Can Text Messages be Downloaded?

Have you been asking this question” Can Text Messages be Downloaded?” Well, the answer is Yes. You definitely can download your text for whatever reasons you have. Keep reading to find out how this is done.

Can Text Messages Be Downloaded?

Text messaging has become an important part of our lives, it’s a wonder how we managed without it because, in this 21st century, we literally make use of texting for everything.

The need for interaction cannot be over-emphasized, and there are times that you will need to share your chat thread with a friend, your boss, or even your clients if the case calls for it.

One of the most common reasons why we share chat is for evidence’s sake or to prove abuse if you are seeking conflict resolution. So the question remains how do you download your texts to share or print

Well luckily for your there are some apps that can help you in downloading messages.

How to Download Text Messages from your Phone

Here are some of the apps that you can use if you want to get your text messages downloaded:

Downloading Text Messages Using iMazing

This is a file manager app that allows you to download text messages from your phone and do so much more.

It is popular software that enables you to transfer music, documents photos, and other data from your iPhone and another iOS device.

With iMazing, you can save, export, and even print your text messages, MMS, iMessage, and attachments.

Additionally, you can use your Mac or PC to access communications and use them for court proceedings.

Works on: Apple, Android

Cost: $49.99 (3 devices) to $44.99 (unlimited)

Pros: All-in-one file manager, save messages as PDF, Excel/CSV, and text and print

Cons: Can be expensive

Using Legal Text Collector to Download your Messages

If you need to download your text messages in a court-friendly PDF format and print them out, then Legal Text Collector is the app for you.

It gathers the SMS, MMS, and other messaging formats sent from your phone, together with any attachments, and groups them according to conversations or dates.

You can export the messages as a zip file with PDFs for each conversation. You can also share the PDFs online and via email by paying a one-time fee.

Works on: Android, Windows

Cost: Free basic version, $2 to unlock the Share feature

Pros: Quick and easy message-to-PDF feature for all your legal proceedings

Cons: Emojis cannot be exported, not a backup or restore app, and you won’t be able to transfer messages to a new device.

With these apps available, you can download your texts in whatever formats that you need and also print them.

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