401+ Novel Cafeteria Name Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Eat at

Are you considering starting up a cafeteria business but don’t know which cafeteria names to use? Never mind. We’ve got you covered. 

cafeteria names

About Cafeteria

Cafeterias have a poor reputation. The way people see the food served at cafeterias (or canteens if you’re from a country other than the United States) has been, at best, ordinary. 

Everyone who has had lunch at a public school will agree with this statement. However, improvements in cafeteria food quality could change everything for the better in the near future.

Along with restaurants, rehab and retirement facilities, catering and vending businesses, carryout services, university dining halls, hotels, and inns, cafeterias are part of the food service sector. 

In the United States, the food service business is in charge of a wide variety of vocations, including waiting staff, cooks, dishwashers, and hostesses.

Cafeteria Business Statistics

According to Statista, the total number of employees in this industry in the state of California alone nearly reached 2 million in 2019. 

Texas comes in second with over 1.3 million people employed, and Florida comes in third with little under 1.1 million.

Are you going to open one of these cutting-edge restaurants that offer top-notch food? 

Whether you want to open a school, hospital, business, or airport, we offer our top-name suggestions.  We hope you’d be interested in dining at one of these places.


Cafeteria Name Ideas

  • Creative Food Plans
  • The Fresh Centre Cafeteria
  • Little Stompers Cafeteria
  • The Blue Plate Diner
  • (Your Location) Cafeteria
  • The Mariposa Cafeteria
  • Los Bobos Cafetería
  • The Healthy Space
  • My Organic Spot Cafeteria
  • The Buffet Station
  • Simple Meals
  • The Break Zone
  • The Plastic Free Cafeteria
  • No Doze Cafeteria
  • The Vegan Canteen
  • Eating Zone
  • The Nutrition Station
  • Street Bean Coffee Roasters and Cafeteria
  • The Urban Backyard
  • Choice Foods
  • Green and Healthy
  • The Community Luncheon
  • Go, Grow, and Glow
  • The Lunch Break Buffet
  • The Community Canteen
  • Speedway Cafe and Cafeteria
  • The Buffet Break
  • Derben Daisy Cafeteria
  • The Meal Station
  • Henry’s Cafeteria
  • My Uncle’s Eating Spot
  • The Downtown Cafeteria
  • Eats Good to Go
  • The Lion House Pantry
  • Grace Street Coffee and Cafeteria
  • Lakewood’s Top Spot Cafeteria
  • The Total Cafeteria
  • Food Staples
  • The Ultimate Soul Food
  • Launch Espresso, Food and Spirits
  • (Your Name’s Cafeteria)
  • The Rendezvous Cafe
  • Morrison’s Delicious Cafeteria
  • The Capitol Cafeteria
  • The Blue Tuna Cafeteria
  • Jet Fuel Coffee Shop and Cafeteria
  • The Vibin’ Food Corner
  • Mood Lift Cafe
  • The Sunny Side Cafeteria
  • Black Rock Coffee and Cafeteria
  • Your Homeboy Diner
  • The Hot Spot
  • Nacho Daddy Cafeteria
  • The Coal House
  • Bula Kava House
  • Hope Key Cafeteria
  • The Hide Out Cafe
  • El Nino Cafeteria
  • Emely Deli & Cafeteria
  • Delicious Grounds
  • The Gypsy Cafeteria
  • City Groove Cafeteria
  • The Minister’s Mug
  • Flour Bakery & Cafe
  • The Natural Coffee Shop and Cafeteria
  • Fleetwood Bar and Cafe
  • The Full Flavored Cafeteria
  • Madame Monsieur Cafeteria
  • The Common Ground Cafeteria
  • Quince Essential House
  • The Black Rabbit
  • Urban Reclamations Cafeteria
  • Premier Eats Cafe
  • The Triple Door
  • Old Stove Brewing
  • The Picnic Basket
  • Detour Roasters Cafe
  • The Drip Cafeteria
  • Dinner Bell Cafeteria
  • The Cafeteria Crew Collective

