Best Small Automatic Cars You Can’t Beat If You Want A Relaxed Ride

– Best Small Automatic Cars 2022 –

If you’re searching for a list of the greatest automatic automobiles available, you’re in for a treat, as there are practically hundreds to choose from.

From family hatchbacks and city automobiles to large SUVs and expensive saloons, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best. With rising discretionary incomes and easy access to low-interest auto loans, more people are buying cars and bikes.

Driving in city traffic has grown difficult for everyone due to the rising number of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers on the road.

If you haven’t learned the skill of driving a manual transmission automobile, you may choose an automatic transmission car to help you negotiate India’s congested streets.

There are many fantastic little vehicles on the market, but if you want one with an automatic transmission, your options are quite restricted. It’s not so much a lack of little automatic vehicles as it is a lack of quality in many of them.

However, some compact vehicles with automatic transmissions are just as outstanding as those with manual transmissions. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten – as well as a list of models to avoid.


Best Small Automatic Cars 2022

1. Ford Figo

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

The Ford Figo has a starting price of Rs.6.06 lakh and may go up to Rs.9.04 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

The automatic model begins at Rs.9.04 lakh. Ford has unveiled a new model of the Figo, which is the next-generation vehicle.

There are seven different color selections to pick from. The Ford Figo’s automatic variant has a fuel economy of 17 km/l.

The B-segment has long been a haven for different two-pedal transmissions, with Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai promoting AMTs and Datsun and Renault promoting CVTs.

Ford is now offering a two-pedal option for the Figo, which replaces the 1.5-liter petrol DCT motor with a 1.2-liter petrol torque converter.

At this price, a 6-speed torque converter? Ford says yes.

Meet the Figo A/T, which has a better gearbox than most of its competitors.

The Figo 1.2 petrol Automatic is finally here, and while it’s a little late to the party, it does come with a real torque converter automatic transmission, giving it an advantage over its AMT competitors.

2. BMW 3 Series

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

They may equip the BMW 3 Series with an eight-speed automatic transmission that perfectly complements the athletic aspect of this family sedan. It’s loaded with technology and also very nice on the inside.

The BMW 3 Series is an excellent all-rounder because it is comfortable, practical, enjoyable to drive, and attractive.

That’s why it now outsells family automobiles, because people are willing to pay a bit more for artisan bread than Warburton’s, and will visit Hotel Chocolat instead of Quality Street.

Of course, the 3 Series isn’t alone; the Audi A4, Jaguar XE, and Mercedes C-Class are also worthy contenders, but it’s the finest of the group.

In fact, in the 2021 carwow Car of the Year Awards, the plug-in hybrid variant – the BMW 330e – was named Best Family Hybrid Car.

Not everyone will like the style–it’s more aggressive and angular than any previous 3 Series – yet even the most basic models are attractive.

If you want something a little more eye-catching, M Sport trim is available, which includes a go-faster body package and larger wheels, similar to the AMG Line improvements offered on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

3. Mini Hatchback Cooper Sport 5dr Auto

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

Modern automakers are fond of names that are distinctive and dramatic-sounding yet have little to do with the model in question.

But, happily, the Mini 5dr is a breeze to master. It’s a normal Mini with five doors, as you would have imagined.

The five-door Mini is clearly more practical than the popular three-door Mini we all know and love, simply because passengers in the back won’t have to squeeze through a tiny space behind the front seat to exit.

The five-door variant features a larger boot and is more accommodating for back-seat passengers.

Mind you, it’s a little more expensive than the three-door Mini, and you could believe the extra doors and higher roofline make the Mini 5dr appear less athletic.

More on Mini Hatchback Cooper Sport 5dr auto

In terms of other typical Mini characteristics, such as a smart interior and a plethora of personalization possibilities, it’s still spot-on.

The engine lineup is remarkably similar to that of the Mini 3dr, with two 1.5-litre engines and a more powerful 2.0-litre.

You won’t find a powerful John Cooper Works version, though. This option is only available on the 3dr or Convertible models (the Mini Electric is three-door-only as well).

There’s also the Mini Clubman estate or Countryman if you need even more boot room in a Mini.

4. Honda Jazz

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

The Honda Jazz is the smallest model in the UK Honda lineup, yet it offers enough room to comfortably carry four persons.

This automobile has a sleek and roomy interior that is ideal for families. The elder generation who are attracted to its ease of access and reputation for reliability traditionally drive it.

