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25 Best BYOB Restaurants Near Me in New York City

New York City is the most visited city in the world, as well as the most visited city in the United States. Some of New York’s best restaurants, particularly those with extensive wine lists, allow you to bring your own bottle to pair with the food. We’ve compiled a handy guide to the signature dishes at these BYOB restaurants to help you save money.

byob restaurants near me

BYOB Meaning

BYOB is an acronym that usually stands for “bring your own bottle.”

Though the second “B” may refer to “beer” or “booze” in some cases.

BYOB refers to restaurants or events where guests are encouraged or allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages.

A typical BYOB restaurant only serves non-alcoholic beverages and food.

Guests can then bring their own beer, liquor, or wine to pour themselves.

To avoid specifying a type of alcohol, some restaurateurs or party hosts may shorten the acronym to “BYO.”

Check your local laws for restrictions on the type of alcohol your guests may bring in.

You may discover that it is preferable to having a bar.

BYOB Restaurants Near Me

With high food and drink prices, NYC can put a serious dent in your wallet.

This is why many restaurants allow you to bring your own alcohol, saving you the cost of pricey drink markups.

If you want to eat in style while saving money, look for a BYOB restaurant in NYC.



Lucali is the cream of the crop of pizzerias in a city known for its pizza.

It is located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and is the brainchild of Executive Chef and Carroll Gardens native Mark Iacono.

They opened the restaurant on the storefront of his childhood candy shop.

Here, you supply the wine, and they provide the pizza or calzone.


Khe-Yo is New York’s first Laotian restaurant, which opened in 2013.

It is a collaboration between megawatt chef-owner Marc Forgione and his longtime collaborator, Soulayphet “Phet” Schwader.

Since the 74-seat restaurant’s opening in 2013, Laotian-born chef Schwader has served as a de facto ambassador for his cuisine.

Buttermilk Channel

Buttermilk Channel has a way with locals, and the menu reflects that.

A more austere dish of flaky brook trout, rolled in smoky bacon and served over crumbly johnnycakes, speaks of the South.

This bright, charming restaurant has introduced much-needed competition to this quiet corner of Carroll Gardens.

Spicy Village

Spicy Village is a small Chinese kitchen in the Lower East Side, just a few blocks from the Manhattan Bridge.

They serve some of the most authentic Chinese dishes in NYC, with a modern New York twist.

Spicy Village is well-known for its hand-pulled spicy noodle dishes known as Huimei.

byob restaurants near me


Tartine is a casual, cozy French café and eatery located between Gramercy Park and Chelsea.

Just a few blocks from the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Tartine is particularly popular for brunch, with lines wrapping around the block on weekends.

Di Fara Pizza

This legendary deep-Brooklyn pizza shop requires some dedication from its diners.

Because wait times for tables sometimes exceed two hours.

But their pies are the best in town. 

Peking Duck House

Peking Duck House is a Midtown and Chinatown traditional Chinese restaurant.

They serve everything from fried eggrolls to Peking Duck.

A fixed-price Peking Duck dinner is available for parties of four to eight people.

Queen’s Comfort

You’ve come to the right place if you’re craving burgers, sandwiches, and anything fried.

Queens Comfort in Astoria has a brunch menu full of gooey goodness.

They are also a cash-only and BYOB establishment.

Panna II Garden

Panna II Garden is an East Village favorite for Indian cuisine in a vivacious and sexy setting.

The menu complements the festive atmosphere with decadent dishes.

Wondee Siam II

The Thai-inspired Hell’s Kitchen restaurant Wondee Siam II specializes in tender soft-shell crab served with tangy mango salad.

The food is deliciously authentic at the sit-down sibling to the original take-out operation.

A welcome change from standard satays and noodles.

BYOB Restaurants Near Me

Tanoshi Sushi 

Tanoshi Sushi is a bustling omakase sushi bar in Lennox Hill on the Lower East Side.

Instead of California and dragon rolls, Chef Toshio serves the most basic, high-quality cuts of fresh fish.

They delicately arrange them over house-made sushi rice.

Bistro Petit

The seasonal menu is inspired by local ingredients as well as Park’s Korean heritage and French training.

