Best Ways to Advertise Your Yard Sale 2022 Update

– Advertise Your Yard Sale –

You will not sell your stuff, no matter how much merchandise you bid, on or for how little, if shoppers will not find your yard sale. Advertising your yard sales is important. In this article, here’s how to advertise your yard sale!

Best Ways to Advertise Your Yard Sale 2020 Update

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of the stuff you no longer want while making some money.

To have a successful event, however, you need to advertise in the right places and let people know what you have available.

You don’t want to be competing with other local events. Also, keep in mind many people get checks at the end of the month and thus have disposable income on the first weekend of the month.

You’ll need more time than you expect, so plan to have everything ready a week or more before your sale.

Shoppers will drive by a sale with only a few items. If you don’t have enough to fill your yard, ask neighbors to join in; a multi-family sale will attract more people.

Yard Sale Advertising


Craiglist charges for some posts now, but it remains free to post your garage sale there. It’s one of the first places many individuals are searching for sales as they want to rummage and thrift through the former treasures of other people.

Posting your ad on craigslist does more than find individual shoppers; some apps pull ads from there to share in their yard sale listings. Get your ad up within a few days of your sale to ensure people see it in time.

Craigslist still caters to bigger cities, though. If you live in a small town located half an hour or more away from the nearest city, you may not attract many people.

Create a Facebook event

Try setting up a post on everybody’s favorite social network, probably a week before the yard sale. Your neighbors are going to see the post and like it and share it with their friends.

You will be on your way to attracting crowds before you know it. You should also post a reminder or an update on the day before, as well.

Remember, Facebook allows you to create an event; that could be a good option for social-networking promotion, too.

Submit Your Sale to Yard Sale Websites

Yard sale websites offer free advertising depending on how much reach you’re looking for. They offer paid packages that will reach more people.

If you’re already advertising on Craigslist, social media, and in your local paper, you can stick with the free versions of these sites.

The bonus many of these sites offer is that some of them have apps. People love apps, and garage sale listings right on your phone make finding all the best sales so much easier.

Here are some garage sale sites to check out:

You might not think it’s worth going to the extra effort—beyond say using Facebook—but the kind of people who are using garage sale tracking sites are the kind of people who are very into garage sales. It’s worth reaching out to them.

Twitter Photos & Hashtags

How to Upload a PDF File to Facebook

Twitter? Yes, Twitter: While it’s an abstract tool, it’s a terrific medium for spreading the news about your yard sale.

Take photos of your more appealing item and post them to Twitter with something sticky like, “Who’s gonna be the first to grab this bit of awesome?!”

Be sure to add hashtags, too, like #yardsale, #[yourcommunityname], #[yourtown] and so on. This will increase the probability the information gets spread around effectively.

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Make Garage Sale Signs

No matter how many ads you place, you still need garage sale signs. Signs are the only advertisements some shoppers will ever see.

To be effective, yard sale signs have to draw the eye as potential shoppers drive by. Even in a city where most people walk, your signs have to stand out from the rest of the paper flotsam littering the urban landscape.

Drawing the eye means using attention-getting color.

Making your signs from neon-colored poster board is an easy way to get color—and it’s one of the most effective. Regular yard sale shoppers frequently scan the streets for glimpses of neon as they drive; those colors usually indicate a sale.

Local Newspaper

Big cities or small towns, your local paper is still a great place to advertise your rummage sale. This isn’t a free option. You can expect to spend around $25, at least, on your ad.

While there are lots of people who don’t read newspapers anymore, there are still those that do. Plus, if your newspaper has an online entity, your ad will show up there as well.

To find out when you need to submit your ad by and how much it’ll cost you (there is usually a set word limit), call your local newspaper office or look them up online.

You want your ad to be in the paper at least a day or two before your sale.

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