You may select to add a CVT automatic transmission to either the 1.3- or 1.5-litre i-VTEC engines in the current third-generation models, which are only available with petrol engines.

If you’re looking for an earlier Jazz, you’ll need to seek one that was registered after February 2011 because that’s when the first automatic transmission was released.

The 7-speed CVT transmission guarantees that the engine output is optimized for your pace. The bigger 1.5-liter engine is only available on the top-of-the-line Sport variant and can get 42.8mpg in either manual or automatic mode.

The 1.3-liter engine is more fuel-efficient, with a maximum fuel efficiency of 48.7 miles per gallon.

5. Honda City

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

The 7-speed CVT transmission guarantees that the engine output is optimized for your pace.

The bigger 1.5-liter engine is only available on the top-of-the-line Sport variant and can get 42.8mpg in either manual or automatic mode. The 1.3-liter engine is more fuel-efficient, with a maximum fuel efficiency of 48.7 miles per gallon.

At first glance, the new City appears like the current Civic marketed in the United States.

That’s been Honda’s attitude with its emerging markets sedan in the past; the previous-gen City looked like a ninth-gen Civic, and this new City looks like the tenth-gen small.

For those who reside in America, the narrow, upright chrome grille will look similar, but the headlights are mature rather than swoopy.

The City likewise lacks the dramatic style of the tenth-generation Civic, opting for more subdued lines that flow smoothly from front to rear. There’s no ducktail aspect or strong lines at the back, but it’s still recognized as a Honda.

6. Skoda Kodiaq

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

The Skoda Kodiaq is a large SUV with seating for four passengers and a large cargo area.

It’s even possible to get it with seven seats. It’s a simple, pleasant car to drive, with an optional seven-speed automatic transmission that shifts smoothly and comes with a variety of engines.

The Skoda Kodiaq is a jack of all trades, but not a master of none – it excels in so many crucial areas that it’s simple to argue it’s one of the greatest family vehicles on the market.

Kodiaq’s greatest strength is its practicality, but it excels in so many other areas as well.

It’s a seven-seater SUV (but you don’t have to have seven seats).

It competes with the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace and the SEAT Tarraco, which are both built on the same VW Group elements.

It comes in a variety of configurations, ranging from a fuel-efficient front-wheel-drive diesel manual to a powerful four-wheel-drive automatic petrol.

For people who need to transport a large number of passengers, a seven-seater MPV like the Renault Scenic is the obvious choice, but the Kodiaq’s rearmost seats are important to have and youngsters can climb into them when needed.


7. Renault Clio 1.3 TCe 130 S Edition EDC

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

We’ve become accustomed to the Renault Clio changing outfits more frequently than Madonna. Each edition has had it’s own aesthetic, from not-so-subtle nose jobs to total changes.

Clearly, the French company chose development over revolution.

The preceding iteration of the little automobile, on the other hand, was more fashionable and attractive than its practical predecessor.

The wider front grille and C-shaped daytime running lights that bring it in line with the rest of the Renault range are only noticeable when comparing the current model to the previous one.

With a tape measure, you can tell that it’s a little shorter, a little lower, and a lot broader.

This generation also introduces Clio’s first petrol-electric hybrid powertrain, which promises low official emissions and fuel economy.

There are also two standard gasoline engines (diesel options have been dropped completely).

The Clio, as always, has its work cut out for it in a class brimming with excellent vehicles.

The Ford Fiesta is a good choice for enthusiastic drivers, while the Audi A1 is a good option for those seeking something a little more luxurious, and the VW Polo is a capable all-rounder.

8. Hyundai I10

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

They often recognize the Hyundai i10 as one of the greatest city vehicles on the market, and as an automatic, it outperforms most of its competitors.

The larger 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine, which is offered on the SE, Premium, and Premium SE trims, is required if you want the comfort of an automatic transmission.

Despite its small size, the i10 comes standard with five doors, air conditioning, and front and rear power windows. There’s plenty of room in the rear for people, and it’ll cheerfully travel at highway speeds.

Despite the fact that the automatic transmission reduces the 1.2-liter engine’s fuel efficiency when compared to the manual version, it still manages to get up to 47.9mpg.

9. Nissan Micra CVT

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

The CVT variant, built at Nissan’s Oragadam Plant in Chennai, is equipped with Nissan’s world-famous X-TRONIC CVT automatic gearbox.