Canteen Name Ideas

  • The Brown Crunch
  • Bungee Buddy Canteen
  • The Daylight Canteen
  • Canteen at the Park
  • Lola’s Canteen
  • The (Your Location) Canteen
  • Simple Eats
  • Copeland’s Reliable Canteen
  • The Ding Dong Cafeteria
  • Rich and Pour
  • The Big League Pantry
  • Foods of Goodness
  • The Urban Bite Canteen
  • Bean There Done That Cafe and Canteen
  • The Social Canteen
  • Yummy Yummy Dining
  • The Casual Diner
  • Blossom Cafe and Canteen
  • The Good Morning Canteen
  • Frame Flip Cafeteria
  • The Fire Pit Canteen
  • Over The Counter Foods
  • Crazy Frank’s Canteen
  • Food 101
  • My Auntie’s Canteen
  • The Food Cave
  • Custom Crell Cafeteria
  • The Walk In Cafeteria
  • Up Degree Canteen
  • The Fresh Canteen
  • Around the Counter
  • The Food Corner
  • Canteen 101
  • Bright Starry Bites
  • The Birds Nest Canteen
  • Sling Berry Canteen
  • Semi Eater Canteen
  • The Saints Paradise Cafeteria
  • Food Minute Cafeteria
  • The Popping Pop Cafeteria
  • Out Wood East
  • Lotta Food
  • The Food Hour
  • The One Way Canteen
  • Mountain Top Canteen
  • Delectable Eats Inc.
  • The Hashbrown Canteen
  • PS Gourmet Cafeteria Inc.
  • The Trebbo Tree Canteen
  • Midtown Global Food Market

Cafeteria Name Ideas for Hospitals

  • The Healthy Body Cafeteria
  • Gastronomic Delights
  • The E.R. (Eating Room)
  • Nutri Bites Cafeteria
  • The Doctor’s Orders
  • Hospitality Foods Galore
  • The In and Out Diner
  • Healthy Foods Provider
  • The ICU (Intensive Cooking Unit)
  • Healthy Foods Corner
  • The Requested Nutrition
  • Operating Tables
  • The Rehabilitation Room
  • The Staff Room
  • The Food Standard
  • Zero Waste Break Room
  • The Healthy Cafe
  • Food Body and Mind Cafeteria
  • The Foodology Department
  • Your Diet Rehab
  • The Healthy Food Spot
  • Veggie Bites and More
  • The Prescription Meals
  • Digestive Juices Cafeteria
  • The EMS (Exciting Meals Served)
  • Mastering Your Health
  • The Intensive Cooking Unit
  • Prescription Foods
  • The Healthy Food Ward
  • Out Patient Diner
  • The Ambulance Cafe
  • The Mighty Tree Cafeteria
  • Better Health Cafeteria
  • The Healthy Pantry
  • Dr. (Your Name’s) Cafeteria
  • The EMT (Epic Meal Time)
  • Medical Eats CafeteriaThe Good Place Cafeteria
  • Healthy Options Cafe
  • The Healthy Basket
  • Bites and Prescriptions
  • (Your Hospital’s Location) Cafeteria
  • Just Eat Healthy
  • The MRI (Most Requested Indulgence)
  • Vitamin Cafeteria
  • The Emergency Break Room
  • Food Surgery Table
  • Your Stomach Rehab
  • The Break Room
  • Health is Wealth Cafeteria

