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My 401+ Amazing Catering Business Name Ideas You Can Use to Start Now

Getting the right catering business names for your new cooking brand might seem a bit difficult, but you should know unique names attracts the right audience.

catering business names

Do you want to launch a catering business? To distinguish yourself from the established competition in your area, you’ll need the right name.

The catering industry is currently showing signs of consistent growth, so this is the ideal time to launch this kind of business.

We’ve given you over 400 original catering business name suggestions you can use right away to get started.

If you wish to work in the lucrative wedding sector, we have everything from humorous names to more serious ones.

Creative Catering Business Name Ideas

  • Metro Catering and Events
  • Best Eats Catering
  • Calling All Caters
  • Big Mama’s Catering
  • Dare to Taste
  • The Devoted Catering Service
  • Cuisine for Occasions
  • Elite Event Staffing and Catering
  • Food in Motion
  • Bon Appetit Basics
  • First Class Meals Company
  • Vineyard Catering Services
  • Finer Diners Catering Service
  • That’s a Toast!
  • Masters of the Catering Universe
  • The Catering Guru
  • (Your Name’s) Ultimate Food
  • My Catering Company
  • Taste Love Catering
  • The Catering Angels
  • At Your Service
  • Who’s Cooking Catering Services
  • The American Catering Service
  • A Chef’s Touch
  • A Catering To Remember
  • Cater Nation
  • Catering Masters
  • I Do Catering
  • Cater Me Mexican
  • Boyz In The Kitchen
  • The Enchanting Caterers
  • Flavor Town Catering
  • Delicate Dishes Catering Services
  • My Catering Company
  • The Better Caterer
  • Yummy Mist Foods
  • Flavor Time Catering
  • The Happy Cater
  • Lemons and Olives Catering Service
  • Taste & Fun Catering

Funny Catering Business Names Ideas

  • The Lazy Gourmet
  • Hungry For Food Catering
  • Best Choice Caterers
  • Mad About Food Catering
  • The Flying Pan
  • Pleasure Catering Service
  • Big Party Platters
  • Epicures Private Chef Service
  • The Magnificent Munch Catering Service
  • Your Local Caterer
  • The Tasteful Catering Service
  • All Aspects Catering and More
  • Delectables by (Your Name) Catering
  • Fresh Start Catering
  • The Voila Caterers
  • The Great Spoon
  • Bread + Butter
  • Tiny Surprises Caterers
  • Happy Helpers Caterers
  • Season to Taste Catering
  • Delectables Restaurant & Catering
  • Happy Fingers Catering Service
  • The Flavors of America
  • ‘Murica Catering Service
  • Food Mongers Inc.
  • Liberty Catering Service
  • Epic Catering Co.
  • Tasteful Affairs Catering
  • Spin Events and Catering
  • Kitchen Art Catering Company
  • The Bellhop Catering
  • Classic Fare Catering
  • All-Star Catering Services
  • Open Bar Hospitality
  • Personal Touch Experience
  • Devour – The Catering Company
  • On The Menu Catering Services
  • Zee Cooks Catering Service
  • Golden Sands Catering Service
  • Food To You Catering Service

Soul Food Catering Business Name Ideas

  • Cajun Style Catering
  • Eating Down South Catering
  • The Soul Chef Cooking
  • (Your Name’s) Southern Kitchen
  • Strictly Cajun Catering Co.
  • Mom’s Best Catering Inc.
  • Truly Southern Style Catering
  • The Soulful Caterer
  • Southern Authentic Food
  • Cajun Chronicles Catering Co.
  • (Your Name) & (Name)’s Southern Cooking
  • The Crawfish Cook Out Catering Co.
  • Explosion of Southern Flavors
  • Rich Flavors from the South Catering Inc.
  • The Southern Grandmother
  • Sweet Potato Pie Catering Service
  • From the South Catering Service
  • The Soulful Catering
  • Peach Cobbler Catering
  • More Than Just Chicken Catering
  • The Great Southern Catering
  • Southern Style Caterer
  • The Southern Hemisphere
  • The Southern Way
  • Southern Food Fusion
  • Southern Customary Food
  • Traditionally South Catering
  • Caterers with Southern Origins
  • Flavors of the Soul
  • Fried Fish Catering
  • Food for the Soul
  • Green Heart Foods
  • Meats and Greens
  • Real Cajun Catering Service
  • The Southern Caterers
  • Chicken and Waffle Catering
  • Catering Down South
  • The Complete Southern Meal
  • Southern Cuisine Must Haves 

