Dressing for Your Body Type: Flattering Styles for Every Shape

We’re all different. Each of us has unique figures, whether slim, thicker, shorter, or taller. While the world of fashion may have us thinking that we all need to fit into the same trends, the truth is that there are great ways to dress for each body shape that can flatter your favorite parts about you. Here are some tips to help you dress for your body type.


Think About Your Shoes

Different kinds of shoes can accentuate your height or body type, so while you’re shopping around for shoes, think about the visual effect you may be going for with your style. 

Rounded ballet flats tend to look good on those with longer legs, adding a chic touch to your outfits. However, if you’re someone with shorter legs, classic ballet flats can make you feel even shorter.

If you’re looking to wear comfortable flat shoes, look for sneakers with a pointed design that helps elongate your legs. 

Look at How Your Pants Fit

If you want to feel confident in your fit, take a look at your pants. How do they feel? Do you feel confident in the fit that you’re wearing right now?

For those with curvier shapes, such as a thicker waist and thighs yet a slim waist, the high-waisted look is a great way to go, as it can focus on your strong points and accentuate your shape.

No matter what size or shape, what matters is fit. Pants tailored to your body will look and feel great.

If you’re a slimmer shape and you want to showcase the positives, skinny jeans that fit you just right can help to highlight your curves that may not be as evident in other clothes.

Your stylist could also suggest some slacks or boyfriend jeans that look super fashionable on a body shape like yours. There are different pants for every kind of shape out there. 

Learn How to Divert Focal Points

Learning how to dress to draw attention away from areas can help you to create a more flattering visual of your body, which can be helpful if you have a hard time shopping for clothes because of your insecurities.

While everyone is beautiful, no matter their shape, if you want to accentuate the things you do love, learn the art of diversion. 

For example, say that you have broad shoulders. This may not be something that you adore about yourself.

Instead of wearing something that draws attention to your shoulders, divert the visual to your chest by wearing cuts that dip towards your chest, bringing the eyes to your neck and collarbones and not your shoulders. 

Figure out How to Accentuate

If you’re someone with smaller hips but you want to accentuate your figure, there are ways that you can dress that could help emphasize your body’s shape. When you showcase your waist to look smaller, your hips can look bigger. 

You can do this by wearing tight-fitting dresses or dresses that have a tie at the upper waist area. If you have a difficult time finding the best fit to bring out your figure, consider working with a seamstress to put together the best looks for your body shape. 

Know that Material Makes a Difference

Silky material can be great for the woman who wants to accentuate her curves but for the one who is looking to visually slim your shape, silky fits may not be the best option for you because of the clingy nature of this material.

Lightweight and soft fabrics can be ideal for you while someone who is looking to showcase their curves more will appreciate textures like velvet. 

Dressing For Your Body

In Conclusion 

As you try to dress for your body shape, know that you should feel confident in whatever you choose to wear. While there are tricks to dressing to flatter your shape, dressing in what feels good is always the way to go. 

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