EBT Card to Apple Pay: How to Get it Done

Can I add my EBT card to Apple Pay? Since the EBT card isn’t IOS-related, it is a bit confusing. However, the answer is what we have for you iPhone users with EBT cards to prepare you for your next visit to your favorite restaurant.

Can I Add My snap to Apple Pay?

Most iPhone users know that their IOS phones are integrated with specific IOS items and don’t accept most external items.

However, the technology innovation is beginning to bridge these gaps which makes IOS devices compatible with so many non-iPhone items like Xender and many more.

Can I Add My EBT Card to Apple Pay?

It never used to be possible but right now the updates and innovations have brought a change. You can add an EBT card to Apple Pay. 

Nevertheless, many states and government aid programs that provide EBT benefits fail to share the integration of Apple Pay and other mobile payment systems.

Your EBT card can be registered and used for payment with Apple Pay through the Wallet app or any other similar device. 

To add the EBT card to Apple Pay and transact with it, you have to choose it as your payment option.

Below are the simple steps on how to add your EBT card to Apple Pay;

1. You need to open your Wallet app and choose the “Add Card” button. 

2. Select your EBT card from the given list and finish the setup process.

3. You also need to identify shops that accept Apple Pay and make adequate payments after buying from them.

4. Hold your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad next to a pairing device to complete payment using Touch ID or Face ID.

Why Can’t I Add EBT to Apple Pay?

Not all states and government assistance programs provide EBT benefits and not all are ready to be used with Apple Pay or other mobile payment systems. 

Other reasons you can’t link or add your EBT card to Apple Pay may include:

1. The EBT Card isn’t linked to any bank account

2. Technical or regional limitations

3. Regulatory restrictions

4. Limited acceptance

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a technology that allows users to go physically cashless. Instead, they make purchases with credit or debit cards stored on their iPhones or Apple watches.

The credit and debit cards accepted by Apple Pay are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The credit and debit cards you use with Apple Pay must be approved or linked to a bank account.

Apple Pay also supports the use of Apple cards. Limitless transactions are possible with Apple Pay. You can pay on the go without worrying about exceeding your daily limit.

Apple Pay functions similarly to traditional bank apps. The only difference is that it only works on iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads.

When you create an Apple Wallet account, it automatically pulls your bank data and uses it to process your transactions whenever you pay for anything.

Apps That Accept EBT Cards

Aside from Apple Pay, Andriod users and several payment channel applications are compatible with the EBT cards following its benefits and popularity.

Users of the following applications can also link their EBT cards to these applications and use them for the various transactions they have to benefit from their offers and services.

1. Amazon

SNAP beneficiaries can use their EBT cards to order food items from Amazon Fresh and Amazon.com by adding their Amazon account and using it for payment while ordering a product or paying for their services.

2. DoorDash

This is a premium delivery service brand that collaborates with a lot of food chains and ghost kitchens. To join the evolving technology, DoorDash allows EBT payment on their Apps and accepts payment for their services too.

3. Instacart

Instacart was the first grocery delivery company to accept the EBT cards and was the first to have all 50 states with SNAP acceptance to get free delivery on eligible EBT orders of $35 and above. Just add it as a payment method to your account setting.

4. Target

Target declared that they will start to accept SNAP EBT cards as a form of payment on the online store of the retailer. Shopping online is available to SNAP recipients to deliver groceries anywhere at minimum fees or subscription requirements involved.

5. Uber Eats

Uber Eats has started getting EBT cards for online grocery shopping via their app.  Although, Uber had not disclosed its rollout methods, but the beneficiaries could already use their treats to get fresh groceries.

6. Walmart

Walmart accepts SNAP disbursements when shopping at your nearest store and when placing grocery delivery or pickup orders in all 50 states. You just have to link your EBT card details to your Walmart.com account wallet. 

Find and buy your EBT-approved items, choose pickup or delivery from your store by following the instructions, and enter your EBT PIN to finish your transaction. 

Walmart is waiving the minimum order requirement ($35) if you choose to pick up your order and if your EBT card is tied to the order.

Just like other cards adding cards to Apple Pay is selective but if you have an EBT card, you can go ahead and add it to your Apple Pay and make easier transactions and food order payments.

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