Home-Based Catering Name Ideas

catering business names for you
  • The Love Coast Caterers
  • Main Street Catering Group
  • Good Flavors Catering Service
  • Pure Kitchen Catering
  • Viola! Events and Catering Made Simple
  • Red Onions Buffet
  • Night Owl Caterers
  • Seasons Gourmet Catering
  • Who’s Catering
  • Royal Treat Catering
  • Upper Crust Catering Company
  • Beyond Imagination Catering
  • Indulge Contemporary Catering Co.
  • The Catering Pool
  • The Pyramid Catering
  • The Ruins Events & Catering
  • The Cheese Board
  • Homey Vibe Catering Service
  • Have It Catered
  • A Matter of Taste Catering
  • The Home-Based Chef
  • Home of Gourmet
  • Client First caterers
  • The At Home Catering Service
  • Spoon and Fork Productions
  • Viva Events & Catering
  • The Taste of Home
  • The Confident Caterers
  • The Good Taste Catering
  • The Home Kitchen Catering
  • Woodhaven Manor Caterers
  • The South Coast Catering Service
  • Finesse Cuisine and Catering
  • A Touch of Class Caterers
  • (Your Name’s) Home Kitchen Service
  • The Hungry Home
  • Peach Tree Caters
  • Groovin’ Gourmets Inc.
  • My Catering R & R
  • The Siesta Food Group

Corporate Catering Name Ideas

  • A+ Catering and Parties
  • A Meal To Remember
  • Scrumptious Catering Services
  • Crystal Creek Catering Inc.
  • Fairway Catering Services
  • The RSVP Catering
  • Thirty Minute Foods
  • Cater Waiters Inc.
  • Sensational Corporate Foods Catering
  • Be Our Client Catering
  • The Savor Station
  • The Yellow Bricks Catering Co.
  • Corporate Minds Event Planners & More
  • Right This Way Catering
  • The Meeting Caterers
  • The Start Up Catering Crew
  • Complete Cuisine Catering
  • Eagle Catering Company
  • Gold Star Catering Co.
  • Corporate Catering & Events
  • Finesse Cuisine Catering
  • A Grand Affaire Catering Service
  • Special Events Catering
  • The First Class Catering Service
  • The Business-Minded Chef
  • For Business and Pleasure
  • Food For Corporate
  • The Corporate Cooks
  • The Business Casual Catering Service
  • May Meet Catering
  • The Industry Catering
  • Trader Tree Foods
  • The Corporate Feast
  • Bliss Catering Co.
  • Celebration Time Catering
  • Lunchtime Catering Co.
  • Hangry No More Catering Service
  • The Prestigious Caterers
  • The Chef’s Fare
  • Top Choice Caters

BBQ Catering Business Name Ideas

  • The Spicy Grill Catering
  • BBQ Nation Restaurant & Catering
  • The BBQ King
  • The Outdoor Kitchen
  • The Marinade Chalet
  • Hometown Grillin’ Catering Service
  • Broil & Glaze Catering Co.
  • Ribs R Us
  • Charr’d Catering Service Inc.
  • The Pit Boss
  • Applewood Restaurant & Catering
  • The Curly Tail Smoke Pit
  • Spicy Wind BBQ Joint & Catering
  • The Smokaholic BBQ Pit Catering Co.
  • Red, White, and Smoked BBQ
  • The Pesky Porker
  • Mad Grill Catering Co.
  • White Smoke Catering Service
  • Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse Restaurant & Catering
  • Meat and Pan BBQ Catering
  • Heavenly Hawgs Catering Inc.
  • The Spice Grills
  • Oh, My Grill! Catering Co.
  • Main Street Catering & Grill
  • Backyard BBQ Catering Service
  • Southern States BBQ Catering
  • The Grillers and Caterers
  • Sweaty Pigs BBQ Catering Co.
  • The Meaty Catering Service
  • The Outback Grill Catering
  • The Masters of the Grill
  • Forklift Catering Inc.
  • Grill ‘N Roll
  • Meat Rushmore Catering Service
  • The Grill House Catering Co.
  • The Fire Spot
  • The Eternal Cookout Catering
  • The BBQ Express
  • La Grande Grille
  • The BBQ Sauce Catering Inc.

