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If you’re looking for modest warehouse space for your business. We can provide you with some helpful hints and information. Before, during, and after leasing a place, these crucial issues should be considered.

The correct warehouse location can make all the difference in a company’s effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability. Leasing or buying a warehouse is a big choice, and picking the location may make a big difference in a company’s ability to compete and service consumers successfully.


When it comes to choosing a place, it’s critical to evaluate all the following factors, make notes. Then compare your notes to all the possibilities. The final decision should be made only after all the data has been compiled and analyzed.

What You Should Know About Warehouse

Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022. A warehouse is a structure used by wholesalers, manufacturers, exporters, and others to store goods.

People want warehouse space for a variety of reasons. It could be for a company or for personal reasons like storage. Have a clear and coherent notion of how you will use the area when looking for small warehouse space.

Do you own an e-commerce store, a welding shop, or a furniture store? It’s crucial to find out how you’ll use the space in order to decide what you’ll need while choosing the right location.

What to Consider When Building Warehouse

1. Location

Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022. You should consider your location while deciding where to lease a small warehouse space. Where would you like to lease a space? Are you looking for a place that is close to any of your existing business locations?

Do you wish to be near your family? Is it necessary for your company to be near major roads or highways for transportation? You should also consider whether you want to be near an airport.

Is it better for your business to be on a busy street or in a distant location? Do you want to be close to other industrial warehousing facilities so that you can collaborate on projects and expand your business?

Determine the ideal location for your requirements.

2. Rates of Rent and Taxes

Before talking about Warehouse for Rent Near Me, please note. When it comes to choosing the best warehouse site, cost will always be a factor.

However, it cannot be the only one. Hidden costs may cancel out any savings from low rental rates, thus they must be examined.

In the United States, they usually calculate warehouse rental rates in square feet (SF) per year or month. This depends on the landlord.

In the United States, average rates can range from $2.56 per square foot per year to $16.50 per square foot per year. The top 6 low and high-cost markets are listed in the table below.

In addition to rates, local government rules, tax structure, and tax incentives must all be considered.

You might also be eligible for particular local government programs aimed at promoting your sector segment, so keep that in mind.

3. Availability of Labor, Labor Skills, & Costs

Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022. Local demographics have a direct impact on workforce availability, skills, and labor prices. Not every geographic area has a workforce with the necessary abilities at a reasonable cost.

Pay close attention to the demographics of the state or city in question.

Consider supply and demand when assessing labour availability. Because of the scarcity of workers and the great demand for them, salaries will rise (meaning operating cost will be higher).

Likewise, the inverse is true.

They will lower salaries due to a high degree of labour supply and low demand.


Skills are also important, in addition to labour availability and pricing. A skills gap in the workforce will cause poor customer service and a decrease in both competitiveness and productivity.

The impact of a qualified/trained labor in the logistics business is depicted in the graph below.

So, when deciding on a warehouse location, look into the demographics. Pay special attention to educational attainment, population traits, and income levels.

A fast Google search for “demographics of [city or state]” should yield the information. This information is also likely to be available to city and state government websites.

4. Determine Your Commercial Industrial Space Needs

Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022. The type of property that best suits your business needs is ultimately determined by the nature of your organization. Generally, industrial property is divided into three categories:

  • Warehouse space
  • Manufacturing space
  • Flex space or mixed-use property (a combination of both warehouse and manufacturing)

Each form of industrial area has a distinct function.

They primarily used a warehouse for goods storage and distribution. A distribution center is a warehouse that is used to distribute goods but is not involved in the construction or assembly process.

5. Locating the Right Commercial Industrial Property

Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022. Starting your commercial or warehouse search from the comfort of your own home or workplace is simple thanks to online property databases.

You can use online databases to compare homes that fulfill your precise criteria. Once you’ve narrowed down the type of property, that’s the ideal fit for your business.

As you begin your search, you’ll need to make the following decisions:

  • Our monthly rental budget
  • How much space you need
  • What location you’re looking for–do you need to be close to customers, partners, suppliers, or particular modes of transportation?
  • What features you need–for example, onsite offices, truck loading docks, large power supplies, reinforced flooring, or a particular ceiling height.

Use your list of criteria to connect with a local commercial real estate agent after you’ve searched online to determine your needs and get a sense of the market.

