50+ Bible Quiz Questions and Answers for Children on Sunday School

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Playing trivia questions and answers is a fun way to bond with others while also learning new things. Bible Quiz Questions and answers are an excellent choice for those who enjoy having fun at Christian gatherings.

Bible Quiz Questions

What are Bible Quiz Questions About?

The Bible, as Christians’ holy book, contains historical events, most of which any adult or child who believes in the religion should be aware of.

A Bible trivia game is a fun and creative way to learn more about God’s Word and keep your spiritual muscles flexed.

As they gain more wisdom from the Bible, you can quiz them with increasingly difficult Bible trivia questions. You can play this during family game night, a car trip, or your next Sunday school class (virtual or in-person).

Divide into groups and take turns asking questions.

You can also play one-on-one or post these on your social media page to spark some meaningful discussion.

Once you’ve completed your work, try your hand at creating some of your own! Let’s see how much you’ve read from the Bible.

To put your knowledge to the test, here are some easy, medium, and difficult questions from both the Old and New Testaments.

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Old Testament Bible Quiz (Easy)

‣ What is the number of books in the Protestant Old Testament? 39

‣ What day did God make a man? The sixth day.

‣ Jacob had how many sons? 12

‣ This man was the author of the first five books of the Old Testament. Moses.

‣ God created Eve from what part of Adam’s body? Rib.

‣ What was David’s weapon of choice in defeating Goliath? A stone and a sling.

‣ Choose one of the two birds Noah released from the Ark. A crow and a dove.

‣ In the Garden of Eden, what animal tempted Adam and Eve? The serpent.

‣ What gave Sampson his power? His hair.

‣ On Mount Moriah, God instructed Abraham to make a sacrifice to Him. What exactly was it? Isaac, his son.

‣ Who did God commission to build the ark? Noah is the answer.

‣ When Noah was on the ark, how many days and nights did it rain? 40 is the answer.

‣ What was God’s promise to Noah that he would never again destroy the earth? The answer is a rainbow.

‣ Joseph had how many brothers? 11 is the answer.

‣ What did Jacob give Joseph that made his siblings envious? Answer: A multicolored coat.

‣ What did Joseph tell his brothers about his disturbing dreams? Answer: The dreams predicted that he would rise to power and rule over them.

‣ Moses’ mother saved him from the Egyptian soldiers in what way? Answer: Put him in a basket and throw him into the river.

‣ What medium did God use to communicate with Moses in the desert? The answer is a burning bush. 

‣ What did Moses say God told Pharaoh to do? Allow his people to leave.

‣ How many plagues did God inflict on Egypt? Answer: ten.

Bible Quiz Questions

New Testament Quiz (Easy)

‣ What city was Jesus born in? Bethlehem.

‣ When Jesus was born, who brought him gifts? The three wise men.

‣ What exactly is the eighth commandment? You are not to steal.

‣ Identify two of the nine Fruits of the Spirit. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, etc.

‣ Who was the angel who told Mary she was going to have Jesus? The Guardian Angel Gabriel.

‣ When did Jesus rise from the dead? The third day.

‣What was the material used to make Jesus’ crown? Thorns.

‣ What is the location of Jesus’ first sermon? On the mountaintop.

‣ What are the four New Testament Gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the four gospel writers.

‣ Jesus fasted for how many days and nights? Forty days.

‣ Which of these women washed Jesus’ feet? Mary Magdalene.

‣ What did Jesus do before he began his ministry? A carpenter.

‣ On what day of the week did Jesus resurrect? Sunday.

‣ 40 days after His resurrection, where did Jesus go? Heaven.

‣  What person baptized Jesus? The answer is John the Baptist.

‣ When Jesus was baptized, who spoke from the sky? God is the answer.

‣ What did God have to say? He was pleased with his son, according to the answer.

‣ What was Jesus’ job before he began preaching? Carpenter is the answer.

‣ Please identify Jesus’ hometown. Nazareth is the answer.

‣ True or false: Jesus transformed water into Pepsi. False; Jesus turned water into wine.

‣ What was the name of the place where Jesus walked on water? Answer: The Sea of Galilee.

‣ True or False: Jesus avoided people with a bad reputation? False? He frequently dined with “sinners.”