Cafeteria Name Ideas for Schools

  • The A+ Cafeteria
  • A Touch of Gourmet
  • The Atomic Cafeteria
  • School Rocks Cafeteria
  • The Lunch Basket
  • A Purpose Driven Canteen
  • The Smart Food Choice
  • (Your School’s Name) Cafeteria
  • The Even Better Cafeteria
  • Motivational Space Cafeteria
  • The Student’s Choice
  • Best Food Choice
  • The Alma Mater Cafeteria
  • No Sleep Cafeteria
  • The Student Lounge
  • Brain Smarts Cafeteria
  • The Popular Cafeteria
  • (Your School’s Location) Cafeteria
  • The Express Cafeteria
  • School Food 101
  • The Cool Cafeteria
  • Wrap and Roll
  • The Fried of (Your School’s Name)
  • Study and Eat
  • The Eating Place
  • Mr. Fables’ Cafeteria
  • The Student Picnic
  • Just Eat It! Cafeteria
  • The Detention Free Zone
  • Eats and Laughter
  • The Intelligent Cafeteria
  • Henry Quest Cafeteria
  • The Rabbit Hole Cafeteria
  • Hot n’ Cold Foods
  • The Common Cafeteria
  • Ground Up Cafeteria
  • The Triple Tree Cafeteria
  • Jolly Crew Cafeteria
  • The Zestful Cafeteria
  • Grand North Cafeteria
  • The Top Standard Cafeteria
  • Go Eat Cafeteria
  • The Happiness Hut
  • Fresh Healthy Cafeteria
  • The Top Notchers Cafeteria
  • Student Exclusive Cafeteria
  • The Forum Cafeteria
  • Food and Friends
  • The Lunch Zone
  • Food Crest Cafeteria

Cafeteria Name Ideas for Offices

  • The Corporate Aroma
  • Grand Office Tables
  • The 11th Floor Cafeteria
  • Ordinary Joe Cafe and Cafeteria
  • The Steam Room Cafe and Canteen
  • Moving Forward Cafeteria
  • The Overlooking Cafeteria
  • Jacked Up Coffee and Cafeteria
  • The Office Café
  • Hopeful Executive Meals
  • The Corporate Food Zone
  • Food Court Specials
  • The Capital Cafe
  • Outside the Box
  • The Corkboard Cafeteria
  • Wake Up Cafe
  • The Business Express
  • Synergy Cafeteria
  • The Dining Room
  • Lava Java Cafe
  • The Corporate Family Bean
  • Hey Joe Coffee Shop and Cafeteria
  • Grind House Cafeteria
  • The Club Cafeteria
  • Mugs Coffee and Cafeteria
  • The 11th Floor
  • Team Goals Cafeteria
  • The Corporate Larder
  • Jumpstart Coffee Shop and Cafeteria
  • The Busy Bean Cafe
  • Mug Hug Cafe
  • The Team Cafe
  • President’s Choice Cafeteria
  • The Break Room
  • Breathe Calm Pantry
  • The Meeting Place
  • Grab a Joe and Go Go
  • The Corporate Special
  • (Your Office Location) Cafeteria
  • The Friendly Bean Cafe
  • Raising The Bar Cafe
  • The Pinnacle Cafeteria
  • Touch Base Cafeteria
  • The Boardroom Cafe
  • Paper Clips Cafeteria
  • The Food Pipeline
  • Food Staples
  • The Hungry Corporate Tummy
  • Beans ‘n Cream Cafe
  • The (Your Office Name) Cafeteria

Novel Canteen Name Ideas

  • Brewer Than Brewed Canteen
  • The Food Cast
  • Feed Me Canteen
  • Triple Two Croydon
  • The Chew Chew Train Canteen
  • Mastering the Drip
  • The Hangover Canteen
  • Stick for More
  • The Monk & Mongoose Gourmet
  • Eats a Date
  • The Morning Grind Cafe
  • Perfect Eats Canteen
  • The Meating Place
  • Freshly Frozen Foods
  • The Garlic Clove
  • Time Out Canteen
  • The Lovely Lunch Lady
  • Daily Zest Cafeteria
  • It’s Five Thirsty O’Clock
  • Mastering the Drip Cafe
  • The Bodega Louie
  • Meatropolis Canteen
  • Serendipity Bar and Cafe
  • The Live Food-Cast
  • Two and a Half Men Canteen
  • The MacDonuts Canteen
  • Nestle Toll House by (Your Name)
  • Famous in France
  • Blah Blah Java
  • The Second Plate Company
  • Beech Street Canteen
  • The Smokey Cauldron
  • Let’s Do Eat
  • The Happy Bean Cafe
  • Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar and Canteen
  • The Motivational Mug Cafe
  • The Crema House
  • Clark Street Shop
  • The Spice Of Life
  • Meet at the Eiffel Tower
  • The Steak Side Grill
  • Santa’s Fantasy Canteen
  • The Hidden Canteen
  • Cream and Sugar
  • The Rising Sun Cafe
  • Another French Tourist
  • The Snobby Coffee Shop and Canteen
  • Mastering The Morning
  • The Canteen Ministry
  • My Living Room