In the business lease market, the landlord or owner normally pays commissions, so this step should not cost you anything.

Warehouse for Rent Near Me

6. Roads, Highways and Traffic Flow

Access to roads and highways, as well as local traffic congestion, must also be taken into account. Particularly if trucking is the primary form of transportation.

Some or these variables impact transportation costs. Which can affect a company’s competitiveness or the attractiveness of a warehouse facility to customers.


  • Highway and exit ramp accessibility
  • Interconnectivity of highways
  • The use of public transit
  • Also, the average speed of traffic
  • The average volume of traffic
  • During peak traffic hours,
  • Conditions and safety on the road
  • Road signs and signals that are in good working order

Fuel consumption, accident rates, and time squandered will all rise because of factors such as congested highways and surface roads, as well as inefficient signaling systems.

What to Note About Making Use of A Warehouse

Using a warehouse may need the purchase of packaging and labeling equipment in order to prepare products for transportation.

A manufacturing space, on the other hand, is where things are designed, built, or assembled.

This type of area may require unique zoning or construction.

Such as reinforced floors, high-volume power sources, or a specific ceiling height, depending on your industrial needs.

A flex space, also known as a mixed-use facility, combines warehouse and manufacturing space. Allowing you to handle both manufacturing and warehouse demands in one location.

As a result, you’ll need to figure out whether you’re searching for a facility to make your product. Or store it, package it, and ship it, or a combination of the three.

8 Types of Warehouses Best for eCommerce

Different types of warehouses in the supply chain differentiate themselves in their own way. There are, nevertheless, some general traits that a productive and secure warehouse should possess.

The following are some of the general characteristics of several warehouse types:

  1. Safety and security are paramount.
  2. Personnel who have been trained
  3. Accessibility and proximity to the market
  4. Storage space that is adequate
  5. Mechanical gadgets of the moment
  6. Interiors that are well-designed
  7. The most up-to-date emergency protocol is available.
  8. Picking and receiving procedures that are well-organized
  9. Check for quality
  10. Software that has been updated
  11. Customer service and prompt delivery

The Different Warehouses

If you plan to sell online cross-border, eCommerce warehousing is critical. Especially if your business is developing quickly and you’re running out of space to store your inventory efficiently.

Furthermore, you’ll want to select the warehouse type to eliminate human mistake. Or perhaps because you prefer climate-controlled warehouses.

Here’s a quick rundown of the many types of warehouses to consider in the supply chain!

1. Public Warehouses

Unlike other types of warehouses, public warehouses are owned by government agencies and made available to private businesses.

They permit both corporate and personal use in public warehouses.

Compared to other sorts of warehouses, a public warehouse can be a terrific solution. Especially if you’re an SMB owner that needs to store your items for a short length of time.

Although not as technologically advanced as other forms of data warehouses. They are frequently the most economical and accessible option, making them a good choice for eCommerce startups and small businesses.

2. Private Warehouses

A warehouse that is privately owned by wholesalers, distributors, or manufacturers is known as a private warehouse. Large retail and online marketplaces also have their own warehouses that are privately owned.

In compared to different types of warehouses in the supply chain, private warehouses can still be a wonderful alternative for eCommerce SMBs.

If they need a substantial, long-term strategic presence in an important region. While being generally more expensive than public warehouses.

Private warehouses are still a great warehouse alternative. Even though the capital investment is higher than other warehouses.

3. Smart Warehouses

A smart warehouse is one in which the storage, fulfillment, and management processes are all automated using artificial intelligence.

Automation can range from management software to robots and drones that handle operations. Such as packing, weighing, transporting, and storing items.

Amazon and Alibaba, for example, deploy massive smart warehouses to expedite order fulfillment and reduce the risk of human error.

There’s no need to be concerned about warehouse management with smart warehouses.

4. Bonded Warehouses

A bonded warehouse is a sort of warehouse that can keep imported goods before paying customs duties on them.

When corporations rent space from the government, it gave them bonds to ensure that they will not lose money when their products are released.

Furthermore, corporations that store products in them are exempt from paying customs until they discharged their commodities. They can also store restricted things in them while they complete their documentation.

Bonded Warehouses

A bonded warehouse also has the capability of storing products for long periods of time.

Importers benefit from these types of supply chain warehouses because they can keep their goods duty-free until they locate purchasers.