‣ True or False: People loved Jesus and believed his message wherever he went? False? Many times, Jesus was rejected. 

Old Testament Bible Quiz (Medium)

‣ What was the Old Testament written in? Hebrew.

‣ What was the total number of people on Noah’s Ark? Eight.

‣ What sea did Moses part in, in order to aid his people’s escape from Pharaoh? The Red Sea.

‣ What were Miriam’s brothers’ names? Moses and Aaron.

‣ God sent how many plagues to Egypt? 10

‣ What exactly was The Golden Calf? While Moses was away, the Israelites worshiped an idol.

‣ What did Jacob give Joseph that made his siblings envious? A multicolored coat.

‣ Cain murders his brother Abel for what reason? Because Abel’s sacrifice pleases God more than Cain’s.

‣ How does Jacob get his hands on Esau’s inheritance rights? By deceiving his father with the assistance of his mother.

‣ Which disaster does Joseph save Egypt from? Famine.

‣ When God first appears to Moses, how does he do so? Like a blazing bush.

‣ What object does God give Moses that enables him to perform miracles? A staff made of wood.

‣ How does God provide food for the Israelites in the desert? A strange bread-like substance from heaven.

‣ Why does Moses break the stone tablets inscribed with God’s commandments at Mount Sinai? Because the people worship a golden idol.

‣ Why does God curse the Israelites with forty years of wandering in the desert before entering the Promised Land? As a result of the Israelites’ rejection of Moses as their leader.

‣ What are the Israelites forbidden to do in the Promised Land, according to Moses and Joshua? Intermarry with the indigenous people.

‣ Who is it who betrays Samson to the Philistines? Delilah.

‣ Why does Nathan, the prophet, chastise David? David has an affair with Bathsheba.

‣ What does David bring to Jerusalem in order to bless the holy city? The Tent of Meeting.

‣ How does Absalom celebrate his brief ascension to David’s throne? By publicly sleeping with David’s concubines.

‣ What event causes Israel to be divided into two kingdoms? Rehoboam wishes for Judah to secede from the other twelve tribes.

‣ Who is Elisha? Elijah’s apprentice and heir.

‣ Which Jewish holiday is the result of the events in Esther? Purim.

‣ Which of the following is not a judge in Israel? Jephthah.

‣ What is King Solomon’s role in Israel? In Jerusalem, he constructs a magnificent temple.

New Testament Bible Question (Medium)

‣ What is the popular name for the first four books of the New Testament? The Four Gospels.

‣  What is the last book in the New Testament? Revelation.

‣ What exactly does the term “gospel” mean? Good News.

‣ At the time of Jesus’ birth, who was the King of Judea? Herod The Great.

‣ Which gospel contains the fewest records of Jesus’ miracles? Matthew.

‣What kind of water did Jesus get baptized in? Jordan River.

‣ What miracle did Jesus perform at the Cana wedding? Making wine from water.

‣ Who was the tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus? Zacchaeus.

‣ What were the names of the two Old Testament characters who appeared together with Jesus at the transfiguration? Elijah and Moses.

‣ How did Jesus foretell who would betray him? Dipping bread in wine and handing it over to him.

‣ What city was Jesus crucified in? Golgotha.

‣ After his resurrection, how long did Jesus appear to his disciples? 40

‣ Who accompanied Paul on his first missionary trip? Barnabas.

‣  During the second missionary journey, Paul and Silas were imprisoned, but in which city? Philippi.

‣ How long did Paul spend in the school of Tyrannus at Ephesus during his third missionary journey? For two years.

‣ On which island was Paul shipwrecked on his way to Rome? Malta.

‣ How many churches were there in Asia Minor? Seven.

‣ When John received the vision of Revelation, he was on which island? Patmos.

‣ What are the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem described in Revelation made of? Pearl.

‣ Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem.

‣ Why did Joseph bring Mary and Jesus to Egypt? To avoid King Herod.

‣ After returning from Egypt, where did Jesus grow up? Nazareth.

‣ What was the first miracle performed by Jesus? Making wine from water.

‣ A large storm arose as Jesus, and His disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee in a boat. When the storm raged, what was Jesus doing? Sleeping.

Old Testament Quiz (Hard)

‣ How many people sailed on Noah’s ark? The answer is eight.

