Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022 on Social Media, Twitter or in Private

 – Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022 – 

Many rich people and celebrities donate not only money or love giving to organizations and poor communities, some even give money away online, or on Twitter.

celebrities Giving Away Money

In this post, we will make a list of celebrities that love giving money away on Twitter, social media generally, and in private. 


Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022, Most Generous Celebrities

Check out who made the 30 Most Generous Celebrities list who love Giving Away Money:

1. Actress Jami Gertz and her husband Antony Ressler — $10,569,002

 For the Ressler Gertz Foundation. The foundation’s grants include $1.7 million for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and $ 400,000 for the Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

2. Musician Herb Alpert –$9,104,829

 For the Herb Alpert Foundation, which focuses on art, compassion, and wellness.

3. Actor Mel Gibson — $6,853,020

This actor loves giving away his money to the A.P. Reilly Foundation, which he founded in support of the Holy Family Church.

4. Director, Producer, Writer, George Lucas — $4,250,000

They then gave the George Lucas Educational Foundation to Lucas, with the purpose of inspiring and empowering young people to become responsible citizens, compassionate leaders, and to live their dreams.

5. Writer Nora Roberts — $3,000,000

For the Nora Roberts Foundation, which supports literacy. Other approaches are children’s programs, arts organizations, and humanitarian efforts, with local organizations at the fore.

6. NFL Player Ndamukong Suh — $2,600,000

$2 million for the University of Nebraska Sports Department and $ 600,000 for the University of Nebraska College of Engineering, University of Lincoln, for a scholarship.

It is the biggest gift from a former footballer to date.

7. MLB Player Lance Berkman and his Wife Cara — $2,412,245

Grants include $ 400,000 for Josiah Venture, a Christian youth movement in Eastern Europe, and $ 113,000 for Children’s Cup, a Christian organization that focuses on “forgotten children” in Swaziland.

Efforts are underway in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and also in Vietnam and the Philippines. Most of your donations go to Christian organizations.

8. Actress Meryl Streep and her Husband Donald Gummer — $2,000,000

For the Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts, a foundation they founded. The grants include $ 100,000 each to Oxfam America and Partners in Health; $ 1,225,000 for Vassar College. Total funding for the year was over $2.1 million.

9. Television Producer Marcia Carsey and Her husband John Carsey — $1,870,000

To the Carsey Family Foundation, they founded. Grants include $ 250,000 for Media Matters for America, $ 100,000 for the Institute for America’s Future, and $ 50,000 for the Progressive Talent Initiative.

10. Simpsons’ Co-Creator Sam Simon — $1,800,000

Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022

To the Sam Simon Foundation to “save the lives of dogs to enrich the lives of men.” The foundation runs a number of programs including a mobile veterinary department, dogs for veterans, and dogs for the deaf and hard of hearing.

11. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld — $1,766,000

For the Seinfeld Family Foundation, which supports Jewish education, children’s services, health, and organizations; Funding for art too.

12. Actress Barbra Streisand — $1,555,500

For the Barbra Streisand Foundation. They distribute grants to a variety of charities and causes, including Barbra Streisand’s Cardiovascular Research and Education Program for Women at Cedars Sinai, City Year, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, respectively.

13. Actor Matthew McConaughey — $1,537,292

For the Just Keep Livin Foundation, which he founded himself. The grants distributed include $ 88,000 to the Los Angeles West School community and $ 38,000 to the Central Texas School community.

14. Writers Dean and Gerda Koontz — $1,500,000

To the Dean and Gerda Koontz Foundation. Grants include $ 750,000 for the Canine Companions for Independence and $ 500,000 for Saint Michael Abbey in Silverado, CA.

15. Model Gisele Bundchen — $1,500,000

 To the Red Cross for aid to Haiti.


16. Writer Isabel Allende — $1,017,247

To Isabel Allende Foundation to support charities that empower and protect women. Founded in honor of his daughter Paula Frias, who died at the age of 28.

Grants include $ 500,000 for Oritel, which provides human services to low-income families, and $ 30,500 for the Global Fund for Women.

17. Actor Alec Baldwin — $1,005,131

For the Alec Baldwin Foundation. Grants include $ 50,000 for the New York Philharmonic, $ 42,500 for the Waterkeeper Alliance, and $ 250,000 for the Carol M Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

18. Actress Sandra Bullock — $1,000,000

To Doctors Without Borders for help to Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

19. NFL Player Eli Manning and his wife Abby — $1,000,000

For the University of Mississippi Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship, which allows prospective students with an adjusted gross household income of $ 30,000 or less to attend college from Mississippi.

20. Actress Will and Jada Smith — $900,000

For the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation. Grants included $ 126,000 for the Lupus Foundation, $ 200,000 for the Baltimore School of the Arts, and $ 52,000 for the MakeAWish Foundation.

21. Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner — $900,000

To Trust for Public Land to save the iconic Hollywood sign from being undermined to make way for four luxury homes.

Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022

22. NBA Player Carmelo Anthony — $837,200

For the Carmelo Anthony Foundation. Grants include $ 500,000 for Syracuse University and $ 302,000 for the Living Classroom Foundation.

23. Cyclist and Seven-time Winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong — $700,648

For the LiveStrong Foundation, which he founded to help improve the lives of people with cancer.

24. Writers Jonathan and Faye Kellerman — $627,700

For the Jonathan and Faye Kellerman Foundation. Grants include $ 175,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, $ 150,000 for USC / Kellerman Endowment, and $ 25,000 for the Boston Institute of Music.

