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In need of a Capital One Card Upgrade? This article got you covered! Fortunately, if you’re a Capital One customer, you can easily upgrade (or downgrade) your credit card with the same issuer.

Read through as we unveil a few approaches to upgrade your credit card.

Capital One Card Upgrade

When you have a card, after some time you may discover your necessities or gain designs change. For this situation, it’s enticing to perceive what other card guarantors are putting forth.

It’s likewise worth investigating potential overhauls inside a similar organization. Luckily, in case you’re a Capital One Mastercard holder, redesigning can be a genuinely snappy and clear procedure.

Simply pursue these means to climb to a charge card with the highlights you need.

Requirement for Capital One Card Upgrade

Capital One overhauls are driven by a couple of variables, yet your update relies upon the accompanying:

  • How long you’ve had the card
  • ​Frequency of use (though not using the card doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible for upgrades)
  • ​The marketing promotions currently being offered by Capital One
  • Your current account standing (i.e., if you’re consistently missing payments or your card is maxed out, you might not be eligible for upgrades)

Approaches to Upgrade Your Capital One Card

How would you know whether you’re qualified for an overhaul?

There are a couple of ways, yet regularly, they will advise cardholders who are qualified for an overhaul through a flag on their online record.

If you are qualified for an overhaul, you can either acknowledge the idea via telephone or acknowledge the offer online by signing in and choosing “Update Now” on the offer pick.

When you’ve done that, a “Finish Upgrade” window will show up

You’ll have one last opportunity to survey the overhaul rudiments (name of the card, remunerate/promotion) and the yearly expense.

At that point, essentially read the terms cautiously and ensure you get them. Also, check the case expressing your consent to them, and select “Update Card.”

There is no acknowledged check related to a redesign. However, your current APR and cutoff points will continue as before except if expressed as a component of the update offer.

Also, your card number will continue as before, which means you can keep using your present card until the enhanced one arrives, which ought to be within seven to 10 days.

How to Downgrade a Capital One Credit Card

When it’s time for a Capital One credit card downgrade, you’ll follow a similar process as you would if you wanted to upgrade your account.

First, contact customer service to review your options.

Then, choose the card that best aligns with your current spending and goals. Once the bank processes your request, you’ll receive your new card in the mail.

Top Capital One Cards for Upgrades

There are various Capital One cards worth considering if you need to update.

However, here is a couple of Capital One MasterCard.

1. Quicksilver From Capital One

The Quicksilver card buys cardholders 1.5% money back on each buy. To really sweeten the deal, money back remunerations don’t lapse and can be recovered in any sum.

Moreover, the Quicksilver card additionally accompanies most of the Visa Signature benefits like travel overhauls, maintenance agreements, and shopping limits.

The card’s present variable APR falls somewhere between 14.49% and 24.49%, and there is no yearly charge.

2. Venture From Capital One

Ideal for the individuals who like to or need to travel as often as possible. Venture from Capital One gains clients 2x miles for each dollar on each buy.

To sweeten the deal, cardholders who book inns through, and pay with their Venture card, will get an additional 10x miles for every dollar.

Cardholders additionally get all the normal Visa Signature benefits.

The present APR is regularly somewhere between 14.49% and 24.49%, and they defer the yearly expense for the pivotal year, however, every year after the charge is $95.

3. Spark Cash for Business

In case you’re an entrepreneur and hoping to redesign your card, you need to consider the Capital One Spark Cash for Business card.

Capital One Spark Cash offers boundless 2 percent money back on each buy. Cardholders can likewise get free representative cards, all of which will add to the prizes.

Entrepreneurs will get extortion security and caution through Spark Cash for Business.

The present variable APR is normally around 18.49% and, like the Venture Rewards Card, the yearly charge is postponed for the crucial year.

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How to Upgrade a Capital One Card

Maybe you got a Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card or a Capital One Platinum Credit Card as a starter credit card and now you’d like a card with rewards.

Or perhaps you got the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card to build your credit and earn cash back, but now your score has improved and you’d like a card without an annual fee.

Don’t worry — you can request an upgrade with Capital One for a different card. This is also known as a “product change.”

An upgrade could be the right move for you if your credit score has improved and you want to rack up rewards for your purchases. But a downgrade can be a smart decision if you want to get away from a card with a high annual fee.

While an upgrade or downgrade will usually meet your needs, opening a new account might be your best bet if you want a card’s introductory bonus.

Such bonuses are only available to new cardholders and getting an upgrade or downgrade to a card rarely qualifies. Please note that Capital One reserves the right to withhold introductory bonuses if you’re a current or previous cardholder.

How Capital One Handles Upgrades

Some card issuers are restrictive about what upgrades you can do. Capital One seems to be fairly flexible, according to multiple reports by current and former card members.

For example, American Express won’t let you change the type of card you have — if you have a cashback card, you can only upgrade within its family of cashback cards, according to an American Express customer service rep.

If you’d like a different type of rewards card, the issuer will require you to apply for a new card, through the same process as your first application.

How to Request for Capital One Card Upgrade

Capital One may do the work for you by reaching out to you first. Capital One sometimes contacts existing customers by mail, email, or other online offers to cardholders who pre-qualify for an upgrade.

Some cardholders have even reported getting upgrade offers as soon as a month after opening their initial card. You can also use this link to see if you qualify for other card offers by the issuer.

As you consider other cards to upgrade to, make sure you’re aware of any fees associated with that card.

For example, if you get an offer to upgrade from the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card to the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, you should know it charges an annual fee of $95.

If you don’t have an offer available online and haven’t received one in the mail, or if you prefer to make your request over the phone, you can call Capital One at 877-383-4802.

If you received an offer in the mail or online, be ready to reference that when you call.

Otherwise, be prepared to explain which card you have and tell the representative the card you’re interested in upgrading or downgrading to.

Terms apply to American Express credit card offers. See for more information.

Benefits of Upgrading Capital One Card

Upgrading or downgrading your card won’t affect your credit score because you’re transferring your existing credit line to a different card, not opening a new account.

However, below are the benefits of upgrading Capital One Card:

1. Travel Rewards

With the Venture card, you’ll earn 5X miles on hotel and rental car purchases made through Capital One Travel and 2X miles on all other spendings.

With the Venture X card, you’ll rack up 10X miles on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel, 5X miles on flights booked through Capital One Travel, and 2X miles on all other purchases.

2. No Foreign Transaction Fees

You won’t have to pay a fee when using your Venture or Venture X card in a different country.

3. Cash Back

With the Quicksilver card, you’ll earn an unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on every purchase.

And with the Savor card, you’ll earn 8 percent cash back on Vivid Seat purchases until January 2023, 4 percent back on dining, entertainment, and streaming services, 3 percent back at grocery stores, and 1 percent back on everything else.

Disadvantages of Upgrading Capital One Card

While there are merits of upgrading Capital One Card, below are the demerits:

1. No Introductory Bonus

When you upgrade, you won’t be eligible for any welcome bonuses offered to new cardholders.

2. Annual Fees

The Venture and Savor cards each have a $95 annual fee, and the Venture X card charges $395 each year for the privilege of being a cardholder.

So, if you don’t use your card often, you may not earn enough rewards to offset the fee.

3. No Introductory 0r Percent Interest Period

Since introductory APRs are only available to new cardholders, depending on the Capital One card you upgrade to, you’ll pay a variable APR of 14.99 percent to 24.99 percent.

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