Can Instagram Messages be Tracked?

Have you ever wondered about how secure your Instagram messages are or asked yourself questions like “Can Instagram Messages be tracked?” Then you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out.

Can Instagram Messages be Tracked?

The popularity of this social networking app has skyrocketed over the years, according to research it surpassed 111 million in 2019.

Instagram has served different purposes for many people. For most, it’s the beauty filters that are used to enhance pictures. For others, it can help build your portfolio and increase your brand.

Do not be shocked that some people also use this platform to stalk their ex-partners. You need to know that apart from stalking, Instagram keeps track of your messages.

How Instagram Keeps Track of your Messages

Instagram uses your personal information to show ads through its integrations with Facebook because it believes you will likely clock on it.

All of this information comes from every activity you have within the app and Facebook.

To put it simply everything you do on Instagram is tracked. Every thumb scroll you make through your feed provides the app with information about your behavior.

For instance, Instance knows that your spent 20 minutes scrolling through the depth of the profile of your friend or loved ones and will begin to show this often.

The data Instagram gathers are not just for advertising, they also make use of your information, like the device you used in logging in, this also relates to your messages.

Although the app provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring your messages are safe and secure, it doesn’t mean they cannot be tracked.

How to Reduce the Amount of Information Shared on the App

There’s only little you can do to prevent Instagram from knowing everything about you. But there are some steps you can take to ensure that the information shared on the platform is significantly reduced.

Delete Some of your Data

If you want to see the information you’ve shared with Instagram, go to the app’s settings page and tap the security option.

You will find a choice to see the information Instagram has gathered about you and download them if you tap on Access data.

You would be able to see all your password changes, email addresses, and phone numbers associated with your account and how you use the app.

So you can choose to delete some of the data collected by the app, by deleting your search history or even the contacts that you have uploaded

Location: Another way to ensure that your information is not too shared with Instagram is by turning off your location.

Delete Instagram

You can also choose to delete the app in general, if you are fed up with it, However, you cannot delete the account within the app.

When you do this all your profile, photos videos, comments, likes, and followers will be permanently removed” or you can temporarily disable your account.

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