San Antonio Taco Spots You Have to Try

Where can I find the best tacos near me in San Antonio? The response to this concern may not be as easy as you may presume, yet we must weigh in. Tacos abound in San Antonio. There are many of them that are “okay,” “good,” or even “pretty stinking good,” but in this article, we will only be considering the best. 

About Taco 

Most individuals in San Antonio have their go-to spots to get fantastic tacos, whether it be a neighborhood taqueria, a local chain restaurant, or a taco truck. 

Some go so far as to list their preferred locations for particular kinds of tacos.

San Antonio’s cuisine scene revolves around tacos, as evidenced by the overwhelming number of establishments that serve them. 

To mention a few, Patty’s Taco House has breakfast tacos, Tommy’s Restaurant serves barbacoa tacos, and Taquitos West Avenue serves tacos al pastor. 

Best Tacos in San Antonio

These 17 restaurants can satisfy any taco craving you may have, day or night.

1. The Jerk Shack

Near Apache Creek Linear Park is a Jamaican eatery called The Jerk Shack. 

They provide outstanding service, large serving sizes, amazing drinks, and everything is lovingly created by hand. 

The furnishings aren’t particularly fancy, but the electric yellow sign and the vivid red paint make them stand out.

2. Carnitas Lonja

Visit Carnitas Lonja on the Southside of San Antonio, which is close to Highland Park and Denver Heights.

The outside seating area with colorful streamers and picnic tables adds to the celebratory ambiance. Children appear to enjoy the furnishings and the park-like location where they can sit.

The crew is renowned for providing excellent service and assisting you in choosing among their most famous dishes. 

The traditional Michoacán dishes, Carnitas, are created by Carnitas Lonja utilizing the finest fresh ingredients and herbs.

3. Torchy’s Tacos

The Rim shopping center’s Torchy’s Tacos offers excellent service in a welcoming setting.  The classic Mexican street food is prepared by this restaurant company in inventive ways. 

The positive energy makes for a fun time and a great excuse to be out with friends and family.

Excellent coffee, margaritas, and happy hour specials are available there.

The salads there have a lot of unique elements that mix well together, and the breakfast is also nice there. 

Although the Trailer Park is one of the most popular dishes, the Fried Avocado, Street Corn, and Queso are at the top of my list.

4. Taqueria Datapoint

Near the Nexus Recording studio is a modest, cherry-colored eatery with a traditional Mexican home-style decor called Taqueria Datapoint.

Before being a food truck that travels between Fair Haven and Garden Dale, this restaurant was housed in a structure close to Fair Haven.

One of the best things about this taco business, besides the mouthwatering tacos, is the all-day breakfast

Locals wait in long lines to sample the freshly prepared food that is prepared there and then.

5. Taco House

The Taco House is located in North Shearer Hills, a calm area with lots of stores by the street. 

The outstanding cooking steals the limelight from the basic décor. There are many alternatives on the menu, and the service is excellent.

The Chorizo and Eggs are a good breakfast option, according to the reviewers. 

The beef fajitas have really tender and excellent meat, and the tacos are loaded with well-seasoned meat and toppings. 

The Carne De Puerco en Chile Colorado is one of their best-selling products.

6. Taqueria El Trombo

Taqueria El Trombo, an authentic Mexican eatery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is located in The Plazas at Callaghan. 

For your convenience, you can also place orders online. 

The staff at Taqueria El Trombo is excellent at giving recommendations from the menu and only uses the finest products.

The greatest item on the menu is the El Trompo Taco with pastor mix, Asada, cheddar, and country sausage. 

The tortilla was light and crispy, and the meat is very expertly seasoned.

7. Little Taco Factory

The Little Taco Factory, which is close to San Antonio College, is among the top taco restaurants in San Antonio

The ambiance is relaxed, the personnel is courteous, and the customer service is consistently excellent. 

The facility is ornamented with some traditional Mexican elements, although simplicity was the main design principle.

The staff fills your cup along with the delicious sweet tea as well. They appear to serve breakfast and lunch tacos to a sizable number of college students.

8. Tacos N Salsa

You can place a takeout or dining room order at the modern Mexican eatery Tacos N Salsa. It is a tiny, family-friendly restaurant located in a mall. 

The close proximity of the tables increases the sense of community you get from eating their delectable tacos. All cuisine is prepared upon order, keeping it hot and fresh when it arrives.

