Best Time to Go to the Bahamas 2022 and Worst Seasons to Visit There

 – Best Time to Go to the Bahamas 2022- 

The Bahamas is a beautiful place you might love to visit when you’re on vacation, but it is pertinent to know the best time to visit based on budget or the weather.

best Time to go to the Bahamas

In this post, we will guide you on the best time to visit the Bahamas and the best or worst time to go, and hurricane periods in the Bahamas that you should avoid. 


A Brief Overview of the Bahamas

The Bahamas are located just East of Florida The Bahamas, which are located to the East of Florida Bahamas (over 700!) have been marketed as the perfect vacation spot.

The archipelago of the tropical islands is blessed with natural beauty almost unbelievable and coupled with the melting pot of inhabitants, offers sights and sounds filled with an extraordinary tradition and cultural heritage.

A lot of the islands of the Bahamas are empty and uninhabited.

This doesn’t slow the ever-growing flow of curious tourists. Because of its proximity to the American United States, they constantly flooded the islands with visitors via the US. 

The majority of visitors come through the Lynden the Pindling Airport (Nassau) via plane.

Popular islands that are in the Bahamas include New Providence Island (Nassau/Paradise Island), Grand Bahama Island, The Exumas, The Abacos, Eleuthera, Long Island, Harbor Island, and San Salvador Island.

Best Time to Go to the Bahamas 2022

There are many things to bear in your head when making plans for the perfect Caribbean trip, and choosing the best time to travel is among them.

In the world of travel, the year is made of three crucial seasons, which are described below. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

Season Peak: Mid-December Through Mid-April


  • The Bahamas’ islands Bahamas are at their most lively during this time of year, and there are lots of regattas, celebrations, and other celebrations. It is an ideal time to go on a trip with children because there are a lot of things to do on the islands during this period.
  • The months are in between the wet season, so you can count on excellent weather and plenty of sunshine.
  • January, and February are perfect for trips into the Bahamas for those who are fond of the sun but don’t want excessive heat and humidity. Also, there is a wonderful balance between cool and hot in March. Be aware that evenings could be Caribbean cold*, so be sure to pack accordingly.


  • The time to travel into The Bahamas between mid-December to mid-April is more expensive.
  • It is possible to be stuck in line for longer than normal times at various attractions.
  • It could be more difficult to find accommodations, especially if your heart is set on a particular hotel or villa, and you’re not willing to explore alternatives.

The Shoulder Season is Mid-April to June


  • With a less significant number of arrivals than the peak season, the shoulder is a great time to explore the most beautiful destinations in the Bahamas in a tranquil environment.
  • Prices for flights are usually moderate to inexpensive and this is an ideal opportunity to travel on a tight budget.
  • There is a lot of Spring Break-related activities on the island, so there are plenty of activities to take part in.
  • If you’re interested in snorkeling or diving This is the perfect moment to go on a trip around the island because the warmer than normal waters draw a variety of marine life that you would not encounter at other times.


  • The Bahamas are a party destination in spring break, so If you’re seeking an entirely Zen holiday or a romance-filled getaway, then this might not be the right time to travel. It’s important to be aware of: Sandals resorts in the Bahamas are exclusively for couples and nothing stands in the way of a peaceful romantic love!
  • It is the wet time of the Caribbean starts in June, so you could experience a bit of rain from time to time. Still, it’s a great time for an enjoyable beach holiday!

Season Low: July to November


  • They usually find the most affordable flights in the lower season and if you’re budget-conscious, it’s the perfect time to go on a trip.
  • Hotels and resorts provide amazing deals in the present. The extravagant Butler suite you have always wanted to own may suddenly be within your budget!
  • The island isn’t as busy, which is great for those who want more of a personal experience. Additionally, you won’t have any difficulties finding a great place to relax at the beach or in the pool!


  • Since this is the time of year when there isn’t much going on, so if want to have a great time It is best to go to the Bahamas during the peak season.
  • The months of June and July are right into the middle of the wet season which means you’re more likely to experience rain. There are still many beach days to enjoy!

