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– Bottle Returns Near Me 2022-

Millions of plastic bottles are manufactured and sold every year, with a tremendous number of them ending up in landfills.

So, why not make money out of stuff that others simply throw away? Here is how you can make some money with plastic bottles.

bottle returns near me

How to Collect Plastics

Get creative on how you gather the plastic bottles, and you may be able to make money on it twice.

Speak to local businesses that have a large staff or that have an on-site customer base concerned with collecting their plastic.

Some may pay you to collect their plastic items for them. If not, you can still set up drop boxes, and you can establish dates and times to pick up.

Spread the word to your friends and family, as well as to your acquaintances on social media that you’re looking to take their plastic bottles off their hands.

Get it Sorted

Recycling centers may require plastics organized into categories for repurposing. Most bottles will be marked with a code that tells you what it is. Here are a few categories of plastics to look for:

  • PET or PETE — clear bottles with hard bases
  • PP — plastic bottles caps or medicine bottles
  • LDPE — squeeze bottles
  • HDPE — opaque plastic bottles

Once your bottle collection is, where you can organize them separate them into these categories and place them in large garbage bags or inboxes.

For easy dispensing, mark the container to make sure that you know which is which.

You will also be able to estimate any deposit value by doing this.

First Check if Your State Has Can & Bottle Deposit Laws

Okay, so the first thing you’ll need to do is check if your state has can and bottle deposit laws.

Not all states do, unfortunately. Currently, there are ten states that have bottle redemption laws.

I’ve listed these states below, along with which beverages and containers are covered:

  • California: Californians can earn money from beverages including beer, malt, wine, and distilled spirit coolers. And you can also earn on all non-alcoholic beverages, except milk. Vegetable juices over 16 oz. are excluded. Containers that are covered include any container that’s made of aluminum, glass, plastic, or bi-metal; Exempts refillable.
  • Connecticut: In Connecticut, you can make money from beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, and bottled water. Any bottle, can, jar, or carton that’s composed of glass, metal, or plastic is accepted. Containers that are more than three liters containing non-carbonated beverages and HDPE containers are excluded.
  • Hawaii: In Hawaii, you can get money back for a beer, malt, mixed spirits and wine, and all non-alcoholic drinks, except for dairy products. Any container up to 68 oz. Composed of aluminum, bi-metal, glass, or plastic is accepted.
  • Iowa: If you live in Iowa, you can get money when you return beer, wine coolers, wine, liquor, carbonated soft drinks, and mineral water. So basically you’ll get money for anything that’s alcoholic or carbonated, and water. You can return any bottle, can, jar, or carton that’s made from glass, metal, or plastic.

Bottle Returns Near Me

  • Maine: In Maine, you’ll make money from all beverages, except dairy products and unprocessed cider. That’s awesome. You’ll get money for any container that’s four liters or less and made from glass, metal, or plastic.
  • Massachusetts: Get a redemption reward in Massachusetts from beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, and mineral water. You can get paid for any bottle, can, jar, or carton composed of glass, metal, plastic, or a combination; Excludes biodegradables.
  • Michigan: If you reside in Michigan, you can get paid for beer, wine coolers, canned cocktails, soft drinks, carbonated and mineral water. You’ll get a redemption reward for any container that’s less than one gallon and made of metal, glass, paper, or plastic.
  • New York: New Yorkers can get paid for beer, malt, wine products, carbonated soft drinks, soda water, and water that doesn’t contain sugar. You can earn from any bottle, can, or jar that’s less than one gallon and made from glass, metal, aluminum, steel, or plastic.
  • Oregon: In Oregon, you can get a redemption reward for beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, and bottled water. All beverages are covered, except for wine, distilled liquor, dairy products, milk substitutes (like plant-based milk), and infant formula. Any bottle, can, or jar that’s composed of glass, metal, or plastic is accepted.
  • Vermont: In Vermont, you can get a redemption reward for beer, malt, mixed wine, liquor, and carbonated soft drinks. You can get paid for any bottle, can, jar, or carton that’s made from glass, metal, paper, plastic, or a combination.

bottle returns

Organizations to Donate Your Stockpile of Cans, Bottles To

The following organizations are willing to take your empty cans and bottles and put them to good use:

1. Bottle Returns Near Me: Bloomfield Township Police

Bloomfield Township Police announced in a Facebook post that the department will collect cans and bottles to support their Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics.

2. Livingston County Animal Shelter

The Livingston County Animal Shelter is collecting cans and bottles. Donations brought to the shelter will support their dogs, cats, and kittens.

3. Bottle Returns Near Me: Kalamazoo Animal Rescue

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue is accepting can and bottle donations at the rescue’s office location.

4. Grand Rapids West Catholic Football

5. Bottle Returns Near Me: Lapeer Paradise Animal Rescue

Paradise Animal Rescue in Lapeer is accepting donations of empty bottles and cans anytime. Donations can be dropped off at their front door.

6. Garden City’s Sports Venue Bar and Grill

The Sports Venue Bar and Grill in Garden City is collecting bottles and cans to donate proceeds to P.O.E.T Animal Rescue. Returnables can be delivered to the restaurant.

7. Bottle Returns Near Me: Pan Equus Animal Sanctuary – Oxford

The pan Equus Animal Sanctuary in Oxford is collecting empty cans and bottles on-site to support the care of their animals. Donations can be dropped off at any time.

Tips for Collecting Bottles Redemption

More bottles equals more cash, right?

That’s why collecting bottles in addition to the ones you have in your household is such a good idea. Below, I’ve listed a few good ways to get some extra bottles.

1. Bottle Returns Near Me: Ask friends and neighbors

A really easy way to get your hands on some extra beverage containers is to ask your friends and neighbors.

I know that some of my friends and neighbors just don’t want the hassle of taking their containers back. And yours are likely the same.

2. Look out for litter

By picking up litter, you’re not only putting more money in your pocket, but you improve the appearance of your neighborhood and town, and you help your local environment too!

3. Bottle Returns Near Me: Offer to pick up empties from bars and restaurants

Ask whether you can collect and return empty containers at local bars and restaurants. Some places may be willing to partner with you.

4. Take bags with you

Always carry a garbage bag with you, as you never know when you’ll come across a litter that you could make money from.

5. Always wear protective wear

My final tip is to always wear protective gear. Wearing gloves is so important.

Firstly, broken glass or the sharp edge of a can easily cut your hands.

Secondly, if you’re collecting extra bottles and stuff, you never know what you’re going to come across. Sadly, things like syringes and other hazardous materials are tossed on the floor too.

So wearing gloves and something with long sleeves is such a good idea.


Additional Tips for Success

Depending upon your local container deposit redemption options, you may be able to turn your empty containers — and those from friends, businesses, and organizations — into funding for worthy causes.

You’ll likely need a bit of patience and commitment. Be prepared for frustration both in locating venues and in processing the returns/redemptions. But it’s for a good cause.

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