You might want to reserve the seven-course tasting menu for a special occasion.

Simply call the restaurant at least three days ahead of time.


On this mini-curry row, it’s difficult to miss this restaurant.

Brightly colored strands of Christmas lights adorn every surface, and streamers and tacky decorations abound.

 Bring some beers from the nearby store, put on your sunglasses, and settle in for some delicious curry and festive service.


Chef Taco and Manager Charmaine are first-generation New Yorkers who run Nicandra’s.

It is a popular, family-friendly Ridgewood neighborhood eatery and pasta shop.

The restaurant quickly fills up and has long lines most days of the week, but it’s worth it.


Tanya DeSilva and Mala Rajapakse, two close friends who bonded over the art of Sri Lankan cooking, own and operate Sigiri.

Sigiri is a casual Sri Lankan restaurant.

Sri Lankan cuisine combines flavors and cooking techniques from Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean.

It’s the ultimate in healthy comfort food.

A Cafe New York

Since it opened in 2001, this Caribbean-inspired upper-Upper West Side bistro has been a favorite among BYO drinkers.

Stop by nearby Manhattan Valley Wine and Spirits to take advantage of its no-corkage-fee policy.

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos is a long-running tortilleria and taqueria.

It is a large dining area and an authentic Mexican market atmosphere.

Bring your own beer, while the kids enjoy the sugary decadence of a glass bottle of Jarritos fruit soda.

Bhatti Indian Grill

Chef Gaurav Anand, a seasoned Indian chef and NYC restauranteur, owns and operates Bhatti Indian Grill.

A North Indian bistro specializing in Indian Kebab culture.

They serve North Indian dishes such as fish curry and Punjabi vegetable dumplings.

Song’ E Napule

Song’E Napule is a fun and casual upper west side and west village neighborhood pizzeria and Neapolitan trattoria.

They serve authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas as well as pasta and antipasti made with imported Italian ingredients.

Wu’s Wonton King

Wu’s Wonton King is a modest Chinese restaurant that specializes in classic Chinese American cuisine.

It’s a popular takeout spot known for its decadent fried rice, sesame chicken, and moo shu pork.

Piccola Strada

Piccola Strada is an East Village intimate and romantic Italian kitchen.

With indoor and outdoor seating and a small menu of Italian classics.

The menu is a traditional Italian multi-course meal that includes hot and cold antipasti, pasta, and entrees.

Ponche Taqueria

Ponche Taqueria is a welcoming and festive Mexican cantina that serves affordable home-cooked Mexican meals.

They make the best burritos in town, with fillings ranging from Tempura Mahi Mahi to Oaxaca pulled pork.

Risotteria Melotti NYC

Risoteria Melotti is a gluten-free Italian restaurant.

Every dish includes rice, whether it’s fried arancini risotto balls or fried arancini risotto balls.

Carpaccio with rice crackers or a brown rice soup.

Taci’s Beyti

Turkish cuisine is not particularly well-represented in New York.

But Taci’s Beyti has been doing it great justice since the 1980s.

A meal here is still worth the trip to Midwood.

Cafe Himalaya

You could easily walk right past this unassuming spot on the outskirts of the East Village

Or you could walk right in with a six-pack or bottle of wine in your hand.

Whet your appetite with solid momo and an avocado-potato salad studded with mustard seeds and cilantro that will keep you coming back.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is BYOB Legal in Massachusetts?

In most cases, no, not if the establishment has a liquor license.

2. Does Boston have BYOB?

Boston’s license board announced that BYOB will officially be allowed in city restaurants

3. Can a Passenger Drink in a Car in MA?


4. How do I get a BYOB in Chicago?

Coast Sushi Bar. Smoque BBQ. Irving Park.

5. Can You Walk Around Boston with Alcohol?

The supreme court ruled that an open alcohol container is not a crime in the Commonwealth.

If you’re in the mood for tacos or Pad Thai, a romantic bistro, or a friendly neighborhood café.

BYOB restaurants in NYC offer a wide range of cuisines.

In settings in which to enjoy your favorite beverage alongside a delicious meal.

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