Grazing Platter Company Name 

  • Charcuterie Events & Catering
  • The Grazeful Place
  • The Cold Cuts Platter
  • The Enlightened Dairy
  • Dear Dairy Mart
  • 1000 Cheeses and Meats
  • Creamy Delights Collective
  • Parm to Mouth
  • Artisanal Art Co.
  • Cheese Please Co.
  • The Meaty and Cheesy Collective
  • Fresh Cheese Bar
  • Your Cheese and Cuts Block
  • The Parmesan and Cured Cuts Destination
  • The Cheesy Smile
  • Freshly Cut Co.
  • The Cheesy Plate
  • Cold Cut Delights
  • Meal On A Plate
  • Smoke and Spice Deli
  • Cured Cuts Company
  • Meat Lovers’ Delicatessen Co.
  • Cold Cuts Heaven
  • The Classic Charcuterie
  • The Cured Cuts Connoisseur
  • Smokey Slices Inc.
  • Uptown Deli & Cafe
  • Star More Deli & Cafe
  • Easterly Deli & Cafe
  • The Vibrant Deli
  • Cold Cuts Galore
  • The Cheesy and Meaty Plate
  • The Chill Mart Deli
  • The Sunloft Cold Cuts
  • Artisanal Food Co.
  • The Grey Pick Deli & Cafe
  • The Appetizing Platter
  • The Cheesy Board
  • The Meat and Cheese Tray
  • A Trayful of Food

Wedding Catering Business Name Ideas

catering for you
  • Birds of a Feather Catering Service
  • I Do Catering
  • The Great Stork Catering
  • Cater Me A Wedding
  • Amazing Grace Event Catering
  • A Night To Remember Wedding Catering
  • The Catering Guys
  • Twelve Baskets Catering Service
  • Banquet Maids Inc.
  • The Bridesmaids Catering Service
  • Cooks For Weddings
  • The Upbeat Catering Crew
  • Catering Every Wedding
  • Crown Point Catering
  • Seasoned Wedding Caterers
  • The Chef’s Corner Inc.
  • I Do Wedding Catering Services
  • Marry Meals Wedding Catering
  • That’s a Toast! Wedding Caterers
  • Weddings, I Do! Catering
  • To The Newly Wed Catering
  • A Beautiful Day Catering
  • The Wedding Caterers Co.
  • Extra Special Day Catering
  • The Personal Touch Catering
  • The Gate Gourmet
  • The Enchanted Catering Inc.
  • Three Little Words Catering Services
  • Open Bar Hospitality
  • Archway Wedding Caterers
  • The Wedding Caterers to Remember
  • The Bridal Catering
  • The Classy Wedding Catering
  • A Fancy Fiesta Wedding Catering
  • Wedding Day Caterers
  • We Cater Weddings
  • The Wedding Foodies
  • Catering by (Your Name)
  • A Catered Affair
  • Helping Hands Catering Service

Buffet Style Catering Name Ideas

  • Wish You Were Buffet
  • The Hot Bird Buffet
  • Planet Buffet
  • All You Can Eat Catering Service
  • Festive Feasts Buffet & Catering
  • The Vegetarian Buffet
  • The Smokey Buffet and Catering
  • The Party Cuisine
  • Plentiful Eats Buffet
  • Massive Foodie Treats Buffet
  • The Gourmet Buffet
  • Pine & Dine Buffet and Catering
  • The Yum Yum Tree
  • Garden of Eat’n
  • The Little Easy Buffet
  • The Buffet Planet
  • The Big Lebuffet
  • (Your Name’s) Buffet World
  • The Beefy Buffet and Restaurant
  • Value Variety Buffet
  • Lotta Eats Buffet and Catering
  • The Cuisine Canteen
  • Sushi Smorgasboard
  • Neverending Eats Catering Service
  • Buffet Brilliance Catering Co.
  • Plenty O’ Food
  • Perpetual Eats Inc.
  • Bon Appetit Buffets
  • Placemats Buffet & Catering
  • All Tastes Buffet
  • Taste Everything Buffet and Catering Service
  • Food for Awhile
  • The Crunch Corner
  • Filling Fare Buffet and Restaurant
  • The Buffet Bros
  • Spectacular Smorgasboard
  • Half a Mile Meals
  • Buffet For Days
  • My Buffet Brunch
  • The Hot Smorgasbord 