The Weather of the Bahamas

The dry season runs between November and June, and the wet season kicks off in July and concludes in December. If you are traveling during the wet season, you can expect to experience an increase in the amount of rainfall however, there are still plenty of beaches.

The water in the ocean tends to get warmer during this time of year, which makes it a perfect time to go snorkeling.

Although this Caribbean region isn’t subject to winter, January and the months following are typically warmer than others with temperatures of 63 degrees at night. The average temperature in January is at or around 79 degrees during the day.

Sunshine Hours in the Bahamas

In the Bahamas the sunniest month is April. This month has an average of 9.2 hours of sunlight and the least sun-drenched month is December, which has an average of 6.9 hours of sunshine per day.

You can expect glorious weather on the beach in December. It just becomes light a bit later, and dark a little earlier.

Significant Events that Take Place Within the Bahamas

We know Bahamians for their diverse culture which is why there is a myriad of events happening on the islands all through the entire year.

Here are a few of the most popular festivals that can aid you in deciding the most appropriate time to go:

1. Junkanoo

A Mardi gras-like festival that usually takes place during Christmas Night into the early hours of Boxing Day (the day after) The second celebration is at the end of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

It is a major national pride celebration in which local groups compete for bragging rights. If you can win both days, it’s an enormous win for the team (in terms of bragging rights and pride).

2. Farmer’s Cay Festival

A festival that is held annually in the month of February, the Exumas region for yachtsmen.

3. Bacardi Billfish Tournament

A week-long tournament held in March is for all avid deep-sea anglers!

4. Bahamas Family Island Regatta

The event, which takes place within George Town in April, in the Exumas, has boat races, as well as many onshore activities.

5. Bahamas Billfish Championship

It held four different dates and venues The event between April and June.

6. Eleuthera Pineapple Festival

Pineapples, parade arts and crafts… What else is there to ask for? The festival takes place during early June, in the week before.

7. Independence Week

Fireworks, parades, and plenty of fun. July 10th is the day to be celebrated across the islands.

8. Great Bahamas Seafood and Heritage Festival

They feature authentic Bahamian fish during this event, which takes place in October.

9. The Annual One Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival

Three-day celebrations in Nassau as well as Paradise Island in the last week of November. There are many live performances!

There is a myriad of festivals and regattas that take place on the islands all through the year. If you’re planning a trip to the Bahamas You’re sure to discover something exciting!

What Can You Expect Each Month Within the Bahamas?

This is a month-long guide to the events you can count on all year round within the Bahamas. Each event is subject to change.


The high season is in full force during January. The month begins with the second round of the Junkanoo Winter Festival – a Bahamian Mardi Gras-style celebration – which starts on Christmas but continues until New Year’s Day.

Temperatures in the high 70s are ideal for a pleasant day to take in the celebrations.

Important Events: Junkanoo Winter Festival, New Year’s Day Sailing Regatta, Majority Rule Day, Annual Bahamas Wahoo Championships.


The month of February is the time for the annual migration of huge Hammerhead sharks from Bimini which draws divers from all over the world into the warm seas in between MiamiGrand Bahama, and Andros.

In other parts of the country, continued prime weather ensures the peak season’s crowds of tourists thronging the country’s airports as well as hotel lobby areas.

Important Events: Farmer’s Cay Festival, Rum Cay Day Festival.


The snowbirds turn into Spring breakers from March. March travelers will probably have to make reservations in advance but they could begin to search for rooms that are open and discounts towards the end of the month. 

For those who love parties is now your time to shine. If you’re not a part of the crowd at parties, think about having a rest for a few weeks.

Important events: Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival, Bacardi Billfish Tournament.


The shoulder season kicks off with a bang. Grand Bahama sees the largest number of spring breakers and more remote islands such as Cat Island, Long Island, and Eleuthera provides a respite from the biggest crowds.

best Time to go to the Bahamas

Take note you are aware that Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday are national holidays in the Bahamas Many businesses could be closed.

The most important events: Bahamas Family Island Regata, Bahamas Billfish Championship


Rates of occupancy begin to decrease in May, as the last hangovers of winter and spring are released.

