17 Must-Try Sushi Spots in Baltimore

As a food lover, we know you’d be looking for good sushi restaurants near me, and that is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 17 must-try sushi spots in Baltimore. 

good sushi restaurants near me

We’ll delve further into the specifics of each of these “good sushi restaurants near me”. You’ll discover the areas they are in and the kinds of events they might be ideal for.

About Baltimore

Markets, vibrant residences, boutiques, museums, art institutions, and the city’s recognizable shoreline are all abundant with the history and culture of Baltimore. 

Also, you might be familiar with parts of the city from the HBO drama The Wire, or perhaps you enjoy Baltimore mainstays like crabcakes and Old Bay seasoning.

Whatever brings you to Baltimore, seafood is one of the top things to do in this port city. 

Some of the best sushi in the Northeast can be found in Baltimore’s blossoming gastronomic scene.

Fresh Sashimi in Baltimore

All seasons of the year, we want delicious sushi rolls. Nothing beats fresh sashimi or nigiri with a little sake on the side. 

The freshest ingredients will be used in good sushi restaurants, and your food will be rolled just before you bite into it. 

We particularly adore omakase menus, which give the chef the opportunity to showcase their finest work and direct your choices. They are professionals after all.

Best Sushi Restaurants in Baltimore

1. Shoyou Sushi

The South Baltimore community of Riverside is home to Shoyou Sushi. 

More so, young professionals enjoy the historic neighborhood’s charmingly refurbished rowhomes and the expansive Riverside Park. 

Shoyou serves up clean lines, natural wood, and a welcoming ambiance while fusing the neighborhood’s hipster vibes with traditional Japanese style.

Every dish on the menu is made with daily delivered fresh fish. 

2. RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant

RA Sushi is also situated in Harbor East, close to the waterfront neighborhood of Fell’s Point. 

Off the main highway, the sushi restaurant is situated beside a small inlet and has a calmer ambiance. You are still only a few blocks away from the water and the nightlife.

In case of fine weather, you can choose to eat outside or inside in their upscale, dimly lit bar and dining area.

RA Sushi Bar Menu

One of the best happy hours in town can be found at RA Sushi, which attracts a hip clientele. 

Highlights on the menu, which specializes in fusion cuisine, include the Viva Las Vega roll, mango ceviche tacos, and octopus sashimi. 

While you’re there, make sure to try the sake sangria! Red port, white peach, and rosé lychee are the three flavors that are offered.

3. Nanami Cafe

In Fells Point, a hip waterfront neighborhood, Nanami Cafe is a mainstay. 

Fells Point, one of Baltimore’s oldest and most colorful districts, was once a booming shipbuilding harbor. 

In the winter, choose between comfortable interior dining or al fresco dining directly on the waterfront’s cobblestones. 

Nanami Cafe Sushi

To honor the waterfront motif, the sushi is frequently served in tiny wooden boats with pleasant wooden interior décor.

Although every piece of sushi and sashimi is unbelievably fresh, we suggest eating the sea urchin, which is the largest sea urchin dish we’ve ever had. 

A good selection of sake, beer, and wine is also available to go with your meal and enjoy while taking in the harbor’s boats.

4. Minato

Minato is the ideal dining and Happy Hour stop in the Mount Vernon Cultural Arts District. 

The trendy cultural hub of Baltimore is Mount Vernon, which is about a ten-minute drive from the waterfront. 

Discovering the museums, monuments, shops, and performing spaces in this area would take days. 

A Place for Everyone

Minato is a necessity for anyone looking for “good sushi restaurants near me in Baltimore.”

Young professionals, people networking after work, or even couples on a classy date night will all like the atmosphere. 

We suggest trying a few items from the Happy Hour menu, particularly the Boston Maki Roll and one of the creative cocktails.

Additionally, they offer excellent catering services, a complete setup, and an on-site sushi chef.

5. Matsuri

Another local favorite, Matsuri, has won the title of “Best Japanese Restaurant” in Baltimore on numerous occasions. 

Matsuri, another establishment on Federal Hill, combines a laid-back sports bar atmosphere with unique and cozy Japanese furnishings. 

People come in to shop or stroll from Inner Harbor and remain for the lively atmosphere and delicious meals.

Matsuri Menu

The chefs behind the sushi counter craft each roll, piece of sashimi, and piece of nigiri on the menu with care. 

Special holiday-themed rolls are also available. We suggest tuna sashimi for purists or the Volcano Roll for a true blast of flavor. 

To cleanse your taste, take some mochi with you when you depart.

6. Kiku Sushi

Kiku Sushi is a picturesque and historic area of Federal Hill, across the harbor from our first two choices, is Kiku Sushi. 

Federal Hill, which is close to Inner Harbor, offers wonderful restaurants, shopping, and gorgeous old homes. 

Kiku Sushi is simple and functional, and it is tucked away in a quaint street. The food certainly isn’t.

Don’t forget to try the Dynamite Roll and the lunch specials. We really adore their pork and shrimp dumplings, in addition to the sushi.

7. Chiu’s Sushi

Chiu’s Sushi in Harbor East is a traditional family-friendly Japanese eatery that is only a few feet away from Azumi. 

They concentrate on Asian fusion cuisine and serve some of the city’s top sushi rolls. 

After a day of visiting the waterfront or taking the ferry to view the city’s architecture, Chiu is a little more reasonably priced and perfect for a family meal or dinner downtown.

