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Birria Tacos Recipes (Steps by Step Process!)

-Birria Tacos Recipes-

It’s time to up your taco game with this incredible Birria Tacos recipe, which comprises tender shredded beef and melty cheese coated in sauce and pan-fried until crispy. Serve with extra sauce on the side for dipping, and you’ll understand why these tacos are so popular. Read through to get comprehensive information on birria tacos recipes.

What are Birria Tacos?

Birria Tacos (tacos de birria, also known as quesabirria tacos) are made with braised meat inside a corn tortilla pan-fried in the fat that sits on top of the birria.

You might wonder if birria tacos are spicy. Not really, I say. Please keep in mind that I am Peruvian, which means I grew up eating spicy food and have a high tolerance for it.

After that, the Birria Tacos are stuffed with melty Oaxaca cheese (quesillo), cilantro, lime, and white onion. On the side is a small bowl of consomé for dipping. It was truly a magical meal!

Instant Pot Birria

 You can make this stew any way you want, but I prefer it in the instant pot because it’s faster and keeps more of the flavor in the dish.

Those delicious aromas that fill your house after hours of slow cooking? Those are flavor particles, which means they aren’t in your soup.

However, regardless of how you make it, it will be absolutely delicious, so choose whatever method works best for you.

Dutch Oven

To cook this in a dutch oven, you’ll need a fairly large dutch oven. Follow the instructions all the way until you close the lid of the Instant Pot.

Instead, cover the dutch oven and set it on as low heat as possible on your stove, or alternatively, pop it in a 200ºF oven for 4-6 hours.

Slow Cooker

The only time-consuming aspect of making this in a slow cooker is sautéing the onions. My solution was to simply skip that step altogether. It didn’t appear to make a significant difference.

 place all the ingredients in the slow cooker and set it to low for 8 hours. This recipe did not fit in the smaller slow cooker.


Best Birria Tacos are Dipped in the Stew and then Fried to Crispy Goodness

Birria Tacos Recipes

The magic happens when you dip the tortilla into the stew and fry it until crisp, so don’t skip this step.

Tacos are delicious, but few people outside of the southwest realize that tacos only become truly transcendent when the tortilla is cooked in fat.

Traditionally, Birria Tacos Recipes is done in butter or lard, but we use the fat from the top of the stew to add a kick. You’ll never go back after biting into a crisp fried taco shell.

Birria Ingredients  

All of these ingredients can be found at your local Latin market, and tacos de birria aren’t complete without these dried peppers. They are necessary!

1. Dried chiles and/or peppers

Guajillo, ancho, and chiles de arbol are used in this recipe. I enjoy dried chiles. They are extremely tasty. I recommend trimming the edges with kitchen shears and discarding the seeds.

 Of course, if you like it spicy, you can leave the seeds out.

2. Mexican Oregano

 You can find this at a Latin market and it’s very different from, say, Italian oregano. Of course, in a pinch you could use the Italian version. The Mexican version I find is more fragrant. 

3. Mexican Cinnamon

Phew. This is one of my favorite versions of cinnamon. It’s much more brittle and snappy. It’s easy to break in two.

 If you’re using regular cinnamon, I would say just add it to the mixture to boil and then remove it and discard. No need to add it to the blender. 

4. Cuts of Meat

You can use chuck stew meat. After that, you add 1 pound of short ribs for flavor. If you want, you can use all chuck stew (so 3 pounds).

If there are any fatty excess pieces, leave them alone because they add flavor to the sauce. You can also try it with 1 pound of oxtailde.

5. Chipotle Peppers in Adobo

These come in a little can and they are salty-sweet-spicy delicious. They form the base of many Mexican stews and marinades and you can find them pretty much everywhere in the world.

They’re that good. We usually keep 3-4 cans around just for tacos al pastor.


How to make Birria Stew

How to make Birria Stew

Making Birria stew is easy and quick:

‣ Soak the peppers: Bring a pot of water to a boil and then take it off the heat, soak the dried peppers while you do the next steps.

‣ Season the meat: While you wait for the peppers to soak, cube up the roast and season the meat with salt and pepper

‣ Make the marinade: In a blender, combine everything except the cloves, bay leaves, and cinnamon. Remove the peppers from the now-warm water and set them aside to cool.

 Holding them over the sink by the tip, cut the tops off with scissors. The seeds will simply fall out. Then add them to the blender as well. Make a smooth paste out of everything.

‣ Marinate the beef overnight: Two hours is good enough too, but longer is always better when it comes to stews.

‣ Make the stew: Cook the onions. Because onions are the foundation of all flavors, they should be extra delicious – transparent and golden.

Allow yourself plenty of time. Then add the meats, cover with chicken stock, and season with the remaining spices. It’s as simple as that!

How to make Birria Tacos

‣ Meats Should be Shredded: You can also fry them. I skipped this step, and it was fine, but if you like your meat crispy and hot, this is the place to do it.

‣ Warm the Tortillas: As a result, they are pliable and soft. We use a tortilla warmer, but you can microwave them for 30 seconds wrapped in damp paper towels.

‣ Fill and Dip: Dip your tortillas in the soup; the fat is near the surface, so don’t go too far, but make sure they’re covered. Then, on half of the tortilla, layer on the beef, onions, cilantro (optional), and cheese (optional).

‣ Fold and Fry: Fry your tacos in a non-stick skillet over medium heat until they are crisp up, 2-3 minutes per side. Serve with a side of the stew to use as a dip.

The Tortillas

They made these tacos with street-sized corn tortillas, but you can use whatever tortillas you want. I like to use uncooked corn or flour tortillas made locally and cook them myself.

Whole Foods frequently carry great local tortillas, including uncooked ones in the refrigerator section.

If you don’t have access to good locally made tortillas, La Tortilla Factory and Santa Fe Tortilla Company make some of the best mass-produced tortillas around. For national brands, Mission Foods is my favorite.

Quesabirria Tacos

Everyone enjoys cheese, and quesabirria tacos may be more popular than traditional birria tacos. Shred some Oaxaca cheese into the tacos before folding and frying them to make quesabirria tacos.

If you can’t find Oaxaca, you can substitute mozzarella or cheddar. For extra cheese pull and delicious meltiness, I crumble some aged Cotija cheese into the tacos instead.

One of my favorite bites in the world is the combination of melty cheese, soft birria, and crispy tortillas.

There is Nothing Else Quite like Birria Tacos

Birria Tacos Recipes

They coat the corn tortillas with consomé before being filled with birria meat (as if they were enchiladas) and grated cheese, which distinguishes birria tacos.

 They fry the tacos until golden brown in a hot, lightly oiled pan. They’re served with a small bowl of warm consomé for dipping the tacos.


If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the birria tacos recipes trend, they’ve been recreated numerous times.

 They prepare these online birria tacos differently than those served in Mexico, where they serve them with only the birria meat and no other fillings, wrapped in corn tortillas and dipped in the consomé.

We hope you find this article on birria tacos recipes useful. Please share with your family and friends. 

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