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We know Buster Douglas an outstanding American professional boxer to have competed worldwide. When he competed against former champion Mike Tyson in 1990, his boxing prowess earned him the title of “Ultimate World Champion.” This article has a good amount of information about Buster Douglas.

Buster Douglas

About Buster Douglas

The American boxer Buster Douglas is best known for his February 11, 1990, victory in Tokyo, Japan over the unbeatable Mike Tyson.

Although Douglas is best known for his surprise victory over “Iron Mike,” he is also well-known for the rapid collapse in his career that followed.

Even though Douglas may not be as visible to the public as he once was, his influence on boxing history is one of the greatest underdog tales in sports history.


Buster Douglas Net Worth

Net worth

Buster Douglas currently has a net worth of $15 million, most of which came from his years as a professional boxer.

When Douglas defeated Mike Tyson, he received $3 million, and he also received $24.1 million for merely taking on Evander Holyfield.

In today’s dollars, Douglas’ payout for his fight with Holyfield would be equivalent to nearly $43.5 million.

If Douglas had contested these fights recently, his highest career earnings would have totaled roughly $56 million between his two most well-known fights.

More About his Net Worth

James “Buster” Douglas, whose father was William “Dynamite” Douglas, was a boxer of the second generation.

Douglas was born and reared in Columbus, Ohio’s Linden area, where his well-known father managed the Blackburn Recreation Center’s gym.

At McKinley High School during his adolescence, Douglas was a prodigious basketball and football player who helped his team win the Class AAA championship in 1977.

Other Things to Know

Douglas was given a scholarship at Coffeyville Community College in Kentucky thanks to his basketball abilities.

When he started playing basketball for Sinclair Community College, it abruptly sent his college basketball career back to Ohio.

At Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, he eventually played hard enough to secure himself a second scholarship to assist him to continue his studies and his basketball career.

Still on his Net Worth

Buster Douglas’ commitment to athletics helped him earn an exceptional education and gave him the chance to visit inner-city residents in many states.

He would be affected by the city and his neighborhood leisure center for years to come, and it would eventually become the issue he concentrated on after retiring.

Douglas was aware that he needed to re-enter the ring, though. He wanted to develop a boxing persona that would honor his hometown and father.

His Career


In his first match as a professional, Buster Douglas defeated Dan O’Malley in 1981. He defeated Mike Lear in July of the same year.

After that, he won fights against Mike Rodgers, Abdul Muhaymin, and Jesse Clark. Douglas faced David Bey in November 1981 and lost after five straight victories.

He eventually defeated Don Johnson a month later. He boxed Steffen Tangstad of Norway in October 1982. The outcome was his first career draw.

Against Mike White in 1983, Douglas suffered his second career loss after a run of thirteen straight victories. Then he defeated Dion Simpson and Randall Cobb.

More About his Career

Buster Douglas defeated Canada’s Trevor Berbick in February 1989. He had previously beaten former champion, Greg Page.

He boxed Mike Tyson in Tokyo’s Tokyo Dome in 1990. The victor of the contest will be crowned the undisputed world champion and will be scheduled to face Evander Holyfield.

Later, by defeating Tyson, he pulled off the biggest upset. After eight months, Evander Holyfield defeated him for the championship.

He came close to passing away from a diabetic coma in the 1990s. He had a 38–6 career record in professional boxing when he retired in 1999.

His Awards

Buster Douglas

Below are some of the awards presented to Buster Douglas;

  • After defeating Mike Tyson, the defending champion, he was dubbed the Undisputed World Champion in 1990.
  • He was recognized by Ohio State University.
  • He was remembered in the Men’s Basketball Hall of Fame at Coffeyville Community College.


Finally, Buster Douglas has seen both success and failure, but the best feeling of all for the retired champion is being able to better his native state.

He also passes on his knowledge of how to become a physically and mentally strong fighter to the future generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happened to Buster Douglas?

Between 1996 and 1999, Douglas made a comeback in the ring before his second and last retirement.

2. Did Mike Tyson Knock Buster Douglas Out?

In the eighth round of the fight, Tyson delivered a right uppercut that caused Douglas to go to the ground.

3. How Much Money did Buster Douglas Make Against Tyson?

$3 million.

4. Did Tyson Fight, Buster Douglas, Twice?

There was no rematch.

5. Who is the Best Boxer of all Time?

Muhammad Ali.

6. Who Beat Tyson Twice?

Evander Holyfield.

7. Who Hit Tyson the Hardest?

Stephen Fulton Jr.

8. Who was the Hardest-Hitting Boxer?

 Mike Tyson.

9. Are Tyson and Holyfield Friends?

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield are now friends.

10. Did Holyfield Reattach his Ear?

He wasn’t able to reattach the missing portion.

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