10 Best Virtual Credit Card ( VCC ) Providers 2021 Update

Virtual Credit Card: If you are looking for a list of Virtual Credit Card ( VCC ) Providers, here is a list of popular VCC providers that can help you to transact your money securely.

10 Best Virtual Credit Card ( VCC ) Providers for 2020

You can find many VCC providers on the internet but all of those are not trusted, but these VCC providers are very popular and used by thousands of internet users every day.

Virtual credit cards have gained popularity in recent years. Many people have replaced their conventional credit cards with VCCs. These VCCs are better than credit cards for online shopping.

But, these VCCs can’t be used for offline shopping. Still, they are loved by many users.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a credit card. Most banks do an extensive background check before handing out conventional credit cards. Thus, many people find it hard to get credit cards.

There are no such problems with VCCs. You can get yourself a VCC without doing much formality.

What is a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)?

A virtual credit card, or VCC, is a randomized credit card number for online use. It is also called a Prepaid credit card.

A virtual credit card helps you to load funds from your bank account to your VCC account for secure online transactions.

It could be very helpful for those, who don’t have credit cards. Most online transactions require credit card and if you don’t have a credit card, you cannot purchase something from international online shopping sites or eCommerce websites.

How Virtual Credit Cards Work

While each issuer of virtual credit card numbers will likely have its own method, the general idea is still the same: an operational credit card number is randomly generated with a computer algorithm, similar to how modern EMV chip cards operate for card-present purchases.

Once generated, virtual credit card numbers can be used to make online purchases just as a regular credit card number would be used at checkout.

The difference is that most virtual credit card numbers have limitations on where and when they can be used that help prevent them from being used by data thieves.

In other words, instead of putting your actual credit card number into the payment box when shopping online, you can mimic the EMV technology in your chip card by using a random number that’s specific to that merchant or transaction and can’t be used to make unauthorized purchases anywhere else.

Benefits of Using these Best Virtual Credit Cards

Flexibility to the Core of VCCs

Every credit card comes with a set limit. The credit card limit depends on your credit history. Sometimes it also depends on your bank balance. But, there is no credit history in VCCs. Also, they don’t check your bank balance.

Thus, the VCC mostly depends on your provider. You can easily increase or decrease this limit according to your needs.

You can put VCC limits according to your preference. Also, you can choose the payment limits and time according to your needs.

Safety is King from These Best VCCs

VCCs are very safe when compared with regular credit cards. You don’t need to link your VCC with your bank account. Thus, no one can steal your bank details. Also, you don’t need to enter your personal details during an online transaction.

VCCs also have a scam protection system. If you got scammed, then you can chargeback your money. Hence, it is perfect for doing online shopping. You don’t have to worry about online scams or your personal details.

Popularity of these VCCs

VCCs are not new in the market. They have been around for quite a while. Thus, almost every major e-commerce store has started accepting these VCCs. Also, other merchants have started accepting VCC. The popularity of VCCs is increasing every day.

This is the main reason why most people prefer VCCs. They can use these VCCs to shop online. The usage of VCC is increasing every day. Thus, you must start using them now.

Cross-Border International Transactions & Currency Conversion at Fingertips with such Free VCC Providers

Most people need credit cards to do international transactions online. Thus, you need to get good exchange currency rates. Thankfully, VCC will give you good currency exchange rates on every transaction.

Also, you can easily change your currency according to your needs. If you are shopping on a European website, then you can set your currency to EUD.

Similarly, if you are shopping on an American website, then you can set your currency to USD. This feature will definitely help you when you are shopping on international websites.

Best Virtual Credit Card Providers 

1. Netspend

Netspend is another finance business that provides credit cards. The organization provides a variety of Virtual Credit Cards. These include the Prepaid MasterCardas well as the Visa Debit Card.

Their Virtual Credit Card has all the features of an ideal VCC. Their VCC provision system is free, but they have a commission on every purchase you make.