The average temperatures for May tend to be in the mid-80s This perfect spot after spring break, but before hurricane season can be a good chance for those who aren’t yet ready to experience the summer heat but are seeking an affordable hotel rate.

The most important events: Carnival, Long Island Regatta.


Pick a day of June in the Bahamas and there’s a good possibility that you’ll experience at least some rain, and perhaps some cloud cover.

Travelers in June face 30% of rainfall and an 85% probability of cloudy weather. However warm temperatures, warm water, and warm temperatures can be combined with lower costs to make June an attractive travel choice for many.

Key Events: Pineapple Festival, Bahamas Summer Boating Flotilla.


In July, the Bahamas is a hot month. Temperatures rise each day to the 90s, which coincides with the highest rainfall levels for the entire year.

Although hurricanes are not common, however, the islands are home to frequent tropical storms that you must be ready for. 

Most storms end within a couple of hours, giving you plenty of time to do your activities. Make sure you have a lightweight rain jacket.

The most important events: Junkanoo Summer Festival, Independence Week.


September and August are the most active hurricane seasons that occur in the Bahamas. Chances are you’ll be safe

However, you should be aware that August remains the season of rain even though there aren’t any hurricanes located in the Atlantic.

What is the cost of gambling in the weather? There could be fewer lines at the dive shops and lesser crowds at the beach.

Important Events: Cat Island Regatta, Emancipation Day.


In the month that is traditionally the most turbulent in terms of Bahamian weather, visitors to the Bahamian islands in September should keep a watch on the weather forecast.

There is a high chance of getting a sun-filled morning in the Bahamas at any time of the season, the month of September is especially risky.

Important Events: All Abaco Sailing Regatta.


Tiger sharks move into the Grand Bahama’s Tiger Beach in October and remain until December.

best Time to go to the Bahamas

While October is often the wettest month in the calendar, a few breaks in the weather provide great opportunities for budget-conscious divers who want to benefit from low-season discounts.

The most important events are International Culture Wine & Food Festival, Discovery Day, North Eleuthera Sailing Regatta, Great Bahamas Seafood, and Heritage Festival.


November is a great time to jump in the peak season when the humidity levels and chances of rainfall. Outfitters will be preparing to be ready for the peak season, which could be a good thing for you.

Certain businesses during peak seasons may remain closed, however, some may offer discounts for early birds.

The most important events: Guy Fawkes Day, One Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival.


The peak season starts with the Bahamas. Restaurants, hotels, and airports all grow to the point of collapse around mid-month.

They reward visitors who opt to spend the holidays within The Bahamas with the beginning in the Junkanoo Festival, a world-class celebration of culture.

Key Events: Junkanoo Winter Festival, Bahamas International Film Festival.


Saving Money on Hotels in the off-Season

The Bahamas are an all-year-round getaway. The off-season of the islands extends from late spring until late autumn, during which tolerable temperatures prevail across the majority of the area.

best Time to go to the Bahamas

Trade winds guarantee pleasant nights and days even in accommodation that does not have air conditioning.

While the noonday sun can increase temperatures up to uncomfortably high levels cool breezes generally bring the morning, late afternoon, and evenings more comfortable than elsewhere on the U.S. mainland.

Up to 20 can cut Bahamas hotels from mid-April. This is a great deal for budget-conscious travelers, particularly families.

Other Advantages Off-Season

  • When the winter crowds have gone, a slower, less stressed-out way of living is prevalent.
  • Beaches and swimming pools aren’t as and less crowded.
  • Boutiques at resorts usually have summer sales.
  • Reservations aren’t always required for top restaurants.
  • There’s no need to wait to rent a car and no lengthy wait for an upcoming golf course tee-time and quicker accessibility to courts for tennis as well as water sports.
  • The cost of package tours and excursions is less.
  • Airfare and accommodation are also easier to reserve.
  • The top attractions, like the beach, sea as well as sunshine and surf remain unaltered.

Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Off-Season Advantages

  • There’s a chance that you’re staying on the site of construction. Hotels delay major renovations until after the off-season, which means you can awake to the sounds of Hammers.
  • Services are usually decreased. At the height of winter, all operations are in full swing. In summer, however, some activities (such as water sports) could be cut back even in the midst of perfect weather.

The Best Time to Go for a Weather Cruise in the Bahamas 

If you’d like to avoid rain and have a better chance of sunny and cloudless days, visit the Bahamas in the dry season in the latter half of winter and the beginning of spring. The rainiest months are in May and June.

The season of hurricanes for The Bahamas along with the Caribbean is from June through November, with the peak of the season for hurricanes occurring from August through October.

Fortunately, that the Bahamas is not often subject to hurricanes, but taking a cruise during hurricane season does carry the possibility that they could disrupt your cruise plans due to a storm that is approaching.

If you are planning for a cruise in the Bahamas during the season of hurricanes, your trip is likely to go exactly according to plan, however, it’s best to think about purchasing travel insurance that will cover the cancellation or delay of your cruise caused by hurricanes.

The Best Time to Go on a Family-Friendly Cruise in the Bahamas 

Families will discover that a cruise in the Bahamas is a great opportunity to bond over time and have fun.

For families with kids in school who have their sights set on the possibility of a Bahamas cruise but would like to stay clear of the busy travel time of summer and spring break make sure you know whether your school has district-specific holidays, such as teacher preparation days or mid-winter break.

You can also consider taking a less-expensive Bahamas cruise during those times as the children won’t be missing classes and you’ll stay clear of those busy seasons.

Families living near the docking area can get rid of school and the office early on a Friday, and take a two-night weekend Bahamas cruise.

You could also choose an itinerary that leaves on a Saturday, and comes up early on Monday morning. you might be a little late for school or to work. However, your kids will have a greater opportunity to expand theirs in their education!

The Best Time to Go on a Cruise in the Bahamas for those on a Budget

When deciding the ideal time to take cruises in the Bahamas budget-conscious travelers should be aware of the island’s peak travel hours.

It is not surprising that the summer break period, spring break, and holidays are the most likely to cause higher prices due to the fact that they coincide with the school holiday season and families are planning to travel.

Even when you take time periods of peak travel into account. The Bahamas can be a great value cruise destination due to its accessibility to the Floridian port of entry.

This is why you could discover that the Bahamas can be a great value cruise holiday for you, even if you’re in the periods when school isn’t in session.

Another advantage of cruises towards The Bahamas for those on a budget is the fact that there are shorter cruises sailing through the area.

If a 7-night cruise doesn’t have enough for your budget in the coming year or don’t have enough vacation time to take a longer cruise, then you’re lucky to take a cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises offers shorter cruises to the Bahamas which range from between two and four nights long.

What is the Worst Time to Travel to the Bahamas?

Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Spring Break

While spring break may seem like an ideal opportunity to get away from freezing temperatures and snow within the United States, the fact that it appeals equally to everybody else is something to think about.

Stay clear of expensive hotel rooms and the wild party that is usually part of your spring break getaway in the Bahamas.

Frommer’s warnings to adults seeking an unwinding Caribbean vacation to take their time and wait for the bustle of spring break activities to be over before they go.

Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: The Hurricane Season

The season of hurricanes, which runs between June 1 and Nov. 30 is a time that many tourists stay clear of the Bahamas. Similar to the United States, the months of August and September are the greatest risk of storms.

best Time to go to the Bahamas

These islands, Andros, Abaco, and Grand Bahama are the most susceptible to being affected by tropical storms.

To track the development of a hurricane, or to learn more about the activity of hurricanes throughout the Bahamas this time of year, visit the National Hurricane Center website.

Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Christmas Season

The beginning of the peak tourism time in the Bahamas occurs around New Year’s Eve and Christmas that also coincides with the massive Bahamian street parade called Junkanoo.

A lot of resorts and hotels are full at this time of the year. Reservations made two to three months ahead are essential.

If you’re not attracted by the expensive prices and crowds of tourists that are typical of the most well-known Bahamian season, you should avoid the period between New Year’s and Christmas. 

