Best Western MasterCard Review Updates for 2021

This card comes with a sign-up bonus and automatic Gold elite status. It earns decent rewards on Best Western stays, but they’re not as valuable as some other hotel rewards currencies.

Best Western Rewards MasterCard is a frugal choice that offers rewards and perks for Best Western loyalists. But the value of those rewards falls short in comparison to the offerings of some other no-annual-fee hotel credit cards and general travel credit cards.

Also. this card does come with a sign-up bonus, and you’ll also get automatic Gold elite status, which means additional incentives like 10% bonus points per stay and room upgrades (when available).

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Pros & Cons of Best Western MasterCard


  • High rewards rate
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fee


  • High APR

Why Get the Best Western MasterCard?

  • You’re a frequent traveler and prefer to stay at Best Western.
  • You want a card with an extensive hotel network.
  • You want to earn free hotel room stays, but don’t want to pay an annual fee.

How to Apply For the Best Western Rewards MasterCard

  • Go to the First Bankcard website and click Apply now.
  • Complete the application with details like your name, address, annual income and Social Security number.
  • Review and submit your application.

What Should I know Before I apply?

To apply for the Best Western Rewards MasterCard, you must be at least 18 years old.

Information you’ll need;

  • Your full name and contact information.
  • Residential status.
  • Your annual income, source of income, and employment information.
  • And your Social Security number.

What credit score do I need?

You’ll have a better chance of being approved for this card if you apply with a good to excellent credit score of 670 or higher.

Here are a few other factors that might affect your odds of approval;

  • Hard pulls on your credit report. If you have several hard inquiries on your report, it could imply you’re having trouble managing your debt. Creditors that think you’re desperate for credit may be less likely to approve you for more credit.
  • Factors that tie into your credit score. Banks prefer low credit utilization when considering your for a credit card. That means a low balance relative to your credit limit. Many new card accounts are also a red flag, indicating that you’re desperate for credit or just hunting for signup bonuses.


There is no specified minimum income requirement, since the card is not a World Elite MasterCard. That said, we’d recommend you have at least $15,000 in income.

Best Western Rewards MasterCard One-Time Offer

This card offers a bonus that comes in two parts. You can get 16,000 bonus points after your first purchase posts to the account. Then, you can earn an additional 16,000 bonus points with your first Best Western stay.

Best Western purchases must be made at Best, by calling Best Western directly, or by booking through a Best Western branded hotel.

For both of these bonuses to post to your account, your account must be open and enrolled in the credit card rewards program. Bonus points take six to eight weeks to post.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

Redeeming rewards for free hotel stays will likely give you the best value for your points. The key to maximizing your rewards is picking hotels that offer a good value per point.

Rewards Redemption Details

You can redeem the points you earn in many ways, but you will likely receive the most value for your points by booking stays at Best Western hotels. Best Western free hotel nights range from 8,000 points per night to as much as 36,000 points per night.

Nevertheless, you can also redeem points for special promotions, Best Western Travel Cards, gas cards, gift cards, airline rewards, merchandise, and charitable donations. These other options typically result in a lower value per point than free night stays at Best Western.

Best Western MasterCard Review Updates For 2020

Is the Card Worth it?

This card offers tremendous value in three respects. First, with no annual fee, you get a free night’s welcome bonus. Why not get the card for that reason alone?

Second, if you ever stay at a Best Western Hotel, you’ll get 5 points per dollar spent, which is a rewards rate of 4.5% unbeatable.

Third, it could also come with a great balance transfer promotion of 1.99% for 10 months – one of the most competitive offers in Canada.

You could also think of it as the only no annual fee balance transfer card offering a free hotel night welcome bonus!

Summary of the Perks

Summary of the Perks that Help the Best Western MasterCard Credit Card Stand-out From the Pack

  • Annual Fee: There is no annual fee for this travel card – not ever.
  • 5 points per dollar spent at Best Western Hotels
  • 1 point per dollar spent everywhere else
  • 20,000 bonus points: Get a free night’s stay, just for activating
  • Status upgrade: Get automatically enrolled in Gold status, and you can even get Platinum status if you spend $10,000 on your credit card.
  • Balance Transfer PromotionYou could get a balance transfer at 1.99% for 10 months with a 1% transfer fee – one of the top promotions in the country!

Consider picking up the Best Western Rewards MasterCard if you’re a regular Best Western customer or will stay with the chain on occasional trips. With automatic Gold status and booking discounts, the card is most useful if you’re a frequent guest.

If you’re not sure this card is right for you, consider other hotel credit cards.

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