The Dragon Roll is the most popular roll on the menu, but we also suggest the Golden Shrimp Roll, which has tempura shrimp, Kani, mango, lobster, tabiko, and mango sauce.

8. Azumi

Azumi, which is situated in the center of Baltimore’s downtown waterfront area, offers the high-end sushi experiences that we enjoy. 

Near the well-known Federal Hill Park and National Aquarium, the restaurant has a waterfront view and serves the freshest sushi one could ask for.

During your visit, we highly suggest stopping into the Flame Room where you can watch cooks make hibachi while a live DJ plays in the background. 

What about sushi? You must sample the Azumi Tasting Menu, where you may savor the chef’s best fresh selections. 

You won’t want to leave if you order their sake flight with your meal.

9. Yama Sushi Bar

There are two Yama Sushi locations, but we suggest one in Baltimore’s amiable Hoes Heights district. It is a hidden gem in the neighborhood.

There is nothing pretentious about this establishment; all you will find are Japanese cocktails, cozy seats, and top-notch sushi.

Opt for evening sake and sushi combos or lunch box offers. Yama Sushi Bar has excellent quality and pricing. 

Spicy Beach rolls and the chef’s selection of sashimi are both highly recommended. Additionally, there are very fresh desserts and snacks.

10. Brothers Sushi

Surprise if you thought we were finished with Federal Hill. Another good sushi restaurants in the well-known neighborhood is Brothers Sushi.

Although it is directly across the street from Matsuri, the restaurant provides a slightly more sedate, private atmosphere. 

Locals like Brothers Sushi for both superb food, of course, and exceptional, welcoming service.

We heartily recommend the Fried Mountain Roll and anything with spicy mayo, and the sushi is always fresh. 

11. Sushi Hana

Local chain Sushi Hana offers excellent sushi in a classy setting. 

About fifteen minutes drive north of the city center, in a posh shopping complex named Lake Falls Village, is where the restaurant is situated. 

The restaurant is dedicated to serving high-quality, freshly cooked meals. Try any chef-recommended specials. 

The specials offer a great selection of both classic and cutting-edge flavors and change frequently. 

Crispy mango rolls are as fresh as they come if you want to go with something more traditional.

12. Sizka Restaurant

Our favorite Japanese Fusion restaurant, Sizka, is located in the south of Canton, not far from Lighthouse Point. 

Sizka is Turkish for peace and quiet, and that is what the restaurant offers. This sushi restaurant is the ideal place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. 

More so, sizka is a great location for omakase. BYOB is permitted, and the chef is cordial and takes great pride in his job. 

Spend the next several hours relaxing with a bottle of wine and the chef’s omakase meal.

13. Naked Grill Sushi & Yakitori

The Naked Grill Sushi & Yakitori restaurant is located in Canton near Lighthouse Point, a waterfront dock. 

The neighborhood’s waterfront promenade and large boat docks give off a nautical air. 

The sushi restaurant is close to some of the best vistas and has some of the freshest fish, fruits, and veggies. 

A variety of traditional Thai and Japanese foods are offered on the menu, all of which are flavorful and fresh. 

14. Mizu Sushi

At the intersection of Canton and Fell’s Point, two of Baltimore’s hippest neighborhoods, Mizu Sushi is a fixture of the community. 

Mizu is located just a few feet from the water and bustling nightlife on a calm residential street. 

It’s a traditional sushi restaurant with a wide selection, a straightforward atmosphere, and top-notch fresh seafood.

Bring your family to Mizu or stop by for lunch and dinner specials. If you enjoy tempura, get the Rock ‘N’ Roll or the Mongolian Roll from the list of Chef’s Specials.

15. Kona Grill

Although Kona Grill is a chain, its quality and reliability make them one of our top picks in any city. 

The Kona Grill is conveniently located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor neighborhood. 

The restaurant is located in a busy commercial area, has a classy steakhouse ambiance, and is a great place for weekend brunch.

There are many selections on their Japanese-American fusion menu for you to choose from.

 It tastes great, the smoked salmon sashimi. For a lovely lunch, try it with any of their appetizers.

16. Katana Sushi

Katana Sushi is a popular destination and is situated in the lively Canton waterfront district. 

With its classic yet modern front, the old painted red-brick corner building is one of our favorites. 

Canton is a highly sought-after Baltimore area that is close to chic nightlife, shopping, and two fantastic parks.

A full bar with fantastic cocktails, sake, wine, and beer is also available. With the hot mango habanero sauce or the tuna predator roll, you can’t go wrong.

17. Avenue Sushi

A popular restaurant in Baltimore’s Highlandtown district. 

The only short commute from downtown Highlandtown is a bustling melting pot of immigrant families and international food. 

Avenue Sushi’s unique and colorful furnishings, whitewashed brick walls, industrial-chic furniture, and framed art all complement the neighborhood’s lively energy.

Additionally, the cuisine has fantastic presentation and choices. 

Try the spicy tuna roll for a tasty twist on a sushi classic, or the melt-in-your-mouth yellowtail sashimi.


Look no further than our list of good sushi restaurants near me in Baltimore. You can read some of our other articles about the amazing food scene if you’re organizing a complete trip.

Have we missed a restaurant somewhere? Your proposal and what makes it wonderful should be left as a comment.

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