Save your travel dates for the middle of January, which is typically more peaceful between the peak times of the Christmas season and spring break.

Easter Holidays

Sometimes, it is tied to spring break but sometimes it is not. Easter also marks another high point for the Bahamas. 

Easter Sunday, Good Friday along Easter Monday all fall under national holidays. This means that the majority of local stores, restaurants as well as public services will be closed.

If you plan to spend an entire period of time within the Bahamas during Easter, it is possible that you will end having a relaxing time in your hotel or resort. 

If you’re looking to experience more Bahamian traditions, don’t plan the mistake of taking a holiday during Easter to the Bahamas.

Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: What is Hurricane Season?

The season of hurricanes begins between the 1st of June to December 30th. At this time of the year, there is a greater chance that tropical cyclones could strike the islands.

In general, The Bahamas receives fewer hurricanes than the U.S. mainland each year and is warned ahead of any imminent threat.

Based on past data that hurricanes are not a common occurrence in the Bahamas more often than they do on the eastern coasts of the US mainland. 

For instance, the Bahamas have the one-in-five risk of a hurricane in the Bahamas as opposed to a one in 4 chance in Miami.

Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Certain Islands are More Effective than Others

In contrast to the Bahamas, The south-facing islands in the Caribbean sea are more likely to not suffer from hurricanes.

Especially islands in the “ABC” island group of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Additionally, Trinidad and Tobago tend to be more protected from hurricanes.

Planning to Travel During Hurricane Season?

If your answer to the above is yes, then buy Travel Insurance. Anyone planning to travel to the Bahamas needs to get insurance for their trip to protect the investment in their trip.

best Time to go to the Bahamas

Travel insurance reimburses the cost of pre-paid expenses that are non-refundable when you must postpone a trip due to reasons that are covered, such as the impact of a hurricane on your resort.

Notice: Some businesses may be temporarily shut because of recent health and safety concerns.


Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Places to Go to in the Bahamas

1. Atlantis Paradise Island

The skyline is awe-inspiring on Paradise Island, this splashy pink resort is evocative of the myth of Atlantis as a luxurious hotel as well as an attraction complex, aquarium along a water park. It’s among the best hotels located in the Bahamas.

Hotel guests get access for free to the 140-acre Aquaventure. It is a great day out at this beautiful landscape is among the most sought-after activities to do on Paradise Island.

best Time to go to the Bahamas

Speed down the high-speed slides, like The Leap of Faith, splash around in more than 20 water areas, or just lie in a comfortable position and travel through your Lazy River Cruise.

In the marine habitat of Atlantis Bahamas, hammerhead sharks and swordfish swim in stunning open-air swimming pools. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

The dreamy sea theme is present throughout the Atlantic attractions, captivating the imagination of youngsters and old alike.

Contact: 1 Casino Drive, Paradise Island

Official site: www.atlantis.com

2. Nassau

The most crowded cruise port for ships within the Caribbean, Nassau, Bahamas is still able to entice tourists, even in the midst of tourists armed with cameras.

If you’re looking for things you can do and see in Nassau There are many choices. Enjoy the white sandy beaches at Cable Beach; explore the stores, restaurants, museums, and colonial buildings with candy-colored colors in downtown as well as Bay Street; and shop for souvenirs at the Nassau Straw Market.

A quick catamaran ride from Nassau visitors are able to interact with dolphins during a one-day excursion on Blue Lagoon Island, and Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Center is a fun experience for families which includes endangered and threatened species spread across four acres of tropical plants.

Paradise Island, home to the ever-popular Atlantis resort, is a glimmer at the horizon, just five kilometers off the coast of Nassau.

3. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is home to one of the most stunning seascapes found in the Bahamas. Bright water that is a shade of electric blue blends with bone-white sand to create stunning backdrops for a wide range of water activities.

In the most remote part of the Bahamas, The park is a no-take zone and marine protected zone, one of the very first parks of its type across the Caribbean.

The area is well-loved by boaters and divers, who travel here to enjoy high-quality anchorages, the abundance of marine life, and crystal-clear waters. If the weather is good snorkelers and divers can have visibility of 30 meters or more.

