos and they’re mine!
  3. I’m a nacho ordinary girl.
  4. Ummm, excuse me. This is a nacho thing.
  5. Why can’t you eat someone’s cheese-covered chips? Because they’re not yours.
  6. Why does South America remind me of nachos? Because they’ve got a lot of Chile on the side.
  7. It’s still nacho time.
  8. What is a nacho’s favorite dance? The salsa.
  9. That’s nacho problem anymore.
  10. What’s the best queso scenario? All-you-can-eat nachos.

Brie-lliant Cheesy Saying

  1. Gouda takes the good with the bad.
  2. Cheese Louise!
  3. Cleanliness is next to Gouda-lines.
  4. Anything you can do, I can do feta.
  5. Praise Cheeses!
  6. Don’t slice the hand that feeds you!
  7. The best things in life are brie.
  8. Sorry, you’re feeling bleu.
  9. Bitter late than never.
  10. To brie or not to brie.
  11. Let it brie.
  12. Ricotta gets going.
  13. I’ve just been on a mad shopping brie.
  14. Take it cheesy.
  15. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single slice.
  16. It’s gouda brie a good day.
  17. All gouda things come to an end.
  18. It’s brie-ter to be safe than sorry.
  19. Set your mind at cheese.

Cele-bri-tary Cheese Puns

Gouda luck!

Don’t be blue, you’re not old, you’re just mature.

Three cheese for your birthday.

Hope today is as nice as can brie.

Have a brie-lliant birthday!

Romantically Mature Cheesey Puns 

  • Let’s brie friends forever.
  • The first cheesy couples was Edam and Eve.
  • I would be so provolone without you.
  • That’s what cheese said.
  • It’s always cheddar to give than to receive.
  • To havarti and to hold.
  • I’m so in love, I camembert it.
  • You’re up to no gouda.
  • Hey, you’re looking sharp.
  • If you don’t like cheese I’m nacho type. 
  • You are looking mozzare-hella good.
  • Where would I brie without you?!
  • Ricotta get through this!
  • Would you brie mine?
  • Do you brie-lieve in magic?
  • Hello, is it brie you’re looking for?
  • You’re so cheesygoing.
  • If looks curd kill.
  • This might sound cheesy, but I think you’re really grate.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the brie-holder.
  • I’m a nacho average girl.
  • I’m grateful for your presence.
  • Talk Curd-y to me
  • You’re cheddar off without him.
  • You’re my Roquefort ever.
  • Who cares if you’re alone-y, just eat some macaroni.
  • I had fondue you think we can do this again?
  • I’m cheddar off alone.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fondue.
  • You’re my soul swiss-ter.

Chessy Comeback Puns

cheese names
  • You think you’re feta than me?
  • Don’t touch! They’re nachos.
  • Lay your curds on the table.
  • I’ll take your curd for it.
  • Let’s agree to disabrie.
  • Mind your own cheesewax.
  • You’re my arch neme-swiss.
  • What is your hypotheswiss?
  • That calls for further analyswiss.
  • He’s a real munster.
  • This is nacho thing.
  • I beg to disabrie.
  • Nacho problem.

Cheese Puns for your Friends

Never undervalue the impact of a funny story! Here are a few you might like:

  1. Why was the cheese asked to leave the restaurant? The cook said, “we don’t serve your kind here”.
  2. What do you tell your friend after she breaks up with a cheese lover? You’re cheddar off without him!
  3. How do you know when cheese is full of itself? Whatever you say, he’ll say he is feta.
  4. Why do cheeses make bad musicians? They’re always sharp.
  5. What did one cheese tell the other cheese on Valentine’s day? Brie mine.
  6. Did you hear about the guy who forgot to use the colander when making mac and cheese? His wife gave him a restraining order.
  7. What do you call flying cheese? A curd of prey.
  8. What does a piece of cheese tell you during a game of tag? Cheez-it.
  9. Why did the cheese lover hide cheese in the back of his fridge?
  10. What do you call cheese who attends art openings? Cultured.
  11. What do you say about cheese going through a hard time? Ricotta, get through this.
  12. What is a cheese lover’s favorite rap artist? Feta wap.
  13. What happens when you go on an all-cheese diet? You cheddar a few pounds.
  14. Why does the Pope love Swiss cheese so much? It’s hole-y.
  15. What is a pirate’s favorite cheese? Ched-arrrrgh!


Looking for a fun but not cheesy cheese pun? We have provided all the funny cheese puns that use the word gouda.

One of the most popular meals is cheese, which also lends itself to some hilarious jokes and puns. There are so many different kinds of cheese and cheese attributes that you can play with a pun.

There is bound to be a good cheesy pun for you, whether you’re looking for a humorous SMS, a cringe-worthy pick-up line, or just a hilarious joke.

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