Which combines the enjoyment, comfort, and practicality of an automatic transmission with the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission.

X-TRONIC CVT transmission is more pleasant to drive than a normal CVT (continuously variable transmission), with no shift shocks and smoother acceleration.

Nissan was the first manufacturer in India to introduce CVT technology to the premium hatchback class.

The Micra CVT delivers a full and appealing blend of style, performance, and value-for-money, with ARAI-estimated mileage of 19.34 kmpl.

10. Mercedes A-Class

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

The Mercedes A-Class is one of the most upscale and technologically advanced little automobiles on the market, and all of its engines come with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Allow us to introduce you to the Mercedes A-Class if you’re looking for a small(ish) car with big-money levels of tech and luxury but don’t want to pay large money for it.

Simply put, it’s a high-end family hatchback that competes with the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3, as well as less expensive competitors like the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

True, it’s the cheapest new Mercedes on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on the amenities or prestige appeal found in the company’s larger vehicles.

More on Mercedes A-Class

To begin with, it has a fairly attractive appearance. Its sharp, narrow headlamps, wide grille, and contoured bodywork combine to give it a discreetly athletic yet clearly premium look.

This A-Class is a considerably more compelling demonstration of exactly how clever a little Mercedes can be than the previous A-Class, and it’s a similar tale on the interior as well.

Then there are the eye-catching turbine-styled air vents, plenty of brushed metal surfaces, and ambient mood lighting with up to 64 color options.

Even if some of the surfaces don’t appear to be as strong as they appear, it looks futuristic in here.

11. Honda Brio

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

They price anywhere the Honda Brio between Rs.5.14 lakh and Rs.7.56 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

The Brio was first introduced in 2011 and has seen several minor revisions since then.

Except for the sides of the car, the 2016 edition of the Brio saw a lot of alterations. There are four different color options to pick from. The Honda Brio’s automatic version has a fuel economy of 16.5 km/l.

The production model resembles a pint-sized Fit that measures 3,610mm long, 1,680mm broad, and 1,475mm tall, almost identical to last year’s prototype.

The cabin is simple on the inside, yet it has a nice design and high-quality materials.

A 1.2-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine produces 90 PS (66 kW / 89 horsepower) and consumes around 5.0 L/100km on average (47 mpg-US).

The Thai-spec variant, shown below, will be available in late May for 390,000 baht ($12,862 / €9,155). Honda hopes to sell 40,000 Brios in Thailand per year if all goes according to plan.


12. Kia Picanto

This is one of the best small automatic cars of 2022.

best small automatic cars

For automobile customers opting for an automated city car, the Picanto competes directly with the Hyundai i10.

Both automobiles have the same running gear, however, Kia’s city car has a different engine.

In the 2, 3, and X-Line models, the 1.25-liter four-cylinder petrol engine is offered with an automatic transmission.

Unfortunately, the entry-level 1 model may only be ordered with the smallest 1.0-liter engine, which is only available with a manual transmission.

With nothing to choose between the Picanto and the i10 in terms of spaciousness, quality, or driving experience, Kia has the advantage of providing a seven-year manufacturer guarantee.

Because the warranty is transferable between owners, this is especially appealing to used car purchasers.

13. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

best small automatic cars

In the supermini class, the Toyota Yaris is the sole vehicle with a hybrid powertrain option.

The Yaris now has hybrid technology, which allows it to have higher fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions without using a diesel engine.

The Yaris is only available as an automatic and uses a CVT transmission to mix the power from the 1.5-liter petrol engine and electric motors.

It’s most efficient if you make frequent short trips; if you spend most of your time in free-flowing traffic, the hybrid will only be modestly more efficient than the gasoline version.

The TNGA-B, Toyota’s smallest modular platform to date powers the new Yaris.

The Mk4 Yaris can be 5mm shorter, 50mm wider, and 40mm lower than the Mk3, thanks to a 50mm larger wheelbase that allows for more internal space.

It’s definitely better for taller back passengers, with foot space behind the front seats and a reasonable amount of knee room that you won’t get in a Renault Clio.

 14. Renault Kwid

This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

The Renault Kwid has a starting price of Rs.3.05 lakh and may go up to Rs.5.17 lakh.

The automobile is Renault’s rival in India’s compact car category, which has become increasingly competitive in recent years.

