Restaurants Near New Smyrna With Waterfront Views

Did you recently ask yourself, where can I see beach front restaurants near me? However, you must know that visiting New Smyrna beach for the day but unsure about where to eat for lunch or dinner can be frustrating.

beach front restaurant near me

There are several excellent restaurants in New Smyrna Beach. We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants that welcome both tourists and locals.

About New Smyrna

Beach (NSB), a famous vacation spot in central Florida, is noted for its incredible surf waves and more than 13 miles of white sand.

This beach is noted for the spotless and unspoiled Canaveral National Seashore adjacent and is relatively close to Orlando.

If you’re done enjoying the beach, you may also decide to wander through the historic zone in the city’s center to check out the art galleries.

In NSB, you’re sure to have a good time no matter what.

Being able to locate a variety of waterfront restaurants with incredibly fresh seafood, stunning views, and delectable cocktails just a few steps from the beach is one of the best things about traveling to Florida.

Best Waterfront Restaurants in New Smyrna Beach

1. Chases on the Beach

This is a restaurant with a wonderful view of the beach and excellent food and drinks, is located directly across the street from Sunisands Resort.

The restaurant’s emphasis on premium seafood, laid-back ambiance, and pool deck serves as its finishing touches.

There is plenty of room to roam around and socialize in the enormous restaurant. With all the entertainment and live music happening nearby and at the bar, there’s never a dull moment.

Oysters, Fried Calamari, Bairdi Crab Legs, Seared Ahi Tuna, and many other delicacies may also be found here.

2. Toni & Joe’s Patio

When dining at Toni & Joe’s Patio, you may take in a gorgeous vista while savoring a delectable dish.

More so, when you walk into Toni & Joe’s, the rustic and understated decor helps to bring together the nautical and Florida atmosphere.

According to locals who frequently dine there, this establishment is among Smyrna’s greatest beachfront dining options.

Now for the excellent and diverse meals. A mouthwatering Grilled Spicy Shrimp Hoagie or a Nathan Long Hot Dog are both available.

3. River Deck Tiki Bar & Restaurant

This location offers more than just stunning Indian River North riverfront views. 

Additionally, there are waterfront dining areas, refreshing drinks, and fresh seafood right there in the sand. What else is there to ask for?


4. The Grille at Riverview

The Grille is a restaurant inside the Riverview Hotel that is open to non-hotel guests.

The vista is breathtaking as you see surfers catching waves, sailors docking their boats, and kids playing on the beach.

If you have a food allergy, you can select gluten-free selections, which will be useful while traveling. 

Also, they specialize in steak, seafood, pasta, and Sunday brunch, which is one of my favorites.

5. Outriggers Tiki Bar and Grille

This place is a lively pub on the waterfront that serves food made with ingredients from the North Atlantic Ocean that are locally sourced.

The eatery serves comfort meals, unique cocktails, and fresh seafood throughout the day on its lovely patio and wraparound bar.

Outriggers is a top choice for beachgoers searching for a respite from the sun because it is surrounded by palm trees and has 13 kilometers of sandy shores.

With its open eating area and casual design, the setting has a real Florida feel to it.

There are numerous beers and interesting foods available as well. As an extra bonus to a fantastic meal, they also let you bring your four-legged companions.

6. JB’s Fish Camp

You should go to JB’s Fish Camp as soon as you arrive in town because it is another outstanding beachfront restaurant in NSB.

 It is convenient for any hungry seafarers to travel there by car or boat.

Check out this location as it’s the mainstay of New Smyrna Beach that both residents and tourists adore.

7. The Breakers Restaurant

This is a casual dining establishment serving fresh seafood from New Smyrna Beach and is perfectly situated along New Smyrna Beach.

Sunbathers, surfers, and a stunning ocean vista may all be seen while dining in the well-liked pink structure that the locals adore.

In addition to the welcoming atmosphere, the customer service is excellent. If you’re a new customer, the servers are always eager to offer advice.

They provide specialized drinks, which are wonderful on a hot day. The Breakers is the ideal place to enjoy some sun, fun, and delicious food.

Wrapping up

These waterfront eateries in New Smyrna Beach should be the best of the best when it comes to serving you delicious meals and stunning ocean views.

Any of these locations will suffice if you’re a beach bum looking to be able to acquire entire entrees, light nibbles, or just a casual beer.

Did we omit a dining establishment from this list? Don’t forget to leave a remark; we’ll read it.

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