Can You View Imessage History on Verizon?

If you’ve been seeking an answer to this question “Can I View imessage History on Verizon?” Then you are in the right place. Read through this guide to find out this is achieved.

Can You View Imessage History on Verizon?

Currently, there are a lot of carriers available for you to choose from, We have Verizon, Tmobile, and AT&T.

But whichever of them you use, your text history is very important. The same goes for your Verizon text message history.

They are crucial for legal purposes. Well if you make use of the Verizon mobile carrier then you can actually view your Verizon text message history if the company allows you to. 

This is a good thing because many other companies only provide the incoming and outgoing SMS contact numbers information

With Verizon, you have the ability to see your text message history. You can also view the SMS history of both received and sent messages as long as you have access to a phone number and its security details

How to View iMessage History on Verizon

Verizon’s imessage history can now be viewed through the access provided by the company in order to provide excellent service to their customers. 

This is possible through their website. You must first create an account and then sign in to it. The most recent messages from the previous 5 days will be displayed.

Furthermore, you can only see messages sent and received from other Verizon customers.

Go to the Verizon website and log in with your phone number to view your message history from the last 5 days. After this, select “Account” and then “Text Online”.

Then, by scrolling through the messages you’ve sent to a specific contact number, you can view the Verizon messages.

You can also select the conversation you wish to see the message history for. Note that the text log given by Verizon will be made available to only the contact number that is signed in.

How to Check Log of Text Messages

If you just want to look at your Verizon text log, well you have the ability to do so. Verizon keeps about 12 months’ worth of records for each phone.

As a result, you will be able to view more than 5 days’ worth of Verizon text message history.

You can see which contact numbers you have communicated with using this method, including those that do not use the Verizon mobile carrier.

This is in contrast to the conversation records, which only show those from other Verizon customers.

Sign in to your Verizon account to view your text message log history. Then, go to “Bill Summary” and select the “Charges By Line” option.

The call information for a number that’s part of your Verizon account will be displayed.

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