25. MLB Player Mariano Rivera — $627,500

To the Mariano Rivera Foundation. The grants distributed included $ 150,000 for the Church of God Prophecy and $ 50,000 for the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

26. Singer/Songwriter Taylor Swift — $625,000

$500,000 for Hands on Nashville, the Middle Tennessee Community Foundation for Nashville Rising flood relief efforts.

$ 25,000 to Wyomissing, PA School District, for a $ 100,000 educational voucher to rebuild the Kids Kingdom, a playground in Hendersonville, Tennessee, where she attended high school.

27. Daniel and Cara Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy) — $550,020

For the GitRDone Foundation. Grants include $ 500,000 for the Child Advocacy Center and $ 525,000 for the Madonna Foundation.

28. Artist Jasper Johns — $500,000

To Low Road Foundation by artist Jasper John, which he founded himself. Grants awarded include $ 50,000 for the Contemporary Art Foundation.

29. Golfer Davis Love — $424,379

For the Davis Love III Foundation, which he founded. Grants include $ 479,000 for St. Presbyterian Church, $ 100,000 for Frederica Academy, $ 75,000 for Special Olympics, and $ 75,000 for Boys and Girls Club of Southeast GA.

30. Actress Victoria Principal — $342,665

For the Victoria Principal Foundation. Grants awarded include $ 25,000 to the Greenpeace Fund, $ 125,000 to the Natural Resources Defense Council, and $ 100,000 to Oceana.


Celebrities Who Give Back in Secret 2022

1. Beyoncé

Superstar and her husband JayZ give away millions every year publicly, through their foundations and as a couple, but sometimes they prefer to keep donations private.

Giving Away Money

Beyoncé donated $7 million to fund a homeless housing development in her hometown of Houston. Beyoncé’s pastor, who officiated her wedding, oversees the project and revealed the star’s generosity in 2014.

2. Taylor Swift

This is one celebrity that loves giving away Money. It doesn’t always inspire critics to love, but Taylor Swift is undeniably a philanthropist.

When one of her superfans became homeless after her parents kicked him out of her home, Swift donated $ 4,000 to her GoFund campaign to help him get comfortable again.

At least they widely believed that she was. This is because, although Swift never acknowledged the gift, they made it in a series of three donations referred to as “TS”, “MGS” and “OBS”, the last two possibly having her cat’s initials, Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson.

3. Nicki Minaj

The rapper has been supporting an entire Indian village for years, an initiative for which she partnered with her pastor. With her help, they built a data center, a tailoring institute, a reading program, and two wells.

Minaj only announced her engagement in 2017 with no money information to inspire her fans to support her future philanthropic endeavors.

4. Kate Middleton

When Kate Middleton cut 7 inches off her luxurious auburn locks in 2018, probably no one suspected that she was going to end up anywhere other than her stylist’s floor.

But in a poignant step, a source said that she actually donated it to a children’s charity, Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer.

5. Keanu Reeves

Keanu is extremely private, as anyone who has seen him out in public with his under-the-radar girlfriend knows. He has a philanthropic foundation with no name that has been giving money away for nearly two decades.

In a 2009 interview with Ladies’ Home Journal, Keanu said, “I don’t like to link my name to anything.”

Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022

“I simply let the foundation do its job.” This includes giving to children’s hospitals and cancer research, a cause close to the John Wick actor’s heart because his sister Kim battled leukemia for a decade.

6. Jay-Z

Jay-Z, the musician, and cultural giant have made a number of public humanitarian gestures, yet he still has a reputation for doing too little.

That’s because Jay, like his superstar wife Beyoncé, frequently donates anonymously.

However, some details have surfaced, such as his transferring money to Ferguson and Baltimore police brutality protesters.

7. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’s reputation in life was a tough guy who never went out to charity. However, recent reports have revealed the truth: that he and his wife Laurene gave away millions in secret.

In a rare interview with the New York Times, Laurene spoke of her reluctance to associate his name with donations, even if they were sizable, such as the $50 million that Jobs gave to California hospitals throughout the years.


8. John Legend

John Legend, already the sexiest man in the world and husband of the famous mother of all time, is also a caring person who knows that children should not go hungry in school.

celebrities Giving Away Money

When he learned that low-income students in the Seattle area where his wife Chrissy Tiegen grew up had racked up $ 21,000 in school debt at lunchtime and were in danger of losing their food, he promoted him with cash.

Using his real name, John Stephens, he donated $ 5,000 to GoFundMe to pay off the debt. The campaign organizer Googled the name and traced it back to the singer who admitted it.

9. Eminem

While searching for Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022, the name Eminem will definitely pop up. Simply, the rapper does not believe in publicizing his good works.

His Marshall Mathers Foundation often gives away money on the condition that the source of it is kept secret.

But stories have leaked, including a case where Eminem donated $ 200,000 to Wolverine Human Services, which is helping put young people at risk in his homeland of Michigan.

10. George Michael

Like other reticent celebrities, singer George Michael did not mind publicizing his good deeds.

He gave enormous sums to various charities for children and HIV and donated royalties from “Jesus to a Child” and his duet with Elton John, “Don’t keep amounts a secret.

We know how much you got in a deal – or no-deal entrant that attended the program hoping to earn cash to pay for approximately $ 20,000 in IVF treatments.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion Giving Money Away on Twitter 2022

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are some celebrities who gave away $1m on Twitter: 

“We see you, everyone who supports #WAP!! We’re teaming up with Twitter and Cash App to give away a total of $1 million in honor of all the powerful women out there “Both celebrities replied via tweets.

Celebrities Giving Away Money 2022

Fans were invited to respond with their ‘cashtag’ (Cash App’s unique identification) for a chance to win a portion of the million dollars, with Cardi and Megan later retweeting some of the appreciative replies from those who were picked.


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