This means they take a small percentage amount on your purchases to fund their service. But their service is excellent and enables you to make online transactions.

2. Entropay 

Entropay is an online financial business that provides money reception and payment methods. It is one of the largest generators of credit cards. One of its departments is the Free Virtual Credit Card Generator.

The business takes your particulars and designs a Virtual Credit Card with the details. The Entropay Virtual Visa Card is a common utility. A lot of people issue the VCC for online purchases.

You can get either a Prepaid VCC or link the VCC to your bank account credit. Both options are reliable VCCs, capable of safe online transactions.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is a global service to pay and receive money. They provide more facilities than credit cards and VCCs. They have their own Debit MasterCards as well as other transaction methods. You can link multiple accounts to your Payoneer account.

Their Virtual Credit Card service involves linking the MasterCard to the VCC. The Virtual Credit Card is free, but the transactions cost a percentage as a commission. Their VCC is acceptable all over the world.

Most e-commerce vendors accept payments through their MasterCard and VCC. It is an excellent tool to conduct your business online. Only a few other services rival their worldwide networks.

4. American Express

American Express is one of the leading credit card providers in the world. It is yet another finance business that enables payment and reception of money.

The organization provides Free VCCs on top of its credit card service. They provide certain perks that gives them an edge over other similar businesses. American Express has a “reward system” for its credit card use.

The company also has a unique fee structure. They make a major financial cut on accounts per year. But their extra provisions more than make up for it.

They have rewards set up for a lot of transaction fields. Its VCC is an effective tool for online payment.

5. Netseller

The Neteller service is one of the safest financial businesses out there. Neteller allows you to receive money from other sources. You can link your account to e-commerce websites for transactions.

Neteller has links to PayPal and Skrill, which is its biggest advantage. It also highlights the credibility of the service. You need only register to the Neteller by the provision of your particulars.

Afterwards, generate a VCC to your requirements and make as many purchases as you wish to. Their allowance for transactions makes them one of the best VCC providers in 2020.

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6. Bank Freedom

Bank Freedom has a versatile credit card provision system. The banking system is reliable with its services. It has perks that rank it above other such systems.

Bank Freedom custom makes Virtual Credit Cards for its users. Your VCC details are specific to your requirements. The service has a user-friendly policy. They have “No Annual and Closing Costs” and help you in conducting transactions.

Their registration process is simple without any harmful policies. Their package variety takes them among the top VCC providers in the world.

7. CARD.com

The CARD.COM is only for U.S. citizens, but their service works on a global level. They provide both the Prepaid Visa and MasterCard.

Their credit cards have links to bank accounts. You can generate a Virtual Credit Card for the same bank account. They have different services for users according to their needs.

Each provision has certain financial perks. This makes them a competitive VCC provider in 2020.

8. Walmart Money Card

The Walmart Money Card service is only available in the United States. Their Prepaid Visa and MasterCard’s use is only for purchases in the U.S. region.

But their Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards are free, with no cuts on transactions. The VCC requires no bank account and works the prepaid credit.

They have less limitations to the use of their service in comparison. You can pay bills and shop online using the Walmart Money Card.

All these Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers, 2021, have certain perks and limitations. When generating your own VCC, you need to have a clear idea of your requirements.

Only choose a VCC Provider once you know it complies with your necessities. This is where the understanding of these providers comes in handy.

9. Oxigen Wallet

One of the fastest-growing payment solutions for Indian users that helps users to create prepaid virtual credit cards.

This payment solution helps you to recharge your mobile or dth service, transfer money to anyone and pay the bill of your landline phone & electricity.

10. Kotak Netc@rd

This card works anywhere that accepts VISA cards. Kotak Netc@rds are single use. This means they’re great for one-time, extra secure transactions.

Think of this card as a burn-card, like a burn-phone. Use it once and, as soon as the transaction goes through, you won’t be able to use it again. That means no one else can steal your card information!

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