Can You Really Make Money on eBay Without Selling?

  – Can You Really Make Money on eBay?  – 

Without selling stuff, you can actually make money on eBay. Perhaps you think this is a joke, but it is not! Keep reading!

Can You Really Make Money on eBay Without Selling?

Through their activity on the site, selling their new or second-hand goods, or re-selling things they bought from eBay itself, a lot of people still managed to make money.

However, did you know that, without selling anything, it is also possible to earn money on eBay?

This is not an eBay prerogative, really. Without selling goods from many companies, as long as they have an affiliate program, you can make money.

That’s right – the method through which you can earn money on eBay without selling anything is the eBay affiliate marketing program, which is now called eBay Partner Network.

Basically, it allows you to earn a commission for sending a customer to the eBay store through the links you are promoting on your website. But let’s see how it works in detail.


How to Earn Money on eBay Without Selling

Post eBay Partner Network Banners on Your Website

Posting an eBay Partner Network Banner on your website is the first and easiest way to earn cash via the eBay affiliate program.

With plenty of choices, you can choose what your banner would look like, and you can put it anywhere you want on your website.

In this scenario, as long as they access the e-store through the banner on your webpage, you will receive a commission on any item on eBay that your visitor buys.

Write Product Reviews on your Website

This method needs more work, but it is much more effective. A banner is just an ad, while reviews offer information to the buyer that can help determine what items to purchase.

In this situation, on your review page, you can post a specific product Banner (TV). This is a link on eBay to the same product page.

Once you earn the trust of your readers, they can click on your banner to directly purchase the item. You’d in turn receive a commission on the purchases.

In addition to this, if the customer decides to buy another product after they entered eBay through your banner, you’d get a commission for those products as well.

If you aim to make a profit from this kind of activity, product reviews are more effective than the simple eBay Partner Network Banner.

Best Auction Sites Alternatives Just like eBay

eBay Earning per Click

eBay will also pay you a commission on the traffic you’re able to drive to their website. This additional method can be an extra income for you.

In fact, you don’t have to choose between one of these methods – you can earn money through the combination of these tools that eBay Partner Network has to offer.

How Much Could you Get Paid?

While buyers on eBay don’t have to pay any fee, the platform charges the sellers selling fees. You, as an eBay affiliate, will get a percentage of the seller’s fee.

The percentage is about 50% of the seller’s fee (remember: you won’t get paid 50% of the cost of the product you’ve promoted.

Your commission will be calculated from the seller’s fee!), but the percentage may vary depending on the type of products.

eBay affiliate program is considered one of the best given the credibility of the eBay marketplace.

So, being part of the program can be a good and effective method to earn on an actual platform without selling anything.


Is Ebay Legit for Money Making?

If you were thinking eBay was too old-school to consider selling on, especially when so many in e-commerce flock to Amazon,

This guide may have been an eye-opener for you,

If you want to succeed on eBay, be sure to follow the above steps. Also, don’t forget to infuse your entrepreneurial spirit into what you do.

With enough patience and grit, you’ll be able to build a business on eBay that can supplement or potentially replace your income!

In 2022, eBay is still a good place for entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses. And make money online, even if you’re starting on a budget.

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