Alternative Names for a Cafeteria

  • Commissary
  • Greasy Spoon
  • Steak House
  • Snack Bar
  • Cafe
  • Lunch Counter
  • Lunchroom
  • Tea Room
  •  Luncheonette
  • Lunchroom
  • Beanery
  • Diner
  • Eatery
  • Grill
  • Restaurant
  • Lunch Wagon
  • Hash House
  • Pizzeria
  • Smorgasbord
  • Coffeehouse
  • Coffee Shop
  • Estaminet
  • Tearoom
  • Chophouse
  • Bar
  • Barroom
  • Inn
  • Buffet
  • Cold Table
  • Cupboard
  • Tavern
  • Teahouse
  • Salad Bar
  • Bistro
  • Soup House
  • Noshery
  • Drive In Restaurant
  • Cake Shop
  • Eating House
  • Pit Stop
  • Quick Lunch
  • Grease Joint
  • Quick Lunch Counter
  • Burger Joint
  • Hamburger Stand
  • Charcuterie
  • Sandwich Shop
  • Subway Shop
  • Dog Wagon
  • Deli

What do Modern Cafeterias Offer on the Menu?

As was previously said, cafeterias have improved greatly in terms of food quality. Here are a few justifications.

Vegetables and Leafy Greens (i.e. Salads)

Today’s cafeterias provide a variety of nutritious dishes, including salads that are just as fresh as those found in restaurants.

Organic Foods

It’s wonderful news for people who want to eat healthier and less expensive since organic goods are now easier to get at cafeterias and canteens. 

You wouldn’t anticipate seeing organic fruit and vegetable options in a dated cafeteria.


Ethnic Foods

More than just mass-produced American fare like burgers, hotdogs, and sloppy joes are available at cafeterias. 

They also have a wide selection of ethnic delicacies, including Middle Eastern and Asian flavors. Dishes from Mexico and Italy are becoming increasingly popular now. 

Each week, several cafeterias provide a rotating menu with an ethnic theme.

Keto Foods

This generation is more conscious of the foods they consume. Every cafeteria in the US has adjusted and is working to encourage customers to eat healthier. 

Salami, strawberries, celery, asparagus, peanut butter, chicken thighs, and skirt steak are just a handful of the keto-friendly foods that are currently offered at cafeterias.

Vegetarian Meals

In order to meet customers’ nutritional needs, cafeterias are increasingly serving a lot more greens. Additionally, the environment may benefit greatly from this. 

A 2018 Gallop Poll found that 5% of American adults identify as vegetarians. Over the coming ten years, specialty diet consumers of all types are anticipated to steadily rise.


Having read through this article, you should be able to have your cafeteria running perfectly. With the suggested names provided here, you should also be able to have customers keep patronizing as money has always been the goal for every business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jacked Up Coffee

  • Bread and Butter.
  • Slice of Spice.
  • The Melting Pot

Cozmo Coffee

  • Steaming Hotties.
  • Espresso Love.
  • Jacked Up Coffee.

A bistro

  • Speedy’s Diner
  • A Taste of Heaven Diner
  • The Diner Train

Tequila Mockingbird (from the book To Kill a Mockingbird)

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