They prepare all of their own salsas and tortillas, and the servers are attentive to make sure you have a good time. 

All dine-in clients additionally receive complimentary chips and salsa. 

They also provide morning tacos like the Chorizo and Potato taco, or you may sample their Beef Fajitas for lunch. Remember to eat your Queso!

9. Henry’s Puffy Taco

Henry’s Tacos can be found immediately by the Connally Loop freeway system, next to the San Antonio Aquarium. 

There is a full-service bar and a relaxed atmosphere. Although it’s a small, sparsely furnished restaurant, the emphasis is on serving high-quality food made with the finest ingredients.

 You receive an authentic taste of Mexican cuisine prepared with affection using recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

The Tex-Mex flavors will keep you going back for more of their famous puffy taco, which has long been a local favorite.

10. Chelas Taco

In a somewhat isolated position across the street from Burger Boy is Chelas Taco. Chelas Taco has a lovely interior and a fantastic atmosphere. 

Additionally, they even have a taco truck that travels the city delivering mouthwatering tacos. To be honest, Chelas Taco is yet another undiscovered gem.

Other than tacos, this restaurant offers a wide variety of mouthwatering items on its broad menu.

11. Ray’s Drive Inn

Nearby Templo Bethel Assembly of God is Ray’s Drive-In. Because there is nowhere to eat, as the name says, be prepared to eat in your car. 

Once you get your tacos, though, it won’t matter where you take them because you’ll still enjoy them there.

Recent reviews of the Puffy Taco have been fantastic, and for good reason too. 

The cuisine is just outstanding. The flavors are well-developed, and the texture is exquisite.

12. Pete’s Tako House

A very undiscovered treasure about this place is, you would never go here unless you were in the know. Fortunately, you are now.

Another unassuming restaurant where you visit for excellent and authentic tasting food is Pete’s Tako House. 

The beef tacos, barbacoa, and burritos are all highly praised by the locals. Additionally, the owners and staff are all really polite.

13. Tacos and Chelas Mexican Kitchen

Tacos and Chelas are located immediately across the street from Walgreens. 

The inside has a minimalist, spacious appearance that gives off the impression that it is quite modern, and it also features some very unique wall art. 

This is the place to be if you want real Mexican tacos. The crew at Tacos and Chelas is dedicated to excellence and mindful of the demands of the clientele.

14. El Pastor es Mi Señor

The Windbury Apartments and the city’s police station are not distant from El Pastor es Mi Seor. 

This is the spot to go if you’re seeking street tacos that taste just like those in Mexico’s birthplace and are completely authentic!

The tacos at El Pastor es Mi Seor are delicious and the service is first-rate. 

One mouthful of the Taco De Sirloin Con Quest and the Quesadilla left me with some of the most complex flavors in my mouth. 

15. Garcia’s Mexican Food

Remember that Garcia’s Mexican Food To Go is not far from Thrive Church if you have trouble finding it. 

When you see the tiny structure and the slightly faded sign, you will know you have arrived. 

This place boasts a quaint, vintage décor with a welcoming atmosphere.

The Secret Gem

In the center of San Antonio, there is a hidden gem called Garcia’s Mexican Food To Go. 

Many people are shocked to hear that this secret gem has been in the public eye despite the fact that the locals all gush about it. 

Come out and sample these two mouthwatering dishes that are a local favorite: the Pork Chop and Enchilada plate and the Brisket Nachos.

16. Taquitos West Ave

It can be difficult to find a good taco, but at Taquitos West Ave, great tacos are the standard. 

From the outside, the restaurant has a rather rustic appearance, but once you step inside, you’ll see the lively and inviting seating arrangements.

The cook who will prepare your taco is the first person you encounter. 

They will create the tacos fresh to order if you just let them know how many and what sort you want.

17. Tacos el Regio 

Tacos El Regio is located close to Morgan’s Wonderland. Tacos El Regio is a real food truck with close-covered seats if you want a change of pace. 

This is an excellent way to sample some of the greatest tacos in the area. 

Wrapping up

Seriously, there aren’t many things in the world better than a taco.

There is a science behind creating the ideal taco, and the eateries on our list have not only mastered the necessary skills but in some cases have advanced them.

Did we omit a dining establishment from this list? Please remark so that we can check it out for ourselves.

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