6 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android in 2021 Update

If you are in search of the best volume booster app for Android devices, try to find it at Google Play Store. You can get several results with an excellent rating of volume booster app with the same name, and all of them get a huge number of downloads.

6 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android in 2020

While these days, smartphone speakers are generally fine, you can do need a great Android volume booster to make them loud. In addition, this is exactly what the volume boosters for Android do which makes the sounds louder, and that’s all about it.

We will like to make one thing extremely clear before we start recommending the best volume boosters for Android; these apps cannot magically make your Smartphone louder than it is physically possible.

The loudness and clarity of the speakers do not depend on software, it depends more on the speaker’s physical size. So it will not surpass a certain amount, no matter what kind of volume booster you use.

Best Volume Booster Apps for Android in 2021

1. Volume Booster 

Volume Booster – Speaker Booster is an Android volume booster app that lets you increase the volume of your phone speaker’s more than what the native system allows.

If you connect your phone to a speaker using the headphone jack, you can even increase the overall output of the speaker. It even works with headphones, so you are covered no matter how you are listening to your audio.

Whether you’re listening to music, playing games, or watching movies on Netflix, this app can enhance all the sound volume.

Like other volume booster apps on the list, the app also comes with music player controls allowing you to play, pause, and skip songs, see song info such as title and artist, and more.

I also love the visual sound spectrum that this app displays when a song is playing in the background. It makes the overall experience even more enjoyable. The app is free to use with ads, but thankfully, the ads are not too obtrusive.

Download the Volume Booster.

2. Boom

Boom is basically a music player that also acts as a 3D surround sound and EQ (equalizer). It offers a powerful Bass and an advanced Equalizer to your Android.

It allows you to customize and improve the overall sound profile of your Android device. The app also supports direct streaming from the online radio station, podcasts, Tidal, and Spotify.

Boom volume booster also gives features of 3D surrounded sound settings through which you can do more granular control over the audio output.

Download the Boom volume booster app.

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3. BlackPlayer Music Player

Another great music player that you can use as a volume booster for your Android device is the BlackPlayer music player. The app features a five channel equalizer along with a sound effects feature which will allow you to tinker with the audio output of your device.

The sound effects menu within the app is where you’ll find the ‘Amplifier’ setting, using which you can boost the volume by up to 4 dB which can significantly enhance your listening experience.

Along with the amplifier setting, the BlackPlayer app also allows you to boost the bass, use a virtualizer and control the sound balance, which comes in handy when you’re using headphones or external speakers.

The app has a clean monochrome interface which looks really cool and it even gives you the option to complete customize the look and feel of the music player.

You should definitely try out BlackPlayer if you have offline music stored on your device, but do note that the volume boost effect doesn’t carry over to other applications.

Download the BlackPlayer Music Player

4. Super Loud Phone Volume (Speakers, Volume Booster)

Super Loud Phone Volume app is another volume booster for Android devices that works well. It allows you to adjust the sound effect levels of your device to enjoy the best audio or music quality.

This app improves your audio experience of different music sources such as listening to podcasts, streaming music, and audiobooks or watching movies.

It also contains a built-in music player that allows you to play music songs by setting different equalizer and music spectrum. The app boosts phone speaker as well as headphones.

The app promises to increase the sound output of your phone by 30-40%. You can control your phone’s sound effects, such as alarm, music, voice, and system.

Download the Super Loud Phone Volume app.

5. Super Volume Booster

Another great volume booster app for Android is the Super Volume Booster. First of all, I love the UI of this app. Not that it’s much different from other apps, it just somehow looks cleaner and more refined.

It also offers various themes that change the look of the app. The app is very lightweight and doesn’t require much system resources. It supports all audio, video, and game sounds and increases the volume without decreasing the audio quality.

Like the app mentioned above, the app gives you a live sound spectrum when you are playing a song in the background.

Download the Super Volume Booster app.

6. Volume Booster GOODEV

Next up is Volume Booster GOODEV, which is a barebones volume booster like the first app on our list. The app has a single boost slider which allows you to amplify the volume by up to 60% by default, with the option to increase it even further from within the settings.

Much like the Volume Booster app at the top of the list, the Volume Booster GOODEV app features a maximum allowed boost limitation and a boost on boot feature.

The settings you choose within the app are applied all throughout the system, allowing you to enjoy the amplified sound output from any app.

Download the Volume Booster GOODEV app.

Other Ways To Boost Your Android Volume

If you’re still not happy with how loud your phone’s speakers can get, there are other ways to tweak the volume on Android.

First, make sure you know where the speakers are and keep them clear. Most phone cases have small cutouts for the speakers, which can easily become clogged with dust over time.

A few acoustic tricks can work wonders. Placing your phone in a large glass will amplify the sound. If you don’t have one of these on hand, try placing your phone near a hard surface to deflect it in your direction instead.

Also, if your phone has a speaker along the bottom edge, cup your hand around it to divert the sound toward you.

Finally, remember that smartphone speakers are naturally limited. Almost any external speaker, even a small one, will be better than what’s built-in. Check out our guide to the best cheap Bluetooth speakers to find your perfect match.

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