In comparison to other types of warehouses, they also have a reputation for being secure and safe storage areas for goods. Making them suitable for eCommerce enterprises that specialize in cross-border training.

5. Consolidated Warehouses

Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022. Another sort of warehouse is a merged warehouse, which collects small shipments from many suppliers and merges them into larger shipments before distributing them to customers.

The only problem is that all the shipments are going to the same place.

In comparison to other types of warehouses in the supply chain, consolidated warehouses are a very cost-effective way of fulfilling orders, especially for small firms and new startups.

Consolidated warehouses also demand a low initial capital investment and inventory volume. Making them an excellent choice for eCommerce SMBs just getting started.

6. Government Warehouses

The government owns and controls these types of warehouses in the supply chain, such as seaport storage facilities.

Government warehouses, on the whole, have reasonable rates. However, if a company fails to pay its rent on time, the government has the authority to reclaim the money by selling the company’s assets.

7. Distribution Centers

A distribution center is a storage facility that is usually designed to meet specific needs.

They only used the storage for short-term needs, and it moves things throughout the supply chain fast. In a short period of time, a large amount of inventory is received and distributed to resellers and retailers.

They frequently distributed some food and perishable commodities within a day from distribution facilities. In general, distribution centers are inexpensive to rent and might vary substantially based on the products that are housed there.

8. Cooperative Warehouses

Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022. A cooperative warehouse is one that is owned and operated by a cooperative group, such as a farmer’s or winery’s cooperative.

Both co-op members and non-co-op members can store products at these facilities, though co-op members benefit from lower charges.

Cooperative warehouses, however they are a different sort of warehouse management, can be a fantastic alternative for cooperative organizations.

Warehouse for Rent

Top 10 Best Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022 

Below is the top best warehouse for rent near me 2022 and their locations:

1. Chesterfield, VA

This is one of best warehouse for rent near me.

Chesterfield, Virginia, near Richmond, is at the top of the list, with the region’s second-lowest power expenses of $426,888 a year. It also has the lowest property and sales taxes in the state, at $784,077 in total.

2. Cordele, GA

The annual labor expenditures for this city are $5,407,608, based on an hourly average rate of $13.14. Maintenance electricians earn the highest salary in the area, at $20.14 per hour.

3. Ritzville, WA

This is one of best warehouse for rent near me.

At $392,736 per year, this city has the lowest utility rates in the research.

According to the Boyd Co., this is a major cost variable for refrigerated warehousing. Which is a growing area in the distribution industry, spurred by Asia’s thirst for U.S. branded food and beverage products.

4. Humble, TX

This is one of the best warehouse for rent near me 2022.

Humble, which is 20 miles north of Houston via I-45 and 40 miles from BNSF’s intermodal facility in Pearland, TX. It has the lowest transportation expenses in the research, at $166,608 per year.

The Boyd Company expects Humble, which is home to a new Amazon fulfillment center. They gain from improved relations with Cuba and more trade through the Port of Houston.

5. Fernley, NV

This city has a cost per acre of $135,500 when it comes to warehouse building and amortization. They predicate this on the construction of a fully equipped industrial building of 500,000 square feet.

6. Columbia, SC

This is one of best warehouse for rent near me 2022. 

This area’s total annual ad valorem and sales tax costs are $1,526,920. This figure reflects a $926,920 property tax bill and a $600,000 sales tax bill.

7. Springfield, OR

This city’s total yearly spatially variable operational costs are $11,935,905. They made this cost up of the following items:

  • $5,556,862 in labor costs
  • $516,528 in electric electricity
  • $3,633,687 in amortization
  • $596,070 in property and sales taxes
  • $1,632,758 in shipping expenses

8. York, PA

This is one of best warehouse for rent near me.

A packer’s wage in this city is $12.61. While, a walkie/rider pallet jack operator’s wage is $17.59. A maintenance electrician earns the most, $22.46 per hour.

9. Mesquite, NV

This location’s average hourly salary is $13.41. Non-exempt labor expenditures include material handling. Order fulfillment, clerical work, maintenance, and a few other common warehouse operations.

10. Kingman, AZ

This is one of best warehouse for rent near me in 2022.

Electricity costs in this city, at $8.40 per kWh (cents), total $655, 200. This is based on the assumed monthly demand of 1,000 kW and 650,000 kWh monthly consumption.