‣ What did Joshua order for them to remain still? The sun and the moon are the correct answers.

‣ Who gave the Israelites permission to return to their homeland? Cyrus is the answer.

‣ What is the Bible’s longest chapter? Psalm 119 is the answer.

‣ Which location is known as “Zion” and “David’s City”? Jerusalem is the answer.

‣ After the exile, where did the tribe of Judah live in Palestine? The answer is Judea.

‣ What is the number of sections and divisions in the Bible? 8 is the answer.

‣ In modern-day Iraq, which two rivers border Eden? Tigress and Euphrates are the answers.

‣ How did Jezebel die? Answer: She was thrown out the window.

‣ In Samaria, how many sons did Ahab have? 70 is the answer.

‣ Sarah, Abraham’s wife, lived for how many years? 127 is the answer.

‣ What was the name of the well over which Abraham and Abimelech fought? Beersheba is the answer.

‣ How much is the bride’s dowry in the Song of Songs? The answer is 1,000 silver pieces.

‣ What is David’s chief counselor’s name? Ahithophel is the answer.

‣ What was the name of the queen who crowned Esther as queen? The answer is Ahasuerus.

‣ Who stretched his rod over Egypt’s waters to bring about the frog plague? Aaron is the answer.

‣ What are the names of Adam and Eve’s three sons? Cain, Abel, and Seth are the correct answers.

‣ What was God’s promise to Noah that he would never again destroy the earth? The answer is a rainbow.

‣ What were men attempting to accomplish at the Tower of Babel? Answer: Construct a tower to reach Heaven.

‣ What were men attempting to accomplish at the Tower of Babel? Answer: Construct a tower to reach Heaven.  

‣ Who was the antagonist who stole the Ark of the Covenant? Philistines are the answer.

‣ What became of the idol that stood beside the Ark in the enemy’s temple? It tipped over and broke.

‣ David wrote the entire book of Psalms. Is this true or false? Many authors wrote the Psalms, but David contributed the most.

‣ What language was the majority of the Old Testament written in? The answer is Hebrew.

bible quiz questions


New Testament Questions (Hard)

‣ How many baskets remained after Jesus fed the 5,000 people? 12 is the answer.

‣ What was the name of the high priest of Jerusalem who tried Jesus? Caiaphas is the answer.

‣ Where did Jesus give his first public sermon, according to Matthew’s Gospel? Answer: On the mountaintop.

‣ Who were the first apostles called by Jesus to follow him? Peter and Andrew, to be exact.

‣ What tribe is Paul from? Benjamin is the answer.

‣ Who replaced Judas Iscariot as a disciple? Matthias is the answer.

‣ Which group was the Jewish ruling council that plotted Jesus’ death? The Sanhedrin is the answer.

‣ In which town did Jesus meet a woman at Jacob’s well? Sychar is the answer.

‣ How many books did the Apostle Paul write? The answer is 13

‣ Who alerted Paul to the plot against him? His Nephew is the answer.

‣ What is the shortest verse in the Bible? Answer: Jesus cried (John 11:35).

‣ How many brothers of Jesus are mentioned in the Bible? Four is the answer.

‣ Who was Jesus’ most well-known cousin? Answer: John the Baptist

‣ Mention one of Jesus’ brothers: James, Joseph, Simon, or Judas

‣ What language was the majority of the New Testament written in? The answer is Greek.

‣ What was the name of the demon that Jesus exorcised from a man in the Gerasenes? Legion is the answer.

‣ How many people saw Jesus after he rose from the grave? Over 500 people, to be exact.

‣ What was Paul’s alias? The answer is Saul of Tarsus.

‣ What is the name of the apostle who shared the Gospel with an Ethiopian officer on the way to Gaza? Philip is the answer.

‣ Dorcas was raised from the dead by Peter. Is this true or false? True.

‣ Where did Peter stay in Joppa during his ministry? Answer: Simon the tanner’s house.

‣ What was the significance of Peter’s vision of the unclean animals? Answer: Through Jesus, all people can be cleansed.

‣ Which two birds did Noah release? Raven and dove, respectively.

‣ Which type of tree was popular in Lebanon? The cedar tree is the answer.

