Cashing a Check at 7-Eleven

When you need money quickly or don’t have access to a bank account, a check-cashing service is a good option. If you need information or steps on cashing a check at 7-Eleven, then read on.

Cashing a Check at 7-Eleven

Can You Cash a Check at 7-Eleven?

After getting in touch with different service representatives at 7-Eleven stores all across the nation, they do not provide check cashing services.

They provide a program known as transact which offers you a reloadable, prepaid card.

The card’s features are substitutes for check cashing or could aid you to evade the need to cash checks in the future.

The card has a direct deposit and comes with a mobile app that allows you to deposit checks onto your card.

The app is available for both Android and Apple.

Complete List of Transact Card Features:

  • Direct deposit, hence any employer or government costs that are available for direct deposit may be loaded straight onto the card.
  • Capability to deposit checks using Mobile Check Load, via the card app and camera on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Send money to friends and family by including them in your Transact account.
  • Access your money every day with the mobile app, 24 hours Alerts, and Online Account Center.
  • Withdraw money from your Transact account free of charge via 7-Eleven ATMs (with an Allpoint Network logo).
  • Make use of your Transact Prepaid Mastercard anywhere that debit Mastercards are acknowledged.
  • Pay your bills at 7-Eleven via b the Transact Prepaid app, PayNearMe.

How to Sign up for a 7-Eleven Transact Card

You can sign up for a Transact card, it’s fast and easy. When applying, you will be told to provide some information like your name, address, date of birth, and a government-approved, and photo ID.

When you are all done applying and getting the card. You will activate it to use all the card’s features.

What are the Fees for a 7-Eleven Transact Card?

What are the Fees for a 7-Eleven Transact Card?

There are lots of fees that go alongside Transact card, although you can avoid most of them if you are careful. Opening an account is totally free.

If you ever need to replace your card because it is lost or damaged, it’ll attract a fee of $2.95.

Withdrawing money at an Allpoint Network ATM is totally free. There is a lot of Allpoint ATM locations across the U.S., and countless 7-Eleven locations will have these ATMs.

Withdrawing money from any other ATM will cost you $2.50, and third-party ATM operator charges may also apply.

Putting money onto your card with direct deposit is totally free. And, mobile check deposit is free too (although there might be a third-party fee charged for instance by your cell phone company).

Reloading the card is also free at a NetSpend Reload Network location (e.g., a taking part 7-Eleven store).

Moving money to and from your account online may be free. Some charges will depend on the transfer service you chose and the other banking organization that’s part of the transaction.


There are also charges for buying directly with a Transact card, this works as a Mastercard debt and can be used at stores that acknowledge Mastercard.

When you apply for a card, you begin with the default Pay-As-You-Go Plan. While on this plan, you decide to make a purchase and run the card as credit.

Pay a $1 fee for each purchase. If you run it as a debit, you’d pay a $2 fee.

Another plan that is available is the Fee Advantage Plan, which you have to choose by calling (844) 711-4711 or via your account page on the Transact website.

On the Fee Advantage Plan, you’ll pay $5 a month to preserve your card account but pay no payments when you make purchases.

7-Eleven Check Cashing Policy

Like some other stores or organizations, 7-eleven  has its own cashing policy that should control and administer its tasks.

The arrangements are many and depend on the concurrence with its accomplices and its regarded customers.

For example, there are those that control the limit to which customers are required to cash.

Concerning the limit, it is crucial to note that it differs from one store to another. It will depend on the customer’s account and the amount of cash.

As revealed by the Cardholder Agreement, customers are not permitted to make over 6 ATM withdrawals in a day.

Therefore, you are not permitted to cash or withdraw above $940 in those six times.  Also, you can not cash above $325 from the ATM at one time.

Also, clients are restricted to check-cashing $15,000 in a month.


7-Eleven Check Cashing Fees

7-Eleven Check Cashing Fees

If you are very careful, you can evade many fees that are associated with the Transact Card, an option that permits you to cash your checks at 7-Eleven.

When you’re opening an account, it is totally free. If you lose your card, notwithstanding how you lost it, you’ll have to pay $2.95 as a fee.

When doing a withdrawal at any Allpoint Network ATMs all over the USA, it is free. But, when doing the withdrawal procedure from any other ATM, you’ll have to pay a fee of $2.50.

You will also need to pay the 3rd party charge that might also be affected.

Mostly, when you deposit the money into your card through either a mobile app or via direct deposit, you are not meant to pay any fee.

However, you are advised to visit any 7-11 stores closest to you to be fully acquainted with their charges before cashing your checks in their stores.


There are those that charge a certain fee, and there are others that provide check-cashing services free. It is important that you inquire about where your closest 7-11 belongs.

Though 7-Eleven does not provide check-cashing services. Their Transact program offers another way for you to deposit money into a reloadable account. 

It can be used anywhere a master card is accepted.

If you want to cash in your hand fast and don’t want to sign up for a Transact card, there are other gas stations that provide check-cashing services.

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