The majority of visitors visit the underwater world via private boats as well as live-aboard charters for diving. There is no fishing or shelling allowed within the park’s boundaries.

The Exuma Cays are stunning as well. They are also home to film stars like Johnny Depp and David Copperfield While others have exclusive resorts.

Great Exuma, the largest of the Exumas Little Exuma, and Staniel Cay are popular among boaters who visit the relaxed restaurants.

Don’t miss Staniel Cay’s famous swimming animals as well as Thunderball Cave, featured in the famous James Bond film.

4. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Harbour Island

Pretty Harbour Island sits northeast of its larger brother, Eleuthera, and has been for a long time a refuge for the famous and wealthy.

Locals love to refer to it in the area as “Briland,” it’s one of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas and also the location of the very first Bahamian Parliament.

English Loyalists settled during the 17th century and their pastel-hued homes evoke a bygone period within Dunmore Town, the island’s sole settlement, where golf carts are the rule in the streets.

However, Harbour Island offers more than beautiful cottages and a rich past.

The stunning pink-sand beaches of the island have been voted among the best gorgeous beachfront in the Caribbean and its chic resorts attract discerning travelers from all over the globe. Some of the most popular things to do are fishing, snorkeling, diving, and relaxing on the shores that are rosy-hued.

Harbour Island is a fun day trip from Nassau via the Bahamas Fast Ferries Catamaran.

5. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Grand Bahama Island

Northernmost among the Bahamian islands Grand Bahama Island is an extremely popular destination for cruise and package tour vessels.

The capital city, Freeport is the second largest town in the Bahamas although Port Lucaya has now replaced it as the main tourist destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Port Lucaya Marketplace sells jewelry and straw products along with other items of a souvenir and the marina is a hot social location for boaters and tourists.

Despite the island’s vast all-inclusive hotels and resorts, there is still a way to get away from the crowds. Grand Bahama is home to one of the most extensive underwater cave systems.

There is also through the beautiful plantings of the Garden of the Groves Nature lovers will be able to spot a variety of native birds in all three of the national parks. Or reserve a close encounter with dolphins.

In the year 2019 the year of 2019, the hurricane Dorian hit Grand Bahama as a category 5 storm, yet the majority of the island’s most popular tourist destinations are operating again.

6. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Fishing and Diving on Andros Island

The largest island in the Bahamas, Andros is a haven for divers and anglers.

It is also home to the third-largest barrier reef on earth along with a variety of freshwater blue holes as well as underwater caves, which create an underwater world of wonder for those who want to dive beneath the ocean.

The fly fishing industry is also huge here. Andros is frequently referred to as the capital of bonefishing around the world due to its perfect habitat for this sought-after catch. The vast wetlands of the island create channels that are ideal fishing and boating spots.

Andros is also the largest preserved area within the Bahamas which includes the five parks that are national in nature. Nature lovers will love the diversity of birdlife in the mangrove swamps and forests and the eco-resorts on the island.

Do you prefer shopping? Visit the Androsia Hand Made Batik Factory which is where you can purchase vibrantly colored fabrics with bold Bahamian patterns.

7. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Treasure Cay Beach, Great Abaco Island

Sailing along the eastern shore that runs along the eastern shore of Great Abaco, Treasure Cay Beach is frequently voted as among the top stunning beaches across the globe. 

The stunning stretch of flour-soft white sand and crystal clear water amazes people who visit to enjoy its soft and crescent-shaped shore.

The beach is located within the resort-style neighborhood in Treasure Cay, which hosts one of the most renowned fish tournaments that take place throughout the Bahamas.

In 2019 the year 2019, Category 5 Hurricane Dorian destroyed Great Abaco Island, including Treasure Cay. Find out information on the condition of tourism facilities here before visiting.

8. Elbow Cay

The protected Sea of Abaco from the boating center at Marsh Harbour, Elbow Cay located in the Abacos has all the beauty of a traditional fishing village.

The charming cottages that line the streets that lead to Hope Town, the island’s main settlement. The central area of town is not accessible to motor vehicles, creating the town a laid-back, rural atmosphere.

