Can You Go To Jail for Using a Credit Card Generator? Is it Illegal?

 – Can You Go To Jail for Using a Credit Card Generator? –

Can You Go To Jail for Using a Credit Card Generator? Credit card generators are simply software programs that use different credit card companies’ numbers generating rules to create numerically valid credit card numbers.

Can You Go To Jail for Using a Credit Card Generator? Is it Illegal?

Their primary use is in credit card fraud, though there are some legitimate uses, such as testing e-commerce sites to ensure that the numbers process through correctly.

How They Work

Despite their common use, credit card generators are not intrinsically bad. In fact, credit card companies themselves use them to come up with numbers to issue on their cards.

The software tells the computer to come up with a string of numbers of a certain length and to apply certain rules to it. It eliminates number sequences that don’t fit the rules, and it displays the rest of the numbers as feedback.

You might have noticed that certain types of cards have certain patterns.

  • Visa card number typically starts with a “4,” while a MasterCard number typically starts with a “5.”
  • The first six digits of any credit card number are the bank identification number, which is the same for each card issued by that particular bank.
  • The next six to nine digits are the account number, which will be different for each cardholder.
  • The last digit is called the check digit. It is used to validate that the card number is legitimately using the Luhn algorithm.

The credit card generator software uses these and other rules and generates hundreds, even thousands, of numbers that fit these rules. Obviously, through the law of averages, some of the numbers from the credit card generator may be actually active credit card numbers, although most of them are not. An identity thief only needs one valid number to cause havoc in someone’s financial life.

Where They Get Them

You do not need to go to a store to purchase credit card generator software. Most people simply buy the software online for download, either over the black market or through legitimate channels. Some companies that manufacture the program include Mobile Fish and DisCard.

The software itself is not illegal. It is only illegal if you use it to generate legitimate numbers and then use them for fraudulent purposes. You can also make your own program if you are well-versed in coding.

Uses of Online Credit Card Generator

Uses of Online Credit Card Generator

Online credit cards are used for various purposes except for malicious applications like online transactions with fake credit card information which is nearly impossible in prepaid online transactions.

Therefore, a generated credit card is not inherently bad and has very practical uses.

  • Online Generated credit cards have extensive utility in data testing. These spontaneously created cards are extensively used by the Business world like the E-commerce industry, especially if it’s a new firm that needs to make sure that its online platform processes credit card numbers correctly.
  • Some online shopping stores request their customers to provide their credit card numbers to get a free trial sometimes in return for free vouchers. If you are not interested in purchasing the product, you can use a credit card number generator to produce the sample credit card you need for the free trial.
  • Credit card companies also use credit card generators to generate card numbers for credit cards.
  • These cards also find use in educational purposes; Luhn Algorithm research.

Is using Fake Credit Card Info Illegal?

As long as you use it for legitimate purposes, the use of fake credit cards is not prohibited. A fake card number is only illegal if it is used for fraudulent purposes.

When Card Generators Are Illegal

Normally, a fake credit card generator wouldn’t land you in jail because it is not illegitimate or illegal. Fake credit card number generator is mainly intended for web testing and any other legal purposes.

These numbers are NOT valid for genuine purchases. Although they are generated using genuine card creation algorithms, because of the instant communication between computers, a fake credit card number will be checked immediately and will ultimately fail as it will not be supported by detailed and complete appropriate bank records.

Spotting Fake Numbers

Visa cards always begin with the number “4” and are 16 digits long. In the past, Visa numbers were 13 digits in length. Luhn Checks are used by credit card companies, individuals, and sellers accepting credit cards to figure out if a card number is fake, and also to generate new valid account numbers.

It was developed in 1954 by IBM engineer Hans Luhn. The manual calculation of the Luhn formula is simple and accomplished easily by an individual with a pen and paper, but computers greatly minimize the time required to calculate it. If you are curious about the validity of a Visa number, calculate a Luhn check by following these steps:

How to Carry Out a Luhn Check

  1. Reading the account number from the right to the left, double every other number beginning with the second number. If the product has two digits, add them together to reduce the number to a single digit. For example, if the number in the account was 9, doubling it results in 18. As this has two digits, add the 1 and the 8 together to get 9.
  2. Total the doubled numbers.
  3. Total the single numbers from right to left beginning with the third number.
  4. Add the two totals together.
  5. If the total is not evenly divisible by 10, add the number needed to get to the next number evenly divisible by 10. For example, if the sum is 14, add 6 to get to 20. The number 6 is called the “check digit” and should match the first number on the right end of a Visa account number.


Can You Go To Jail for Using a Credit Card Generator?

As has been discussed above, Credit card Generators can be used for both good and bad purposes. Good use of this tool is legal while illegal uses carry repercussions like jail time and fines.

We hope this article was useful and educative, do well to share these messages with friends and loved ones. If you have a question, kindly drop your comments below.

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