Breakfast Catering Name Ideas

  • Sunrise Omelettes Catering Co.
  • The Chef in the Hat
  • Blue Line Brunch Lounge
  • Mommy’s breakfast
  • The King’s Breakfast
  • Mad Munch Breakfast Catering Service
  • Farmhouse Inn Restaurant & Catering
  • Over Breakfast Catering
  • The Good Life Catering Co.
  • Getting Brunched Catering
  • The Nacho Breakfast
  • The Sunrise Buffet & Catering
  • The Sunshine Feast
  • Break of Dawn Catering Service
  • The Brunch Chow
  • The Clucking Catering Service
  • The Daybreak Catering Service
  • Break The Fast Catering
  • The Breakfast Joint
  • Sunshine Eats Catering Co.
  • Waffles and Eggs
  • Another Breakfast Catering and Restaurant
  • The Dawn Grub
  • The Early Bird Catering Inc.
  • The Breakfast Place
  • Start The Day Catering Co.
  • The Breakfast Caterer for Americans
  • The Breakfast Club Catering
  • Poached or Scrambled Catering
  • Mommy’s Breakfast Joint
  • The Neighborhood Breakfast Joint
  • Wake Up and Roll
  • Good Morning Eats Catering Inc.
  • Dawn Breaks Catering Service
  • Wake Up and Eat Co.
  • Mama’s Breakfast Catering
  • The Good Morning Palace
  • The Morning Spoon Restaurant and Catering
  • Rise and Shine
  • The Morning Industry Kitchen
  • Sunrise Omelettes Catering Co. 

Concession Catering Name Ideas

  • The Mad Griddle Catering Co.
  • South Of The Border Catering
  • The Urban Diner
  • The Kitchen Express
  • The Roving Caterer
  • The Mobile Catering Service
  • The Food Rack
  • The Lumberjack Mobile Smokehouse
  • Food On The Move
  • On The Go Gourmet
  • The Go Go Cuisine
  • (Your Name’s) Fried and Ready
  • Drive To Dine Catering
  • The Gourmet Machine
  • Menus In Motion
  • Smiles 4 Miles Fried Foods
  • The Breakfast Concession
  • Traveling Eats Catering Service
  • Delicious Delivered Catering Co.
  • Motivated Foodie Movers
  • Eat Anywhere Catering Inc.
  • The Breakfast Rally
  • The Delicious Drive By
  • The Diner Driver Catering Service
  • Over Easy On Wheels
  • The Recipe Wagon
  • Cater By Concession
  • The Traveling Taste Buds
  • The Food Mobile
  • The Savage Spatula Catering Service


We hope the aforementioned name ideas help you come up with the right names for your cooking business.

It is crucial to have a great name to send the right message to your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outline The Guidelines.
Start A Brainstorming Session. 
Pick A Clear And Simple Name.
Make It Memorable.
Think Of A Trendy Name. 
It Must Be Unique. 
Consider Your Target Audience.
Chose A Long Lasting Name

The Breakfast Club

Use acronyms.
Create mashups.
Draw ideas from literature and mythology.
Use foreign words.
Put your own name in.
Check out the map.
Change things up.
Partner with another business.

Rosemary’s Catering
Encore Caterers
Brown Brothers Catering
Pickups Plus Catering

Blue Kite Web Solutions LLC.
The Maroon Door (restaurant)
Unchained Carrot (marketing)
The Orange Goat (restaurant)

Sister’s Restaurant.
Ruggiero Brothers Oil.
Angela’s Bridal.

Serving, Supplying, Providing

Corporate Catering.
Social Event Catering.
Concession Catering
Wedding Catering

To fulfill a need or to give someone or something that they desire or need.


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