Popular for its lighthouse with a candy-striped pattern, Hope Town is home to a vibrant expatriate population who enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches lined with palms; its close proximity to the Marsh Harbour, the nation’s third-largest city; and the numerous boating opportunities.

Wyannie Malone Historical Museum It is essential, as is close by Guana Cay and the Tilloo Cay Reserve which is an 11-acre habitat for birds is a popular day trip. Hope Town also boasts a very well-developed marina.

Elbow Cay is also struck by Elbow Cay was also hit by Hurricane Dorian in September of this year. Be sure to check the status of your attractions and lodging prior to your visit.

A ferry operates regularly from Marsh Harbour to Elbow Cay from Marsh Harbour.

9. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: The Green Turtle, CayEditor’s Pick

Walking through the avenues in Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos can feel like stepping back to the time of the ancient Bahamas. The east Of Great Abaco, this peaceful five-kilometer island is a well-loved retreat for peace seekers.

Golf cars are the primary method of transportation in the small town that is New Plymouth, a sleepy town of pastel-colored cottages with picket fences scattered with small stores and museums.

Fishing boats move through the harbor, while tourists can observe the locals catch their own catch of conch and crawfish. Bonefishing is among the most popular activities in the area.

The beautiful beaches with reefs and crystal-clear waters provide great diving, snorkeling, swimming, and boating options.

In 2019, category 5 hurricane Dorian destroyed the island. The locals are trying to bring back attractions.

However, the true attraction of this island is its people as well as the spectacular beaches and reefs – and they’re ready for guests. The island’s best resort is Green Turtle Club & Marina, Green Turtle Club & Marina is back in business following the storm.

Green Turtle Cay is a 10-minute ferry ride away from Treasure Cay on Great Abaco Island.

10. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Big-Game Fishing in Biminis

The name of Bimini often refers Bimini to is the “Big game fishing capital of The Bahamas,” and with good reason.

The island is home to famous deep-sea fishing tournaments that run between March and September as well as its proximity to water temperatures of the Gulf Stream lures a dazzling range of marine life comprising everything from marlin to manta rays, Mahi Mahi and Mahi-.

Bimini was also once a magnet for people like Ernest Hemingway with the promise of huge fish. He spent a few summers in Bimini fishing, as well as getting inspiration for his novel The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream.

The fishhook-shaped group of islands comprises North Bimini, South Bimini, and numerous cays stretching to the south, to Pigeon Cay to South Cat Cay. 

Bimini Island is the closest of islands to the United States, lying approximately 888 km to the east of Miami, Florida.

Bimini’s waters are awash with fish and offer great opportunities to dive and snorkel. Apart from the famous dolphin and shark dives, the most popular spots comprise Rainbow Reef, Sapona Wreck as well as Victory Reef.

11. Long Island

The most stunning island of the Bahamas, Long Island lies slightly away from the main roads located in the southern part of the archipelago.

Nearly 130 km long and just seven kilometers wide The island is a place of contrasts. It has sandy beaches along the west coast and rocky, steep cliffs that run along the east.

Long Island is a haven for divers, fishing, and boating. Beach lovers can also relax in its beautiful unspoiled pink- or white-sand shores. The island also has Dean’s Blue Hole which is the most renowned blue saltwater hole in the world.

12. Best Time to go to the Bahamas 2022: Blue Lagoon Island

Sea lions encounter dolphins inflatable fun park, and a stunning white-sand beach – you’ll find it all as well on Blue Lagoon Island.

A trip to this tourist-rich private island, referred to by the name of Salt Cay, is one of the most sought-after activities to take part in within the Bahamas during cruises. It’s about five kilometers away by boat from Nassau.

This is an ideal spot to spend time with your whole family. Kids will be thrilled to swim in the crystal clear water as well as playing in the inflatable water park and kayak on the lagoon.

Parents can lounge under floating palms on the double hammock, while those who love animals will delight in dolphin and sea lion encounters. Delicious grilled meals and tropical cocktails round out the day’s activities.

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