20 Fun and Creative Birth Announcement Ideas & Text Messages

Birth announcement ideas, here are some suggestions for writing your birth announcement, ranging from the traditional to the humorous, personalized birth announcements are a great way to share the news of your new baby. Read on to get full details.

20 Fun and Creative Birth Announcement Ideas & Text Messages

Learn when and how to announce your pregnancy, and get original suggestions for breaking the momentous news.

There are many adorable ways to share your happiness with your partner, friends, future grandparents, or a larger circle of acquaintances.

How do I Announce My New Born Baby?

Many new parents decide to mention some fundamental details about their baby in the birth announcement.

Name, birthday, weight, length, place and time of birth, parent’s names, and occasionally their sex may be among the information provided. Here are some suggestions for a personalized message, if you’re including one:

  • Finally, the wait is over! We are overjoyed to introduce (baby name).
  • Hello, universe! Introducing our (baby’s) bundle of joy.
  • We were fortunate to welcome (baby name) on (birthdate).
  • Yes, dreams do come true!
  • It’s a done deal! (Baby name) was born on that day.
  • (Baby name)  you are welcome.
  • We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the family’s newest member, (baby name).
  • Finally, they’ve arrived!
  • Oh wow! Meet (baby name).
  • It’s a baby!
  • Congratulations on your birth, (baby name)!
  • Introducing (baby name), our new life partner.
  • The arrival of our infant!
  • Introducing (baby name), our happy infant.
  • We now have a baby! (Baby name) is welcome, please.
  • Introducing (baby name) our adorable new arrival.
  • The birth of (baby name) has us giddy with delight.
  • (Baby name) is the new ruler of the cutie pies, so let’s meet her.
  • Who will they become as they age? We’ll have to wait and see as we’re unsure.

What to do for a Baby Announcement?

What to do for a Baby Announcement?

There are numerous methods to share the good news of the birth of your little one. You can email a card, make a post on Facebook or Instagram, or even create a group message to your immediate family.

Even though it’s never too late to make an announcement, you wouldn’t mail one if you had previously sent one by electronic means.

You should only send one announcement to each household. Don’t send notifications to anyone who has already heard your great news and received a present.

Distribute your announcements as soon as you can. Etiquette says that you have six months to make the announcements because your hands (and hearts) will be full once your kid is born.

Generally speaking, it’s beneficial to start part of the planning prior to the birth of your child, but try not to stress out too much if the baby has already come before thinking about the announcements.

Birth announcements often include the following information:

  • Name of the infant
  • (Weight and height at birth)
  • baby picture
  • Names of parents
  • Names of any siblings

Do not mention or ask for gifts in your announcement. That is the purpose of baby showers. Birth announcements have a long history.

However many people may send presents in response if they are not specifically requested. Nobody, however, should feel compelled to do so.

Wording for a Birth Announcement for a Girl

Wording for a Birth Announcement for a Girl

Looking for a cute, wacky way to announce the birth of your daughter? Look no further—the language in these three notes’ birth announcements should suffice.

  • Thank God for young girls. Please welcome our daughter…
  • Little star, twinkle away. Do you realize how much we adore you? Introducing our newborn daughter.
  • Dear girl, welcome to the world. Introducing our daughter, who was born today…

Purchase Baby Girl Birth Announcements

We are obsessed with these baby girl birth announcements, which range from traditional stripes to abstract paintbrush strokes.

Check them out and think about how you may alter one of them for your own baby announcement.

Are you looking for birth announcement cards that exude elegance and luxury? Take a look at this design from Mixbook.

On the finest heavy-weight paper, which was responsibly sourced from sustainable forests, an elegant striped design is printed.

With these beautiful birth announcement cards that are flowering, share a photo of your tiny flower. For a chic finish, personalize your baby’s information and add a photo on luxurious paper.

Would you like to share more than one picture of your adorable creature? Take a look at these Minted photo collage birth announcements. Baby can take center stage because of the minimalist design.

Wording for a Birth Announcement for a Boy

See these similarly happy baby boy announcements. It’s important to note that, with a little minor adjustment.

However, the majority of these birth announcement concepts work for any gender. Decide which one feels the most like you and your family, then edit away.

  • How great life is for him now that he is here. Informing you of the birth of our son…
  • He is now a legitimate big brother! Say welcome to the new best buddy of [older son]… This one is for siblings, though sisters might also use it.
  • Oh boy, he’s arrived at last! Greetings to the world, little [baby’s name]…

Wording for Twin Birth Announcements

Double your enjoyment and pleasure! When you announce the arrival of twins, there are two times the affection.

And no one will criticize you for highlighting that fact. Use these birth announcement wording ideas to double down on the twin allusions:

  • Doubles, anybody? Say hi to our daughters, the future renowned tennis twins.
  • Double the delight and double the love. [Parents’ names] are pleased to present their twins.
  • The most desirable things are paired. We are delighted to present our sons to the world.


Wording for a Unique Birth Announcement

Since every child is unique, why not introduce the newborn in a special way? If you’re a millennial mom, a bookworm dad, or just one content parent, check out these three innovative birth announcement ideas.

  • The hug is genuine. Meet our family’s cutest member…
  • A fresh child to cherish and a new cheek to kiss. As we announce the arrival of our [son/daughter], our hearts are overflowing with joy. A sensible choice for new parents.
  • My favorite days are the ones we spend together. Therefore, it is now my favorite day. Welcome to our new little darling, who has already made our days happier.

Details… We adore this Winnie-the-Pooh quotation, but if you’re an avid reader, you can search through any of your favorite children’s books.

For some incredibly underrated quotes, and couple a of well-known names with unexpected and profound words.

Words for a Funny Birth Announcement

One of the most humorous traits is a woman’s self-assurance as a mother. (Reply: Not much.) Why not just go with it and use amusing phrasing for your birth announcement? You can be sure that all parents can relate.

  • Sleepless nights and constant poop are the real definitions of blessed…
  • Yet observe that tiny face! (Swoon.) Introducing…
  • Left the womb and escaped! He is sought after for stealing his parents’ hearts. Meet…
  • The stuff just got serious. (Really, there are enough of them.) Greetings to our tiny pooper.

How do You Publicize a Baby on Social Media?

Social media has motivated all of us to raise our game when it comes to sharing the specifics of life’s milestone events, such as birthdays, engagements, and pregnancies.

 Therefore, while planning how to announce your pregnancy, you’ll surely want to do so on Instagram with a cute picture and catchy caption.

Awesome Pregnancy Announcements for Social Media

You want something easy, right? Here are several traditional ways to announce here is your important news.

  • A journey is about to start.
  • Love came first, and then you.
  • Even miracles require some time. Baby on the way.
  • The very best is still to come. (Date due).
  • Saying, ‘Welcoming our newborn on (due date)’.
  • Being pregnant means that I am one day closer to meeting my soul mate every day.
  • And the baby makes three.
  • You and I make three.
  • On (due date), we can’t wait to welcome our new addition.


Birth announcement ideas, getting a newborn is exciting and special, and that includes sending birth announcement cards. You get to use your imagination to creatively tell the world about the birth of your child.

A cherished parental custom is sending birth announcements and doing so from your computer is now simpler than ever.

But if you need some ideas for baby birth announcements, we hope this list might be of some assistance.

You can combine and match any of these birth announcement ideas, regardless of whether you are expecting a boy or a girl or one kid or two.

Additionally, if you’re prepared and want to document your baby’s first moments, download our hospital bag checklist to make sure you don’t forget your signs and camera.

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