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Cell Phone Repair Business Overview and Tips on How to be Successful

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Cell Phone Repair Business: Do you have a knack for fixing things, and are you always the first of your friends to find out about the latest phone updates and tech? 

Cell Phone Repair Business

For technology lovers with a talent for fixing phones, opening a cell phone repair business may seem like the perfect venture. A cell phone repair business focuses on repairing broken or damaged cell phones and tablets.

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about getting into a cell phone repair business.

Business Overview

Cell phone repair businesses help to save consumers money by repairing broken phones so consumers don’t have to purchase new ones.

Common phone repairs include screen repair and replacement, battery replacement, button, and headphone jack repair, and camera repair, though you’ll probably see plenty of other issues while in business, too.

Some repair businesses have a physical storefront where customers can bring their damaged phones, while smaller startups may opt for a mobile model to save on rental or lease fees while also offering the customer the convenience of a traveling repairperson.

If you’re considering starting a cell phone repair business of your own, this guide can help you understand the potential startup costs, your potential earnings, and what to expect as you start your business.

Where to Buy Broken Phones

If you have decided to start a phone repair business, then it would be really wise to try out the practice on an old and spoilt phone.

When buying a broken device, the most important thing to keep in mind is that, though the phone you purchase may have a cracked screen, a damaged charging port, or malfunctioning buttons, it must be able to turn on.

If a phone doesn’t turn on, you won’t know if the repair that you just finished actually fixed the problem or not. Here are a few places you can find phones eligible for repair.

1. Amazon

Amazon has many options for cheap, used, and broken phones. There is also a rating system for each seller, which offers some type of credibility.

This will help you make sure that you don’t get lied to, sold the wrong device, or sold a device that doesn’t turn on. You can bookmark the Amazon page for each device that you want to fix and monitor the fluctuation of the prices.

2. eBay

eBay is a great option because it allows you to either bid on a broken phone or buy one directly. There is a huge selection of items from all around the world to choose from.

It also has a money-back guarantee; if the product you ordered doesn’t match the description, eBay will refund your money with absolutely no need for communication with the seller.

This is what brings me to eBay every time. Bookmark a few search queries for the devices in your niche and monitor the prices.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great option if you want to stay local or need to buy phones on short notice. You can pay cash and negotiate prices with the seller.

However, it does have its downfalls; you aren’t exactly sure of the quality of the product you are buying, and the seller can leave you in the dark and disappear shortly after the sale.

Be cautious with this route—you might either find garbage or find gold.

Steps to Start A Cell Phone Repair Business

Steps to Start A Cell Phone Repair Business

  • Business plan: Have a business plan with the costs, target audience, and the break-even time frame to ensure success in your business.
  • Legal entity: Establish a legal business entity and register for the state taxes.
  • Business accounting: Record your expenses and income to understand financial performance better.
  • Permits and licenses: Obtain necessary permits and licenses wherever applicable.
  • Branding: Define your brand as this is how your customers will perceive your company.
  • Website: Having a site will attract more customers, and a social media presence will speed up growth.

Phone repairs is a very good business to earn from. From the words up there I guess you are good to go with establishing a tech shop all the way.

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