The Kwid proved to be a credible rival to the other most popular compact vehicles on the Indian market. There are six different color selections to pick from. The Kwid’s automatic version has a fuel economy of 24.04 km/l.

The car is available in eight different configurations, six different color schemes, and two different power trains.

The look and interior of the vehicle are updated, but the engine parameters remain identical.

A revised front bumper, split headlight configuration, LED DRLs, new three slat grille, contrast colored ORVMs, C-shaped LED light guides, and an integrated roof spoiler is among the exterior features of the Renault Kwid facelift.

The inside has an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and voice recognition.

As well as a piano black center console, a completely digital LED instrument cluster, and a rear parking camera with guidance.

15. Tesla Model 3

This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

best small automatic cars

One of the nicest things about electric automobiles is that you don’t have to fiddle with gears; all you have to do is hit the pedal and drive. The Tesla Model 3 is the most amazing vehicle to do so.

a Tesla key card; a $150 key fob; and your phone, which you can program to function as a key using the Tesla mobile app.

To use the key card to unlock the car, swipe it against the B-pillar, and the door will unlock or lock.

Simply approach the car using the key fob or phone as a key, press the right side of the door handle, and pull the door open.

Once the phone or key fob is around five feet away from the car, the car will automatically lock.

You may also use the Tesla smartphone app to open or lock the car remotely, or just push on the top of the car-shaped Tesla key fob.

More on Tesla Model 3

Aside from the fact that they generate nearly no noise, driving an electric automobile is similar to driving a gasoline-powered car.

As previously said, you never really start the automobile.

You simply shift it into gear and walk away quietly.

Fair warning: the quick torque experienced during heavy acceleration may startle you at first, but trust us when we say it becomes addictive.

In reverse, though, the automobile generates a high-pitched buzzing sound, which raises a lot of eyebrows from observers.

16. Seat Ibiza

This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

The Ibiza, being part of the Volkswagen group, shares many mechanical components with the Volkswagen Polo, Audi A1, and Skoda Fabia.

As a result, it boasts a lot of safety and communication technologies that haven’t been seen before in the supermini market.

It offered three power ratings for the 1.0-liter TSI turbo three-cylinder petrol engine.

You must choose the 114bhp version of the 7-speed DSG double-clutch automatic transmission, which can achieve a fuel economy of up to 47.9mpg.

SEAT created the Ibiza with a sporty appearance to appeal to younger drivers. There is no entry-level SE model, but it does come with alloy wheels and a touchscreen DAB radio with smartphone compatibility.

More Seat Ibiza

At the front, the 2021 Ibiza switched to LED technology as standard – Eco-LEDs and the option for Full LEDs.

That addition made the car show an enhanced, sportier look. In the back, the only visible change was the handwriting-style Ibiza badge from the tailgate.

In addition to that, the carmaker offered a choice of two new, 17″ light-alloy wheels and another one with 18″ diameter.

SEAT dropped all the turbo-diesel engines from its range and kept only four gasoline and one bi-fuel unit. The latter was a CNG/Gasoline turbocharged unit.

17. Maruti Suzuki Celerio

This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

Best Small Automatic Car

The Maruti Suzuki Celerio has a pricing range of Rs.4.58 lakh to Rs.5.85 lakh.

The entry-level hatchback was first introduced in 2014 and had several modifications in 2017.

It has played an important role in enhancing Maruti Suzuki’s position in India in this class. There are six different colors to pick from. The Celerio’s automatic variant has a fuel economy of 23.1 km/l.

While Maruti has not published any production data for the BS6 Celerio CNG, the official mileage value of 30.47km/kg has been revealed.

The value is 1.29km/kg lower than the BS4 automobile. Expect the power output to be about identical to that of the BS4 model.

The Celerio’s 1.0-litre K10 engine produced 68hp and 90Nm of torque while operating on petrol, and 59hp and 78Nm of torque when running on CNG, according to BS4 specifications.

The CNG variants are still only available with a 5-speed manual transmission as standard.

18. Audi A1

Best Small Automatic Car

The Audi A1 employs the same 7-speed DSG automatic transmission as the Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Fabia, and SEAT Ibiza, despite the S Tronic moniker.

Unlike these versions, however, it is available with a wider range of engines, including the 1.0 TFSI 95PS, 1.4 TFSI 125PS, and 150PS petrol engines, as well as the 1.6 TDI 116PS diesel.

