Can I Get Transcripts of Text Messages?

Can I get Transcripts of text messages? Well, it’s totally okay to ask questions like this especially if you would need the records for an important use in the future. Keep reading to find out how to get your texts transcripts

Can I Get Transcripts of Text Messages?

Text messages have become increasingly rare, as technology advances at a rapid pace. Most times, we only receive promotional messages from companies.

As a result, people have a habit of deleting multiple messages at once. However, many people continue to use text messaging services to communicate essential information.

Most times the problem begins when you delete an important text message. When you want to recover text message transcripts from your service provider, you will wait for at least two weeks.

Although the method is tiring because you will need to finish up some needed requirements before you can get your texts.

But if you make use of the iMyFone D-Back data recovery tool, you will easily get the text message transcripts even if you don’t have a backup of your data.

How to Get Transcripts of Text Messages on iPhone

One of the most common ways of getting text message records is to contact the respective network provider.

Although, they don’t keep any kind of text message content.

What is available is only the date, time of the message, and phone number of the sender.

When you request the transcript of your text messages from your service provider, they will send you a form that must be completed and notarized within two weeks.

They will also send the message history for the previous three months within seven to ten days of receiving your form.

But if the message contains contents like attachments such as images, music, or videos, It will be recovered using alternate methods.

Advanced Method of Getting Transcripts of your Text Messages

If you have tried the first method and you are not satisfied. You can try other methods like the advanced methods.

Immediately the message gets erased from your phone. It is not deleted permanently, your data is hidden and can be restored using third-party software until it is overwritten by any other data.

One of the recommended third-party apps is the iMyFone D-Back and it comes with many features.

It has gained widespread popularity and is used around the world. So no matter how the data got lost, with simple steps, you can easily restore them

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