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Have You ever wondered how much is a charter school teacher’s salary, what it’s like being a teacher at a charter school? Or how charter school teacher’s salary compares with that of a regular traditional public school teacher? If yes, then I will be helping you with all this information below. Read on.

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One of the most popular school restructuring strategies in the early 1990s was the emergence of charter schools. In 1991, Minnesota became the first state to pass legislation enabling the establishment of charter schools.

In the ensuing decade, many states crafted charter school laws by taking advantage of unusual bipartisan support in the governor’s offices and state legislatures.

The schools quickly became popular and the number of charter schools grew from two schools in 1992 to more than 2300 public charter schools in thirty-four states and the District of Columbia serving over 500,000 students by the fall of 2001. The question now is “What is a charter school?”

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What is a Charter School?

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are independent public schools that are not bound by many of the same regulations as traditional public schools. This increased autonomy helps them achieve the specific missions on which they are founded.

They are established in their communities alongside existing public schools, and sometimes even inside them. Admissions are open to all students and usually conducted by lottery.

Because the purpose of a charter school is to offer an alternative option for education to everybody; they admit students solely on the basis of availability.

Charter schools are available as a choice for families. Students enroll in charter schools because they and their parents wish to do so.

There are a little over 7,000 charter schools nationwide, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS).

And the U.S. Department of Education awarded $253 million in grants for charter schools to expand in 2017.

Charter Schools Structuring

Charter Schools Structuring

There is no standard charter school model. Charter schools aim to provide an educational experience that is different from conventional public schools and results in high student achievement, but charter school founders have chosen many different approaches to meet these goals.

Charter schools may be developed around various areas of focus:

  • A particular teaching method, such as the Montessori method
  • A specific subject, such as math, art, or music
  • Theme-based curricula, such as environmental sustainability or language immersion
  • Serving a specific population, such as “at-risk” students
  • Personnel policies or teacher payment strategies, such as merit-based pay

Charter School Teacher Salary vs. Public School Teacher Salary 2020

Being a teacher is just as demanding as it is rewarding. It’s also an essential role in the growth of our future generations. Even with the rapid growth of charter schools, the average charter school teacher salary is lower than that of a public school teacher.

Charter school teachers make an average of $54,921, according to Comparably, a market compensation resource. The average public school teacher salary is $60,483.

Like public school teacher salaries, charter school teacher salaries vary broadly by state. Comparing averages only gives a part of the picture.

Charter school teachers have a wide range of salaries even within the same state. Charter school teachers make the most in California. However, across the state, ZipRecruiter data reports that salaries are as low as $15,542 and as high as $87,238, as of June 11, 2019. This puts the California average charter school teacher salary at $43,518, also as of June 11, 2019.

Because salaries are specifically determined by each charter school, your best option is to review the teacher salary at your desired working location. Then compare it with surrounding charter school salaries and public school teacher salaries.

Charter School Teachers and Student Loan Forgiveness

Charter school teachers make less than public school teachers and may also be carrying a student loan balance. But some charter school teachers could have their student loans forgiven.

Teachers at charter schools are eligible for the following federal student loan forgiveness programs:

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness: This program can offer up to $17,500 in forgiveness if you teach certain subjects. Otherwise, you can receive $5,000 of student loan forgiveness.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF): This program offers complete forgiveness of any remaining student loan balance after 10 years of qualifying payments.
  • Income-driven repayment plans: This program offers complete forgiveness of your student loans after 20 to 25 years of payments on a qualifying payment plan.

The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program and PSLF program are often touted as the best loan forgiveness programs for teachers.

This may not be the case for charter school teachers. To be eligible, you must be employed at a public nonprofit charter school.



What is it like to teach in a public charter school?

Although your charter school experience will depend largely on the particular school you choose, charter schools do have some common characteristics. Compared to other public schools, they are more likely to be located in urban areas, typically have smaller classes, and are less likely to be unionized.

How do charter school teacher salaries compare?

Some charter school teacher compensation plans are based on the salary schedule for public school teachers within the district, while other schools offer higher or lower salaries, depending on their charter.

Do charter school teaching requirements include certification?

State certification requirements for public charter school teachers vary. Some states require them to have the same teacher certification and qualifications as other public school teachers, while other states have more flexible requirements.

What is the demand for charter school teachers?

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, approximately 365,000 students are currently on waiting lists to attend charter schools. Because they are proving popular with the public, the need for teachers interested in this line of work is likely to grow.

Is there a union for charter school teachers?

Yes, there do. The teacher union has long been a benefit to public school teachers. They will fight for your salary, benefits and your rights as a worker. A union is a major difference between charter school and public school teachers.

Charter school teacher salary vary so much state by state and school by school. There are certainly benefits to working in charter schools. But it’s these same freedoms that allow for such disparity in charter school teacher salaries.

The bottom line is that you must do your own individual research at each specific school to determine if it’s a good fit and if it will offer you a salary you can live with.

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