Even in the entry-level SE grade, the A1 is well-equipped, with 15-inch alloy wheels, an 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and Audi’s smartphone interface.

It’s a fun compact vehicle to drive thanks to the high-quality cabin and trademark Audi smoothness. This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

The latest, second generation version is only available as a five-door hatchback, whereas the previous model was available

More on Audi A1

The stunning front end is dominated by the broad, low-sitting Singleframe grille and a hint of the side air inlets.

The dynamic wing designs found in hydrofoils in the sport of sailing inspired the daytime running light graphics of the optional full-LED lights.

The side panels on the wheel arches and side sills.

As well as the massive Audi Singleframe in octagonal design with a three-dimensional honeycomb grille in matt black paint finish, characterize the A1 citycarver’s expressive look.

The stainless steel paint finish hints at its offroad capabilities on the underbody protection.


18. Tata Nano

Between Rs.2.75 lakh and Rs.3.82 lakh is the pricing range for the Tata Nano.

The Nano now has power steering and better interiors, significantly increasing its prominence in the compact vehicle category.

The automobile comes in six distinct colors. The Nano’s automatic version has a fuel economy of 21.9 km/l.

Some features present in automobiles more than half a century old are absent from the Nano. This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

Because there is no glove box, tachometer, power steering, or fuel filler door, you must fill the tank from the trunk.

Even getting to the rear-mounted 38 horsepower, 624 cc engine, which is attached to a 4-speed manual transmission, is difficult since the tailgate is locked.

20. Volkswagen Touran

The Volkswagen Touran may not appear thrilling, but its high roofline and slab-sides pay off with plenty of internal room and large doors for easy access, making it one of the most practical family cars on the market.

It also has seven seats, and the large rear doors allow anybody with some flexibility to enter the back row.

Which can fit an adult if they’re under six feet tall, which is rare for a seven-seater.

That means there’s plenty of room for youngsters in the rear. Adults will have no issue getting comfy in the center row, which has three separate seats that swing backwards and forwards.

It may adjust both front seats in height. This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

With all seven seats in position, the Volkswagen Touran only has a 137-litre box, which is hardly enough room for a weekly store.

So if you need to transport seven passengers and their belongings, the bigger Volkswagen Sharan is a better option.

When the Volkswagen Touran is configured as a five-seater, though, the trunk expands to a massive 937 litres. When you add in the 47 smaller storage places strewn over the inside, there are few automobiles this large that can rival.

21. Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 supermini is a great choice if you’re searching for a little automatic car that’s also exciting to drive.

Every time you get behind the wheel, it gives precise handling and an entertaining driving experience.

Every Mazda 2 has the same 1.5-litre Skyactive-G petrol engine, which comes in three power outputs: 75 horsepower, 90 horsepower, and 115 horsepower.

The 6-speed automatic transmission, on the other hand, is only available with the 90PS engine. This is one Best Small Automatic Cars.

This larger engine delivers a snappy performance and competitive fuel efficiency ratings for the automatic gearbox of 58.9 mpg.

On the secondhand market, the Mazda 2 is in strong demand, indicating its popularity and potential for high residual values.

22. Toyota Corolla

Small Automatic Car

It’s easy to imagine the Toyota Corolla as one of those old bands reuniting for another tour, despite the fact that no one asked them to.

But it would be a mistake, because the Corolla badge vanished in 2007 before reappearing in the UK in early 2019, and it is now attached to a hybrid vehicle that is completely contemporary.

Nonetheless, the Corolla faces stiff competition from established models like the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, and Skoda Octavia.

The Toyota Corolla distinguishes out for a variety of reasons, including its stunning exterior and one of the most luxurious interiors.

Of course, the better it gets as you move up the model range, but even the most basic versions have a lot more fascinating interior design than a Ford Focus.

It’s also difficult to overlook the standard 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is prominently displayed on the dashboard, although it’s a shame sat-nav isn’t available as standard.

Although it is a bright and logical system, its response times fall short of those found in a Golf.


Small automatic automobiles are the ideal combo for navigating the city with ease.

Automatic transmissions eliminate gear changes, which are more common in densely populated regions and where tiny automobiles are meant to perform best due to their compact design and lower engine capacity.

I only saw automatic transmissions in saloons, SUVs, and high-end luxury vehicles.

Because manual transmission was the cheapest option, automakers primarily provided manual transmission on their lesser models to keep costs low.

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