Can you Access Text Messages From Google Account?

When it comes to contacting friends and family, having to settle for a particular instant messaging app like Google can be very challenging. But the question is, can you access text messages from Google account? To find out how possible this is, read through carefully.

Can you Access Text Messages From Google Account

Text messaging as a medium has become very popular but is still a bit difficult to go about especially when you are using Google services. Fortunately, Gmail is still able to provide you with a very great service. 

Going through the message retrieval process with your Google account in order to view text messages either from your cloud storage must be done appropriately.

Does Google Backup Text Messages?

Once you add your Google Account to the device, Google Drive, which is a cloud storage platform that is well-integrated with the Android operating system, will back up your SMS text messages, app data, call history, contacts, etc. automatically. 

Additionally, by following the steps below, you can begin manually backing up your text messages to Google Drive:

  • On your Android device, go to Settings, find Google, and select Backup.
  • Verify that the option to backup to Google Drive is selected > If not, press it to select it.
  • To complete the SMS text message backup process, tap Back up at this time.

How can you Access Text Messages From Google Account?

If you have ever backed up your text messages to Google Drive, you can retrieve them by restoring the backup after doing a factory reset

The current data on your phone will be overwritten and everything will be factory reset using this procedure. 

You can only use this message as the last option if you already have a Google backup of your text messages. 

Make sure you’re comfortable with having your communications recovered in this manner. 

Below are some steps to restore messages from a backup:

  • Tap Backup & Reset or search for Backup on your phone’s Settings app, then select Backup and Restore from the results.
  • The system will then be reset to factory settings and your phone will restart.
  • Once the reset is finished. Activate the Settings app.
  • Visit Google’s settings and choose Backup & Reset. Using the Google account you used to create Google Drive backups, tap Google and sign in.
  • Select the data you wish to restore by tapping Sync.
  • Select Restore all synchronized data. Your saved text messages will also be recovered.

This method has the drawback that you run the risk of overwriting any text messages or other data that you receive after making the backup. 

This approach might not be the best if you have private information on your phone that you don’t want to lose.

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