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How Much Does it Really Cost to Own a Burger King Franchise

The origins of Burger King date back to 1953 with a couple of aspiring restauranteurs from Jacksonville, Florida. This article’s intent is to give details of the cost of a burger king franchise.

cost of a burger king franchise

Burger King History and Estimate

Burger King is currently one of the top five food franchises in the world by number of locations, and it is the second-largest burger franchise behind McDonald’s.

You must meet the franchisor’s standards, which include having access to the appropriate amount of financial resources, in order to own one of the more than 19,000 Burger Kings that are now operating.

Depending on the type of facility, the estimated cost range for opening and running a Burger King in the United States for the first three months is from $230,000 to $4,194,700.

The information in the table below is taken from the 2022 Burger King Franchise Disclosure Document. Based on years of experience in franchising its business, Burger King provides the estimates.

A Burger King Franchise Costs How Much?

A 20-year Burger King franchise costs $50,000 on average. Before the restaurant may open, the deposit must be paid.

Depending on how long you have the property under control, prices can change, with a minimum of $15,000 being charged.

Burger King charges an additional $250 per applicant and $5,000 for entity ownership in addition to the initial price. A cost of $50,000 would be required if you wanted to run more than one restaurant.


What to Know About Burger King Franchise?

A fast-food restaurant franchise with locations all over the world is Burger King. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, wraps, and breakfast items are all available at Burger King.

In addition, Burger King provides a selection of sides and desserts.

Products from Burger King can be bought online and in grocers. Since 1954, Burger King has been operating. The headquarters of Burger King are in Miami, Florida.

Over15,000 Burger King outlets can be found globally. The company Burger King now has restaurants all over the world, including ones in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Flame-grilled chicken sandwiches and hamburgers are what Burger King is famous for.

How Much Money is Needed to Start a Burger King Restaurant?

Burger King requires potential franchisees to have a minimum net worth of $3.00 million and $1.00 million in liquid assets in addition to the capital needed to operate the store.

The amount that a franchisor expects a franchisee to have in savings and be able to access promptly in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances upon starting the firm is known as the liquid assets requirement.

Additionally, it takes into consideration ongoing living costs until the franchise unit starts making a profit big enough for the franchisee to get decent take-home pay.

Is the Profit from the Burger King Franchise Worth the Franchise Fee?

Based on the median multiple of.34 and the 2019 net sales average of $1,351,000, your franchise would sell for around $459,340 after five years in operation.

Compared to the typical initial investment of $2,638,100, this is significantly less.

Additionally, if you own numerous locations, you will typically be able to turn a profit when selling your franchise because the median multiple for stores selling more than $5 million is.86.

This would amount to almost $13,510,000 in net sales if you had 10 Burger King businesses.

As a result, the selling price of your multi-unit franchise would be $11,618,600. Selling would result in a $2,638,100 initial investment for every extra site.

The majority of franchisees of fast-food establishments like Burger King don’t profit from the franchise itself. From real estate, rather!

A Burger King franchise can be opened for as little as 0,000 and as much as ,194,700 in total investment.

Remember that you should set aside extra money so you have enough to live off of while business at Burger King picks up. Depending on the franchise opportunity, this could take anywhere from six months to more than two years.

Frequently Asked Question

You need to have a net worth of more than Rs. 2.25 crores in order to open a Burger King franchise. It is important to realize that starting a popular restaurant franchise takes a large financial commitment.

Starting a Burger King franchise in India requires a $2–$3 billion total investment as well as 2000–3,000 square feet of commercial premises that complies with Burger King regulations. The Burger King master franchise Everstone Group is in charge of the vast majority of the Burger King locations in India.

Yes, you can own a Burger King franchise in the UK. However, because Burger King prefers partners who can put up a lot of locations, a minimum investment of £250k is required when applying for a Burger King franchise in the UK.

Contributors to Entrepreneur are free to share their own opinions. One of the biggest restaurant franchisees in the United States, Guillermo Perales, doesn’t settle with just one or two sites in a given territory. He would rather own them all.

A start-expected up’s costs can range from 96 lakhs to 2 crores. In addition, a franchise fee of 36 lakhs is needed to open a KFC franchise in India. In addition, a 5% royalty charge on the company’s gross monthly receipts must be paid.

Those who wish to become a McDonald’s franchisee must pay a $45,000 franchise fee and have liquid assets of at least $500,000 accessible.

It will cost between $1,314,500 and $2,306,500 to open a new McDonald’s franchise. The cost of an existing franchise can reach $1 million or more.

Cost of a Burger King franchise, including the initial outlay. The franchise fee is $50,000, and between $316,100 and $2,660,600 must be invested overall. Franchise agreements also contain a 4.5% extra royalty fee. Franchise earnings vary depending on geography.

Based on a net sales of $1,351,000 and a profit margin of 13%, we can calculate that the typical Burger King franchise salary is $175,630 per year.

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