Top 12 Coffee Trailers for Sale: Your Complete Buying Checklist

Are you looking for the best coffee trailers for sale? In today’s business world, there are several reasons why many fail in the coffee food truck business. One of these reasons might be starting the business without considering buying the right trailer that will suit the business.

coffee trailer for sale

The growing popularity of street vending in cities and towns worldwide encourages coffee entrepreneurs to think about starting a mobile coffee business.

It is cheaper to begin a Coffee Truck business when compared to starting a regular brick-and-mortar coffee shop.

However, before we proceed to list the top 12 best Coffee Trailers for sale, let us know if the business is profitable and the cost of coffee food trucks.

Is Coffee Truck Business Profitable?

Yes! Profitable coffee truck operations are possible. It can produce a sizable income and give you the stable financial situation you desire. 

Owning and running your own coffee shop has a ton of non-financial advantages in addition to lower starting and ongoing costs. 

Flexibility and lifestyle are just two examples of popular individual benefits. But getting started will need work.

Cost of Coffee Food Truck

An average coffee truck, though, may cost anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000. 

According to our research, the average used coffee truck’s price is frequently in the $35,000–$60,000 area (without equipment). But once more, everything depends.

For instance, ordering a specially designed coffee truck with all the “bells and whistles” may cost you between $100,000 and $155,000.

On the other hand, you might be able to get a great price by purchasing a secondhand coffee truck (or food truck) from a person who is retiring, moving, or switching industries.

Top 12 Coffee Trailers for Sale

Are you trying to think of ideas for your mobile coffee business? The following are the top 10 best coffee trailers for sale for your coffee food truck business:

1. Bobble Tea Coffee Bar Trailer

Bobble Tea Coffee Bar Trailer

Bobble Tea Coffee Bar Trailer is a great example of the potential of several coffee concepts, including Italian espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, and boba coffee, is this mobile coffee trailer available for purchase!

With its own electrical system, professional-grade coffee-making machines, water tanks, sinks, and stainless steel workbenches, along with plenty of storage, this is a true mobile coffee bar.

2. 8ft Boba & Coffee Bar Trailer

8ft Boba & Coffee Bar Trailer

This 8ft foot coffee bar trailer offers countless options for your business, whether you’re looking to open a pop-up cafe, coffee cart, concession stand, or mobile coffee shop.

It features nearly all of the necessary equipment for running a coffee shop, making it an all-in-one solution for your mobile cafe concept.

3. Espresso Trailer

Espresso Trailer

This 16 by 7-foot espresso trailer was constructed by AU standards and is stationed at a gas station as a permanent service point. The bottom of the trailer stabilizers is perforated for screw insertion to anchor the coffee trailer to the ground, and all tires have tire locking installed.

Both the doors and windows can be locked. It is impossible to tow the trailer away thanks to its anti-theft construction.

 4. Vintage Horse Trailer Coffee Bar

Vintage Horse Trailer Coffee Bar

A distinctive mobile coffee bar that offers a customizable stationed event experience, it is milky white.

This classic horse trailer body is the ideal focal point for weddings, complementing a variety of aesthetics from modern and minimalist to rustic or monochrome.

5. Mobile Cocktail Bar Trailer

Mobile Cocktail Bar Trailer

With our cocktail bar trailer, you can offer top-notch bar services and experiences to a range of occasions and events across the nation!

This vintage-styled bar trailer is a real mobile cocktail bar. It has an extra big concession window so that your visitors can see the show when your bartenders expertly shake, stir, and make their cocktails.

6. Mobile Coffee Shop Trailer

Mobile Coffee Shop Trailer

A comprehensive coffee shop on wheels that can accommodate all of your needs for running a coffee business is a vintage mobile coffee shop equipped with the greatest espresso machine.

Additionally, a commercial espresso machine and a coffee bean grinder are included in the coffee equipment package of the mobile coffee trailer.

7. Coffee Horse Trailer

Coffee Horse Trailer

For those looking to get started who prefer a food concession trailer with an eye-catching and unique design, this 10 by 7-foot coffee horse trailer is a great tiny horsebox coffee shop.

It was formerly a brand-new horse trailer that was made of premium steel and assembled by EU food trailer requirements and laws. There are awning-covered concession windows on both sides.

8. Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar

Our newest creation is a 7-by-6-foot vintage mobile bar that can accommodate one or two bartenders and be used for beer, wine, and even cold brew coffee at any venue or occasion!

Because it is small and light, most cars can easily pull it. Silence. For further protection and a vintage appearance, wood wrap is applied to the rear walls and front workbench.

9. Small Coffee Trailer

Small Coffee Trailer

 This is an 8-foot tiny coffee trailer that we created for an Australian client who owns a coffee business.

Several conventional power outlets are put in the coffee trailer at the client’s request, enabling him to conveniently utilize his coffee-making machines.

10. 7.5′ x 10′ Trolley Beverage Trailer Custom Cable Car

Trolley Beverage Trailer Custom Cable Car

With this charming trolley beverage trailer, you can provide a distinctive mobile bar experience with full adult beverage service for weddings, birthdays, business events, or holiday parties.

This device is a unique, handcrafted duplicate of a San Francisco cable vehicle from 1894. In style, it is comparable to the City by the Bay’s Van Ness Ave cable car.

11. White Coffee Concession Food Trailer

White Coffee Concession Food Trailer

The 48-by-5-foot and 36-by-five-foot white coffee concession food trailers have glass, screens, and an exterior flip-up counter.

It also features a hand washing basin, a 3-bay sink, and 36-inch entry doors (one on each side of the vehicle and one at the back).

12. Custom Coffe Cart

Custom Coffe Cart

A mobile coffee stand with a fully functional coffee maker and other required supplies is what makes up a coffee cart business.

Starting a business is a terrific option because it has fewer setup expenses than a brick-and-mortar store, doesn’t require rent, and gives you additional mobility and flexibility.

So, if you want to venture into the coffee food truck business. You now have the list of the top 12 coffee trailers to buy for your business.

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