Annual costs reflect comparative industrial general service rates for dry warehousing. Climate-controlled cold storage and administrative office operations. 

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Examining the Space of Warehouse for Rent Near Me

A new study examines the costs of running a distribution warehouse in 25 cities across the United States.

The Boyd Co. highlighted cities in the report that are all thought to be well-positioned to attract additional distribution warehousing investment in 2015.

Corporate site selection trends favor sites with strong links to the global marketplace via Class I intermodal rail terminals and deepwater container port operations.

Which are reflected in the cities surveyed.

The survey’s warehouse operating costs are based on a 500,000-square-foot distribution center with 150 hourly workers.

All key regionally variable aspects important to the corporate site selection process. Including as labor, real estate, construction, taxes, utilities, and shipping, are included in the analysis.

Building Availability and Utility Costs of A Warehouse

You’ll need to make adjustments if the company expands or contracts. If this is the case, if shifting to a new warehouse is your sole alternative. Then you’ll want to minimize the need to re-evaluate all of these issues.

You’ll be able to keep your employees, utilities, and other services by staying in the same region. As well as reduce the difficulties of carriers/truckers and consumers attempting to find the new location.

Last but not least, utilities.

  • Utility Costs

You’ll want to double-check utility availability and costs.

Some warehouses are more reliant on a particular utility than others. Refrigerated warehouses, for example, are more reliant on electricity and water.

However, there is one thing that nearly everyone overlooks. Internet and communication services.

Check not only the availability of internet services but also the speed and kind of connection (Cable, T1, Fiber, etc.) As well as the associated expenses.

What are the Benefits of A Warehouse? 

While searching for Warehouse for Rent Near Me, note. There are some benefits of warehouse. Small business owners may believe that renting warehouse space is unnecessary.

However, Amazon isn’t the only company that requires warehouse space. Extra industrial storage can assist any size organization in a variety of ways:

  • Flexibility 

The storage requirements of a company can alter from day to day. When storing, keep this in mind.

Make sure you have as much flexibility as possible when it comes to changing the size or term of your contract.

We give you entire control at Boxie24. With the ability to cancel at any moment and our crews often being able to make partial or full returns of your things the next day.

  • Supply Chain Security

With more storage options, you may be able to place larger stock or material orders at once.

This could save you money in the long-term while also protecting you against supply chain disruptions. Which can be disastrous for small firms.

  • Room for Growth

Further industrial space can lead to more expansion.

It might provide you the opportunity to try out different stock ranges for an online audience.

Without having to clutter your store with ugly boxes for buyers from other states or countries.

With all the money-saving and money-making opportunities that warehouse storage provides, all that’s left is to figure out how to navigate the perplexing world of New York storage.

That’s where Boxie24 can come in handy!

  • Trust

There’s a reason why businesses are referred to as livelihoods.

They are frequently the focal point of their owners’ financial and personal lives.

As a result, it is critical for your personal peace of mind to ensure that your valuables are safe in the hands of a reputable business. As a family-owned business, Boxie24 is acutely aware of this.

Because we provide a personalized service tailored to your business storage needs. Companies like Spotify and Starbucks trust us.

  • Cost Efficiency

Especially in locations like New York, renting warehouse space is typically far less expensive than renting retail space.

This means you can expand your company’s capacity without having to move to a larger, much more expensive retail location.

This extra room can be used for a variety of uses. It can be used to store seasonal or infrequently used inventory or furnishings.

This is useful for apparel companies that have summer and winter lines. As well as restaurants that need a place to keep their patio equipment when New York’s harsh winters arrive.

  • Service

What special requirements do your products have?

That is the question that keeps entrepreneurs awake at night. Consider the temperature, transportation, and packing needs of the objects you intend to keep.

We have an innovative, temperature-controlled warehouse with 24-hour security and fire suppression systems at Boxie24. As a result, it is the safest place to store your belongings.

Maybe even safer than your own stockroom.

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Please take the time to plan out and comprehend the best warehouse location for you and your customers. This action has far more ramifications than simply constructing a warehouse somewhere.

The location of your warehouse will have a long-term impact on your company’s financial, operational, and competitiveness.

If you have questions concerning this post (Warehouse for Rent Near Me 2022 ), please leave them in the comments area. You should also subscribe to receive notifications of new content.

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