‣ How did Stephen pass away? He was stoned to death.

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FAQs on Bible Quiz Questions

1. What is a Quiz?

A quiz is a type of game or mind sport in which players attempt to correctly answer questions about a specific or variety of subjects.

Quizzes can be used in education and other fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, or skills.

A quiz is a game or competition in which you are tested on your knowledge by answering questions on a variety of topics.

2. How many Questions did God ask in the Bible?

God’s inquiries frequently have multiple levels. First, there is a straightforward surface level.

Then there’s the deeper level, which speaks to more than just the person to whom He’s speaking.

In the Bible, He generally asks ten questions, which include:

1. Genesis 3:8-12, “Where are you?” When Adam went into hiding after eating the fruit. 2 “What exactly have you done?” Still in Genesis 3:13, God questions Eve for coaxing Adam into sin.

3. “From where did you come, and where are you going?” Seen in Genesis 16:6-10, when Hagar is kicked out of Abraham’s house for her unkind treatment of Sarah and Isaac.

“Can you tell me your name?” This can be found in Genesis 32:24-29, where Jacob had wrestled with God all night and refused to give up! So God asks the question and then blesses him.

5. “What is that in your hand?” is found in Exodus 4:1-5, when Moses met God in the burning bush and God appointed him as his spokesman before Pharaoh of Egypt.

6. “What are you doing here?” appears in 1 Kings 19:1-10, when Elijah is hiding in a cave after receiving death threats from Queen Jezebel for killing her Baal prophets.

7. In Job 38:1-4, Job and his friends are debating Job’s misfortunes, and Job begins to doubt God. “Whom shall I send?” appears in Isaiah 6:1-8, When God is looking for someone to send to the children of Israel.

9. “Do you have cause to be angry?” appears in Jonah 4:1-4 when Jonah is angry at God for changing his mind about Nineveh.

10.”Can these bones live, son of man?” This question is found in Ezekiel 37:1-4, when Ezekiel the prophet is shown a vision of the Valley of Dry Bones and is asked that question.

3. Which Verse in the Bible is the Hardest to Understand?

There are several, not just one. As a Christian, the verse that is often the most difficult for unbelievers to understand and accept is Genesis 1:1, which states that God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning.

This verse is difficult to understand because no one can fully comprehend how God has always been present. Many people believe in the Big Bang theory or in a created God as a result of it.

Another issue is amputation for touching a man’s genitals (Deuteronomy 25:11-12). Certainly, grabbing a man’s genitals in the middle of a fight is immodest (not to mention strange), but it is hardly deserving of the punishment meted out.

What Jesus does not know is a challenge (Mark 13:32). How can there be things that Jesus does not know if he is the incarnate Word?

Lot Offering His Daughters for Rape (Genesis 19:8) defies comprehension. Clearly, this speaks to the ancient world’s lack of respect for women, but it also emphasizes the grave depravity of sodomy.

The two sexual assaults would not have been considered equal. By any definition of moral theology, the offer itself is evil.

You don’t deal with one heinous crime by committing another. To understand the point of the story, we don’t have to believe Lot is correct.

Another issue is the numerous instances of genocide in the Bible. The ancient world had the potential to be a barbaric place.

Total annihilation of an enemy was a common tactic in warfare. We are astounded to find God commanding such violence.

How can a loving and compassionate God command the slaughter of women and children? There are a couple of simple answers.

Some readers simply recoil and condemn God as a moral monster, abandoning Him and losing faith.

Some dismiss the passages as evidence of ancient tribal culture with a divine veneer, rather than the true word of God. Neither of these options is acceptable.

The key to understanding this is to look at the entire Bible as a single message from a single God, rather than as separate stories.

It’s the story of man being dragged, kicking and screaming, from the depths of sin to God’s Kingdom. It was never going to be an easy task.


Bible quizzes are an excellent way to engage young people in personal study of God’s Word.

They memorize long passages of Scripture, learn valuable lessons about Godly character and values, and form social friendships with other people who share their beliefs.

Bible trivia quizzes are always entertaining! Many trivia collections are educational as well.

Test your knowledge of the Old and New Testaments or challenge your friends. Enjoy!


If you find this article on Bible Quiz Questions helpful, kindly leave a comment and share it with your friends.

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